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The Rounds. A One Round Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventure for characters of 1st and 2nd level only by Daniel S. Donnelly

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LKoK-2 The Rounds A One Round Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventure for characters of 1st and 2nd level only by Daniel S. Donnelly The characters are hired to guard a ship as it travels on Lake Eb'Sobet.
LKoK-2 The Rounds A One Round Living Kingdoms of Kalamar Adventure for characters of 1st and 2nd level only by Daniel S. Donnelly The characters are hired to guard a ship as it travels on Lake Eb'Sobet. The Rounds, Deathright, ImageQuest, the ImageQuest logo, the Kenzer and Company logo, Living Kingdoms of Kalamar, the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar logo and Pekal Gazetteer are trademarks of Kenzer and Company. Kingdoms of Kalamar and the Kingdoms of Kalamar logo are registered trademarks of Kenzer and Company. Copyright 2002, Kenzer and Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Master, D&D, RPGA, Living, the d20 system logo and the Wizards of the Coast logo are all trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. and are used by Kenzer & Company under license Wizards of the Coast, Inc. The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 1 Introduction This is the second scenario in the new Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting. Characters should be 1st or 2nd level only. This adventure is a continuation of the miniadventures that the players may already have played. It can easily be adapted to any on-going home campaign. Sample characters are also included at the end of the adventures that are suitable for the adventure and the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign. You, the Dungeon Master (DM), will need a copy of the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual for these events. All the adventures take place in the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting in the Principality of Pekal. Therefore, the DM should also have the Kingdoms of Kalamar Core Sourcebook. Since the adventure begins in the town of Lebolegido, the DM should also make sure to have the Lebolegido town information as found in LKC-1 If I was a Rich Man. If you are planning on using the adventure as part of an ongoing campaign, note the Scaling the Adventure section at the start of the adventure and the special Rewards section at the conclusion of the scenario. Text that appears in shaded boxes is player information, which you may read aloud or paraphrase as appropriate. Each encounter includes abbreviated monster and NPC statistics. Specific statistics for key Non-Player Characters (NPCs), as well as monsters and other material are included in an Appendix at the back of the book. Certificates that may be photocopied and Living Kalamar record sheets and character sheets are also included. The DM should read this adventure entirely at least once before playing in order to ensure smooth play, as there are many aspects relating to flavor and culture important to this adventure. Background Some scenarios in the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign will be complicated and wrought with danger and political intrigue. This is not one of them. In many of the first scenarios, different aspects of Pekal will be introduced to the players. This is one of those scenarios. The Lake District and the small villages along the lake will be detailed along with the town of Ka afido, the home of the Warriors of the Emerald Wave. As for the plot, the awakening of Queen Simura (see the Kenzer & Co. module Deathright), has had additional affects throughout Pekal. Many creatures that drew strength and power from Queen Simura also faded into history with the liche queen. With her awakening, some of those minions have also begun to awaken from their own mystical rest. Heredr is one of those. Heredr was a loyal subject of Queen Simura, using her own magic to transform and walk among those of the court. Much of her power was sacrificed with the fall of Queen Simura and she fell into a deep trance. Having recently awakened, she is hungry, hungry for flesh and hungry for power. Unfortunately, her power is not yet sufficient for her to actively hunt, but it has enabled her to summon/create a number of minions that have done her hunting for her. The lacedons that she has created are the cause of the missing fisherman and merchant ships. Her other minions have begun to hunt on the land but that is another story. Shythen, a caravan master of Dejy ancestry, approaches the PCs. His friend Freecho is Captain of The Heart's Home, a trading vessel that routinely sails Lake Eb'Sobet trading between the small villages, Lebolegido and Bet Rogala. Freecho is actually a little more than Shythen's friend. He has been trying to sway her into marrying him, however she loves the sea and he travels the land. This arrangement is not conducive to a relationship and so far, Shythen has not voiced his true emotions. Of course, this does not mean that he wants anything to happen to her and thus he will attempt to