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Shock Physics Papers 2013 Abrate, S Interaction of underwater blasts and submerged structures , in Dynamic Failure of Composite and Sandwich Structures , ed. S. Abrate, B. Castanlé and Y.D.S. Rajapakse,
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Shock Physics Papers 2013 Abrate, S Interaction of underwater blasts and submerged structures , in Dynamic Failure of Composite and Sandwich Structures , ed. S. Abrate, B. Castanlé and Y.D.S. Rajapakse, pp , (Berlin, Springer) Abrosimov, S.A., Bazhulin, A.P., Voronov, V.V., Geraskin, A.A., Krasyuk, I.K., Pashinin, P.P., Semenov, A.Y., Stuchebryukhov, I.A., Khishchenko, K.V. and Fortov, V.E Specific features of the behaviour of targets under negative pressures created by a picosecond laser pulse Quantum. Electron Acosta-Maeda, T.E., Scott, E.R.D., Sharma, S.K. and Misra, A.K The pressures and temperatures of meteorite impact: Evidence from micro-raman mapping of mineral phases in the strongly shocked Taiban ordinary chondrite Amer. Mineralogist Adushkin, V.V. and Oparin, V.N From the alternating-sign explosion response of rocks to the pendulum waves in stressed geomedia. 2 J. Mining Sci Agisheva, U.O., Bolotnova, R.K., Buzina, V.A. and Galimzyanov, M.N Parametric analysis of the regimes of shock-wave action on gas-liquid media Fluid Dynamics Akin, M.C. and Chau, R Observations on shock-induced chemistry of cyclohexane J. Chem. Phys Al-Qananwah, A.K., Koplik, J. and Andreopoulos, Y Attenuation of shock waves propagating through nano-structured porous materials Phys. Fluids Albarede, F., Ballhaus, C., Blichert-Toft, J., Lee, C.-T., Marty, B., Moynier, F. and Yin, Q.-Z Asteroidal impacts and the origin of terrestrial and lunar volatiles Icarus Alexander, C.S., Key, C.T. and Schumacher, S.C Dynamic response and modeling of a carbon fiber epoxy composite subject to shock loading J. Appl. Phys Algoso, A.K., Richardson, G. and Woods, P Subgrid numerical techniques for first principles physics-based tools Procedia Engng Amadou, N., Brambrink, E., Benuzzi-Mounaix, A., Huser, G., Guyot, F., Mazevet, S., Morard, G., de Resseguier, T., Vinci, T., Myanishi, K., Ozaki, N., Kodama, R., Boehly, T., Henry, O., Raffestin, D. and Koenig, M Direct laser-driven ramp compression studies of iron: A first step toward the reproduction of planetary core conditions High Energy Density Phys Amigo, N., Loyola, C., Davis, S. and Gutiérrez, C Hypervelocity impact of copper nano-projectiles on copper Comput. Mater. Sci An, Q., Goddard, W.A., Zybin, S.V., Jaramillo-Botero, A. and Zhou, T.T Highly shocked PBXs at a nonplanar interface: Hot spot formation leading to detonation J. Phys. Chem. C Ananin, A.V., Koldunov, S.A., Garanin, V.V., Sosikov, V.A. and Torunov, S.I Shock wave sensitivity of nitromethane mixtures with nonexplosive liquids Int. J. Energ. Mater. Chem. Propuls Anderson Jr., C.E. and Holmquist, T.J Application of a computational glass model to compute propagation of failure from ballistic impact of borosilicate glass targets Int. J. Impact Engng Anderson Jr., C.E. and Holmquist, T.J Computational modeling of failure for hypervelocity impacts into glass targets Procedia Engng Ando, K., Colonius, T. and Brennen, C.E Shock propagation in polydisperse bubbly liquids , in Bubble Dynamics and Shock Waves , ed. C.F. Delale, pp , (Berlin, Springer) Andreopoulos, Y Shock waves impacting composite material plates: The mutual interaction JOM Andrew, J.E A survey of laser plasma target emissions and contamination effects Proc. SPIE Q Antonov, O., Efimov, S., Yanuka, D., Kozlov, M., Gurovich, V.T. and Krasik, Y.E Generation of converging strong shock wave formed by microsecond timescale underwater electrical explosion of spherical wire array Appl. Phys. Letts Armstrong, M.R., Zaug, J.M., Goldman, N., Kuo, I.F.W., Crowhurst, J.C., Howard, W.M., Carter, J.A., Kashgarian, M., Chesser, J.M., Barbee, T.W. and Bastea, S Ultrafast shock initiation of exothermic chemistry in hydrogen peroxide J. Phys. Chem. A