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THE CRANE NEWSLETTER Winter 2019 The Official Publication of Tarhe Lodge Providing Cheerful Service to Tecumseh Council since PDF

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THE CRANE NEWSLETTER Winter 2019 The Official Publication of Tarhe Lodge Providing Cheerful Service to Tecumseh Council since 1945 CHIEFLY SPEAKING Greetings Brothers, Last month I had the privilege of
THE CRANE NEWSLETTER Winter 2019 The Official Publication of Tarhe Lodge Providing Cheerful Service to Tecumseh Council since 1945 CHIEFLY SPEAKING Greetings Brothers, Last month I had the privilege of attending the National Leadership Seminar with two other officers, Cameron Edge and Dakota Davis. Throughout that weekend, we learned all kinds of new leadership techniques and qualities that we will be able to bring back home to better serve our lodge and Arrowmen. It was an amazing experience, and I recommend that every Arrowman should go to this event in the future if given the opportunity. Also last month, we hosted our annual Winter Banquet, at which we recognized the recipients of various awards given for outstanding service in congratulations to those Arrowmen, and I thank everyone who was able to attend that event to make it a success. become friends with many people from other work alongside these people as we prepare for the 2019 Section Conclave, hosted by Ku-Ni-Eh to a Conclave before, I highly recommend going to this one, as you will be able to make new friends, travel to a new camp, and have a fantastic weekend of fun and fellowship! WWW, Andy Allen $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? *DUES* 2019 Lodge dues are due If you haven t paid yet, please submit current dues at Ordeal members are current thru 2019 $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? $? 2019 EVENT CALENDAR March Ceremony & Dance Team Weekend Camp Birch Adams Bldg - April Ceremony & Dance Team Weekend Camp Birch Adams Bldg - May 3-5 Spring Ordeal, Camp Birch May Section C6-b Conclave Camp Friedlander June 26, July 10, July 17 OA Days at Summer Camp -- August 9-11 Summer Ordeal, Camp Birch August Vigil Weekend, Camp Birch September Fall Fellowship, Camp Birch November 8-10 LLD, Camp Birch 2019 LEC CALENDAR * denotes associated with an event March 10 April 14 May 5* June 9 July 10*- (6pm) August 11* September 21* (Officer Elections) October 13 November 10* December 8 Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings occur monthly and allow the lodge to carry out its formal business. Any Arrowman can and is encouraged to attend, youth or adult. Officers and committee chairmen act as the voting members of the executive committee. AIA WEEKEND MARCH 22-24, 2019 And April 19-20, 2019 CAMP BIRCH ADAMS BUILDING AIA Weekend is an event in which Arrowmen can learn about Native American Culture, drumming, and being a ceremonialist! Join us either or both of these weekends to learn about Native American ceremonies and dance. Learn tips and get help making your own regalia. Play some Native American games and hang out with your OA friends. $15 per weekend Or FREE with your crane card Register at Section Conclave Pirates of Sea-6B This May, get ready to set sail at Conclave: Pirates of the Sea 6B! The 5 pirate lords (otherwise known as Lodge Chiefs) of Section C-6B and their scurvy crews will sail into the port of Camp Friedlander to see who the best swashbucklers really are. Join us for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and plunder on the high seas! Each sailor will be provided with food, sleeping quarters, and pirate swag while ashore at Camp Friedlander. Join us at Camp Friedlander on May 17-19, 2019 for a gathering of Arrowmen like no other! Attendees will experience top-notch trainings and an afternoon packed with games, shows, and competitions. Bring all your OA spirit to join the competition for the Spirit Stick, the coveted prize awarded to the lodge showing the most spirit both before and during the Conclave. To top off the weekend, attendees will be able to select the slate of section officers to plan and carry out the next Conclave! Who? All Arrowmen! Where? Camp Friedlander, 581 Ibold Rd, Loveland, OH When? May 17-19, 2019 How? $45 Includes transportation, camping, meals & program Why? A swashbucklin good time! Winter banquet CONCLAVE What do you want to SEE at Conclave 2020?! 