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Santa Barbara City College College Planning Council Tuesday, September 21, :00 pm 4:30 pm A218C Minutes

Santa Barbara City College College Planning Council Tuesday, September 21, :00 pm 4:30 pm A218C Minutes PRESENT: A. Serban (Chair), I. Alarcon, O. Arellano, L. Auchincloss, P. Bishop, R. Else, J.
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Santa Barbara City College College Planning Council Tuesday, September 21, :00 pm 4:30 pm A218C Minutes PRESENT: A. Serban (Chair), I. Alarcon, O. Arellano, L. Auchincloss, P. Bishop, R. Else, J. Friedlander, A. Garfinkel, M. Guillen, K. Monda, K. Neufeld, C. Salazar, J. Sullivan ABSENT: S. Ehrlich, T. Garey, D. Nevins GUESTS: C. Alsheimer, M. Croninger, J. Meyer, K. O Connor, A. Orozco, L. Stark, L. Vasquez Superintendent/President Serban called the meeting to order. 1. Approval of minutes of September 7 meeting (attached) M/S/C [Alarcon/Bishop] to approve the minutes of the September 7, 2010 CPC Meeting. Superintendent/President Serban congratulated VP Arellano for the Community Education Center recognition by the Mexican Consulate. The Community Education Center was honored as the Community Organization of the Year at the event the Mexican Consulate held on September 15 th for the Mexican Independence Day. Dr. Serban stated that this is an important recognition because it shows the excellent outreach of Dr. Arellano and her staff in creating an important partnership with the local Hispanic community. Information Items/Announcements 2. The basic skills/degree/transfer express initiative. Executive VP Friedlander reported on the status of the degree and transfer initiative that is being developed. A workgroup was formed to work on this initiative, the Degree Transfer Express Program, part of this program the basic skills component - would to be funded by the Title V Grant. The College will know by September 30 th if we were awarded this grant. Because this is such an important initiative, Superintendent/President Serban stated that she wants to see it supported if not through the Title V grant, then through re-allocation of some existing general fund, some fundraised money and through other grants. Dr. Friedlander noted that there is much momentum right now that we are going to keep moving forward on developing the infrastructure to support the students who want to make the commitment to this program. This initiative s focus is to move qualified and committed students through basic skills and college classes in an accelerated fashion. The English Division, Math Dept and ESL are working together to develop immersion courses so students can finish multiple courses in one semester. The goal is to have this program ready to go by Fall Dr. Friedlander explained that first the student would go through a screening process. The student will be given clear program guidelines, letting them know what is expected of them in order to stay in the program and what the benefits are. The benefits are the tools that the college will offer the students access to, in order to support them in their endeavors, such as ensuring financial aid and counseling to keep them on track with their educational plan and career development. Students will be expected to stay enrolled full-time throughout the program. Dr. Friedlander reiterated appreciation for the Superintendent/President stepping forward and stating that we want to make sure this initiative gets funded. Superintendent/President Serban discussed different avenues of possible funding through the Foundation for SBCC and the SB Foundation. The Degree Transfer Express program is very much tied to the impact on the Santa Barbara community and the individuals who are at risk in our community. Associated Student Body President Garfinkel asked how students will be able to find out about this. Dr. Friedlander stated that there will be an aggressive marketing campaign focused on SBCC students and in the high schools encouraging them to apply. Superintendent/President Serban concluded by saying that this program will take a significant effort from everyone. Dr. Serban said that in order for this program to be successful, the College needs to provide to the students enough financial aid or financial support to get what they need to stay enrolled full time. The reason for this is that the key requirement is that the students need to be full time for the two to three year duration. Unless we fully secure financial assistance for these students, we will not be able to sustain the program. In order for the students to succeed, we want them to have the resources to be able to stay once they commit to it. Discussion Items 3. Confirm program review timeline for discussed in May 2010 (attached). Superintendent/President Serban opened the discussion of the attached timeline. There was a group discussion regarding the new program review templates, what worked and did not work. Academic Senate VP Neufeld brought up last year s experience the group had in meeting the timelines. Reasonable timelines were discussed and dates agreed upon. The new timeline will be forwarded to the CPC Members. 2 4. Guidelines for completing the program reviews (handout) The Planning & Resources (P&R) Committee prepared the draft of the Guidelines for completing the Program Review Resource Requests, which were reviewed by the Executive Committee (EC) who made some suggestions for revision. The CPC Members discussed and clarified points on this document and came up with agreed upon Guidelines which will be distributed to each of the members constituencies. 