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The Asian International Desox Environmental Protection Expo

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The Asian International Desox Environmental Protection Expo The 2nd International Trade Fair on desox Environmental Protection Technology &Equipment 2007 Speed up the Proceeding of the Environmental
The Asian International Desox Environmental Protection Expo The 2nd International Trade Fair on desox Environmental Protection Technology &Equipment 2007 Speed up the Proceeding of the Environmental Protection Industry Promote coordinating development between Energy Power and Environment Date: Nov 27 th -29 th, 2007 Venue: China World Trade Center, Beijing Approved/Hosted By: Ministry of Commerce of the People s Republic of China. China International Economic Cooperation Society Supported By: National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China State Environmental Protection Administration of China Chinese Machinery Industry League Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science China Association of Machinery Industries of Environmental Protection (CAMIE) Organized By : Beijing Heart Milestone Exhibition Co., Ltd We will enable you to open the global market to the DESOX world! You can not miss the excellent opportunity! Mark on your schedule in advance! Space is limited, please reserve your booth now! C8502, Ligao Building, No. 9, Xiaotun Road, Fengtai District, Beijing,China Tel: Fax: Contact: landy The profile of this Expo Background Chinese Government is carrying out planning and deployment about the grand blueprint of Power Industry environmental protection for 5-15 years in the future, it will be the most important to reduce the emission of So 2 in the area of coal firing, support desox denox industry development actively, the total of the main air pollution emission will be reduce 10% than fifteen in At present, the equipment about desox denox machinery content is 53 million Kilowatt in China, Occupy 14% of total machinery content. But there are 330 million Kilowatt have built machinery that without desox denox equipment. China have built middle-old power machinery content is about 200 million. Most of them have no desox denox equipment, so there are 35 billion to 40 billion in the market. Chinese government will continue to work out all kinds of Preference Policy about desox denox of coal firing power plant. All these policies will strengthen the activity to install the equipment for environmental protection of fire-electric power plant. The market of desox denox will be increase after 2007,and enter into a new peak. It will be the first to work well about desox denox of firing coal plant for china against air pollution. China will be the biggest market of desox denox all over the world in future 5 years. It will be the only market opportunity that never had for China and aboard enterprises. Review The first Desox Environmental Protection Exhibition has been successfully closed on Nov. 17 th, This event has gained strong support from the 286 exhibitors and many celebrities from domestic and overseas industries. In addition, this event also attracts the professional visitors such as professionals, specialists and scholars, the number have reached 22,000. At the same time, we have hosted several topic workshops, the technology seminars and the products promotional session. The organizing committee has done some research for the attendee, and the survey showed that the 80% exhibitors of the total have considered that this event will be high effective and be very satisfied. The Target of this Event China International Exhibition & Seminar on desox denox Environmental Protection Technology &Equipment is the global conference about environment development and standing in China, and devote to develop the unique Chinese vision. Strengthen the innovation & development of Environmental Protection through intercommunication and spreading by global relative area person. As the organizers of the exhibition, we will do our best to make the Chinese International Exhibition & Seminar on desox denox Environmental Protection Technology &Equipment. It is a eternal road for China and all over the world,.and it is the place for meting, conversation, and express their opinions of higher people in this area and the cooperation bandage of desox denox industry. We are truly willing to get the support and participation of more organizations Here is a sample of company participants in 2005 as your reference: FISIA BABCOCK, WULFF, ERC; BABCOCK & WILCOX, GE, MONSANTO ; AE&E, TOPSOE, CANSOLV, MILLENNIUM CHEMICALS; IHI, MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, TSK; HALLA, KOCAT, KOPEC;WU HAN KAIDI,BEIJING BOQI, TSINGHUA TONGFANG,LONGKING The Exhibits Package and the cost of booth What to exhibit The Technology &Equipment of desox Dry Technology &Equipment of desox,semi-dry Technology &Equipment of desox, Wet Technology &Equipment of desox, Seawater Technology &Equipment of desox, PAFP Technology & Equipment, Electron beam Technology &Equipment, Coal