2020 is the 75th Anniversary of Tarhe Lodge and we will be hosting Conclave at Camp Birch! Planning will be starting soon to ensure this is an extra special Conclave! If you would like to help plan this event, come to our first planning meeting on Sunday, April 14th at 1:00 pm in the Camp Birch Turner Building. All Arrowmen and ideas are encouraged to attend! TRADIN POST NEW! TARHE LODGE LASER ENGRAVED POLAR CAMEL TUMBLERS 12 OZ ~ 20 OZ ~ 30 OZ STAINLESS, BLACK, RED, BLUE, TEAL, PINK, LIGHT PURPLE, LIGHT BLUE LODGE JACKETS & VESTS Warm Port Authority Fleece Jackets and Vests in Iron Grey are embroidered with the Tarhe Logo and personalized with your name (optional). Our Crane flap design is lasered across the back for a distinctive look! Order yours at MORE NEW ITEMS COMING SOON! TRADING POST Tarhe Lodge maintains a Trading Post full of OA and Lodge specific items for purchase at every event. If you are looking for something specific, please contact Carl Conover at In addition, the National OA has an on-line Trading Post for your review at tradingpost.oa-bsa.org. Every Part is Important It is exciting to watch a rocket launch. There is a thunderous sound when the rocket ignites and begins to move upward. There is also so much power and acceleration after the initial explosion! We are warned not to be too close in case anything should go wrong and the rocket veers off course or explodes. For this reason we In the early days of our American rocket program, our rockets were very simple. A huge pipe was filled with a fuel and ignited by a heavy battery. But how did the battery know when to send the would start the rocket with a big spark. When the button was pressed, the first stage of the rocket was launched high into the air. Then a second button was pushed to ignite the second stage of the rocket to carry it further upwards. On the day of our launch, everyone was ready. The first button was pushed and a huge spark ignited the first stage and the rocket lifted off. Everyone was thrilled. After several seconds, the second button was pressed to ignite the second stage. Unfortunately nothing happened and since the second stage did not ignite, the rocket stalled and began to fall back toward the ground. Since the rocket only used half of its fuel payload, it exploded upon impact and was destroyed when it hit the ground. What happened? Was it the rocket? Was it the fuel? No, it was a problem with the transmitter, which did not send the signal because its small battery had quit working. Imagine this huge rocket was destroyed because a tiny battery failed to work. Our lodge is dependent on every little part to function correctly at each one of our events. We rely on every member, no matter how new or young, to participate to make our program a success. Each one of us is important to the welfare of our lodge. Thank you for what you do to make our lodge successful. WWW, Greg Free, Tarhe Lodge Adviser Please notify the Lodge secretary of any changes at 2019 Lodge Officers & Advisers Andy Allen Lodge Chief Greg Free Lodge Adviser Cameron Edge AIA Chairman DL Kaufman AIA Adviser Committees Zac Phillips Lodge Staff Adviser Alex Arehart Ordeal Chairman Dakota Davis Vice Chief Greg Free Ordeal Adviser Cameron Edge Secretary Tristan Farrell Treasurer OPEN Communications Chairman Bonnie Allen Communications Adviser Don Rodman Associate Adviser Bartley Davis Associate Adviser Jim Kreckman Treasury Adviser Charles Franz Trading Post Chairman Carl Conover Trading Post Adviser Find us on social media! facebook.com/tarhelodge Tarhe Lodge Website Section C-6B Website Order of the Arrow Website Nick Allen Vigil Chairman Hunter Marks Vigil Adviser Cole McCrae Brotherhood Chairman Nathan Luby Brotherhood Adviser Colton Warren Troop Rep Chairman Brian Arehart Troop Rep Adviser Nick Allen Elections Chairman Don Rodman Elections Adviser
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