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Ssi Aapplication Form for Credit Facilities of Over 2 Crore

form for getting credit facilities for small scale industries in india
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  Form - IV ANDHRA BANK (A Govt. of India Undertaking)  _____________________Branch SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIESAPPLICATION FORM FOR CREDIT FACILITIESOF OVER RS. 2 CRORE 1.1Name of the Unit(In Block Letters)1.2Constitution :Proprietor ! Partnership irm ! Pri#ate Limite$ !(Please strike outPu%lic Limite$ Compan ! Co&operati#e 'ociet.hich are not applica%le)1.Name of the %usiness house!*roup to hich the unit %elon*s2.1+e*istration No(as *i#en % the ,istrict In$ustriesCentre ! ,irectorate of In$ustries)2.2,ate of Incorporation!Commencement of Business.Business -$$ress ith elephone!ele/ No..1+e*istere$ 0ffice.2-$ministrati#e 0ffice. actor.Back*roun$ of the Proprietor!Partners!,irectors(Please furnish for each personas per the -nne/ure I) 161  Form - IV .Brief ,escription of the In$ustrial -cti#it.13/istin*.2Propose$4.5o the -cti#it as finance$ so far (to %e fille$ up in case of e/istin* unit onl)'ource of  un$s(6)'ecurit+ate of Interest+epament per monthPresent 0!'-mount of ,efault(if an)( 6 )In$icate sources of fun$s ith Name 7 -$$ress8 e.*.8Banks! inancial Institutions!0thers ('pecif)9.-rrears in 'tatutor Paments (if an)a)Income a/%)'ales a/c)Pro#i$ent un$$)3mploees 'tate Insurance Corporatione)0ther (specif).Past Performance (in case of e/istin* units)ParticularsLast ;earLast %ut one earLast %ut o earsurno#er Net Profit+etaine$ Profit<onthl urno#er for last tel#e months Form - IV =.1<ana*ement(Please furnish %ack*roun$ of the mainpromoter other than those furnishe$ in -nne/ure I8 rite&up on other companies8if an8 promote$ % him or ith hich 162  he is associate$ to*ether ith a cop of the latest %alance sheet)=.2In case the promoter is a limite$ compan8please furnish a rite&up on the acti#itiesan$ past performance of the compan an$an other e/pansion pro*ramme(s)!$i#ersi&fication contemplate$.Please also enclose certifie$ copies of thea)<emoran$um an$ -rticles of -ssociation%)-u$ite$ Balance 'heet an$ ra$in* an$Profit 7 Loss a!cs for the past hree;ears of the promoter compan.c)Cop of the a*reement(s)8 if an8 entere$ into amon* the promoters.=.'harehol$in*=..1Please pro#i$e a list of sharehol$ersun$er the hea$s(a)promoters8(%)other ma>or *roups8(c)forei*n colla%orators($)N+I sharehol$ers(e)other institutionsonin* or controllin* ? or more of e@uit shares8 in$icatin* the amountone$ an$ %usiness relationship8 if an8ith the compan.=..2In case of preference sharehol$ers8please *i#e a list of ten lar*est sharehol$ers.=..-lso furnish num%er of e@uit sharehol$ers an$ preference shareho$lers. Form - IV =.3mplomentPresentPropose$3/ecuti#es'uper#isor -$ministrati#e! 163  0ffice 'taff 'kille$ La%our Unskille$ La%our 0ther (specif)=.Particulars of e/istin* ke technical an$ e/ecuti#e staff :(Please furnish $ata for e/istin* as ell as propose$ staff)Name,esi*nationAualification3/perience-n 'pecialachie#ement(In#entions!+esearch etc. unctional,uties at theUnit1.If the unit is an ancillar unit8the un$ertakin* to hich it iscaterin* an$ it a$$ress11.Name of the associate concern(s)8if an8 an$11.1Nature of association an$ amountin#este$11.2Nature of acti#it11.'tate hether the a%o#e acti#it is co#ere$ un$er the <ain 0%>ects Clause or 0ther 0%>ectsClause in the <emoran$um of -ssociation11.Items tra$e$!manufacture$11.urno#er an$ profit $urin*prece$in* three ears Form - IV 12.3C5NIC-L 3-'IBILI;(Please enclose the feasi%ilit!pro>ect report)12.1Name of the pro$uct(s)inclu$in* %e&pro$ucts 7its (their) use 164
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