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WELLOW-WISE. A Half-Termly Newsletter from Wellow House School Wellow Newark Nottinghamshire

A Half-Termly Newsletter from Wellow House School Wellow Newark Nottinghamshire Vol 21 Number 4 26 th March 2015 From the Headmaster How quickly the spring term seems to have gone! It has cetainly been
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A Half-Termly Newsletter from Wellow House School Wellow Newark Nottinghamshire Vol 21 Number 4 26 th March 2015 From the Headmaster How quickly the spring term seems to have gone! It has cetainly been enjoyable to be getting up in daylight and finishing school with clear blue skies of late. Despite the greater daylight hours and acceleration to the end of term, there have been a lot of bugs flying around, causing a number of pupils and staff to be absent. I trust all will have got over their illnesses by the end of the term so that they can make the most of the Easter break and recharge the batteries, ready for what I hope will be a warm but busy summer term. Ragsdale Run It was a real delight to see so many parents and family members supporting all the children as they ran in support of Race for Life on Monday 16 th March. It highlighted the team spirit that exists throughout the school for healthy competition between the houses and how much the children are prepared to support each other throughout the challenge of the Ragsdale Run. There has been a lot going on throughout the term with the House Singing Competiton rounding off the first half term in royal style. All Houses put in strong performances and received complimentary appreciation from the Director Music from Trent College, who came along to judge the competition. The group and solo or duet pieces were all performed with great enthusiasm by all the Houses and it was a great delight to see each of the Houses appreciating and applauding the others performances. Congratulations to Saxons on their success this year, but also congratualtions to all who took part, especially the soloists and duets. Congratulations to all those who completed the course and for helping raise money for a fantastic cause. The many cards posted on the trees around the course, to let others know for whom the children were running, added much to the emotion of the event. These were moved after the event to the area pictured. TOP LEFT: Tudors in good voice & costume! ABOVE: Race for Life placards adorn the fence. Telephone (01623) Facsimile (01623) Pre-Prep: 1 st boy Lenny Coen 1 st girl Alex Brackenbury Juniors: 1 st Finley Teal, 2 nd William Bell, 3 rd Lysander Starkey. 1 st girl Felicity Peck Middles: 1 st Isabelle Skelton, 2 nd Alex Bett, 3 rd Fred Haste Seniors : 1 st Ewan Laughton, 2 nd Gusto Haste, 3 rd Freddie Skelton. 1 st girl Kelsey Pearce Medals were presented to the first boy and first girl in each race. The Miles Ellis Cup, for winning the senior race, was won by Ewan Laughton. The Ragsdale Cup, for the winning House, was won by Normans. The Year 3 & 4 Pied Piper production was a great way to finish the term and again highlighted the dramatic and musical talent we have coming up through the school. Could I here thank Mrs McLaughlin for directing the production with the musical assistance of Mr James, the choreography of Mrs Beldon and the welcome assistance of Mrs McGill, as well as the scenery building of Tristan and Peter Larby. The Pre-Prep have been extremely busy throughout the term with a good number of visits across the year groups to enrich their learning experience. I enjoy my weekly visits to read to them on a Tuesday afternoon and seeing their levels of enthusiasm for all aspects of school life whenever I see them around the school. TOP: Who said the Ragsdale Run was hard work? Gusto and Thomas share a joke at the start. CENTRE: Mr Cook hands Freddie Skelton the Ragsdale Trophy for Normans. BOTTOM: Pre-Prep children proudly display their Race for Life medals after completing their run. 2 Easter Canal Trip Mrs Cook and I, along with seven children, are looking forward to slowing the pace of life down to four miles an hour as we circumnavigate the Black Country Ring during the first week of the holiday. We are certainly hoping that the mild and warmer weather we have been experiencing lately provide scenes like that on the right and that we do not see too many scenes such as that on the left from two years ago. They will experience the two-mile journey underground in the Netherton Tunnel, as we approach Dudley, where we will visit the Black Country Museum. There will be plenty of locks for them to help the boat through each day and they all appreciate that they will spend time each day off the boat enjoying the natural flora and fauna of the region irrespective of the weather conditions. Through teamwork, they will hope to keep the trip to a time schedule and ensure we get to Drayton Manor Park by the penultimate day, where they can experience a wide range of rides and the zoo there on a relaxing day out. It is always interesting discussing with them the logic behind the