Arnold, W. and Rottenkolber, E Shock-wave loading and sensitivity testing of high explosives for high-speed penetrators , in Proc. 27th Int. Symp. on Ballistics , ed. M. Wickert and M. Salk, pp , (Lancaster, PA, Destech Publications) Arnold, W., Krawietz, T.R., Jordan, J.L., Sunny, G. and Koch, M Damage investigations and sensitivity tests of shock wave loaded PBXs , in Proc. 44th Int. Annual Conf. of the ICT , ed. pp. paper 10, (Pfintzal, Germany, Institut für Chemische Technologie) Arora, V., Bagchi, S., Gupta, M., Chakera, J.A., Naik, P.A., Chaddah, P. and Gupta, P.D Study of strain propagation in laser irradiated silicon crystal by timeresolved diffraction of K-α X-ray probe of different photon energies J. Appl. Phys Ashitkov, S.I., Komarov, P.S., Agranat, M.B., Kanel, G.I. and Fortov, V.E Achievement of ultimate values of the bulk and shear strengths of iron irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses JETP Letts Asphaug, E Planetary science: Go and catch a falling star Nature Geoscience Atzeni, S., Marocchino, A., Schiavi, A. and Schurtz, G Energy and wavelength scaling of shock-ignited inertial fusion targets New J. Phys Aydelotte, B.B. and Thadhani, N.N Mechanistic aspects of impact initiated reactions in explosively consolidated metal plus aluminum powder mixtures Mater. Sci. Engng A Bagalinov, A.B., Serdaliev, E.T., Iskakov, E.E. and Amanzholov, D.B Shock blasting of ore stockpiles by low-density explosive charges J. Mining Sci Baidakova, M.V., Kukushkina, Y.A., Sitnikova, A.A., Yagovkina, M.A., Kirilenko, D.A., Sokolov, V.V., Shestakov, M.S., Vul, A.Y., Zousman, B. and Levinson, O Structure of nanodiamonds prepared by laser synthesis Phys. Solid State Bailey, A.M., Boruah, S., Christopher, J.J., Bennett, B.C., Shafieian, M., Cronin, D.S. and Salzar, R.S Injury potential of shock-induced compressive waves on human bone , in Dynamic Behavior of Materials , ed. V. Chalivendra, B. Song and D. Casem, pp , (Berlin, Springer) Barsoum, R.G.S Elastomeric polymers for shockwave mitigation and extreme loading conditions , in Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials and Processes in Conventional and Multifunctional Materials , ed. B. Antoun, H.J. Qi, R. Hall, G.P. Tandon, H. Lu and C. Lu, pp. 1-5, (New York, Springer) Barton, N.R. and Rhee, M A multiscale strength model for tantalum over an extended range of strain rates J. Appl. Phys Barton, P.T., Deiterding, R., Meiron, D. and Pullin, D Eulerian adaptive finitedifference method for high-velocity impact and penetration problems J. Comput. Phys Batani, D., Paleari, S., Vinci, T., Benocci, R., Shigemori, K., Hironaka, Y., Kadono, T. and Shiroshita, A Advances in the investigation of shock-induced reflectivity of porous carbon Laser Particle Beams Batsanov, S.S Limiting shock compression of metals of ultra-close packing Combust. Explos. Shock Waves Batsanov, S.S. and Batsanov, A.S Shock synthesis of single crystals Propell. Explos. Pyrotech Bazant, Z.P. and Caner, F.C Comminution of solids caused by kinetic energy of high shear strain rate, with implications for impact, shock, and shale fracturing Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA Baziotis, I.P., Liu, Y., DeCarli, P.S., Melosh, H.J., McSween, H.Y., Bodnar, R.J. and Taylor, L.A The Tissint Martian meteorite as evidence for the largest impact excavation Nature Commun. 4 doi: /ncomms2414 Beaudet, T.D., Mattson, W.D. and Rice, B.M New form of polymeric nitrogen from dynamic shock simulation J. Chem. Phys Becker, A., Nettelmann, N., Holst, B. and Redmer, R Isentropic compression of hydrogen: Probing conditions deep in planetary interiors Phys. Rev. B Bedair, O Recent developments in analysis of deteriorating stiffened panels subjected to static and explosive forces Multidiscipline Model. Mater. Struct Belashchenko, D.K Computer simulation of copper and silver under shock compression conditions Inorg. Mater Belashchenko, D.K Application of the embedded atom model to liquid mercury High Temp Belashchenko, D.K Impact compression of