WRL-H 025/160. REVERSIBLE HEAT PUMP - Technical Manual

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REVERSIBLE HEAT PUMP - Technical Manual WATER/WATER HEAT PUMP INDOOR UNIT HIGH EFFICIENCIES PRODUCTION OF HOT WATER UP TO 6 USED FOR GEOTHERMAL APPLICATIONS REVERSIBLE GAS SIDE WRL-H 25/16 GB Aermec participate in the EUROVENT program: LCP/W/P/C. the products are present on the site com IWRLTY _6 Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing an AERMEC product. This product is the result of many years of experience and in-depth engineering research, and it is built using top quality materials and advanced technologies. In addition, the CE mark guarantees that our appliances fully comply with the requirements of the European Machinery Directive in terms of safety. We constantly monitor the quality level of our products, and as a result they are synonymous with Safety, Quality, and Reliability. Product data may be subject to modifications deemed necessary for improving the product without the obligation to give prior notice. Thank you again. AERMEC S.p.A AERMEC S.p.A. reserves the right to make any modifications considered necessary to improve its products at any moment and is not obliged to add these modifications to machines that have already been fabricated, delivered or are under construction. I N D E X 1. General warnings Preservation of the documentation Installation Warranty Warnings regarding safety and installation standards Product identifi cation Technical plate position Presentation System examples Confi gurator Description of components Structure Cooling circuit Main operations Water features Components that can be confi gured Dhw side hydraulic components Safety and control Electric control board and regulation Accessories Accessories compatibility table Operating limits Design data Performance and absorption that differ from the nominal - standard versions Pressure drops Ethylene glycol solutions Useful static pressures Expansion vessel calibration Sound data Calibration of control and safety parameters Selection and place of installation Barycentres Anti-legionella function Refrigerant circuits WRL-H WRL-H IWRLTY _6 AERMEC S.p.A 374 Bevilacqua (VR) Italy Via Roma, 996 Tel. (+39) Telefax (+39) com - aermec. com WRL-H SERIAL NUMBER DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, the undersigned, hereby declare under our own responsibility that the assembly in question, defined as follows: NAME TYPE WRL-H WATER-COOLED REVERSIBLE HEAT PUMPS MODEL To which this declaration refers, complies with the following harmonised standards: IEC EN IEC EN IEC EN IEC EN IEC EN EN378 UNI EN UNI EN Safety standard regarding electrical heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers Immunity and electromagnetic emissions for residential environments Immunity and electromagnetic emissions for industrial environments Refrigerating system and heat pumps - Safety and environmental requirements Seamless, round copper tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration Pressure equipment for cooling systems and heat pumps Thereby, compliant with the essential requirements of the following directives: - LVD Directive: 26/95/CE - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 24/18/CE - Machinery Directive 26/42/CE - PED Directive regarding pressurised devices 97/23/CE The product, in agreement with Directive 97/23/CE, satisfies the Total quality Guarantee procedure (form H) with certificate no. 6/27-QT3664 Rev. 5 issued by the notified body n.1131 CEC via Pisacane 46 Legnano (MI) - Italy The person authorised to constitute the technical file is: / The person authorised to compile the technical file is: / La personne autorisée à constituer le dossier technique est: / Die Person berechtigt, die technischen Unterlagen zusammenzustellen: Alberto Foroni Via Ca Magre, Isola della Scala (VR) Bevilacqua 15/4/21 Marketing Manager Signature IWRLTY _6 5 Standards and Directives respected when designing and constructing the unit: Safety: Machinery Directive 26/42/CE Low Voltage Directive LVD 26/95/CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive EMC 24/18/CE Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/CE EN 378, UNI EN Electric part: EN Acoustic part: SOUND POWER (EN ISO ) SOUND PRESSURE (EN ISO 3744) Certifications: Eurovent Refrigerant GAS: This unit contains fluoride gases with greenhouse effect covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Maintenance and disposal must only be performed by qualified staff. 