operations of the British Waterways lock system and learning how to live in a confined space, eating and sleeping on a seventy-foot barge. They have to be fully aware of other boaters and members of the public they meet on the towpaths and adhere to the safety requirements around the locks and the canal. Parents Consultation Evenings The Parents Evenings have gone well, as far as I am aware, this term and I trust you feel suitably informed about your child s progress and that you found the meetings both helpful and informative. We continue to listen to comments from parents and discuss these to see how we can improve the experience for all on these occasions. It is gratifying to hear so many parents extolling the education offered here at Wellow and highlighting how much they feel the children mature and benefit from the final two years at the school. Salvete - New Starters for the Summer Term I am pleased to report that we had sixteen pupils in for trial days across the majority of age groups throughout the school during the penultimate week of the term. Thus we are pleased to welcome the following pupils who will start after the Easter holidays: Thea Miller Year 1 Amelie Bailey FS1 Zachary Stewardson FS1 Daisy Shaw FS1 Oscar Smith FS1 Oscar Allen FS1 Evie Brealey FS1 Hannah Smith Year 6 Lewis Smith Year 4 Georgia Spooner and Lyla Woodward have settled well since starting after the February half term. 3 I must thank the marketing team and you, the parents, for all your hard work in promoting the Wellow experience to your friends and family. A good number of the parental visits and trial days that have occurred this term have been due to your enthusiasm and appreciation of what your child has gained from their experience to date. I am pleased to say that we could well be looking at numbers topping 150 after Easter, which highlights the progress the school has made re recruitment. Valete We wish Nicholas and Amelia Dickens all the best as they move on to their new school for the summer term and look forward to hearing how they get on in the future. Both have added much to the life of the school both inside and outside the classroom, on the sports field and on the stage. We also wish Samuel Souki well as he moves to a new school nearer to London. The Year 8 pupils all sat their final mock papers and now have a clear indication of which topics or concepts they need to brush up on in preparation for June. There are a few suggestions of revision techniques listed that we highlight each year to all pupils. No one method works for all pupils and it is a case of trying different processes to find which suits them best and, most importantly, providing the right environment for them to study in. THIS PAGE: More happy scenes from the Ragsdale Run. 4 Study Skills: Revision Tips How can you make the most of every hour you revise for? Divide the hour into 20 minute sessions. 2 mins: brainstorm existing knowledge of the topic (if your mind is a blank, ask yourself questions about the topic e.g. why? When? Who? Why important? What happened? etc.) 16 mins: revise notes on topic 2 mins: review notes covered. Have short break, then start again. Revision: Points for Students You should draw up a plan to organise your time. Stick to it! Find a space that is comfortable, well-lit and tidy (!) to do your revision. Revision is most effective in short periods of up to an hour. It is better to see it as a series of small manageable tasks, rather than one huge imposition. Allow yourself rest periods. Rest when you should rest and work when you should work. Everyone has a preferred way of revising. Some learn by making notes, others by making diagrams and others by reciting information out loud. Use whichever method suits you best - the important thing is that your revision should help you remember more information and feel confident as the exams approach. Some people revise best in silence; some will be more effective with background music - be honest with yourself. Revision: Advice for Parents Revision is an individual activity, but support from others can prevent it becoming a lonely one. Whilst there is no guarantee that what works for one person will automatically work for another, we offer the following suggestions to help parents contribute to an effective revision plan. Children will revise most successfully in an area which is well-lit, is comfortable and offers minimal distraction. It will be helpful if parents take an interest in the revision plan the pupil draws up. A balance of social and work time. Parents can help by testing what has been learned - if the pupil welcomes this. Ensure that breaks are taken regularly. These are not major examinations for all except Year 8, but if the right sort of approach can be engendered from an early age then when it does come to the crucial stages it will not be such a shock to the system. This list of suggestions is obviously far from exhaustive, but will hopefully be helpful. The summer term is always an extremely busy one with end of year examinations, plenty of sports matches (weather permitting!), Sports Day, inter-house competitions, an end of year concert and Speech Day (this year we have Mr Gavin Horgan, Headmaster of Worksop College coming to present the Prizes). Staff will help pupils plan and prepare for each of these events, as advertised in the calendar, so please make a note of them and keep the respective dates free. Summer Term Boarding The Summer Term is a great time to try out boarding as the fields are dry and the evenings are light, so you can enjoy Wellow s beautiful surroundings to the full, once prep has been completed. Please sign up at the office. 