R o c k S t e a d y B o x i n g A n n u a l R e p o r t Fighting Parkinson s While Caring For Each Other Is What Brings Us Together

R o c k S t e a d y B o x i n g A n n u a l R e p o r t Fighting Parkinson s While Caring For Each Other Is What Brings Us Together Number of American s with Parkinson s disease: 1 million Number
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R o c k S t e a d y B o x i n g A n n u a l R e p o r t Fighting Parkinson s While Caring For Each Other Is What Brings Us Together Number of American s with Parkinson s disease: 1 million Number of American s diagnosed with Parkinson s disease each year: 60,000 Number of people living with Parkinson s disease worldwide: 7-10 million 4% of people with Parkinson s disease are diagnosed before the age of 50 Men are one and a half times more likely to have Parkinson s than women Of all the pills I ve taken, Rock Steady Boxing is the finest and most effective. Pete S. SOURCE: Parkinson s Disease Foundation L e t t e r t o O u r F r i e n d s a n d S t a k e h o l d e r s It is our pleasure to present Rock Steady Boxing s Annual Report for the fiscal year that ended on Dec. 31, was a very good year a year of local growth and the accomplishment of a long held dream to share our innovative exercise program on the forefront of the fight against Parkinson s disease with people from around the country. Rock Steady Boxing s mission to maximize the mental, emotional, and physical potential of people with Parkinson s disease throughout their lives has never been stronger. The hallmark of our program is the seemingly endless energy, passion and compassion of our Coaches. They foster a culture of hope and optimism, and we are very proud of their dedication. As the only boxing gym in the country dedicated to the fight against Parkinson s, we have continuously sharpened our program curriculum and developed best practices that are receiving national attention. Your support is critical to the continuation of our mission. Generous cash, pledges, sponsorships and in-kind donations at our fundraising events and special campaigns demonstrated a heartwarming level of support for RSB in We offer our sincere gratitude to each and every one of our boxers, employees, donors, volunteers and partners. It is because of you that people with Parkinson s in Central Indiana and throughout the country have a way to fight back. Thank you for making 2012 a truly amazing year. Frank T. Short Chairman of the Board Joyce Johnson Executive Director F i g h t i n g B a c k A g a i n s t P a r k i n s o n s Each day, every day, people with Parkinson s disease awaken, trapped in their bodies. The goal of Rock Steady Boxing is to make more broadly available a program of therapeutic exercise to those diagnosed with Parkinson s disease to treat and delay the debilitating symptoms. Rock Steady Boxing (RSB), Inc., founded in 2006, provides a uniquely effective form of physical therapy along with group support to people suffering from Parkinson s disease. Today, residents of Central Indiana struggling with Parkinson s disease can attend 18 classes per week that, using non-contact boxing-inspired fitness routines, dramatically improve their ability to live independent lives. In addition to the neurological improvement created through the rigorous forced exercise regimen, there is a bond that is created among participants and those charged with providing care. This community of support improves the well-being of persons with Parkinson s as well as their caregivers and loved ones. RSB delivers a message of hope and motivation to those who have been told that each day their movement and cognitive ability will worsen. We now know that exercise may actually slow the disease progression. No one else in the country has built a program the way we have here in Indianapolis. We are earning recognition worldwide for innovation and accomplishment in delaying or reducing symptoms of PD and it is time to share our program with the world. Training Camp 2012 M y N a m e i s M a r k In 2011, I noticed my handwriting was getting difficult