hire the PCs to help guard her vessel. And this is where the PCs will enter the story. The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 2 Adventure Synopsis This adventure starts in the city of Lebolegido where a merchant approaches the characters. A friend of his is having trouble to the north and he thinks that they would make the perfect solution to his friend's problems. His friend makes a journey each month around the southern portion of Lake Eb Sobet collecting what fish and seafood that there is in excess and selling it in Bet Rogala. Lately fishermen and other travelers along the southern shores have had accidents. He wants to hire the characters to guard his friend's small vessel as it makes this month's visits. The characters will get to visit a number of the small fishing villages and even will find out that the merchant plans to take a northern route and will even stop in the village of Ka afido, the home of the Pekalese Rangers. The module is broken out into the following encounters: Introduction: The event starts in The Blushing Maiden a new tavern in the area of the docks. The PCs will get to meet each other and some of the other patrons of the tavern. A traveling Kalamaran bard will repeat some news of the realm. While the PCs are enjoying their evening a stranger will approach them. Depending on which events the characters have played they may have been given a recommendation by Midilita, a member of the Steel Ribbons, or Lucas Trimel, the Honorable of Har'gadu. Encounter One: The Heart's Home The PCs will get to meet the Captain of The Heart's Home as they are told the problems facing the seagoing merchants of Lake Eb'Sobet. The Captain plans on departing the next day, it is up to the PCs to set what time they will leave. It is possible that they might request a later departure to consult with any of the local experts on the Lake. Encounter Two-A: Colonel Sortureer Seetoov One possible expert is Colonel Seetoov. The Colonel is very willing to speak with the PCs either that evening or over a mid-morning brunch. The Colonel is not an early riser any more. He can give the PCs some very interesting information if prompted with the correct questions. Encounter Two-B: Jiloba B'Lobatar PCs may attempt to locate and speak with the local transmuter. She is very busy and will only speak for any length if the PCs might gather some local herbs for her, the problem is she does not know which herbs she needs and only Kemp knows where they can be found. She would ask him herself, however, Kemp is currently upset over a personal matter between Jiloba and himself. Encounter Two-C: Kemp PCs may inquire initially with Kemp or Jiloba may send them his way. Either way, in this encounter they are able to interact with the mysterious Kemp who will be initially very wary among them. Encounter Three: Onto the Lake With their knowledge at hand, the PCs, Captain and crew of The Heart's Home make sail on Lake Eb'Sobet. Their journey will last a week, ending in Bet Rogala. During this time, two small fishing villages will be encountered. In each village more information and more disappearances will be discovered. Encounter Four: Seen from afar After the PCs have visited the two villages, a lookout (or a PC) will spot something in the water. A survivor from one of the fishing villages will be discovered. The survivor will be able to give the Captain and PCs a great deal of information regarding the attacker, however, he is also being used as bait to lure unsuspecting craft into danger. The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 3 Encounter Five: The Chase The Heart's Home gives chase following its attacker north far from its normal routes. The Captain is insistent, her livelihood and that of her friends is in jeopardy and nothing will stop her from following this fiend. Eventually, the creature comes to a large island not far from the northern shore of the Lake. The Captain proposes that she sends the PCs either to slay the creature on the island, or north to the shore to request assistance from the Warriors of the Emerald Wave. Each possible action is detailed in its own sub-encounter. Encounter Six-A: The Warriors of the Emerald Wave In this encounter the PCs will be escorted into Ka afido, the home of the Pekalese ranger's society. They will be brought before one of the leaders of the society that will hear their tale. This encounter gives the PCs a chance to be introduced to the Warriors while providing them will some assistance as the society sends two rangers with the PCs to go onto the island and slay the creature. Encounter Six-B: Into the Lair of the Beast This is a most dangerous option. The creature is immensely powerful and low-level characters should be extremely hard pressed to survive let alone emerge victorious. However, some groups will refuse to allow their brains to overpower their guts. The more intelligent groups will first acquire assistance from the Warriors of the Emerald Wave. Conclusion: The surviving PCs will finally get to see the towers of Bet Rogala as The Heart's Home comes into the capital port. If they have involved the Warriors of the Emerald Wave, the surviving rangers will return to