5 World Book Day As always, the children throughout the school threw themselves into the excitement of World Book Day: they dressed as their favourite characters; they enjoyed quiet reading and extra library sessions; and they heard excerpts from some of the teachers favourite books, as well as a winning 500 word story by a Year 5 pupil. The children were asked to bring in either 1 or 2 for the privilege of dressing up and the prep children raised over 180 to help Book Aid International to provide reading opportunities all over the world. Well done to all! ABOVE: Scenes of fun from World Book Day. See if you can identify all the different characters. 6 Year 7 s 500 Words Story Winner The Transformation On Friday night I was driving back from Scotland at 1:00am. I felt rather peckish and decided to turn up at a service station. I entered an uninhabited McDonalds. It was bloodcurdling; no lights at all. Then, stealthily, a woman grew from the shadows. She was plump and had vast eyes; her hair was disordered. She murmured, Hello child. H..ello, I stuttered. The woman started stroking my face. You will make a fine cheese burger, she replied impishly. Then she commenced on my nose, tampering with my nostrils. She was fixing my hair, sculpting it meticulously. I felt my hair: it felt like bread. I gasped. Then the woman said, Now, now child, stay still! So I did! My core was now Mc Donalds beef burger but not beef human. My legs were also bread! NOW she shoots me! I contract and feel cheese stab straight through my heart. I m now 10 centimetres tall and on the menu!!! There s not much to my transformation. I m a burger and I can see. Presently, I hear the first customer enter. My heart is racing. Hello Ben, the woman says gleefully. Hello I d like a cheese burger, he replies. Ok coming right up, the woman says impatiently. My heart is going quicker than the speed of light. I slowly start to rise This is the end, I think. I m put into a box. Here you go, Ben - enjoy! she says mischievously. Thanks, says Ben. I feel Ben s incisors go straight through my brain. I die gradually, thinking my last thoughts. Bye family! I think, It s the end of me. I know I ll be in the sewers by tomorrow!!! I wake up to find myself drifting on what seems to be a discarded plastic bag!! I sit up sluggishly, stretching my throbbing limbs. I gaze into the completely dark and daunting sewers, as I watch a coke bottle wander into the dark area. Out of the corner of my eyes I see a message reading, You must leave the area immediately I spring the left overs of me! I know I have little time. As I gradually stand up we drift past a ladder. I jump like Mike Powell doing the long jump. I glide gracefully along the repellent sewers! My broken arms reach the ladder pride buzzes through my body. I start to climb the hazardous ladder. My arms are giving in and my legs are falling off. I reach the top of the ladder to find the manhole is locked. I sit and think of a solution for hours until a septic tank cleaner opens the manhole. He jumps down, not noticing me. I scramble out, feeling the fresh air again. I cross the road and a car nearly runs over me. Be careful! I yell, but I remember I am the remains of a walking burger. Now I sprint over the road like Usain Bolt. I walk for miles without rest until I reach my home! Home sweet home! I roar piercingly! By Gusto Haste, 7 DOK RIGHT: Year 6 have been studying Shakespeare this term. In this board game, they pretended to be strolling players touring Kent to avoid the plague in London. They met with disasters, supportive patrons and May Day crowds. Part of the game involves each child performing. 7 Year 5 s 500 Words Story Winner The Secret Life of Mr Johnson Mr Johnson was no ordinary human, even though he had a suit and comedy tie. Mr Johnson had a very boring job in an office. Every day was the same as any other day: same routine, same people, same office desk. But actually he was secret agent - for the secret snail service. His code name was Circadian Snail and he was on a VERY important mission. Each night Mr Johnson left his boring job and returned to his boring house but that s where the boredom ends and the adventure begins. Deep in the darkest part of Mr Johnson s cellar was a secret portal to the deep underground, a world in which tiny creatures roam around protecting the Earth from human invasion. The humans were digging down into the ground for hidden gems and destroying the minerals and life underground. Mr Johnson had a