to read. I was experiencing a mild shakiness in my right arm and hand. My wife, a registered nurse, encouraged me to get a professional s perspective. I went straight to a neurologist and was told I had nothing to worry about. On my way out the door, his last words were, It s not Parkinson s! My symptoms continued to progress and I went back to the neurologist in January, One look at the neurologist was all I needed to know something was not right. Mark, all indications are you have Parkinson s disease. And then he said the strangest thing, Look up boxing for Parkinson s on the internet. Really? The next day I made a call to Rock Steady Boxing. And the day after that, I found myself standing in their boxing gym. People were amazingly kind and attentive, and everyone asked, When were you diagnosed? Just yesterday I said. They congratulated me for being there. People empathized with me and comforted me. In the year since I was diagnosed with Parkinson s disease, I owe a huge debt to Rock Steady Boxing for my life would be more difficult were it not for this amazing organization. I workout 2-3 times a week, I ve lost 10 unnecessary pounds and I feel as healthy as when I was in college. My 1-year assessment showed a percent improvement in my physical capabilities compared to my baseline. I love the Rock Steady community of people...people who have positive attitudes, are active in their fight against Parkinson s disease and are friends that support each other and do life together. Mark Prodger We are a community that provides support for each other... Rock Steady has become my second family. National Outreach: Fighting Back From Coast to Coast Rock Steady Boxing is unique to Indianapolis and the only boxing gym in the country dedicated to fighting Parkinson s. For the last six years people from all over Indiana, the United States, and the world, have called, wanting a program in their community And, a year ago we weren t prepared to share our program. So, in 2012, we worked very hard to commit the spirit and content of what we do to paper. We developed a 95 page program manual, The Rock Steady Method, as the foundation of the Rock Steady Training Camp. This new train-thetrainer seminar prepares coaches to present our standardized, symptom targeted, intensive noncontact boxing program in their own communities. In the fall, we held two Training Camps. Participants said we exceeded their expectations, and today we have 21 new trainers and RSB affiliates from coast to coast in California, Florida, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri and locally in Zionsville and Greenwood, Indiana. Our hope is that one day Rock Steady Boxing will be as well-known as Zumba, and that when the neurologist says, You have Parkinson s disease, it will be followed by And there s a gym down the street that offers Rock Steady Boxing and a way to fight back against your disease. Yes, that s the RSB big vision Rock Steady Boxing programs in every gym, fitness center, YMCA or senior center throughout the country and around the world With thousands, not hundreds, of boxers fighting back. Affiliate Coaches with Senior Helpers (Greenwood, IN) learning the Rock Steady Method Bringing Rock Steady to California My husband Alan and I had an amazing experience at Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp. Alan was diagnosed with Parkinson s disease four and half years ago and he has been enjoying what he calls beating the bag in our home gym. I was curious to find a relationship between boxing and PD. The staff is demanding of the boxers. There are four levels of classes and we were able to guest coach two of the classes. There were 29 PD boxers in the first class and the camaraderie, fitness and laughter was infectious. They were jumping rope, hitting the speed bag and heavy bag and chasing the rabbit in the boxing ring. This, followed by pushups, sit ups and stretching, would wear out anyone. The testimonials from all levels of PD clients were inspiring. Their quality of life had definitely improved. I am so motivated that I am looking for personal