firing boiler of chemical Technology &Equipment of desox,metallurgy Ore Technology &Equipment of desox, Chemical Technology &Equipment of desox, Nature gas desox, Petroleum, Kerosene and other oil products Technology &Equipment of desox. The Technology &Equipment of denox: SCR Technology &Equipment of denox, SMCR Technology &Equipment of denox, Absorbing Technology &Equipment of denox, Adsorption Technology &Equipment of denox, Equality on Technology &Equipment of denox, Air grading firing Technology &Equipment of denox, IFMR Technology &Equipment of denox, and so on.. The assistant Technology &Equipment of desox denox: Encircle flowing beds Equipment, Separately machine, Blender, Ventilator, all kinds of nozzles, Pumps, Cliques, Tubes and its parts, Antisepsis coating, Antisepsis material and equipment, Inner and out coating, Electric-chemical Sensors, Smoke Processor, Outburst Calcium Technology &Equipment and desox denox materials. Cleaning dirt Technology &Equipment: Machinery cleaning dirt Technology &Equipment, Static cleaning dirt Technology &Equipment(ESP),Bag pattern cleaning dirt Technology &Equipment, Wet style cleaning dirt Technology &Equipment, Air filtration Technology &Equipment, and so on. Smoking online measuring instrument and technology: The disposing equipment of data collection, the system control setting, DBMS, the data communication system, the analysis setting of gas element, soot instrument, the flow meter for mass, temperature, the survey setting of press, and so on. Lustration Technology &Equipment: Coking plant and selecting technique, high sulfur coal washing technique, the advancement furnace, aerification Technology &Equipment, liquefaction Technology &Equipment, the circle instrument of heavy media, floatation, pole, the coal of boiler, the coal of aerification, the blast furnace of smelting coal and so on Cleanness burning Technology &Equipment: Low-nitrogen burning, powder coal burning, spouting calcium technique, all kinds of furnaces, sulfuration furnace, the Technology &Equipment of pyrogenation and change stove furnaces, The control system and relative software on desox denox. The disposal and using of byproducts on desox denox. The special cases of successful deliver on desox denox Project. The other relative technologies and products on Environmental Protection Schedule Registration & Move-in: Nov.25 th -26 th, 2007 Show time: Nov. 27 th -29 th, 2007 Move-out: Nov. 29 th, 2007(p.m.) Participation Options Shell Stand booth: (3m x 3m), including a built display platform (2.4m), carpet, header board, a talking table, two chairs, two lamps and a power outlet (220V).a trash can. Overseas enterprise: 2600US$/booth Empty space: (at least 36 m2 ) 260 US$/ m2. The visitors can design and built the platform by themselves, and send a delegate to take part in the conference for free. Please fill the register table, and fax to secretariat of the conference. The Venue Sitemap Please log on the website The Benefits of the participants Benefits of Participation Propaganda Program We will publicize this event in the newspapers, professional magazines, website etc. We will invite some the relevant enterprises from China and abroad to join in the event. We will report the latest news and hot topic to the public through the mass media. We will invite some national and abroad commerce institutions including professional institute,chamber of commerce,commerce company etc,to co-organize this event. We will distribute the invitation letters to the old and new clients all over the world to gather in Beijing. We will dispatch the specially-assign persons to inform all relative industries. We will distribute the admission tickets to all the exhibitors before 6 months of the exhibition. This event will be listed in the World Famous Exhibition Catalogue. We will offer the information about accommodation, catering, touring and entertainment. We ll present some local government officials, industry leaders and the buyers team for free. We will put the exhibitors information into our Information Database, and distribute the product stocking and information aperiodically for free. We will invite your very important clients that in the list you offer us to attend the Opening Ceremony and the Exhibition We will organize a visit to local enterprises, after the exhibition. The Service for Participants We will list the exhibitors information to our catalogue for free. We will offer the exhibitors to put their information in the exhibition newspapers, corresponding exhibition proceeding of conferences and website for free. We will distribute the buyers list and relevant information for free. The Visitors Professional Supervisor Section/ Equipment manufacturers from China and abroad/research/ program design unit/ Investment companies from China and abroad/ Domestic and international government supervisor section/contractors/facilities work project/ management accompanies/retail companies/facilities engineers/traders/research &development engineers/managers The manager of the facilities/ Environmental protection