Ka afido to report what was fought and begin a slow search for additional creatures making their lairs on Lake Eb'Sobet. Scaling the Adventure The adventure is designed for characters of levels one or two. If you want to play the adventure with characters of higher level then utilize one of the following options. Encounter Four - If the majority of your players have 2nd level characters increase the number of lacedons to 8. Encounter Six-B - If the majority of your players have 2nd level characters increase the number of zombies to If there is at least one 3rd level character in the group give the lacedon two levels of barbarian. This increases its Atk by +2, hp by +14 and gives it standard barbarian abilities. Adventure Hooks This is where the adventurers enter the story. The winter months are still upon Tellene however, the unusual bitter cold of the last month has finally begun to wane. Below are several ways to draw the PCs into the plot: - If playing as part of The Living Kalamar campaign the characters should be on their way to Bet Rogala to make a name for themselves. The capital has much to offer adventurers. Either the caravan the adventurers were traveling with stopped here to wait out the unlikely cold, or the adventurers stopped themselves prior to continuing. - If the characters have played The Steel Guard, one of the introductory adventures for the Living Kalamar Campaign, Midalita B Rogupar would have steered them towards Lebolegido to sell off the orc/ettin equipment on their way to Bet Rogala. The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 4 - If the characters have played If I were a Rich Man they end the event on the 19th of Renewal with Diadolai (the elven moon) full in the sky. - If you are not using official Living Kalamar characters, you will need to determine why the characters are in Lebolegido. A summary of the information that is generally known regarding Lebolegido can be found in Appendix A, try to determine why your characters would want to visit the town. Setting the Scene Regardless of what adventure hook the DM uses to bring the PCs into the plot, the DM should note several other plot devices that can bring more atmosphere and sense of campaign into the story. 1) Blood on the Hood. The Hood is a rotating group of stars forming a dagger. It is visible in the north sky during the winter months. The Hood initially appears blade down, but slowly rotates and reaches its zenith on the winter solstice. It then declines and disappears with its blade down. During the last week of extreme cold temperatures two shooting stars left red trails down the blade of the Hood. These red trails are gone now, however the rumors and talk in the towns and villages still speak this as a great evil omen. 2) Calendar and climate. Tellene has its own calendar (see the Kingdoms of Kalamar Core Sourcebook p233.) This adventure takes place during the Renewal (the 1st month of Tellene's 13-month calendar). This will mean that the average daily temperature should be 50 +2d6 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping by degrees at night. The adventure begins on the 20th of Renewal, almost 24 hours since the end of the scenario If I was a Rich Man. The country has been experiencing colder than normal temperatures for the last week and a half. 3) The Magnostorm. A strange Magnostorm is raging throughout Tellene, surprisingly it started on the first night that Diadolai (the elven moon) was full in the sky. It will last until the 23rd when Diadolai has faded. The Magnostorm is a weird magnetic storm of extra-planetary origin that disrupt dwarf, gnome and halfling direction sense, as well as teleportation spells and devices. They are invisible and strike without warning. Players Introduction The year has begun with a variety of ill omens however, the ale is fresh and very tasty. You have enjoyed an exciting meal of fresh fish and breads at The Blushing Maiden a new tavern opening this evening near the town docks. A fair crowd has made its way through the doors of the restaurant/tavern. The maids have happily served the homemade beer to all who ordered food as the owner, a dwarf by the name of Krumaz, has watched over the whole opening. Many of the patrons have now left and you are alone in the tavern with the staff and # others. (# should equal the total number of PCs plus one since there are two NPCs in the tavern) Allow the PCs to take time introduce and describe each other. They can speak to any of the NPCs in the tavern. This includes: Krumaz, Moonsign (half elven bard), Daruvik (female sorcerer), or any of the serving maids (Elbren, Minava, Strolda). Each of the NPCs are detailed below, along with the information that they are aware. Krumaz: The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 5 Krumaz made his fortune guarding caravans through The Young Kingdoms. He finally decided to settle down for a little while after his last caravan ran into giants and he was almost slain. That is all the information he will relate regarding himself. He has lived in Lebolegido for the last six months. He is a no nonsense dwarf although a brawl or two a week is not necessarily a bad thing. That is one of the