Turbine Objection Letter 3

Wind turbines are being placed too close to homes.
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  Subject: Objection to 14/02192/FULL Enterprise and Protective ServicesFife CouncilKingdom HouseGlenrothesFifeKY7 5LY ear Sirs !pplication eference # 14/02192/FULL Previous !pplications# $%&'(%($&F)LL* $(&'+($5&F)LL* $'&'($($&F)LL* $+&'$''$&SC * $%&'$',7&SC Proposal# Erection of -ind tur.ine /(0% feet 1 07m to .lade tip2* formation of access trac3* hard1standing* erection of meter house and ancillar4 -or3s !ddress# Carhurl4 Farm ed-ells unino St !ndre-s Fife 6 strongl4 o.ect to this application on the grounds of inappropriate industrial impact on such a .eautiful* lo- rolling landscape /-hich is reno-ned for -ildlife and tourism2* cumulative impact and noise a.use affecting near.4 residents8his application is an e9ample of the cumulative impact due to a tirade of applications in an area that the ECC annual data lists as a lo- -ind area ã Erected or !pproved close .4 tur.ines are# % tur.ines at Lochton* rumrac3* :oner.o* :almonth* Pei3ie* St !ndre-s )niversit4 Kenl4 ;ind Farm < 9 %(0 feet* !irdrie $ 9 (+% feet * =uirhead* ( tur.ines at :ele4 >ther tur.ines in the area are# :alhoffie* /o-ned .4 the applicant2* :elliston* :ra3e* Kir3ma4* Priorletham* Scotshall* Crail* 8he Smith* ;est Pitcorthie and Cornceres and man4 more ã 8he location and height of the proposed tur.ines do not reflect the scale or character of the landscape* and have an adverse effect on the countr4side and visual amenit4 of the surrounding area 8herefore* it is contrar4 to Scottish Planning Polic4* 8!Yplan polic4 <* Policies E+* E$$ and 6$ in the St !ndre-s and East Fife Local Plan and Fife Council Supplementar4 Planning Guidance ã ?oise a.use -ould .e inflicted upon people living in the privatel4 o-ned homes in Carhurl4 !ll the homes -ould .e -ithin <+' meters of the tur.ine 8he applicant and developers have failedto mention all the private homes in each of the man4 applications -hich have .een su.mitted 8he applicant has not follo-ed S?H guidelines .4 not providing accurate landscape and visual impact assessments&photomontages sho-ing the true impact on the landscape or the man4 people living close to the proposed site8his tur.ine -ill .e of no .enefit to the people of the )K and local communities* it is purel4 a financial gain for the farmer !fter the massive of o.ections Fife Council has received throughout the previous su.missions* one -ould hope the planners and councillors -ould ta3e thatinto account in their decision ma3ing 6 trust m4 o.ection -ill .e considered in the report to committee and that the application -ill .e recommended for refusal* along -ith the applications for 8oldrie and !irdrie -hich alread4 have  approved near.4 tur.ines .lighting the areaYours faithfull4
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