very important mission. He was a secret spy working for all the creatures disguised as a human, gathering important information about their plans. Mr Johnson had to find the next planned mine and report to the King of all creatures, Edward Earthworm III. Edward had an army of mini beasts and creatures who would move the precious gems and stop them from being stolen by the greedy humans. If he failed, life would be destroyed. Earth itself would die! Edward Earthworm III was very clever and he knew that the Earth needed the gems for energy and growth; if they took the Emerald of light, the whole world would collapse in on itself. One day, CRASH! A yellow monster was threatening the gems. Suddenly a bright light and lots of shouting sent the creatures scurrying home humans approached! Circadian Snail realised that it was up to him to save the creatures and he had to move fast. Circadian Snail grabbed the end of the yellow monster s claw and climbed, changing slowly back into Mr Johnson. When reached the top he jumped up and shouted, ''Show me your leader . The mine boss replied, confused, ''You look like the man who works in my office. I do and I ve been watching you, said Mr Johnson. D you realise the damage you re causing to this world? Destroying the home of all my friends. Your friends? said the boss. Yes, I m really a snail in disguise. I ve been working at your company and watching your greed. You don't understand how important this land is to my friends, the mini beasts. Without us there would be no Earth to live in; you should protect the land and stop digging for treasure at once. You should remember the real treasure - your family and the Earth that we all live in together. What an eco-friendly speech! the minibeasts cheered. The Boss had listened too. He decided immediately to close the mine and open a large eco-friendly garden for the children of the city. Circadian Snail and all his friends lived happily in the new garden and performed tricks for the visiting children. By Henry Lowe RIGHT: Years 7 & 8 PHSE court is in session! 8 Pre- Prep News Raindrops and Sunshine Poems by Year 2 I went outside on my front garden. Something was falling from the sky. It had little droplets. Just then they pattered on my skin. I was chilly deep within. Later I looked up at the sky. It was the scorching hot sun. The sun was shining brightly And gigantic, Blinding me from straight above. By Giancarlo When I walked outside some drops appeared. The sky was blue and soggy droplets were falling on my head. The chills rushed through my veins As I was walking through my garden. When I went to the beach it was like a fire ball on my skin. When I went into the water it was burning through the blue. By Lenny I started to stare at the sky. I saw little droplets floating by. But then they had gone. From my eye, out came a tear. Don t worry, said mum. Don t shed a tear. The droplets will come back next year. When I walked out of my house, I put my hand over my eyes. I was scorching outside, Like a huge ball of fire falling down from the sky. By Jasmine 9 Outdoor Learning in the Pre Prep The Foundation Stage children loved their outdoor learning session this week. They searched for the `little people`, only to find that Sneazy the Dragon had blown their village away! The children had to work together to build new homes for them! The children had to make friendship bands using the little peoples `breath` and `frost, in order to be allowed in to their village! The children loved this imaginative adventure! Optician s visit The foundation stage children loved visiting Specsavers in Mansfield and learning about the job of an optician. We had eye tests and looked at the process of making glasses! Thank you so much to Imogen Hoyle. ABOVE: Scenes from the opticians visit and the exciting outdoor learning, where our intrepid pre-preppers are trying to help the poor little people around the grounds of school. 10 Sport Under 12 Rugby Success at the OVS Tournament Winners: defeated Oakbrook by 5 tries to 1, Grace Dieu by 4 tries to 0, St Crispins by 7 or 8 tries to 0 and OVS by 5 tries to 0 Our Under 12 boys (all of those still standing in Year 7 in an illness-affected week) travelled to Derby Rugby Club with high hopes, despite key absentees in Seamus and Eliot, who were very sad to be too ill to travel. The boys had won the trophy at Under 11 level last year, but it would take some determination and skill to win it again a year on without a number of last year s players. I needn t have worried. Their ball handling, eye for a gap, unselfishness and thundering tackling ensured that they were unstoppable on the day. Well played, everyone! Particularly pleasing was the way in which some of the most skilful rugby players encouraged those who do not find the game as easy; this is not something that this group has always found comes naturally, so well done for your approach to each other, everyone! D O Kane ABOVE: the victorious Under 12 rugby squad with a rather lovely glass trophy at Derby Rugby Club.
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