boxing lessons so that I know what I am doing can help my husband and hopefully others. Debora Griffith We are located in Culver City, California and are finding ways to incorporate what we have learned into Alan s routine. Deb (L) watches as Alan is stretched out by Coach Kristy M y N a m e i s D o n n a My name is Donna and I have Parkinson s disease. I knew something was wrong when on a trip to Europe with my daughter and her son. As a Grandma, I couldn t keep up with the group, and I had so many places to show my grandson. Something was holding me back and my energy and humor had left me. My mind wanted to rush ahead, but I could not. I put off seeking help or consulting with my medical doctor for quite some time. I thought I could take care of myself. Finally the verdict came in I had Parkinson s. My first thoughts were why me? and it s not fair! I was in denial and was angry. Again, I thought I could work it out and just put my mind to it and it would all go away. It did not just go away, and my denial and anger grew. A good friend from my church, who also had Parkinson s, told me about an exercise program called Rock Steady Boxing. Still in denial, I told him I can t box and I won t box but I agreed to try it anyways. That was almost six years ago and my anger has turned to love. The exercise is work, but the rewards are many. Thank you Rock Steady Boxing friends you keep me going. Donna Thompson My symptoms have become more manageable and the support from my boxing friends cannot be measured. M y N a m e i s J i m I was found to have Parkinson s disease two years ago. My signs and symptoms were pain and weakness in my legs. My tolerance for walking decreased from a half-mile to 100 yards I was having frequent falls, as many as three or four per week. My neurologist prescribed me the standard medication. However, I did not tolerate it and had a reaction to the medication which put me in the hospital. Once I was discharged from the hospital, I went home and was virtually a shut-in with limited outside contact. My wife discovered Rock Steady Boxing and we decided to give it a try. The Coaches were warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. I found the group only a few months ago and my progress has been slow but steady. My walking has improved and my falls have greatly diminished. Rock Steady Boxing works for the treatment of Parkinson s disease. I am grateful for the support of Marcia, Christine and Kristy, my Coaches at RSB. James J. Szwed, M.D., F.A.C.P. My interaction with the other participants has been very helpful in bringing me back socially and I have many new friends. Why I Joined Fight Club My father and I went for a run together in I hadn t seen him for several months and noticed that he ran with his left arm stiffly against his body with his fingers pressed together. Later I learned he had been diagnosed with Parkinson s disease. It didn t take much research to understand that PD would gradually rob my father of his independence. We are lucky; his progression has been relatively slow and well managed. Lisa helps her father, David, wrap his hands. A few years ago he asked us to do a walk for Parkinson s in Washington DC with him. The sense of community I felt surrounded by those walkers, men and women in all stages of the disease surrounded by their friends and family, was inspiring. I saw how meaningful it was to my father to participate in that walk and wanted to make sure everyone afflicted with the disease had access to something similar. I returned to Indianapolis determined to get more involved in the Parkinson s community. That was how I found Rock Steady Boxing. The energy and enthusiasm of the staff was contagious. The Coaches are clearly passionate about the mission of helping people with Parkinson s fight their disease. They light up the room with their tough love and humor. I couldn t wait for my parents next visit so my dad could participate. When he did, I was incredibly moved watching this room full of people in various stages of PD, welcoming my father into their group, all fighting back