Russian Politics


analyses the basic elements, history, and historical development of Liberalism from the present values of Liberalism approach. Liberalism has gone thought what…

The History of European Integration, Turning Points of the Succcess

This Paper shows that the Turning Points of the Successfull Project that named as a European Union

Scrambled Middle East

US, EU, Russia, China, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China , Syria and Iraq are all against to IS. They all want to eliminate IS from Syria and Iraq. They all…

Afghan Opium Production in 2015

UNODC announced that Afghan Opium Poppy cultivation decreased to 183,000 hectares in 2015. Opium production decreased more sharply and amounted to 3300 tons. Yield…

Interaction in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Battle of the Masts

The Battle of the Masts (in Arabic sources termed “Zatü’s-Savari”), was named from the multitude of masts of the warships engaged, and was perhaps the most…

Representative Rule or the Rule of Representations: the Case of Russian Political Parties

The rapid collapse of the ideologically mobilized Soviet system led to the rise of a huge market of votes without strong, ingrained political attachments. The…

Soviet Russians under Nazi Occupation: Fragile Loyalties in World War II (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

In this compelling account of life and death in a Russian province under Nazi occupation, Johannes Due Enstad challenges received wisdom about Russian patriotism…

Le mani di Russia e Ue in Ucraina, prima e dopo EuroMaidan

Prima del 21 novembre 2013, l’Ucraina si trovava davanti a un bivio importante. Entrare in una partnership con la Russia o entrare maggiormente nell’orbita…


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