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FALL 2016 THE MAYHEW PROGRAM...a good start on the future MAYOU You are 10-years-old in Manchester; going through a lot, more than many others could take and it s beginning to crowd out your hope. It s
FALL 2016 THE MAYHEW PROGRAM...a good start on the future MAYOU You are 10-years-old in Manchester; going through a lot, more than many others could take and it s beginning to crowd out your hope. It s scary. You re blowing up at your mom, your teacher, your best friend, just the minute after you were happy. You are 85-years-old in Laconia. You ve ridden many ups and downs. You re ready for more riding, even as it s harder these days. You ve been contributing in support of the boys for almost half your life. Some years, to be honest, just because you gave the year before. Others, because you really felt it was needed and you mattered. Sometimes you wonder, Is this an effort I still believe in -- enough? Things are CanYOUing. Demetri on a post-summer trip celebrating Mayhew s top citizens. tight financially, making every decision to give, tougher, more deliberate and special. You are 27-years-old in Concord, where you did some of your growing up and where you re trying hard, every day, to help the boys toward their own growing up. You re doing this trying well beyond Concord, too. There are days and moments when you re humbled to tears by what the boys and their families say you mean to them. There are other times when, despite every stretch and effort, you wonder if you re making enough of a difference or any difference at all. Leaving the woodpile higher. Three of the 40 Eastern Star service club you s who spent all of September 10th cleaning, staining, landscaping, organizing and renovating Mayhew for the boys. You are 35-years-old in Keene. You used to be 10-yearsold in Keene. Stepping into Mayhew then was exciting, nerve-wracking, more fun than you had ever known, boring, challenging sometimes all in the same moment. When you hit your teens, you decided you were too cool for Mayhew. Looking back now, you think you were both right and wrong. You can draw a straight line from certain Mayhew experiences to parts of who you are now, while other parts of the experience just never took. This is Mayhew or MaYOU at 47-years-old. However old you are, wherever you live, whatever your role (or roles), this is your program. It ebbs and flows in direct relation to the efforts and decisions you make. You are Mayhew for the boys today and into their futures. It s all you! I m 47-years-old and grateful to be here with you, Jim Nute Executive Director 1 THE MAYHEW PROGRAM BRISTOL, NEW HAMPSHIRE FIND YOUR BEST CAPITAL CAMPAIGN: STRENGTHENING MAYHEW FOR THE BOYS Helping the boys follow in his footsteps. Mayhew alum and Outreach Worker Naatalgaii Utter (right) hikes with Brandon. Year after year, the challenges the boys are facing seem only to be growing in number and intensity. In response, Mayhew identified three initiatives to improve its support for them and launched a capital campaign to make these initiatives a reality. Through the generosity of many early leaders including 100% of the Board we are excited to announce the Find Your Best campaign has reached $2.75 million or 96% of goal! The campaign is focused on: Extending Mayhew s year-round support two more years for each boy, taking him through high school graduation and helping him realize his post-high school plan. The Program Extension is now in its second year and serving 26 juniors and seniors across the state. Upon completion of the campaign, Mayhew will have the funding it needs to ensure the Extension moves strongly into the future. Strengthening compensation for our year-round program staff to help attract and retain the best people to match with the boys. As the staff are the program for the boys, bringing salaries up to the median nonprofit comparables in the state is crucial to maintaining and building the quality of this experience. Arts & Activity Center, Part I. The brand new indoor climbing wall has the boys reaching new heights. And the bigger, brighter, recently re-dedicated T. Holmes Moore Library has the boys stretching and building their minds. Improving the physical plant, including the addition of an important new dimension to the Island: an Arts & Activity Center. Thanks to early campaign support, the Arts & Activity Center was put into service this past summer. Some other muchneeded improvements have also been completed, with more on the way. Arts & Activity Center, Part II. Never one to toot his own horn, Maintenance Director Jim Ball (right) gets surprised when the Arts & Activity Center is named in his honor. Helping to surprise Jim are (from left): Alums and Summer Staff Cody Estes and Marcus Blodgett, Program Extender Alex and alum and Outreach Worker Naatalgaii Utter. Mayhew is within striking distance of reaching the Find Your Best goal of $2.875 million. Might you be in a position to consider helping this effort over the top? And if you are, we humbly ask that you think about any campaign commitment as being over and above your future contributions to the Annual Fund, as annual giving is Mayhew s lifeblood in bringing its tuition-free support to the boys. If you d like more information about the campaign, we re eager to speak with you, just call, (603) Thank you so much for considering this special effort to help the boys find their best! 2 MAYHEW PROGRAM FALL 2016 PROGRAM EXTENSION BEGINS ITS SECOND YEAR We are excited the Program Extension is already in its second year of helping the yearolds toward their high school graduations and their next step be it college, career, military or volunteer service. Coordinator Grayson Richey has continued the focus on Mayhew s four ideals, respect, responsibility, community and challenge and on building strong relationships with each Extender. From there, Grayson