5. College-wide priorities for (attached) All Superintendent/President Serban asked that all areas review and discuss this attachment: The College wide Priorities. Dr. Serban reviewed each of the priorities on the attachment. Some of the highlights were: Every three years the College develops a new college plan. SBCC s process begins the Spring before the previous plan has ended. Dr. Serban explained that part of the process of developing the new College plan is that the College prepares an environmental scan which is a combination of information regarding demographic, economic, and various other trends developing on the South Coast. In past years, this information has been presented to the College by people from the UCSB Economic Forecast Project, from SB County and from the City. The process in past years has worked very well. There are many iterations of the plan due to discussions and revisions of all governance groups on campus. Dr. Serban said that at the next CPC meeting, there will be further discussion on the timeline using last cycle s timeline as a template. Dr. Serban stated that the outcome of all the work of the Distance Education Workgroup will be brought to CPC for further discussion and that information will be part of what informs the overall college plan effort. We also want to see what we can implement this year. There is a requirement from the State to implement an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. Former Campus Diversity Director Rodriguez worked on a draft based on the guidelines from the State which will be ed by Dr. Serban to the CPC members for further examination. This is a large comprehensive document, prescribed by the State. Superintendent/President Serban stated the importance of our Emergency Preparedness Plan. The college has had several trainings, and more structures are now in place and these will continue; however, there is more to do. The one structure the college will be focusing on is an Overall Business Continuity Plan. There are companies who assist colleges to put the business continuity plan into place. This plan entails plans for how the college is to run if an emergency occurs. All the operations of the college from payroll, to computers, to the telephone systems, generators, etc. are looked at, resulting in the Business Continuity Plan. One area college had an emergency drill that entailed working with the city and county agencies. CSEA President/Chair Classified Consultant Group 3 Auchincloss asked that the plan include directions for the classified staff from the different areas in the college since the last time there was an emergency it became confusing to the supervisors and those they manage. Superintendent/President Serban reminded the members that we are still working on the planning agendas in the Self Study that need to be completed. Of the 25 planning agendas about 14 of them have been fully completed. Dr. Serban said that one of the planning agendas was related to an accreditation requirement which is addressed in the work of the Distance Education Report. Dr. Serban stated that we definitely need to meet that requirement, under Standard IIA Instructional Services. Superintendent/President ended this review stating that this looks like a lot for one year, but it is doable. 6. Equipment and construction funds 10-year history (attached) Superintendent/President Serban stated that this attachment is information that was requested by someone at the last CPC Meeting. It shows that basically there has been no infusion of money to these funds during the last two years due to the budget situation and because there was a need to have the flexibility of the general fund. Dr. Serban said that all members know this from the many discussions we have had in CPC about the budget, and are aware of the requests that have been made. As a result, we are we are going to put money into equipment and construction funds. 7. Construction projects that require additional funding from the general fund construction fund (attachments) VP Sullivan reported from these attachments. The attachment, SBCC Additional Maintenance Projects Needing Funding, lists the unfunded projects that are high priority and need to be addressed in , the deferred maintenance projects that need to be addressed no later than and projects needed to be included in the Program Review that could wait to be done in , all adding up to $1.5 million. Sullivan stated that when there is as much square footage as the College has, including the Schott and Wake Centers, things do wear out and break down. Many of these projects have accumulated over a year period, so that is why it is even more important to start putting money back into the construction fund. The second attachment, Preliminary Estimated Deferred Maintenance Project Schedule for MEASURE V Funded projects (unless otherwise noted) shows what has been completed and what still needs to be done with all the estimated costs listed. The costs are now at $21.3 million, $4 million over what the college set aside for these projects from Measure V. 8. Superintendent/President Serban stated that there is another restoration she would like to propose and that is a partial restoration of funding for sabbatical leaves. Dr. Serban said that she is mentioning the sabbatical restoration at this time because it requires planning on the instructional level as well as the planning for those taking 4 Sabbaticals. Dr. Serban reported that the highest amount for Sabbatical expenses in one fiscal year was $340, and she proposed $170,000 for Sabbaticals. Dr. Serban stated that this will be discussed further at the next CPC Meeting. Dr. Serban reminded the members that this is a restoration of something we used to fund and the funding stopped because of the budget crisis. Everything in the budget comes with the caveat that if the State cuts more money from our budget for , the College will have to revisit the budget. Right now we are assuming that we are being funded at the same level we were funded this year. Superintendent/President Serban adjourned the meeting. Next meeting: Tuesday, October 5, 3:00-4:30pm, A218C 5
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