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Review the Black Death and the Transformation of the West

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  Book Review Many have said that the Black Death or the plaque was a horrible event thatstruck across Europe hundreds of years ago. It took many lives destroyed classstructures and cause great suffering to the family members of those who died. !nd thishorrible period of our history has ended with no effects on our modern life today or doesit# I believe that the Black Death or plaque has a big part of our ordinary day lives butwe $ust haven%t linked the connection between them yet. &e $ust take these things for granted like the profession of doctors pharmacist and other types of medical fields. 'his plaque also effects our current population by a huge margin. 'his horrible disease alsocould have affected other parts in history like the &orld &ar II. 'he Black Death has left behind many terrible scars to Europe%s history while at the same time brought us a better future. (ne of the effects of the Black Death was the rise of Doctors or )hysicians because for the need to heal and treat the sick. !s shown in )hysicians too were in demand. Boccaccio again laments that*the numbers +of physicians, had increased enormously because theranks of the qualified were invaded by people both men and womenwho had never received any training in medicine.- /erlihy 012But as said above that many of these newly instated )hysicians had absolutely no trainingat all thus lead to the rise in demand for education. 3o many college4universities werefounded 'here is a list universities that were established because of this plaque  'hus 5ambridge 6niversity acquired four new colleges the foundationsof which can be associated with the Black Death. 7onville wasestablished between 1809 and 18:1 'rinity /all in 18:; 5orpus5hristi in 18:< and 5lare /all in 18=<. (>ford acquired two newcolleges? 5anterbury in 18=< and @ew 5ollege 18A<. /erlihy A;2 'he Black Death was a terrible thing for the people of that century but it has left modernday Europe with many learning institution for people like us to learn. !s we all know already that plaques usually don%t leave behind positiveoutcomes it actually depends on how you look at that makes it positive or negative. 'heBlack Death killed many people as we all know but was it so bad for it to happen# !Man named 'homas Mathus doesn%t think so he believes that the plaque was the earth%shandy work to solve over population as stated in In it he concluded that human populations would tend to e>pand up toand beyond the limits a reckoning was inevitable. 'he reckoning took the form of famines epidemics wars and the soaring morality resultingfrom them. 'hese *positive checks- as he called them violently reducedthe community%s numbers to a sie that its resources could support./erlihy 812 I don%t truly believe that this is earth%s response to overpopulation but it does make onething though. But opinions aside this nasty plaque did contribute to our current world population. If the plaque hadn%t occurred we would have run low on resources long timeago. It is sad to think that many lives had been sacrificed for the greater good of all.  !nd finally another effect that the Black Death brought was the hatred of Cews. Inearly 1809 many rumors that the Cews were putting poisons in wells and other water sources is what caused the plaque thus leading to violent treatment of Cews as stated on *Early in 1809 the rumor arose that the Cews of northern 3pain and southern rance were poisoning the 5hristian wells and thus disseminating the plaque.- /erlihy =:2. 'hehatred of Cews isn%t problem today but during &orld &ar II it might have been one of the reasons that /itler blamed 7ermany%s horrible situation on the Cews and using themas escape goats. 3o as I stated before the Black Death wasn%t really all negative outcomes it did bring us more health professionals we see today and the large amount universities inEurope. /ow ever it is regrettably that this plaque took the lives of so many people thatthere isn%t an e>act number as to how many people were lost but people have speculatedthat it took A;9; percent of the overall population in Europe. *'he Black Death and the 'ransformation of the west- by David /erlihy isn%te>actly a novel that I would often normally read because it isn%t a story that the author iscreating. 'his novel was more of an essay in my opinion this novel was like in depthresearch into the effects and causes of the Black Death. !s you can see in the citationsabove that his style of writing is advance but in the style of formal essay not as fictionalor nonfictional story teller. I must say that the author did a great $ob on this novel because it was well organied. 'he first chapter he discusses the disease and the effects of the disease and different opinions on why this epidemic broke out of control. 'he secondchapter was on the societies that the people lived in like economic situations and how the plaque affects each class. !nd finally the third chapter was on individual life styles of the   people and how the plaque affects religion and education. !nother e>ample that provesthat this is indeed an essay is the long list of sources he used in e>plaining to us the viewsof other authors on the Black Death. But I can honestly say that this book has broadenedmy horions to the Black Death. Before I $ust thought of the Black Death as a disease thatkilled many people a long time ago but after reading this book I learned more about thedaily lives of people of that century from the individuals to the community as a whole. If you compared this novel to our normal history te>t our history te>t is lacking a lot of information on this sub$ect.
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