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RADISSON SCHOOL. MAY 2015 Newsletter. May 2015 Issue 9 RADISSON SCHOOL PLEDGE THANK YOU. I pledge these promises to my school

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RADISSON SCHOOL MAY 2015 Newsletter Website RADISSON SCHOOL PLEDGE I pledge these promises to my school 1. I promise to follow the expectations of my school
RADISSON SCHOOL MAY 2015 Newsletter Website RADISSON SCHOOL PLEDGE I pledge these promises to my school 1. I promise to follow the expectations of my school and act responsibly. 2. I promise to respect everyone, no matter who they are. 3. I will never use hands, feet, or unkind words that may hurt someone else s feelings. 4. I will always care, share, and play fair. May 2015 Issue 9 Principal: Mrs. A. Folkerts Phone Number: Fax Number: Hour Absence Line: River East Transcona School Division 589 Roch St. Winnipeg, MB, R2K 2P7 Phone: School Times: School Start Time :45 am Lunch Begins :40 am Lunch Ends :40 pm Dismissal :25 pm I promise to do all these things, all the time, so that my school and I are proud. THANK YOU We continue to be very thankful for the many family, friends and community members who support us by volunteering their time. We are grateful to Radisson School s PAC, the Lunch Program Committee and supervisors, and the Hot Lunch Committee for the time and energy they put into supporting us! Thank you for continuing to be mindful of the orange pylons that are situated in the No Parking Zone and No Stopping Zones at the front of the school. As well, please remember that students should not be dropped off in the school parking lot. We continue to work together to ensure our students are safe. Thank you for your support. Trustee River East Transcona School Trustees Phone Colleen Carswell-Chair Brian Olynik-Vice-Chair John Toews Jerry Sodomlak Wayne Ritcher Eva Prysizney Peter Kotyk Rod Giesbrecht Michael West RADISSON SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEMBERS REQUIRED! The Radisson School Lunch Program is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Radisson students with a safe, caring, respectful environment where parents/guardians may choose to have their children supervised over the lunch hour. A group of dedicated volunteer parents oversees the program. The program exists as a service to families. Without this parent committee, this lunch program would not be available. Current committee positions include a chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary. Several of these individuals have served on the committee for a number of consecutive years. For the school year, the committee will have at least two vacancies, as some executive member s children attend middle school. Other positions are open as well. You are encouraged and invited to attend one of the remaining meetings this year of the Radisson School Lunch Program, to learn more about this valuable program and service, and perhaps consider being a member next year. For the Radisson School Lunch Program to be available,there must be a committee to oversee it. The Radisson School Lunch Program Committee meets each month. The dates of the remaining meetings are: Tuesday, May 12 th Wednesday, June 17 th The meetings are from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in Room 3 at Radisson School. Projected lunch program fees for : 1 payment = $240 3 payments of $84 = $252 monthly payments = $26 coupon rate = $2 per day PLEASE NOTE: At the Lunch Program Committee meeting on April 21 st, families were invited to participate in the reviewing fees for the school year. Unfortunately, no additional members were present at the meeting. For the school year, if there is not a Lunch Program Committee, there will not be a Lunch Program for the students at Radisson School! The fees have been quite low the last few years due to a financial reserve in the Lunch Program account. The 20K-3 Provincial initiative of smaller class sizes impacts the number of lunch supervisors required. Please attend to our next meeting on May 12 th to ensure there is a lunch program for ! WARMER WEATHER AND SUMMER CLOTHING Warmer weather brings with it the need to remind our students of appropriate dress for this time of the year. Clothing resembling beachwear (bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, very short shorts or skirts, tops that are too revealing ) is best worn during out of school times. General guidelines are for tank top shoulder straps to be two fingers in width, and shorts/skirts at mid-thigh. Please monitor clothing choices as your children head out for school in the morning. Students who may forget about appropriate attire will be asked to cover up. They will be asked to wear their gym clothes or put on T-shirts that will be provided, if necessary. Thank you for helping us to provide the best learning environment for our students. BOAT BUILDING BY ROOM 11 How to Make a Boat Step by Step Have you ever made a boat? If you haven t I ll teach you how. First, get all the recycling tools you have. Second, build a boat with a lot of freeboard. Freeboard means how high it is so your boat doesn t sink and don t leave