alkali metals: Computer-aided simulation High Temp Belikova, A.F., Buravova, S.N. and Petrov, E.V Strain localization under dynamic loading Tech. Phys Ben-Dor, G., Dubinsky, A. and Elperin, T Analytical engineering models of high speed normal impact by hard projectiles on metal shields Cent. Eur. J. Engng Bertarelli, A., Berthome, E., Boccone, V., Carra, F., Cerutti, F., Charitonidis, N., Charrondiere, C., Dallocchio, A., Carmona, P.F., Francon, P., Gentini, L., Guinchard, M., Mariani, N., Masi, A., dos Santos, S.D.M., Moyret, P., Peroni, L., Redaelli, S. and Scapin, M An experiment to test advanced materials impacted by intense proton pulses at CERN HiRadMat facility Nuclear Instrum. Meth. Phys. Res. B Bethkenhagen, M., French, M. and Redmer, R Equation of state and phase diagram of ammonia at high pressures from ab initio simulations J. Chem. Phys Bhatt, N.K., Patel, A.B., Vahora, A.Y., Vyas, P.R., Thakore, B.Y. and Jani, A.R Structural and vibrational properties of FeO using first principles Adv. Mater. Res Bilyk, S., Grinfeld, M. and Segletes, S Operational equations of state for hydrocode: Computer implementation Procedia Engng Bilyk, N.A., Mikhailov, A.L., Khanin, V.P. and Mikhailov, A.S Effect of the shear area on the probability of an explosion of high explosives under shock-induced shear Combust. Explos. Shock Waves Bina, M.H., Dehghani, F. and Salimi, M Effect of heat treatment on bonding interface in explosive welded copper/stainless steel Mater. Design Bityurin, V.A., Dobrovolskaya, A.C. and Klyuchnikov, N.I The shock wave structure in a dense electronegative gas containing conductive particles High Temp Blanc, T. and Pastor, M A stabilized smoothed particle hydrodynamics, Taylor- Galerkin algorithm for soil dynamics problems Int. J. Numer. Anal. Meth. Geomech Bläß, U.W Shock-induced formation mechanism of seifertite in shergottites Phys. Chem. Minerals Bolme, C.A. and Ramos, K.J Line-imaging velocimetry for observing spatially heterogeneous mechanical and chemical responses in PBXs during impact Rev. Sci. Instrum Bordzilovskii, S.A., Karakhanov, S.M. and Khishchenko, K.V Measurement of the brightness temperature of shock-compressed epoxy resin Combust. Explos. Shock Waves Bordzilovskii, S.A., Karakhanov, S.M., Turkin, A.I., Yunoshev, A.S. and Titov, V.M Phase transition in pyroxenite under shock loading Combust. Explos. Shock Waves Borg, J.P. and Vogler, T.J Rapid compaction of granular material: Characterizing two- and three-dimensional mesoscale simulations Shock Waves Borg, J.P., Maines, W.R., Nixon, M. and Chhabildas, L Equation of state and isentropic release of aluminum foam and fluoropolymer composites Procedia Engng Borisenok, V.A., Bragynetz, V.A., Simakov, V.G., Sirotkina, A.G. and Mikhailov, A.S Influence of pulsed electric fields in the shock and shock wave sensitivity of some condensed explosives , in Proc. 16th Seminar on New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials , ed. J. Pachmán, J. Selesovsky and R. Matyás, pp , (Pardubice, Czech Republic, University of Pardubice) Boudet, J.F. and Kellay, H Unstable blast shocks in dilute granular flows Phys. Rev. E Bourne, N Materials in Mechanical Extremes: Fundamentals and Applications (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press) Bowling, T.J., Johnson, B.C., Melosh, H.J., Ivanov, B.A., O'Brien, D.P., Gaskell, R. and Marchi, S Antipodal terrains created by the Rheasilvia basin forming impact on asteroid 4 Vesta J. Geophys Res.: Planets Boyce, B.L., Clark, B.G., Lu, P., Carroll, J.D. and Weinberger, C.R The morphology of tensile failure in tantalum Metall. Mater. Trans. A Braithwaite, C.H., Church, P.D., Claridge, R., Ottley, P.R. and Jardine, A.P A novel energetic material, from theory to practice , in Proc. 16th Seminar on New Trends in Research of Energetic Materials , ed. J. Pachmán, J. Selesovsky and R. Matyás, pp , (Pardubice, Czech Republic, University of Pardubice) Braithwaite, C.H., Perry, J.I., Taylor, N.E. and Jardine, A.P Behaviour of sand during release from a