sits down with each 16-year-old as he shares his hopes and dreams for the coming two years and beyond, building a plan for reaching his goals by his high school graduation. In regular meetings following this, Grayson helps each Extender adjust the plan as needed. All along, while working the plan gives structure to each meeting, Grayson keeps his focus on truly being there for each Extender, especially when things are not going well. He also encourages each Extender to give back to Mayhew and the larger community. Mayhew Extenders and boys give back at Keene s Clarence DeMar Marathon. (from left) Extenders Jacob, Dominick, Grayson Richey, and Statiu join the boys in handing out water. Extending circumstances. Alex joins Grayson Richey in giving back on Island. In June, 19 Extenders completed the Program Extension s inaugural year. Nine were in their senior years of high school. Five graduated on time with the remaining four working on graduating in the coming year. 17 of the 19 Extenders completed a give back project either at Mayhew or in their home communities. This year, Grayson is working with 26 Extenders from across the state. Here s a sampling of what is happening: Jacob (Keene) is in the process of applying to the University of Northwestern Ohio Jon and Joe (Manchester) will visit Manchester Community College (MCC) with Grayson. Jon is interested in learning more about the healthcare field, particularly radiology. In the meantime, Grayson is teaching him about budgeting and some basic financial planning, so he can make the fullest and best use of his weekly paycheck. For his part, Joe plans on taking some general studies courses at MCC and would ultimately like to transfer to a four-year degree program in Graphic Design Freshly rededicated to his education and to making other positive changes in his life, Isaac (Concord) has been earning A s and B s in his classes. There are numerous other, very positive goings on with the Extenders across the state. And, unfortunately, there are also some very difficult times being experienced by a few, who are struggling to find their way. We feel so fortunate that all of these young men now have Grayson to sit with them, to listen, to support and to remind them that, yes, they can. Graduating. Kyle and his mom at his Mayhew graduation, June E-NEWS UPDATE: In July s edition of the Mayhew Messenger (e-newsletter), we read about graduating senior Kyle, who was set to begin this fall at the NH Technical Institute. Now, almost midway through his freshman year, Kyle reports that he s trying to get used to all the work and that he s met some new friends and enjoys having more freedom than he did in high school. He s also working on the weekends and recently ran into a perfect storm where he was asked to work three, 8-hour shifts while also having a big essay and book to finish. His approach to it all? Well, let s see if I can do it. If you d like to receive the Mayhew Messenger, send us an at, The next issue will be coming in January ANONYMOUS: My son is a bit more aware of other s needs, not just his own; for example, while getting himself a snack or a sandwich, he now offers to make me one too. This is big for him. He s figuring out being part of a family isn t all about him. JOHN, 14: I have changed tremendously I ve had a bit of a rough life but Mayhew turned that right around. Admiration. Outreach Worker Jim O Brien an accomplished artist himself enjoys a Currier Gallery of Art offering with Martin and Arandea. ARANDEA, 13:: Mayhew is a place where everyone is good at something. 77% MORE OF BOYS (AGE 10-18) INDICATE SCHOOL YEAR MENTORING VISITS HELP THEM FEEL POSITIVE ABOUT THEMSELVES. DAVID, 12: I really want to think good and be awesome. At Mayhew I learned how to get the fear of heights and spiders out of me. JACKSON, 14: Mayhew has taught me to respect what we have. GAVIN, 10: Mayhew feels like a good friend. Bridging conversation. Noah and Landon on recent Mayhew visit. 97% OF PARENTS INDICATE THEIR SONS CAN BE THEMSELVES AROUND THE STAFF WHO VISIT THEM DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. 4 MAYHEW PROGRAM FALL 2016 CHRIS, 13: Mayhew has taught me to never give up and stand tall and be proud of who I am. CAMRON S MOTHER: I told Camron how proud I was of his behavior and he said, I m trying to bring Mayhew Island life into the real world. Rewarding. David and other Mayhew leaders enjoy the post-summer Canoe Trip. Ready for a challenge. The Links hike and camp in the White Mountains. 78% OF BOYS (AGE 10-12) AND 71% OF LINKS (AGE 12-16) MADE SIGNIFICANT GAINS IN THEIR POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT SCORE DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. 5 BOYS CONTRIBUTE TO CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES For the eighth year in a row, Mayhew chose a worthy charity for the boys to consider and they responded with inspiring generosity. This summer s charity was Child and Family Services (CFS), providing a multitude of invaluable programs and supports to NH s children and families. Many of the boys and their families have benefitted directly from CFS s programs. This summer, 45% of the boys chose to contribute a portion of their work hour earnings to CFS. In total, the contributing boys gave $14.80 in Mayhew Money ($370 in U.S.D.), which represented almost 9% of the total earned by the entire Island community! Bryce, in his first Mayhew summer and the single largest contributor, gave almost 80% of the money he earned to CFS! Bryce and every contributing boy, you are heroes! Thank you all for role modeling generosity and caring! For the record, past recipients of the boys generosity have been: NH Humane Society (2015), NH Food Bank Giving. The boys make their contribution to Child and Family Services (CFS). Accepting on behalf of CFS is President and CEO Borja Alvarez de Toledo. (2014), Camp Spaulding (2013), CASA