any spaces because water is heavy. Build your boat kind of high and the boat must not be heavy or it will sink. That s how you can make a boat. By: Jesse Pat Have you built a boat? Well, I have. I named my boat Pat. First, I collected my materials from home. Next, I brought my materials to school. At school I built my boat and tested it to see if it could float and hold 30 pennies and it was a success! If you want to build a boat that can float this is what materials I used, a bottle and I used clay. And this is one way to build a boat. By: Brysen The Family Boat Have you ever built a boat? Well, I have. I built my boat at school. I had a lot of fun building my boat. I had to bring materials to school and I had to make a list of things to bring to school. I will tell you how I made my boat. I first was thinking about my boat and then I made my boat. My boat is made out of these things: a straw, a lid from a box and stickers. And that s how I made my boat. By: Torri My Boat Have you ever built a boat mostly on your own? Well, I have. It was hard. I will tell you how. I collected materials from home and brought them to school. I built it, but I can tell you it was not easy to build a boat. But when I got the hang of it, it turned out to be pretty easy. That s how I built my boat and those are the boat tips on how to do it. Have fun making your own boat. By: Kayla EARTH DAY By GRADE 1/2, ROOM 10 Earth Day During the month of April the Grade 1/2 students in Room 10 learned how they can help keep their community clean and healthy. Here are some of the stories that they wrote on how we can work together to accomplish this Saving Our Earth Did you know the earth is REALLY dirty? Well, I know how to fix that. Use the three R s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. These three R s will help make it a little bit cleaner every day. These are some ways to help make it clean: take a bottle and make it into a bird feeder or use any recyclable stuff to make a creative thing. Our earth needs your help so get out there and SAVE OUR EARTH! By: Lucy Earth in Danger Sometimes you think you don t have to pick up garbage. Well, you do. If we don t save the earth it will be extremely dirty. You should help pick up garbage so the Earth can stay green and clean. You should always do the three R s so that it is beautiful. By: Mai Our Environment Our environment is pretty dirty and you can help keep it clean! Here are some suggestions: 1. Follow the three R s 2. Use any recyclable stuff to make something 3. Make a compost bin Every day I always see someone litter instead I should see people putting their trash in the trash can. I need you to help so you, me and our environment can stay healthy! By: Christina Keeping Our Earth Clean I want to keep the earth clean. You can help by putting garbage in the garbage can and recycling in the recycling box. No littering. Instead find a garbage can and put it in. The earth is important because people, animals, trees, insects and fish live on it. By: Dustin Earth in Danger Did you know that our planet is filthy? Well, it is. It looks unhealthy. I know how you can stop it. Step One: Pick up trash Step Two: Reuse the garbage Step Three: Make an airplane or a purse or a pair of shoes Step Four: Use the things that you made This will help the Earth to stay alive. By: Cassie AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN STUDENT WRITING The afternoon Kindergarten class has been doing writing about special people! We read a lot of different books, and took part in many discussions about special people. Our class split into groups and wrote four shared writes about special people in our school. The Kindergarten students worked VERY hard on these stories. They applied all of the things they know about what good writers do, and even learned a few new things. Our Gym Teacher: Ms. Hanna We like seeing Ms. Hanna at the gym. Ms. Hanna helps us exercise. She teaches us skills and lets us get water because she wants us to be HEALTHY and STRONG. We love when she lets us play hula hoops and Frisbees. Ms. Hanna is the best because she lets us have a BLAST! Ms. Hanna You are the GREATEST gym teacher and we love you. We like when you teach us new games. Playing with the foxtails is fun. You are special because you are SUPER nice. Ms. Hanna makes us happy. You make going to gym a BLAST! Ms. Bell Ms. Bell is SUPER awesome! We love Ms. Bell. She takes us to the tech lab. She is special because she is super nice. We have fun with Ms. Bell! Mrs. Lamoureux is Super Special Mrs. Lamoureux you are super, super special! You are nice. You work so, so hard. If we are hurt, you give us a band aid. When Mrs. Lamoureux gives us a late ticket she always gives us a smile. When we go to gym or music and back, Mrs. Lamoureux waves. Thank you for helping us Mrs. Lamoureux! By: Afternoon Kindergarten FOOD FOR SHELTER FUNDRAISER GRADE 3 Guess what we finished the food for shelter fundraiser! Students brought in non-perishable food items throughout the month of April for the Food for Shelter fundraiser. We received canned goods, cereal, baby supplies, toothbrushes, and other household items. We