The reduced gravitational pull due to the virtual particles in the Casimir-effect

Ever since my fellow country man Hendrik Casimir (1) has theorized the effect that carries his name has been verified we know that virtual particles are real. But there is more: Since less particles pop into and out of existence between 2 conducting
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  The reduced gravitaonal pull due to the virtual parcles in the Casimir-efect. E.G.J.J. Korteweg. This is a private research and not afliated to any kind o instuon. November 2018, DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23795.78889 Copyright © 2018 Edgar G.J.J. Korteweg, This arcle is distributed under the Creave Commons Aribuon License, which permits unrestricted use, distribuon, and reproducon in any medium, provided the srcinal work is properly cited. Abstract: Ever since my ellow country man Hendrik Casimir (1) has theorized the eect that carries his name has been veried we know that virtual parcles are real. But there is more: Since less parcles pop into and out o existence between 2 conducng plates this must also lead to a reduced mass o a closed system compared to plates, in that same closed system, that are ar away rom each other or plates stuck together. It may be ny but is should be measurable. Keywords:  quantum mechanics, Casimir eect, virtual parcles, mass reducon. Introducon: It is prey basic; the Casimir eect causes that less virtual parcles emerge between 2 conducon plates. Thisleads to the known Casimir orce, so that i this is put together in an setup, also ewer mass is emerging betweenthe plates. The Casimir efect Now or calculang the gravitaonal eect and the mass that is associated with it we go back to the derivaon that o the Casimir eect (2). ¿  E > ¿  A =− ħ ∗ c ∗ π  2 720 ∗ a 3 ¿ [1]Where <E> is the vacuum energy, A the surace area o the plates, ħ is the reduced planck constant, c the speed o light,and a the distance o the plates (to avoid misunderstanding in the derivave o this)and ¿  E > ¿  A =− ħ ∗ c ∗ π  2 240 ∗ a 4  F  A =− dda  ¿ [2]  Now <E> is the vacuum energy associated with this eect. That means that the energy that leads to the Casimir orce represents the mass by which a closed system that is being weighed is reduced with the mass determined by E  ¿ mc 2 [3]For which <E> = Eand m ∗ c 2  A  =− ħ ∗ c ∗ π  2 720 ∗ a 3 [4]Then this leads to: m A = − ħ ∗ π  2 720 ∗ c ∗ a 3 [5]So i M is the total weight/mass o such a system than M-m is the reduced mass / weight o the system. So per unit o surace A there indeed is a reducon o the mass M - m o a closed system.Now in order to get this measured, and thus or praccal purposes, it must be made sure that the system to be weighed must be a closed system so that the total o masses can be added up including the reducon. Now i A is standardized to 1 m 2  then m = − ħ ∗ π  2 720 ∗ c ∗ a 3 Kg/m 2 [6] Reduced mass, me or reducing antasies. Now beore geng too enthusiasc o an-gravity devices and antasies like that, lets get things into perspecve right here and get some ideas o what kind o mass reducons we are talking about. Table: reduced masses due to the Casimir orce with a standardized 1 m 2  plate set. a [m]a in [um]a [nm]m [kg/m^2]ug/m^2mass in #atoms(*) 1100000010000000003,02762E-443,03E-381,82E-170,11000001000000003,02762E-413,03E-351,82E-140,0110000100000003,02762E-383,03E-321,82E-110,001100010000003,02762E-353,03E-291,82E-080,00011001000003,02762E-323,03E-261,82E-050,0000110100003,02762E-293,03E-231,82E-020,000001110003,02762E-263,03E-201,82E+011E-070,11003,02762E-233,03E-171,82E+04  1E-080,01103,02762E-203,03E-141,82E+071E-090,00113,02762E-173,03E-111,82E+101E-100,00010,13,02762E-143,03E-081,82E+131E-110,000010,013,02762E-113,03E-051,82E+161E-120,0000010,0013,02762E-080,0302761,82E+191E-131E-070,00013,02762E-0530,276251,82E+221E-141E-080,000010,03027624530276,251,82E+251E-151E-090,00000130,2762452302762451,82E+281E-161E-100,000000130276,24523,03E+101,82E+311E-171E-110,0000000130276245,23,03E+131,82E+34(*) 1 AMU = 1,660539*10 -27  Kg. Now since ħ is so small and c is so big their combinaon in this is in the order o magnitude o 10 -42 . This means that a 3  is in the same order o magnitude and there or a is in the order o magnitude o 10 -14  10 -15 meters. That isatom nucleus sizes to gain any interesng mass reducons. So beore we see cars and rocked being lied up by this eect let’s sit down and reduce also our antasies next to the masses associated with this. There may be easy ways to test this by means o buoyancy o experimental set-ups. But even then the mass dierences are ny. Even big stacks o rigid sheets will not lead to air usable mass reducons. Conclusion and discussion: It is shown that the Casimir eect leads automacally to a reducon o mass o a closed system M – m where M is the total mass o the system and m is the reduced mass due to the Casimir eect. This makes sense i one accepts that since less parcles can be in between the 2 plates then also less mass o these virtual parcles can be in between the 2 plates. The mass reducon eect is however very small and hard to use or praccal purposes so ar. Acknowledgement: The only Person I like to thank or this knowledge is God-Jesus Christ-Holy Spirit Almighty. He is the provider o all knowledge and He gave me this knowledge/insight to pass it on to humanity. This may be not a usual way o doing in the (secular) science community, but none the less I remain with this statement. Since July 2004 I am a creaonisc, Zionisc, messianic type o Chrisan and in my opinion God should get the honour o scienc ndings on every level. Finally I like to thank my ather and his girlriend, or their support towards me amongst many other things also with respect in these ndings. Reerences:  1)H. B. G. Casimir, On the aracon between two perectly conducng plates, Proceedings o the Royal Netherlands Academy o Arts and Sciences, Vol. 51, pp. 793–795 (1948). 2) hps://ect
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