1. GENERAL WARNINGS The WRL-H AERMEC heat pumps are constructed according to the recognised technical standards and safety regulations. They are designed for summer and winter conditioning and the production of domestic hot water. Any contractual or extracontractual liability of the Company is excluded for injury/ damage to persons, animals or objects owing to installation, regulation and maintenance errors or improper use. All uses not expressly indicated in this manual are prohibited PRESERVATION OF THE DOCUMENTATION The instructions along with all the related documentation must be given to the user of the system, who assumes the responsibility to conserve the instructions so that they are always at hand in case of need. Read this sheet carefully; the execution of all works must be performed by qualified staff, according to Standards in force on this subject in different countries. (Ministerial Decree 329/24) INSTALLATION The unit must be installed in such a way that maintenance and/or repairs can be carried out WARRANTY The appliance warranty does not cover the costs for ladder trucks, scaffolding, or other elevation systems that may become necessary for carrying out servicing under warranty. Do not modify or tamper with the heat pump as dangerous situations can be created and the manufacturer will not be liable for any damage caused. The validity of the warranty shall be void in the event of failure to comply with the above-mentioned indications WARNINGS REGARDING SAFETY AND INSTALLATION STANDARDS The cooler must be installed by a qualified and suitably trained technician, in compliance with the national legislation in force in the country of destination (Ministerial Decree 329/24). AERMEC will not assume any responsibility for damage due to failure to follow these instructions. Before beginning any operation, READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND CARRY OUT THE SAFETY CHECKS TO AVOID ALL RISKS. All the staff involved must have thorough knowledge of the operations and any dangers that may arise at the moment in which the installation operations are carried out. 2. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION The WRL-H heat pumps can be identified by: PACKING LABEL which shows the product identification data TECHNICAL PLATE (see position chap. 2.1.). example of technical plate 2.1. TECHNICAL PLATE POSITION ATTENTION Tampering, removal, lack of the identification plate or other does not allow the safe identification of the product and will make any installation or maintenance operation to be performed difficult. 6 IWRLTY _6 3. PRESENTATION AERMEC presents the new WRL-H, UNITS, GAS SIDE REVERSIBLE HEAT PUMPS, OPTIMISED FOR GEOTHERMIC SYSTEMS that are watercooled and operate with R41A refrigerant. They are INDOOR UNITS with hermetic scroll compressors that perfectly meet the requirements of the residential market: High performance These units have been designed optimising functioning in heat pump mode, allowing to reach high efficiencies. Easy installation The electric and hydraulic connections 4. SYSTEM EXAMPLES are all positioned in the upper part of the unit facilitating the installation and maintenance operations. This also allows to reduce the technical spaces and their positioning in as smaller space possible. Silent The WRL-H units are distinguished for its working silence. Careful soundproofing of the unit with suitable sound-absorbent material confer all units with noise limits such to consent the use of the WRL-H heat pumps also in homes and not necessarily in dedicated technical rooms. Dynamic set point The electronic regulation, via the aid of an external air temperature probe (ACCESSORY) and according to the external conditions, automatically modifies the set point of the system water temperature, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the system. optimised for: 1. GEOTHERMIC SYSTEMS Production of water for heating systems for systems with FAN COILS, RADIANT PANELS OR LOW TEMPERATURE RADIATORS, up to 6 C. 2. PRIORITY PRODUCTION OF DOMESTIC HOT WATER (DHW). Production of DHW with priority logic is guaranteed in summer and winter mode. The WRL heat pump can manage up to a maximum of 3 ZONES ZONE N 1: Managed as per standard thanks to last generation electronic regulation. It is recommended to mount the SSM electronic marking probe (accessory) to control the flow temperature. (The unit is shipped with n.1 temperature probe for a possible DHW storage tank.) ZONE 2 and ZONE 3 are managed using the VMFCRP + SSM accessories for each zone. E.G. The heat pump is connected directly to the utility circuit (SYSTEM) and produces domestic hot water (DHW) via the management of a 3-way diverter valve, connected to a storage tank. The DHW production has priority over that of the system. The system example below refers to a 3-way diverter valve installation to produce DHW and various types of utilities (Radiant panels, Fan Coils, Radiators). AREA 1 AREA 2/ I II I II M M V3V KEY: 1 1. WRL-H 2. External air temperature probe (ACCESSORY) 3. Remote control panel 4. Three-way valve 5. Safety valve 6. Mixing valve Zone 1 7. Pump (ATTENTION: The pumps are not managed in areas 2 and 3) 8. Water temperature probe 9. Additional expansion vessel (if necessary) 1. Domestic hot water storage tank DHW (not supplied) 11. Storage tank probe 12. Integrative electric resistance (not supplied) 13. STA - STH Zone control panel (accessory) 14. VMFCRP (accessory, necessary to control Zones 2 and 3) 15. SSM (accessory, necessary to control Zones 2 and 3) 12 ATTENTION The units are shipped with n.1 TEMPERATURE PROBE FOR A POSSIBLE STORAGE TANK. Examples of hydraulic layouts NOTE: VMFCRP can control: 1. n 2 STA/STH or n 2 pumps (digital contacts). 