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SHENLEY BROOK END SCHOOL SCHOOL NEWS Vol 19 Issue 8 : 1 February 2018 Diary Dates 9 February School Closes for End of Half Term 19 February School Re-opens for all year groups 5 February Year 12 & 13 Mock
SHENLEY BROOK END SCHOOL SCHOOL NEWS Vol 19 Issue 8 : 1 February 2018 Diary Dates 9 February School Closes for End of Half Term 19 February School Re-opens for all year groups 5 February Year 12 & 13 Mock Exams 5, 7 & 9 February Year 11 VCERT External Exams 7-10 February MFL Spain Languages Residential 9 February Year 11 & 12 Business Reach Event 22 February Year 10 Information Evening 22 February Year 11 Parents Examination Information Evening 27 February Year 12 PE Trip to Loughborough 27 February - 1 March Whole-School Musical Beauty and the Beast 3 March DofE Silver Training Day Welcome It s only a few weeks ago when we were wishing everyone a Happy New Year, yet now it seems ages in the past. We re over 10% into the new year and school life is a-bristling with activity. Mock examinations have been taking centre stage for Year 11 and Sixth Form students as they prepare for the real things. There will be an evening for parents of Year 11 students on 22 February where GCSE preparation techniques will be offered and staff from the English, maths and science teams will be providing subject-specific support to share with your children. I also look forward to seeing parents of Year 10 students on the same day to give information about the rest of this school year and into Year 11. I hope that you will be able to come to the whole-school production of Beauty and the Beast, details are inside and we are trialling on-line booking. If there are any problems please contact the school for help. Mr G Martin Headteacher CEIAG NEWS Background information Young Enterprise - Learn2Earn Year 8 Wednesday 10 January 2018 Year 8 students have recently been considering their GCSE choices in January and as a school we have been taking steps to prepare students to make the most appropriate choices. These activities should hopefully answer questions such as: What GCSE choices should Year 8 students make? What GCSEs might students need to choose to help them in their future studies and careers? How might the choices Year 8 students make now impact upon their future careers? Do Year 8 students have an idea what future careers they may wish to follow? Do Year 8 students have an understanding of the type of career sector they may wish to follow, what wage this will amount to and so what standard of living they would have as a result? ALL BIG questions! As a school we do not tell students what to do about their future career but what we can provide help, advice and guidance on the here and now that may help them in the future. In the week commencing 8 January 2018 the CEIAG team (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance) organised two events to support our Year 8 students. We have used Worktree Careers speed interviewing on Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 January (see the previous newsletter for an article on this) and then on Wednesday 10 January we ran a Young Enterprise Learn 2 Earn event. What happened during the full day of Learn2Earn? In the theatre we had: 1) All 300 Year 8 students 2) 30 business volunteers 3) School staff who would have normally taught lessons on the Wednesday The day was split into different tasks with lots of business people helping our students and giving them the benefit of their life/work experience. Tasks Across the day students took part in various activities including: 1) A budgeting task 2) A job-hunting task 3) A skills-based task 4) They played a board game about looking at their careers path 5) Some activities to get students to think about various skills that they may have and that certain careers need Finally, students set themselves at least three goals based on what they had done that day. They were short, medium and long term goals. Since all 300 students were together in the theatre all day it was a bit of a squeeze but it was also a busy, different and hopefully thought-provoking day. Armed with information from this day students now need to make their GCSE choices that will help start them on the journey to the rest of their lives very exciting! Many thanks to Young Enterprise for organising the day and for the business people who came along and gave up their time. Mr Greenhalgh and Miss Pearson from the CEIAG team. PE NEWS English Football League Area Cup Congratulations to Hope Elverson, Leoni Cole, Millie Archer, Megan Pugh, Emily Rowley and Lacey Chittenden (Back left to front right) for representing the MK dons in the English football league Area Cup in Oxford. The girls competed against many Milton Keynes schools to gain the opportunity to represent the MK Dons. During this cup they played against teams from Northampton, Reading, Peterborough, Portsmouth and more. They played fantastically well in the tournament and secured third place within the group, narrowly missing out on the semi-finals. English Schools Football Association After the final trial on Sunday 7 January, Shenley Brook End PE team and school would like to congratulate Kiya Webb (Year 10) on being selected for the England School Girls under-15 squad. Kiya was nominated by the PE team in September 2017 to take part in Midlands trials and she successfully made her way through this trial and many others before receiving her place in the national squad earlier this month. We would like to wish Kiya all the best with her upcoming training camps and her first game against Northern Ireland on 10 March It is a great achievement and something to be very proud