engineer /economize on energy the production business enterprise of engineer/power supply's bureau/power company/equipments and product enterprise. Affairs handling crew/retailer/suppliers/related profession mediums/purchasers The information of the conference The Service for the conference In order to make full use of the time and space of this exhibition, it offers more propaganda chances for the committal and enterprises of the conference. During this time, the Organizing Committee will do their best to hold The News release conference, the Economy-Trade symposium, the technology products release conference, the academic report, and so on. We will offer venue and usual equipment, translation, ect. Each meeting will cost $2000/two hours.besides them, If the special exhibition booth, Item on display transport, graphic designing, furniture and AV facility tenancy, and some special demands needed, connect with secretariat, please! High-Level Forum In order to have the conference successfully, please the relevant industry to write the paper actively.the man who intends to refer, please mail to secretariat in electron text before July 30 th The Forum Secretariat and experts will get first trial for the paper brief. The eligible paper will be compiled into collected papers of the convention. The excellent paper writers who are chosen by experts will be invited to make a oral speech The information of paper: The content of the paper according to the demand and theme of the conference. The length of the paper should be in the limit of A4, 20pages, double print. The speech should be limited in 40 minutes. The format of the paper to refer should be word document. Notice: Please gave clear indication refer paper of the conference on the title, and send it to The October 10 th, The first page should contain follow contents: The theme of the paper / the brief of paper / the key words / the name of the author (the author need to offer the resume and introduce themselves)/ / phone/ Fax/ the mailing address. All the paper should be referred to the Forum Secretariat by , please. After the audit, We will inform the authors who are passed. The form of the paper intercommunication are convention reports, branch meeting reports and wall paper communion. Deadline: Paper summary: October 30 th, Whole-length paper: October 30 th, 2007 The register fee of the forum: 600US$/person The treatment of the register delegate: Attendance of all the sessions, the visit of exhibition. The delegates can enjoy dinner feast and lunch during the session, and get the information about the conference (including: collected papers of the convention, proceeding of the conference, address list) and so on Draw out topic for discussion of the forum: The thematic report: The implementation of the policies and regulations for DESOX industrialization development, and internationalization standard in China. The status of international DESOX technology development, and the direction for future. The important influence of human resources stratagem for DESOX technology The technique standard of project item attraction & bid for DESOX enterprises in China. The policy and development direction about smoking DESOX industrialization in fire power plants. The function of development industrialization about DESOX enterprises for environmental protection. The important influence about the development of international industrialization for environmental protection all over the world. Technique intercommunion and item tender conferences: Reconstruct of smoking DESOX technology and its relative cases analysis in fire power plant. Reconstruct of smoking DESOX technology and its economy analysis of the fire power plant. The Chinese smoking DESOX set & transport, construction planning, during The application of smoking DESOX technology about dry circulation flow beds. The application of whole set technology of DESOX about firing gas, outburst calcium. The application of chemistry DESOX technology about coal-fired boiler. The development foreground of technology in the form of bag type and wet way to get rid of dust. The read out item content of the fire power plant,and the demand of its tender. The financing convention of Power plant enterprises: The leaders of the power plant explain feasibility report of the item and financing demand. The financing enterprises will comment and appraise about the item for their partners. Registration and Procedure The Promotion of publication and the enterprise about the meeting Collected papers: the paper will be compiled and printed into collected papers of the convention. Proceeding of the conference: we will print the papers about the meeting, publishing the name catalogue of visitors, introducing the companies and their products and relevant payment ad. If you like, please offer 210X285 four colors film before on Oct.15 th 2007.The price as follow: The registration and arrival method Registration: Please log on the exhibition s web and look through it. Or contact with the conference secretariat to get the application After filling in the register