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Sandy Beach Yacht Club, 1851 Winter Road/P.O. Box 513, Grand Island, NY Flag Officers Commodore Alexander P. Dzadur Rear
Sandy Beach Yacht Club, 1851 Winter Road/P.O. Box 513, Grand Island, NY Flag Officers Commodore Alexander P. Dzadur Rear Commodore Frank J. Spagnolo Treasurer Michael P. Lepine Vice Commodore Jose A. Garcia Fleet Captain Rick Hensel Secretary William H. Sargent II Board of Directors Dennis S. Walsh Louis Fabiano Lawrence Hensel Eyrica N. Ward Stephen Reger Nicholas A. Hare Michael J. Ceccato Robert Ornat Dan Tobey P/C David Krotz A reminder to our members that swimming is not allowed in the marina basin. To prevent electrical leakage in the water surrounding our boats, all electric cords and devices must be marine rated with appropriate circuit breaker protection. Automobile battery chargers are not to be used. These rules are in place for the safety of our club members. May we all have a safe and enjoyable boating season! Rick Hensel Yeah, Summer! The river is swift this year along with many projects happening at the club. You have to see the beautiful new deck! This addition to the club will be enjoyed by the generations for generations. Sunsets just got better. We are delighted that the WO was able to contribute to this project. It s the efforts of its members, like Margo Smith for the Ruben and Rachel TGIF. Her crew is a well-oiled machine turning out lip-smacking sandwiches while contributing to the club as well as providing funds for the WO s support of local charities. Supersized efforts lead by Frank & Tracy Spagnolo had the WO jump in to assist, then contribute, to the Excalibur Cars & Cigars Fundraiser. It was fun, enjoyable and a gratifying day. WO meetings start back up in September. The WO encourages you to join or come to a meeting. Lots gets done with good company. Until then enjoy the weather! Renee Taggert Sandy Beach Yacht Club T.G.I.F. Friday, August 2, 2019 Bar Open at 5:30 p.m. Dinner served at 7 p.m. Grilled Chicken Sandwich Homemade Potato Salad Homemade Pineapple Upside-Down Cake $10.00 adult Hot dog & chips $4.00 under 12 Your TGIF hosts: Joe & Mickey - Kevin & Claudia - Dennis & Debbie See you there! First 60 guaranteed. August 10 th, 2019 Dinner at 6:00 PM Fresh cut fries and Clams available to order at 2pm while supplies last Chicken and Ribs Catered by Chiavetta s catering Salad bar Baked potato bar And of Course Corn on the Cob Coffee and Dessert Stay late for the Bon Fire and Smore s Pinball games will be available for FREE play RSVP NLT August 1 st, 2019 Call or text Bethany Hare at Any questions please contact Nick Hare at Ahoy Mateys Are Ye ready for the Mutiny ar SBYC? Calling all young scallywags of Sandy Beach. Come for some swashbuckling fun on Fri Aug 23 rd. We will raise the Jolly Roger, play some pirate games, eat some pirate food, then give the members a chance to take back the club with a cannonball/water-balloon fight. So, come if ye dare. But ye will be needing a reservation or ye will be required to walk the plank! AND YE WILL BE NEEDING A PIRATE COSTUME If ye don t have one, then ye had better chart a course for the club Thursday, August 22 nd at 6:30 pm and learn how to make one. Ye will be needing to bring a white t-shirt a couple of sizes too big for you and a pair of scissors. Additional supplies needed to turn ye into a Pirate will be provided for just $2.00. Parents please reserve so that we can have enough Pirate Booty for everyone. Questions call/text Linda Dubrawsky August Birthdays Mike Brady 8/2 Anthony Valvo 8/2 Betsy Baumler 8/4 David Krotz 8/5 Charles J. Agnello 8/6 Gerry Pilkington 8/9 Maryellen Hoch 8/9 Peggie Bastian 8/15 Derek Nizialek 8/17 Stephen Reger 8/18 Benjamin Freedman 8/19 Katie George 8/19 Joseph Leggett 8/19 Thomas Elmer 8/20 Dorothy Garcia 8/23 Donna Baranyi 8/24 Margie Boyce 8/25 Brenda Garcia 8/25 Peggy Lacki 8/25 Mary Jane Bosworth 8/26 Eugene Burke 8/26 Benjamin George 8/28 Patty Mash 8/31 Tom Zody 8/31 August Anniversaries Paul & Judy Krupa 8/1 Benjamin & Katie George 8/5 Bill & Valerie Sargent II 8/7 Russell & Dianne Bauer 8/7 Lewis & Margot Smith 8/15 Eugene & Sharon Burke 8/20 Bill & Toni Sargent 8/22 Larry & Adrienne Neutz 8/24 Gregory & Marilyn Bush 8/28 Joseph & Patty Mash 8/31 September Birthdays Robin Hoch 9/1 James Ward 9/2 Joan Heine 9/3 David Baumler 9/4 June Lewis 9/5 Linda Dubrawsky 9/6 John Ventry 9/8 Robert Little 9/10 Joan M. Heine 9/11 Bill Sargent 9/14 Joanne Fleischman 9/15 Margaret Stocker 9/18 Robert Buzby 9/19 Thomas Hauser 9/23 Thomas Maguire 9/23 Sharon McCleary 9/25 Michael Ceccato 9/30 Daniel Pruchnowsk 9/30 September Anniversaries Robert & Mary Moreland 9/3 Ana & Derek Nizialek 9/5 Johana and Chris Vandrei 9/5 Dave & Miranda Ashby 9/8 Daniel & Kathleen Pruchnowski 9/9 Stacey & Jennifer Lenhard 9/13 Kevin & Claudia O'Neil 9/13 Steve & Leslie Vathy 9/17 Buffalo average July temperature is 78.4 F. There is an average of 21 days of sun in August with 3.3 inches of rain. Enjoy Boating! The deadline for submissions for the August Ditty Bag is Monday, August 26. Please submit your Ditty Bag entries/requests via to Dave Judd at Any comments, concerns and ideas on the Ditty Bag are welcomed!
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