Economics Imperialism

The Marketplace of Ideas and the centrality of science to neoliberalism

Although economists since John Stuart Mill have discussed the relationship of intellectual life to markets, it is only relatively recently—after the emergence of…

Neoliberalism on Drugs: Genomics and the political economy of medicine

In recent years, literature on neoliberal science and medical neoliberalism has suggested a link between recent changes in the organization of science and…

The Ascendancy of Chicago Neoliberalism

The Chicago School of Economics emerged as one of the primary intellectual formations in the US economics orthodoxy in the post-World War II Era. Not only is it…

George Stigler, the Graduate School of Business, and the Pillars of the Chicago School

George Stigler is universally regarded as a principal architect of the postwar Chicago School. Gary Becker recalls Stigler as “Mr. Micro” to Milton…
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