collected 501 donations! Our goal was to collect 251 items, but we exceeded our goal by 251! Way to go Radisson students and families. We started this fundraiser to help people in need. We believe it s everyone s responsibility to take care of others. The donations we collected will make a difference to people in our local community. Thank you for your generosity and support! Working together today, preparing the citizens of tomorrow. OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE AMAZING! Our annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast will be a celebration of the support that we receive from our families throughout the year with learning & special events at our school. Thursday, May 28 th, 2015 Radisson School 8:00 9:30 a.m. in the school library Our PAC (Parent Advisory Council) coordinates many things for our school, including our Hot Lunch Days. We thank that group of people for their many hours of work done under the leadership of: Lesley Kolbuck (Chair) Angie Murdock Lee Ann Wiebe Jeannette Philion Nicki Kosowan Kristie Wiersema Our Radisson School Lunch Program operates the lunch program for our students. This includes hiring of staff, financial records, registrations and fees. Thank you to this team of parents who ensure the program is running to supervise our students: Diana Raynor (chair) Michelle Mahy Miriam Wilson Noelle Drewry (vice-chair) Pam Munnik Volunteers are always welcome! We do have a registration process that is coordinated by our Community Connector, Janice Strempler. She can be reached at school in the mornings most days ( ). We thank our volunteers for reading with students, going on field trips, helping with Hot Lunch Days, working with students on art and projects, helping with fundraisers like Peak of the Market, helping with Grade 4 immunizations, and in classrooms. If you have volunteered and do not receive your invitation, please contact the school office. Thank you! A big Thank You goes out to Tina August, who will become our new volunteer Hot Lunch Director in the new school year. SCHOOL PLANNING We are currently planning our priorities and special activities for the Our priorities will be: Reading & Writing Safe, Caring & Inclusive Schools Specific outcomes, strategies and indicators of success are being worked on by the staff during the next month. We invite parent & student feedback. We also will be collecting data from our students as they reflect on their learning. COMMUNITY CONNECTOR NEWS Spring has sprung which means the snow has melted and the warmer weather has arrived! I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the families that came out to our family evening event, An Apple a Day! It was wonderful seeing all the families spending time with one another and having fun! Starting Tuesday May 19 th at 9:30-11:30 am, I will be hosting a free program for children going into kindergarten this fall, called Kinder Camp. The children will participate in activities similar to what they will be doing in Kindergarten. They will also make a craft and have a snack. During the last 45 minutes, parents will go into a separate room without their children, to make a special craft for their child. If you would like to register for this program please contact Kelly Martino at or at Stay and Play is still taking place every Thursday morning, 9:30-11:30 am in room 3. We have been having lots of fun making crafts, free play, snack and gym time. If you have not been able visit us yet you still have plenty of time to do so, our last day is June 18 th. Janice Strempler Radisson School Community Connector PHYSICAL EDUCATION NEWS Zone Handball and Mini Handball Congratulations to the grade 4 Zone Handball and the grade 5 Mini Handball teams for an outstanding performance at the Divisional Tournaments. All players demonstrated great skill improvements, fair play and fantastic goaltending! Zone Handball Team: Robert, Tyrell, Avery, Wesley, Morgan, Jaida, Kevin, Oliver, Nolan, Eric M, Brady, Eric S, Faith, Ryland, Leland, Kaden Mini Handball Team: Zach, Dominique, Daniel, Riley V, Keanu, Callie, Carissa, Dania, Kaelyn, Easton, Taryn, Maegehn, Jessica, Madison, Summer, Zoey, Jeremy, Jaycie, Gabby, Julius, Bradley, Kieran Jump Rope 4 Heart On Friday May 22 at 12:10 1:00 the grade 1-5 fundraising participants will in their Jump Off to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. All pledge envelopes must be in to Ms. Hanna by May 21st. Track and Field Meet Radisson will host the Grade 5 Divisional Track and Field Meet on June 5, rain date June 9 th. Track practices for grade 5 s will begin May 15 at lunch hour, all grade 5 s are welcome to come. The meet will consist of 4 individual events and 4 team events, events will involve running, jumping and throwing skills. Bike Safety Helmets Radisson School will continue the bike safety program that will reward students for wearing their helmets when biking to school. The Caught Using your Head program will have students be awarded a ticket if a staff member catches them wearing a helmet, once a student has 3 tickets they cash them in with Ms. Hanna to receive a bike charm. Walking Club Grade 1 and 2 