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  Evaluation and Analysis of Working Capital Management of Shakti Engineering Limited   Submitted byWWW.ASSIGME! #I!.C#M 1 $$$.Assignment oint.%om  &.'& Introdu%tion Working capital management implicates the administration of current assets as well ascurrent liabilities. It is the main part of a firm’s short-term financial planning since itencompasses the management of cash, inventory and accounts receivable. Workingcapital management is most important for several reasons. The current assets of a typicalmanufacturing firm account for over half of its total assets. !cessive levels of currentassets can easily result in a firm reali ing a substandard return on investment. #owever,firms with too few currents assets may incur shortages and difficulties in maintainingsmooth operations.$or small companies, current liabilities are the principal source of e!ternal financing. Thefast growing but larger company also makes use of current liability financing. $or thesereasons the financial manager and stuff devote a considerable portion of their time toworking capital matters. The management of cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable,accruals and other means of short term financing is the direct responsibility of thefinancial manager. Through the survey I tried to find out how efficiently %&hakti ngineering 'imited(manages their working capital. &.'( #b)e%tive of !he *eport The primary ob)ective of this report is to fulfill the re*uirement of the ++ program.nother ob)ective of the report is to prove my e!perience through internship program.The specific ob)ectives of this report are  valuation of working capital management  valuation of 'i*uidity position  working capital utili ation  naly ing the level of current assets with relation to current liabilities $$$.Assignment oint.%om  &.'+ S%ope of !he *eport The report will focus on the practices of working capital management in &haktingineering 'td. This report has been prepared on the basis of e!perience gatheredduring the period of internship. /ost of the data used in the reporting of the study arefrom secondary sources. ll the data related to the reporting re*uirements are notavailable due to confidential reservation practices for the benefit of the organi ation.There are very few similar organi ations in our country. &o I was not able to comparewith other companies. &.', Methodology Two types of data are collected, one is primary data and second one is secondary data.0rimary data were collected from the employees of the division in the branch whileworking there as an internee. nd the details were collected from a number of secondarysources. rimary data %olle%tion ro%ess-  $ace to face conversation with officers and staff  Se%ondary data %olle%tion ro%ess-  ifferent file study.  ifferent books. Analyti%al tools-  /icrosoft e!cel was used to analy e the data.  ifferent tables and graphs were used to represent the analysis. &.' Limitation It is observable that almost all studies have some boundaries. uring performing mywork, I had to face some unavoidable limitations.There were some confidential issues like financial issues, for which they were very strictand careful in revealing those information. lthough they have provided all the possible2 $$$.Assignment oint.%om  information but there were some inade*uacy of information.'ack of enough materials like books, )ournals and other papers capture me for severe brainstorming during working this report. (.'& About the Company &hakti ngineering 'imited was established in 1345. The primary ob)ective of the6rgani ation is to provide engineering, engineering-management and manufacturingservices in various fields. The corporate operational spirit since inception - recogni ingthe sever resource constrains in the country has been %0rogress through innovation andfficiency.( (.'( Company Management A. M. M. Nurul Anam Managing Director  Lutful Anam Executive Director  Md. Imazul Islam  Assistant General Manager  Sharif Md Naimul Amin  Assistant General Manager (Finance &  Admin) (.'+ Mission Statement...   To be a 0rofitable nterprise of International &tandards,  6rgani ed and run 0rofessionally,  With #igh fficiency.  $inancial 7rowth of the 8ompany must ensure a proportionalimprovement in long term financial prospects of the people working in thecompany.9 $$$.Assignment oint.%om


Jul 29, 2017

Operational Audit.

Jul 29, 2017
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