together. Dad has been back to the Rock Steady gym every visit and is flying here in 2013 to attend the Rock Steady Boxing Training Camp with me by his side. I am excited to be involved with this fabulous, progressive organization and to support my father by joining The Fight Club multi-year partnership. Lisa Boncosky, daughter of David Turney Research for a cure is important, but there are few opportunities to promote better quality of life for Parkinson s patients now. Y o u M a d e t h e D i f f e r e n c e i n ! Fight Club Fight Club is a multi-year partnership with donors who promise gifts of $1,000 to $10,000 for a minimum of five years to build a strong foundation and a stable future for Rock Steady Boxing. Thank you for championing the fight against Parkinson s. Mike & Julia Berend David Berst Bill & Lisa Boncosky Phillip & Janice Boring Gary Boring Melissa Brown Joe Cremer Mark Dinwiddle Bill Ehret Donald Fisher Mike & Melanie Fitzgerald Jim Gill Gregory & Elizabeth Hahn Eugene & Wanda Hendricks Dan Hollis Ken & Joyce Johnson Maggie Jordan Chad & Kathy Martz Amy Perry Mark & Dodie Prodger Scott & Lori Reitano Frank T. Short Dale & Marsha Spear Bill Warren Thank you to the following organizations and individuals who gave so generously in Your donations improve the quality of life for men and women who fight back against Parkinson s disease and move us closer to our goals for tomorrow. Donors $1,000 and above Edythe Banta Jonathon & Sarah Baumann Beth Bedwell Terry Beyl David & Chari Binstadt Bose, McKinney & Evans LLP John Brothers James Dunning David Emhardt Barbara Francis Fraternal Order of Eagles, Lafayette Aerie No. 347 Steve Gilbert Ed & Diana Grogg The Haddad Foundation Harp & Trish Harper Health Care Excel Maurice & Nancy Henein John Hittle Terri Hobbs Howald Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing Indiana University Health Indiana Statewide Payroll Conference The Indianapolis Foundation Community Endowment Fund, The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF Affiliate The James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women, The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF Affiliate KC Video Productions, Inc. Judith Kight Reid Litwack Dale & Bonnie Mace Mike McConnell Edward Moon Jim Mundt Daniel O Connor Petro s Tire Sales & Service, Inc. Jane Pratt Ruthie Purcell-Jones Fund Charlie Robinson Louis Rosenberg Don Schreiner Speed B.A.G Competition Bert & Mary Ann Steiner Peter Stewart Michelle Stoneburner Fred & Kay Wightman Walter Wolf Mary Yeaman Liz Zauber Bob Zeunik Donors $1-$999 Denver & Katie Abernathy Bill Adams Aetna Foundation Susan Albers Kimberly Allison Jim Anderson Karen Anderson Dave & Kay Andres Julie Anger Lucyanne Appel Linda Appel Archer Financial Advisors, Inc. Will Armstead Atlas Mechanical At Home Heath Equipment Charles Bailey Jo Baker Cephas Bandy Phil & Kathy Banta David Barnard Annette Barnes Patrice Barnett Leslie Bartee Gina Bass Mark & Becky Batic Bill Baugh Carla Baxter Sandee Beard Merrie Lynn Beattey Marty Bechtold Steven Beebe Elizabeth Belange Matt Belange Adrian & Nancy Belange Robert Bennett Jan Benton Debbie Bentz Jennifer Berebisky Linda Berger Nicholas Bergman Ronald & Juliana Berry Paul D. Best William & Helen Beyl Leo Bianchi Donald & Virginia Bievenour Tom Bigley Ehren Bingaman Brady Binstadt Jennifer Blickensderfer Jim Blythe Elizabeth Bodner Doug & Lynda Boehme Mary Bolk Joyce Boncosky William & Donna Bonifield Eric & Pam Boothe Bruce Boss Chris Bourke Robert Bowman Charles Bowman Laurie Boyd Cale Bradford Kathi Brethauer Joseph & Gretchen Bricker Jeff Bricker Patrick Broccolo Thomas & Sandra Brouwer Douglas Brown David Brown Kathryn Brown-Mayes Pete Buck Jim & Marilyn Buckhorn Byron Buhner Becky Buhner Richard & Kathy Burgess Craig Burton Scott Burton Sue Burton Richard & Rhonda Buzan Dan & Janet Calandro Philip & Jill Caldwell Calvin Fletcher s Coffee Company Jacqueline Campbell Karen Campbell Susie Carmichael Nancy Carr Lawrence & Jane Carter Linda Cassity Kathleen Chabenne Jay Chase Chase Community Giving Betty Chelf Nick & Sarah Chrzan