table, please fax to the conference secretariat. Register conference time: Nov.26 th, Register exhibition time: Nov. 26 th, 2007 The place of registration The first floor of exhibition hall, China World Trade Center, Color cover/1850 US$/page, Color back cover/1700 US$/page, Color page/1000 US$/page, color inside front cover/ 1500 US$/page, the third color page/1200 US$/page, black and white leaf/700 US$/page. The Promotion of enterprise: Offering the Promotion opportunity for the supporters and attendance companies and happy atmosphere, during the exhibition, the price list is following: Item place Unit price The air balloon square US$1500 Rainbow Gateway square US$1850 Tickets back/30,000 US$2200 The celebration The Entrance US$400 flower basket reticule One side/10,000 US$4000 pieces Payment Schedule & Procedure Please pay charge after you apply for the exhibition within 7 days, the Organizing Committee will send the admission after receiving the fee. It includes items on display transport guide, the information of the accommodation, activity schedule, ect. And other service after the conference Foreign exchange Account No.: Beneficiary s name: Beijing Heart Milestone Exhibition Co., Ltd Beneficiary Bank s Name: Industry and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC Please give clear indication of the exhibition s fee in the remittance postscript column The hotel reservation The hotel reservation is offered, so every delegate can enjoy preferential price of the cabaret, If you want to know the detail, please pay attention to the website. The Asian International Desox Environmental Protection Expo The 2nd International Trade Fair on desox Environmental Protection Technology &Equipment The registration Form Only for the foreign delegates and enterprises Register Number: Please fill in the table and fax it to the secretariat / Add: C8502, Ligao Building, No. 9, Xiaotun Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China Tel: Fax: The main principal: Name: Gender: Job Title: Name of company: Add: Mail code: Tel: Mobile: Fax: E mail: Other joining delegates or linkman Name: Gender: Job Title: Name: Gender: Job Title: Name: Gender: Job Title: Paper of the conference Title of paper: Main author and company: Code of paper: spokesman: The communication manner for suggestion: convention branch newspaper Paper submitted form: The date of mailing and handing over: The fee of registration and paper page of the paper: General delegate 600 US$ X ( )(the number of person) Total: dollar The rent of the exhibition site: (Empty space: at least 36 m2 ) Shell Stand booth(2600 US$/3mX3m) X ( ) number total: dollar (Empty space(260 US$/m 2 ) X ( ) m 2, total: dollar The No. of reservation booth: The No. of scheduled booth: The brief introduction about company and products: Requirement:Supply the brief introduction of the participant enterprises and main products.(it includes: Name:/Add:/Mail code:/tel:/fax:/ /linkman of the enterprise and so on. Remember to send these information to secretariat by , so that it can be compiled into the transaction. (You can add A4,if not enough) The Promotion of enterprise and papers about the meeting (We will offer the following opportunity to participators. If you would like, Please send your four color film (210X285)to us in the post or before Oct. 15 th,2007. color cover/ US$, color back cover US$, color page/ US$ color inside front cover/ US$; the third color cover/ US$, black and white pages/ US$. The air balloon/ US$ Tickets/ US$ The congratulation flower basket/ US$ reticule/ US$ total: dollar The operational activities of participant enterprises (The following services are offered that charge for relevant charge, such as :the venue renting,translation and so on.) Content: the news issue the symposium about economy &trade the technology products release conference the academic report. other items tentative date: Fee: (2000 US$ / two hours) X ( )times total: dollar Restaurant reservation( breakfast is free of charge) The Chinese Standard room Enrolment date: Leaving date: Total: dollar grand hotel total days: We will recommend other level hotel, please pay attention the convention s website. Payment & Procedure: Foreign exchange Account No.: Beneficiary s name: Beijing Heart Milestone Exhibition Co., Ltd Beneficiary Bank s Name: Industry and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC *Please pay us the total cost in order to make sure that we will reserve for you the stand within 7 days after filling out this form. *Please give clear indication of the exhibition s fee in postscript column. The fund item: the register fee of the forum the fee of paper page of the paper the rent of the venue the fee of propaganda the fee of operational activity hotel reservation other item Remittance company: Remitter: The total of remittance : dollar The date of remit: Remark: The table is executed by The Organization Committee of the exhibition The agreement will be effect after signing this agreement. The signature of the exhibitor:
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