2. n 1 mixing valve (analogue contact) SSM probes kit necessary. IWRLTY _6 7 5. CONFIGURATOR 1,2,3 4,5, WRL 5 X H B P FIELD CODE 1, 2, 3 WRL 4, 5, 6 SIZES FIELD OF USE X Electronic thermostatic valve with water produced up to 8 C (AS PER STANDARD FOR ALL MODELS) 8 MODEL: H Heat Pump 9 VERSION: Standard A With system storage tank 1 HEAT RECOVERY Without heat recovery T Total heat recovery 11 STANDARD VERSION GEOTHERMY SIDE PUMPS KIT «/ A» Without pump GEOTHERMY APPLICATIONS B 3-SPEED PUMP ON-OFF (AVAILABLE TO WRL 8 MODEL) SINGLE SPEED THREE-PHASE STANDARD PUMP (WRL MODELS) U SINGLE SPEED THREE-PHASE larger pump (WRL MODELS) F Pump wit phase cut set-up, (AVAILABLE TO WRL 8 MODEL) I Inverter pump, (AVAILABLE TO WRL 8 MODEL) APPLICATIONS WITH WATER SHEET V 2-way modulating valve 12 USER SIDE PUMPS KIT STANDARD VERSION Without pump P 3-SPEED PUMP ON-OFF (AVAILABLE TO WRL 8 MODEL) SINGLE SPEED THREE-PHASE standard pump (WRL MODELS) N SINGLE SPEED THREE-PHASE larger pump (WRL MODELS) VERSION «A» Without Pump P 3 SPEED ON-OFF pump (AVAILABLE UP TO WRL 8 MODEL) SINGLE SPEED three-phase standard pump (WRL MODELS) J LARGER 3-SPEED PUMP ON-OFF (AVAILABLE TO WRL 4 MODEL) N SINGLE SPEED THREE-PHASE larger pump (WRL MODELS) 13 RECOVERY PUMP KIT Without pump Q Pump 14 SOFT-START KIT Without soft start S With soft-start 15 POWER SUPPLY 4V-3N-5 Hz M -5Hz (Only for sizes 25, 3, 4) 4 23V-3-5Hz (Only for sizes 5, 7, 8, 1, 14, 16) Configuration example: WRL25XH (Electronic thermostatic valve as per standard). 8 IWRLTY _6 6. DESCRIPTION OF COMPONENTS 6.1. STRUCTURE Base and support structure Made up from hot galvanised sheet steel elements with suitable thickness. All parts painted with polyester powder paints (RAL 92), resistant to atmospheric agents. Realised in a way to allow total accessibility to the components internal components. All panels are covered with sound-absorbent material with suitable thickness COOLING CIRCUIT Compressor High efficiency scroll hermetic compressors (mounted on anti-vibration supports), activated by a 2-pole electric motor with internal heat protection. Evaporator Plate type (AISI 316). It is insulated externally with closed cell material to reduce thermal dispersions. Condenser Plate type (AISI 316). It is insulated externally with closed cell material to reduce thermal dispersions. Dehydrator filter, Hermetic-mechanical with cartridges made of ceramic and hygroscopic material, able to withhold impurities and any traces of humidity present in the cooling circuit. Biflow type up to model 8. Indicator for liquid passage with humidity presence signal, Used to check the refrigerant gas load and the eventual presence of humidity in the cooling circuit. Electronic thermostatic valve (STANDARD FOR ALL MODELS). The valve modulates the flow of gas to the evaporator, according to the heat load, in order to ensure a correct heating level of the intake gas. One-way valves (FOR MODELS ). Allows the passage of the refrigerant in just one direction. 4-way cycle reverse valve Inverts the flow of refrigerant gas MAIN OPERATIONS The WRL-H heat pumps are supplied as per standard with: Water filter; Equipped with steel filtering mesh; prevents the heat exchangers from clogging. Differential pressure switch; It checks that here is water circulation inside the heat exchangers. Adversary, it blocks the unit Safety valve (6 bar). Equipped with a piped discharger and intervenes by discharges the over pressure in case of anomalous pressures. Expansion tank (for version with storage tank/storage tank+pumps) With nitrogen pre-load membrane. Air vent Drain cock Cut-off cock Below find the description of the hydraulic components, present in the various other versions. WRLH TBPQ WATER FEATURES PH 6-8 Electric conductivity less than 2 mv/ cm (25 C) Chloride ions less than 5 ppm Sulphuric acid ions less than 5 ppm Total iron less than.3 ppm Alkalinity M less than 5 ppm Total hardness less than 5 ppm Sulphur ions none ammonia ions none Silicone ions less than 3 ppm 6.5. COMPONENTS THAT CAN BE CONFIGURED The components that can be selected by the configurator are: 3-speed ON/OFF pump (up to 8 model) or standard three-phase onespeed pump for models. Larger single speed three phase pump ( models). Pump with phase cut set-up (up to 8 model). Inverter pump (up to 8 model). Storage tank; 1 litres WRL 25-8, 15 litres WRL The following is available for well/sheet water applications: 2-way modulating valve ( 1 V signal). Maximum differential pressure 4bar/4kPa. ATTENTION: In case of power failure the valve remains locked in the working position. In order to avoid unnecessary water consumption, it is recommended to install, upstream of the water mains supply, a shut-off device 6.6. DHW SIDE HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS Water filter; Equipped with steel filtering mesh; prevents the heat exchangers from clogging. TOTAL RECOVERY (OPTIONAL) Plates type (AISI 316), it is insulated externally