of NH (2012), Granite United Way (2011), CHaD (2010) and the Circle Program (2009). - The boys gift to Child and Family Services has inspired me to think about my own philanthropy. Philanthropy was a foreign word to me growing up. I came from a humble background. My dad was a mill worker and my mother stayed home to raise me and my two siblings. Other than an annual day trip to Santa s Village or Storyland, there wasn t much left over for family vacations, let alone a donation to charity. I was first introduced to philanthropy in my 20 s when the United Way shared a tear-jerking video to the staff at the insurance company where I worked. Giving back was part of the corporate culture. A dollar a week didn t seem like much, but as a recent college graduate, it was something. And so it began. I found giving brought me INSPIRED PHILANTHROPY BY LISA CLARK, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR TO MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION Mail a check payable to Mayhew to PO Box 120, Bristol, NH Donate via credit card at To contribute stock, contact Lisa M. Clark at joy! If I enjoyed it, others must too! I began a career in the public sector where I continue to work with likeminded folk in the community who enjoy making our communities stronger. When I heard the boys donated, percentage-wise, nearly three times more than the average national household gives to charity, my jaw dropped! They could have spent their hard-earned Mayhew Money on a harmonica, book or t-shirt. Instead, they donated their earnings to help another child. Could this be their spark? Their shining example inspired me to dig deeper this year, to stretch so the program remains tuition-free for them and their families. And, I am joyful! 6 MAYHEW PROGRAM FALL 2016 EASTERN STAR VOLUNTEERS For the second straight year, the Eastern Star service club preceded its annual regional meeting with a full day of volunteering on Mayhew Island. Led by Gretta Smith, 40 members of Eastern Star joined forces with many Mayhew boys, Links, Extenders and staff in September to make needed repairs and do lots of staining, water sealing, cleaning and organizing to ready the Island for winter. And for the second year running, Eastern Star volunteers zipped through the work with blurring speed and energetic, can do attitudes. Thank you all! Lots of Stars form one great team. NEWS FROM THE CIRCLE PROGRAM: TEEN ADVENTURE PROGRAM CLIMBS HIGH BY SHANNON RICH, ASSOCIATE PROGRAM DIRECTOR This summer, Circle s Teen Adventure Program (TAP) set up camp at the Lafayette Campground in the Franconia Notch. If we d had a month, we still would not have been able to do and see everything this region has to offer, but we did our best to pack as much into our week as possible! Every day was full from the moment we woke up until we climbed into our sleeping bags at night from creating inspirational word art at Circle Camp before heading out for our trip, to visiting the Old Man monument and the Basin, viewing Echo Lake after scaling Artist s Bluff, kayaking the Pemi, swimming under a waterfall, and for the majority of the group, completing that most coveted of New Hampshire challenges: climbing a 4000-footer (Cannon Mountain)! One of the most important principles in adventure-based programming is challenge by choice the concept that every challenge is presented, and the participant determines how high they are willing to climb, how far they are willing to go, and how far behind they are willing to leave their comfort zone in a supportive environment without pressure. These teens truly chose to challenge themselves every day, physically and mentally, Circle Teens celebrated their successful climb to the summit of Cannon Mountain. and were a positive influence on each other and everyone we encountered throughout the week. Spending the week with these funny, intelligent, compassionate and resilient young women is a privilege. Seeing them climb a mountain is rewarding, but seeing them bond and grow so much in such a short time is truly inspiring. *For more information, go to or call HON. SUSAN B. CARBON, NH CIRCUIT COURT: I am so grateful for the chance to go to Mayhew and learn more about the program. It s far more comprehensive -- and impressive -- than I d ever envisioned. SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST: I have referred many boys over the years. Along with the parents of these boys, I have been most happy with the success that each of them has had, and with the ongoing commitment that I see from the staff. These boys surely need Mayhew, and the staff always delivers what is promised. 7 THE MAYHEW PROGRAM...a good start on the future P.O. Box 120 Bristol, NH NON PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE P A I D MANCHESTER NH PERMIT NO. 724 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED SHOPPING ONLINE FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Try Amazon Smile. It s a simple and automatic way for you to support Mayhew every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at smile.amazon.com, you ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Mayhew. You can also find Mayhew s wish list at smile.amazon.com too! WISH LIST Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Case $33 Set of New Dodgeballs $50 New Youth Catcher s Helmet $ Mayhew customized sunglasses for the Mayhew Market $ Mayhew customized Livestrong bracelets $ Fitted plastic cot sheets $ Multi-Color Nonslip Spots/Markers $50 12 New Baseballs $32 20 New Baseball Gloves $480 Board Games Settlers of Catan $35 Quarto $30 Quoridor $30 Oh Snap! $30 Tipping Point $38 Katamino Deluxe Board Game $38 Werewolf Deluxe Edition $17 Mayhew is you, Zach. THE MAYHEW PROGRAM 293 West Shore Road PO Box 120 Bristol, NH (603) Fax (603) Keep up with Mayhew via the website and through, search for The Mayhew Program.
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