of. FLIGHT MILES NEWS Celebrating Success A big well done to our Half Term Champions who earned the most Flight Miles in their year group. These students consistently show a great attitude to their learning and demonstrate the skills and knowledge to be successful. Year 7 Abdubasit Agberemi Year 8 Mah Noor Year 9 Ollie Skevington Year 10 Sophia King Year 11 Jeevan Shergill We are trying to find out more about the great things our students do outside of school. We know so many do wonderful activities in the local community and beyond. Please do encourage your child to share this information with their form tutor. Mr Reynolds LIBRARY NEWS Lower School Debate In our most recent lower school debate, Alex Shirley, Abi Moore, James Mitchell and Scarlet Price addressed the motion, This House believes students should be allowed to bring pets into school on National Pet Day or a similar allocated day. Despite stepping in at short notice, all of the students had done their homework, researching material and working together to defend their side of the argument. Alex and Abi proposed the motion, focusing on the educational aspects of such an initiative and how it would promote respect for animals, a sense of commitment and responsibility for other students wanting to own a pet, and practical knowledge of caring for different types of animals. They suggested how it could be organised to cater for those with allergies or phobias and how some students could even be encouraged to face their fears by meeting pets such as spiders or snakes, in a non-threatening environment. They also mentioned the therapeutic benefits of stroking or interacting with a pet, particularly with students who are shy or anxious. Scarlet and James argued against the motion and said it would be impractical to allow animals of many different kinds to come into close contact with each other. They looked at the safety aspects from both the students and pets point of view, suggesting that pets can be unpredictable and could become aggressive faced with so many people, and might be disturbed by the noise and unfamiliar surroundings. They felt that, logistically, it would not be possible to transport even a small number of different pets to different locations around the school, avoiding people with allergies or phobias, and the animals would need supervision for the duration of their visit. Dogs, particularly, would need to be taken outside from time to time, both for exercise and from a hygiene perspective. The team suggested a better way to become educated about animals would be to visit zoos and animal sanctuaries, or even to have a mobile zoo visit the school, with professional handlers, and animals used to meeting the public. Whilst the committee voted in favour of the proposition team, feeling Alex and Abi had prepared rebuttals for all questions thrown at them, the audience voted for Scarlet and James, convinced that it would not be practical or safe, to allow pets into school. Books R Us In the first meeting of the New Year, our lower school reading group members reflected on the mystery books they had unwrapped to read over the Christmas break, and also on books they had received as gifts. Books receiving a Thumbs up included the following titles: Winter Town by Stephen Emond Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs A Shiver of Snow and Sky by Lisa Lueddecke Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. We regularly order new titles for the library and Books R Us members will be the first to read some of our most recent acquisitions. Look out for their recommendations around the Library. Book Sale Our permanent Book Sale trolley is now up and running in a corner of the library, where a wide variety of donated, duplicate and ex-stock books are available to buy, for 10p each, or to swap for a book which you no longer want. We welcome donations of any fiction or non-fiction books, appropriate to secondary school readers. Sixth Form Speed Debating As our 6 th form students prepare for mock exams, instead of asking specific students to prepare material for a more formal debate, we held a speed debating session, where all our regular members participated in expressing, and debating their views on various topical subjects. Some of the motions aired included: We should officially invite President Trump to the UK The ability of politicians to do their job should not be judged on events in their private life We should accept that infidelity in long-term relationships is a fact of life Capital punishment should be reintroduced Love is nothing more than a chemical reaction Our usual Week 2 debates on a Tuesday lunchtime will resume after exams. Forthcoming Events in the Library Tuesday 6 February 1pm in the 6 th Form Library: 6 th Form Debate Thursday 8 February in the Main Library: Seasonal Craft Lunch Activities Friday 9 February in the 6 th form Library: 6 th Form Reading Group LOST PROPERTY NEWS Jackets, blazers, PE kits, football boots, shirts and ties, shoes etc. These are just some of the items we are continually finding in the Lost Property bins in the front office. Again, these bins are full and we are putting the lost property contents on tables in the street from Monday 5 February 2018 until close of school for the half term break on Friday 9 February Please encourage your child to look for any lost items, and parents are welcome to come into school to look, at the end of the school day. Any items remaining at the end of this term will be recycled. Items of value are kept in a locked drawer in reception, and enquiries for these items should be made to the receptionist. Tickets can be purchased through
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