Mel Chudyk Manson & Phyllis Church Steve Church Mary Cisco Ross & Brigitte Clark Rick Cockrum Arnold Cohen Connie Coleman Gary & Judith Colip Art & Jen Collier Cynthia Collins Bob & Janice Collins Stephanie Combs Community Health Network Brent & Leah Coppess Chuck Corbin Ryan Cotton George Crawford Rowan Daggett Ellen Davis Alex De Aguiar Reuter Mary De Groot Bob Deal Robert & Carol Decker Michael Deetsch Jim & Mary Denbo Terry Denbo Nora Didrick M. Dyer Diehl Elaine Dishinger Amy DiStaulo Tim & Katie Dolan Chris Doran Scott & Erin Dorsey Chris Douglas Jeff Dowden Nancy Doyle Gina Doyle James Duke Dunbar, Cook & Shepard PC Anne Duncan Jay & Debbie Dunning James & Joanne Durbin Julie Dwire Melinda Dykstra Daniel & Kimberly Eades Bruce Eccles Ervin Eilmann Julie Emery Ted Engel Ronald Engels, Jr. Midge Ervin Bob Eshelbrenner Duane Etienne Mona Euler Steve Everly Jennifer Faison Tim Farmer Don Farrell Bill & Denise Farrell Randall & Beth Anne Fearnow Lawrence Fenol Marcia Fidler Connie Fiems Coaches Christine (L) and Marcia (R) steady a boxer during class Margot Finot Gavin Fisher Liz Fitzgerald Jeffery Flatt Cindy Florek Rose Folks Kristy Follmar Donna Follstad Dave Forsell Ann Foster Abby Frantz Dick & Birdie Frey Karen Friedman Larry Frutkin Kristine Fuller Tim Fuller Bob & Susie Gardiner Chip Garver Linda Gelhausen Philip George Linda George Barbara Germano Ann Gibson Liz Gigax Ron Gilbert Adam Gilliatte Sue Anne Gilroy Joe Giordano Charles & Sue Gleason James & Janet Gould Dave & Amanda Gradison Jane Graham Jeffrey & Martha Graham Elizabeth Gray Deborah Gray Steven Green Rich & Michele Green Barbara Griffith Hannah Guess Elaine Gust Ron Hackler Bob Haddad George Haerle Linda Hajduk Cord & Bonita Hale Christina Hale Bill & Beth Haley Judith Hall Kenneth Hall Marc & Alice Hallett Nancy Hanley Daniel & Georgia Hannay Phil Hardwick Donald Hargadon Coach Kristy uses the focus mitts for strength training Leslie Harley Donald Harris David Hassler Patty Hays Mark Helmond Robert Heuchan Pam Hickman Hillview Village Homeowners Association Sue Hirschman Mike Hocutt Cheryl Holland Douglas Holtz Holy Spirit Church Music Ministry Rebecca Hopson Marie Horning Richard Howell Sally Hruban David Huff Jay Hufferd Bob & Mary Huntington Gerald Hyner Indiana National Guard Alex Intermill Sharmi Isaiah Jim Isch Betsy Ismail Pete Iussig Benjamin Ivins Jamie Jackson Ivan & Margi Jahns Jean Blackwell & Kim Williams Fund Johnathan Jerden Spenser Johnson Brian Johnson Jason Johnson Doris Johnson Willie Jones Rod & Cathy Jones Sarah Kernochan Ginny Kingsbury Ingrid Kipfer Daniel Kippel N. Kirk Kirkendall Jack Kirkland Ed Kittle David Klauba Joyce Kleinman Denise Klivansky Gary & Terri Klotz Dick & Vickie Knief Ken & Pam Knowles Kari Kostecka Kurt & Jennifer Kramer Mary Kay Kress Marilyn & Carolyn Kubli Stacy Kult Mary Kummings Sarah Kuntz Lori Kwitny L & A M Lease, LLC Donald & Dorothy Lacy Barry & Jane Laird William & Faith Laird Thomas Lakatosh Donald Larson James & Angela Lee Larry & Jan Leese Jim Leffler Jim LeGrand Charlotte Leis Kevin Lennon Bob Leonard Richard & Barbara Leventhal Sarah Leveridge Nikki Lewallen Douglas Linsmith Scott Litherland Wanda Jean Litherland Elizabeth Lockard Logo Wear, LLC Kent Londen Chris & Sarina Long John & Marty Long Tim & Ruthann Lord Anita Love Mike Lucas Paul & Denise Lunsford Sarah Madtson William & Sue Main Natalie Manges Joseph Marcheggiani Mark & Anna Ruth Hasten Family Foundation, Inc. David Markstone William & Donna Marsh Scott Maskel Thomas & Debra Mattingly Toni Mattioda Gerald Mayer Mindy Mayol Stephen McEwen Rusty McKay Mary Jane McManus Barbara McMath Bryce McMillan Medtronic Andrea Metcalfe Tim Meyer Charlotte Michelfelder Allen Miller Ellen Miller Richard & Jane Miller Clyde Milligan Sharon Mills Amos & Gloria Mills Kathy Mills Bruce Mitchell Rick Mohler Preston & Gloria Moon David Moore Tim & Erin Mundt Malinda Mundy-Burgett Diana Najjar Mr. & Mrs. Neal Neal Sarah Nemecek New Hope Christian Church, Pacesetters Sunday School Class Bill & Jennifer Nicholls Charlane
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