reasons that he serves most beer in stone mugs and has long tables with benches instead of chairs in the tavern. The food is of his own preparation. He found that he could demand higher wages during caravans if he was known as a good cook as well. Krumaz does not know much of what has been going on recently, he has spent most of his time getting the tavern ready for opening. Krumaz, male, dwarf, Exp 3 / Ftr3: CR 6; Medium Humanoid (4 ft. 6-in tall); HD 3d6+3d10+12; hp 46; Init +1 (+1 Dex); Spd 20 ft.; AC 11 (Dex +1); Attack +9/+4 melee, or +6/+1 ranged; AL LN; SV Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +1; Str 14, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 12. Skills and Feats: Appraise +5, Climb +5, Craft +5, Diplomacy +5, Heal +2, Listen +4, Profession (cook) +6, Spot +4; Alertness, Blind-Fighting, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Leadership, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (waraxe) Possessions: waraxe, scale mail (both stored in kitchen closet) 46 gp and 62 sp. Languages Spoken: Dwarven, Gnomish, Kalamaran, Orc and Merchant Tongue Sub-Race: Mountain Dwarf Personality: Okay most dwarves are gruff and Krumaz is not an exception, he does however love to talk about food and will approach giddy if offered new recipes. Moonsign: Obviously not his given name but Moonsign is the only name that the half-elven bard is known by. He is a very handsome man and plays the lute, flute as well as having a divine singing voice. He travels the roads of the Kingdoms learning tales and repeating his stories for food, drink and various coins. He has recently come from Baneta arriving in town three nights ago. He met Krumaz while searching for a little work. He also has picked up a number of local pieces of information to go with the news of the realms that he knows. - Local News: Three fishing vessels from Konad, a small village to the northeast have gone missing. No one has found wreckage or any bodies along the shore or on the Lake. - Local News: The rumor is that the intense cold was a punishment sent by Feyd, The Shimmering One to punish the Dejy for lack of worship. - News of the Realm: Strange creatures from another dimension were apprehended in Baneta last month. Officials there claim there was no threat to the city, however many of the citizens are very concerned. - News of the Realm: King Erasar II has sent emissaries to meet with Prince Kafen to discuss a possible marriage between his son Erasar III and the royal Princess P'Lutanis. - News of the Realm: The forces of Norga-Krangrel are massing for attack along the Korak border. Moonsign, male, half-elf, Brd5: CR 5; Medium Humanoid (5 ft. 7-in tall); HD 5d6; hp 18; Init +3 (+2 Dex); Spd 30 ft.; AC 15 (+3 Dex, leather armor); Attack +6 melee (rapier), or +2 ranged (thrown dagger); AL N; SV Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +4; Str 10, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 17. Skills and Feats: Escape Artist +7, Hide +7, Knowledge (Pekal) +4, Knowledge (history) +4,Move Silently +7, Perform (Instrument, Flute) +10, Perform (Instrument, Lute) +9, Perform (Sing) +10, Use Magical Device +5, Tumble +9, Spellcraft +5; Bardic Knowledge (+8), Countersong, Dodge, Fascinate, Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, Weapon Finesse. Possessions: masterwork rapier, 3 daggers/throwing knives, pouch with 16 gp and 6 cp. Spells Prepared (3/4/2): 0th- daze, mage hand, prestidigitation; 1st - charm person, cure light wounds, expeditious retreat identify; 2nd - cat's grace, sound burst, Tasha's hideous laughter. The Rounds Daniel S. Donnelly Page 6 Spells Known: 0th - daze, detect magic, light, mage hand, prestidigitation, read magic; 1st - charm person, cure light wounds, expeditious retreat, identify; 2nd - cat's grace, sound burst, Tasha's hideous laughter. Languages Spoken: Elven, Kalamaran and Merchant Tongue Sub-Race: Kalamaran/Elven Personality: Moonsign is a very accomplished bard. He knows his music is good but his goal in life is to see the world, learn as much as he can, and bed as many beautiful women as possible. He is perfectly skilled to make his dreams a reality. Daruvik: Daruvik is the owner of The Happy Maiden, a tavern and inn near the marketplace in Lebolegido. She is here to see what services and prices will be offered here. She does not like the fact that Krumaz named his bawdy tavern in a manner very similar to her own establishment. The Happy Maiden is a very proper inn. The inn is usually very quiet with many repeat customers. Daruvik is afraid people may begin to confuse the two establishments, a possibility that she does not want to see happen, even though The Blushing Maiden was very lawful this opening night. Daruvik, female, human, Nob4/Sor1: CR 5; Medium Humanoid (5 ft. 9-in tall); HD 4d8+4, 1d4+1; hp 34; Init +6 (+2 Dex, Improved initiative); Spd 30 ft.; AC 12 (+2 Dex); Attack +1 melee, or +6 ranged; AL NG; SV Fort +2, Ref +3, Will +5; Str 8, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16. Skills and Feats: Alchemy +2, Appraise +2, Bluff +8, Concentration +2, Gather Information +8, Handle Animal +4, Knowledge
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