with closed cell material to reduce heat loss. In the event of installation (pump/external total recovery) for correct functioning of the machine it is mandatory that it is managed by the regulation of the same SAFETY AND CONTROL Low pressure transducers Placed on the low pressure side of the cooling circuit, it signals the work pressure to the control board, generating a prewarning in case of anomalous pressures. High pressure transducer Placed on high pressure side of cooling circuit, signals the work pressure to control board, generating a pre-warning in case abnormal pressure occurs. High pressure pressure switch With fixed calibration, placed on high pressure side of cooling circuit, inhibits functioning of compressor if abnormal work pressure occurs. Watertemperature probe (DHW); The unit is delivered supplied with n 1 temperature probe for any DHW tank ELECTRIC CONTROL BOARD AND REGULATION Electric power and control board, manufactured in compliance with the EN 624-1/IEC 24-1 Standards, complete with: door lock main isolating switch, magnet circuit breaker switches and contactors for compressors, phase sequence control, clamps for signalling the remote alarm, clamps for signalling compressor switch-on status, clamps for differential pressure switch alarm signal, clamps for external air temperature probe (ACCESSORY), soft-start (OPTIONAL), control circuit numbered cables, clamps for 3-way valve, -1V clamps for modulating valve control. Chiller water set-point compensation due to external temp. Adaptation of the unit set point depending on the external temperature, allowing greater comfort and energy saving. The IWRLTY _6 9 PGD1 GRAPHIC TERMINAL backlit LCD Icons to identify the type of operation. system return Set Point is established in accordance with the external air temperature. Function guaranteed if the external air probe is present (ACCESSORY). Electronic controller μpc The device is the new controller for management of the water-cooled reversible units; the new PGD1 8-digit display is clearly legible, while the icons provide immediate visibility of machine operation. Some accesses are protected by password and only available to the after-sales technical service. The electronics also integrates a series of protection algorithms with the purpose of preventing any damage to the main components of the system. FUNCTIONALITY LIST: 1. Parameterisation of the compressor switch-on/off times prevent switch on/ off activation at short intervals. 2. In order to prevent breakage of the plate heat exchanger due to freezing water, 3 antifreezes, geothermic, system and zones are envisioned which are contained within. The microprocessor also envisions compressor block, whenever the temperature detected by the heat exchanger output probe is lower than the anti-freeze set. 3. Water flow rate alarm activated by the differential pressure switches installed in series. 4. Condensation control is managed via speed modulation of the pumps with phase cut systems or inverters, a 2-way modulating valve and ON/OFF pumps. 5. Production of DHW through a 3-way diverter valve or the total recovery version. Additional functions: Control of an external integration resource dedicated to DHW. System control with heat pump and boiler. Anti-Legionella cycle. Time periods for the daily / weekly programming. Heat regulation Temperature regulation is based on the return water from the system. The configured set points refer to the temperature of the return water. If, for example, the set point is set at +3 C, a flow temperature of +35 C results. System side circulation pump The circuit board envisions an output for the management of the circulation pump, always on in COOLING and HEATING mode, switched off with a delay of 1 minute from unit switch off (stand-by). Source side pump The circuit board envisions an output for the source side pump control (see pumps available at configurator). The source side pump is switched on before start up of the compressor and switched off about 3 seconds after the compressor is switched off. Anti-freeze alarm The anti-freeze function is only active if the unit is ON or in stand-by. In order to prevent breakage of the plate heat exchanger due to freezing of the water it contains, the micro processor envisions the compressor blocking if the temperature detected by the heat exchanger output probe results less than +4 C. THIS ANTI-FREEZE SET TEMPERATURE CAN ONLY BE VARIED BY AN AUTHORISED AFTER- SALES CENTRE AND ONLY AFTER HAVING CHECKED THAT THERE IS ANTI-FREEZE SOLUTION IN THE WATER SYSTEM. The intervention of this alarm determines compressor and block but not of the pump, which remains active. Domestic hot water anti-freeze The DHW anti-freeze function is only active if it has an integration resource dedicated to the storage of domestic hot water. The integration resource is activated if the temperature of the water detected by the sanitary probe is less than +4 C and is switched off at +7 C. Wizard To facilitate commissioning the unit, a start
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