shocked state Appl. Phys. Letts Brandon, V., Canaud, B., Primout, M., Laffite, S. and Temporal, M Marginally igniting direct-drive target designs for the laser Megajoule Laser Particle Beams Branicio, P.S., Nakano, A., Kalia, R.K. and Vashishta, P Shock loading on AlN ceramics: A large scale molecular dynamics study Int. J. Plast Brown, J.L., Alexander, C.S., Asay, J.R., Vogler, T.J. and Ding, J.L Extracting strength from high pressure ramp-release experiments J. Appl. Phys Budovskikh, E.A., Gromov, V.E. and Romanov, D.A The formation mechanism providing high-adhesion properties of an electric-explosive coating on a metal basis Dokl. Physics Buhl, E., Poelchau, M.H., Dresen, G. and Kenkmann, T Deformation of dry and wet sandstone targets during hypervelocity impact experiments, as revealed from the MEMIN Program Meteor. Planet. Sci Buhl, E., Kowitz, A., Elbeshausen, D., Sommer, F., Dresen, G., Poelchau, M.H., Reimold, W.U., Schmitt, R.T. and Kenkmann, T Particle size distribution and strain rate attenuation in hypervelocity impact and shock recovery experiments J. Struct. Geol Cai, Y., Zhao, F.P., An, Q., Wu, H.A., Goddard, W.A. and Luo, S.N Shock response of single crystal and nanocrystalline PETN: Implications to hotspot formation in energetic materials J. Chem. Phys Calle M, J.C. and Rodriguez, J.P.C Shock behavior of functionally graded porous panels: Computational approach , in Proc. 27th Int. Symp. on Ballistics , ed. M. Wickert and M. Salk, pp , (Lancaster, PA, Destech Publications) Campidelli, M., Razaqpur, A.G. and Foo, S Reliability-based load factors for blast design Canad. J. Civil Engng Caresta, M., Langley, R.S. and Woodhouse, J Transient response of structures with uncertain properties to nonlinear shock loading J. Sound Vibration Casem, D.T. and Hsieh, A.J Plate impact measurements of a select model poly(urethane urea) elastomer Rep. no. ARL-TR-6482 (Aberdeen, MD, Army Reseach Laboratory) Causon, D.M. and Mingham, C.G Finite volume simulation of unsteady shockcavitation in compressible water Int. J. Numer. Meth. Fluids Cerreta, E.K., Escobedo, J.P., Rigg, P.A., Trujillo, C.P., Brown, D.W., Sisneros, T.A., Clausen, B., Lopez, M.F., Lookman, T., Bronkhorst, C.A. and Addessio, F.L The influence of phase and substructural evolution during dynamic loading on subsequent mechanical properties of zirconium Acta mater Chakravarthy, S., Gonthier, K.A. and Panchadhara, R Analysis of mesoscale heating by piston supported waves in granular metalized explosive Model. Simul. Mater. Sci. Engng Chaudhri, M.M Comment on 'The origins of pressure-induced phase transitions during the surface texturing of silicon using femtosecond laser irradiation' J. Appl. Phys Chen, S.Y., Wu, Z.W., Liu, K.X., Li, X.J., Luo, N. and Lu, G.X Atomic diffusion behavior in copper-aluminum explosive welding process J. Appl. Phys Chen, G., Wang, D., Liu, J., Meng, J., Liu, S. and Yang, Q A novel photonic Doppler velocimetry for transverse velocity measurement Rev. Sci. Instrum Chen, X.D., Wu, S.X. and Zhou, J.K Experimental and modeling study of dynamic mechanical properties of cement paste, mortar and concrete Construct. Build. Mater Chen, H., Tang, W.H., Ran, X.W., Zhang, M.J. and Xu, Z.H Measurement of the Mie-Grüneisen equation of state for polyimide Chinese Sci. Bull Chen, W.D., Zhang, F. and Yang, W.M Simulation of spall fracture based on material point method Key Engng Mater Chen, K.M., Zheng, C.C., Yuan, Z.Z., Lu, J.Z., Ren, X.D. and Luo, X.M Deformation microstructures of austenitic stainless steel 2Cr13Mn9Ni4 under ultrafast strain rate by laser shock processing Mater. Sci. Engng A Chen, J.Y., Liu, C.C., Dong, H.W., Shi, D.S., Zhang, Z.X. and Wang, D.J Dynamic properties of concrete materials under shock loading Construct. Build. Mater Chen, X.F. and Zhang, C.P Shock-induced chemical reaction between iron and enstatite Adv. Mater. Res Chen, Y.T., Ren, G.W., Tang, T.G. and Hu, H.B Experimental diagnostic of melting fragments under explosive loading (in Chinese) Acta Phys. Sinica Chen, L., Wang, C., Feng, C.