s are invited to join in the Footloose and Fancy Free Walking Club every Tuesday and Thursday at afternoon recess on the track. Participants walk the track collecting popsicle sticks for each lap and work to earn a foot charm for their efforts. Dance in the Field Radisson students will be busy this month in physical education preparing for Dance in the Field. Each grade will learn 3 folk dances that they will perform at the Dance in the Field Festival along with some novelty dances. Dance in the Field is at Radisson, on the field, on May 20 th. Rain date: May 28 th. Parents/guardians are welcome to come out and join in the fun. Information letters will be sent home by mid-may. WATER CONSERVATION This school year, our school s Education for Sustainable Development Grant has a focus on water education. Some of our learning included: Mrs. Steinhoff s class engaged the school in Fix a Leak and water conservation. The whole school learned about environmental ways to take care of our earth. Our Kindergarten Grade 2 team will go on a field trip to Oak Hammock Marsh in late May. In the intermediate hallway, our maintenance department installed a bottle fill station which can be used as a water fountain or to refill water bottles. It has an electric counter which tracks the number of plastic water bottles that are saved! In June, all classes will engage with art media for a half day with the artist Alice Kulak - exploring water themed art. RADISSON SCHOOL PATROLS Letters will be sent home to invite Grade 3 & 4 students to join the patrol team as a street patrol for Street patrols will be mentored by our current patrol team as they learn this safety leadership role. In addition, Grade 3 and 4 patrols will be on post while grade 5 s patrols participate in June leadership and farewell activities. Thank you to Mrs. Steinhoff who supports the patrols program at Radisson School. ROOF TOP PHOTOS We will be doing the Roof Top pictures on Thursday, May 14th at 9:00 a.m. Lunch Program Meetings 6 p.m. in Room 3! Tuesday, May 12 Wednesday, June 17 All parents are welcome! PAC Meetings 6 p.m. in Room 3! Wednesday, May 13 Wednesday, June 10 All parents are welcome! RADISSON SCHOOL YEAR AT A GLANCE May 12 Lunch Program Mtg. 6:00 p.m., Room 3 May 13 Parent Advisory Council Mtg. (PAC) 6:00 p.m., Room 3 May 13 Early Dismissal 2:40 p.m. May 14 Roof Top Photos 9:00 a.m. May 18 Victoria Day NO SCHOOL May 20 Dancing in the Field, Radisson School, 1:30 3 p.m., Families welcome! May 28 Volunteer Breakfast 8:00-9:00 a.m. - Library May 28 Rain Date, Dancing in the Field at Radisson School May Kindergarten Orientation Evening June 10 Parent Advisory Council Mtg. (PAC) 6:00 p.m., Room 3 June 12 Report Card Writing Day NO SCHOOL June 17 Lunch Program Mtg. 6:00 p.m., Room 3 June 25 Grade 5 Farewell (9:30 a.m.) June 29 Year End Celebration (9:15-10:30 a.m.) June 30 Last Day of School EARLY DISMISSAL (2:25 p.m.) MRS. HOSKINS - CITY TV TEACHER OF THE MONTH AWARD! Mrs. Hoskins received the City TV Top Teacher Award for April. Mrs. Hoskins teaches was nominated by Riley, who said in his nomination: Mrs. Hoskins should win because she is a great teacher in every way. She is tough but fair and has lots of fun with all of us. She really understands us all and tries very hard to teach us and make sure we understand. She is very giving and organizes fundraisers for Siloam Mission every year and talks to us a lot about helping the community and treating everyone with respect. For all she does, she deserves a celebration in her honor because she really deserves it! In addition to her award, the grade 5 class had a pizza party on Thursday, April 30 th, courtesy of City TV and the award was featured on Wheeler in the Morning on Friday, May 1st. You can watch this segment at: LIBRARY NEWS Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award The Manitoba Young Readers Choice Awards Inc. (M.Y.R.C.A.) aims to promote reading and Canadian literature by giving young people the opportunity to vote for their favourite Canadian book from an annual preselected list. The books are nominated based on their quality and reader appeal. All young people in grades 5-8 who have read or heard read at least 5 titles from the list can vote. Voting takes place every April and the MYRCA winner is celebrated at a fall award ceremony attended by participating young people. The 2015 winners and 2016 nominees have been announced! 2015 MYRCA Winner Ultra David Carroll 2015 MYRCA Honour Books Home Ice Advantage Tom Earle Loki s Wolves K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr The 2016 MYRCA Nominees The Boundless - Kenneth Oppel Bye-Bye Evil Eye - Deborah Kerbel The Cat at the Wall - Deborah Ellis The Comic Book War - Jacqueline Guest The Elevator Ghost - Glen Huser In Real Life - Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang Missing in Paradise - Larry Verstraete Moon at Nine - Deborah Ellis The Night Gardener - Jonathan Auxier Outside In - Sarah Ellis Red Wolf - Jennifer Dance Rocket Blues - David Skuy Saving Houdini - Michael Redhill The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim -
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