-G., Lu, F., Lu, J.-Y., Wang, X.-F. and Guo, X Study on random initiation phenomenon for sympathetic detonation of explosive Defence Technol Cheng, B., Kwan, T.J.T., Wang, Y.-M. and Batha, S.H Scaling laws for ignition at the National Ignition Facility from first principles Phys. Rev. E Chiu, P.H., Olney, K.L., Higgins, A., Serge, M., Benson, D.J. and Nesterenko, V.F The mechanism of instability and localized reaction in the explosively driven collapse of thick walled Ni-Al laminate cylinders Appl. Phys. Letts Choi, Y.S., Cho, K.H. and Seo, C.E Resistivity of Pb(Zr 0.5 2Ti 0.48 )O 3 ferroelectric ceramics subjected to dynamic impact loading J. Korean Phys. Soc Choudhuri, D. and Gupta, Y.M Shock compression of aluminum single crystals to 70 GPa: Role of crystalline anisotropy J. Appl. Phys Church, P., Claridge, R., Ottley, P., Lewtas, I., Harrison, N., Gould, P., Braithwaite, C. and williamson, D Investigation of a nickel-aluminium reactive shaped charge liner Trans. ASME: J. Appl. Mech Clayton, J.D Nonlinear Eulerian thermoelasticity for anisotropic crystals J. Mech. Phys. Solids Clayton, J.D Mesoscale modeling of dynamic compression of boron carbide polycrystals Mech. Res. Commun Cohen, T. and Durban, D Hypervelocity cavity expansion in porous elastoplastic solids Trans. ASME: J. Appl. Mech Colombo, M., Martinelli, P. and di Prisco, M Layered high-performance concrete plates interacting with granular soil under blast loads: An experimental investigation Eur. J. Environmental Civil Engng Colorado, H.A., Navarro, A., Prikhodko, S.V., Yang, J.M., Ghoniem, N. and Gupta, V Ultrahigh strain-rate bending of copper nanopillars with laser-generated shock waves J. Appl. Phys Colvin, J. and Larsen, J Extreme Physics: Properties and Behavior of Matter at Extreme Conditions (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press) Comley, A.J., Maddox, B.R., Rudd, R.E., Prisbrey, S.T., Hawreliak, J.A., Orlikowski, D.A., Peterson, S.C., Satcher, J.H., Elsholz, A.J., Park, H.S., Remington, B.A., Bazin, N., Foster, J.M., Graham, P., Park, N., Rosen, P.A., Rothman, S.R., Higginbotham, A., Suggit, M. and Wark, J.S Strength of shock-loaded single crystal tantalum [100] determined using in situ broadband X-ray Laue diffraction Phys. Rev. Letts Cook, A.W Effects of heat conduction on artificial viscosity methods for shock capturing J. Comput. Phys Cranch, G.A., Lunsford, R., Grün, J., Weaver, J., Compton, S., May, M. and Kostinski, N Characterization of laser-driven shock waves in solids using a fiber optic pressure probe Appl. Optics Dai, Z.R., Crowhurst, J.C., Grant, C.D., Knight, K.B., Tang, V., Chernov, A.A., Cook, E.G., Lotscher, J.P. and Hutcheon, I.D Exploring high temperature phenomena related to post-detonation using an electric arc J. Appl. Phys Daly, D.T., Kerby, J.D. and Austin, D.E Electrospray charging of minerals and ices for hypervelocity impact research Planet. Space Sci Davie, C.J. and Evans, R.G Symmetry of spherically converging shock waves through reflection, relating to the shock ignition fusion energy scheme Phys. Rev. Letts Davison, T.M., O'Brien, D.P., Ciesla, F.J. and Collins, G.S The early impact histories of meteorite parent bodies Meteor. Planet. Sci Davydov, M.N. and Kedrinskii, V.K Smooth particle hydrodynamics method for modeling cavitation-induced fracture of a fluid under shock-wave loading J. Appl. Mech. Tech. Phys de Meijer, R.J., Anisichkin, V.F. and van Westernen, W Forming the Moon from terrestrial silicate-rich material Chem. Geol Delale, C.F., Ed Bubble Dynamics and Shock Waves (Berlin, Springer) Demaske, B.J., Zhakhovsky, V.V., Inogamov, N.A. and Oleynik, I.I Ultrashort shock waves in nickel induced by femtosecond laser pulses Phys. Rev. B Deng, C., Liu, M. and Molian, P Nanodiamond powder compaction via laser shockwaves: Experiments and finite element analysis Powder Technol Denny, M Gas gun dynamics Eur. J. Phys Ding, Y.-Q., Tang, W.-H., Zhang, R.-Q. and Ran, X.-W Determination and
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