Quick Reference Guide: Creating a Cover Page. Ann M. Hess Recorder of Deeds

Quick Reference Guide: Creating a Cover Page Welcome to the new Recorder of Deeds County Portal designed to provide a convenient and centralized way for you to access documents handled by the Recorder
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Quick Reference Guide: Creating a Cover Page Welcome to the new Recorder of Deeds County Portal designed to provide a convenient and centralized way for you to access documents handled by the Recorder of Deeds. We are excited about our new recording system and processes and look to serving you in a more efficient way as you do business with our office. It has been and will continue to be our mission to make access to the real estate records maintained in this office available to the public in as expeditious and practical fashion as possible and to facilitate the recording of real estate related documents in our office. It is the purpose of this website to enhance that stated mission. In order to achieve this mission, we have instituted some new processes and recording requirements that we want our submitters to follow to expedite the processing of your documents. Starting August 3 rd, 2009, we are asking our submitters to start creating Cover Pages online to submit with your documents or choose the option to erecord with our office if you aren't doing so already. Your documents to be processed more quickly and allow you to review the information as well before it presented to lower the risk of having your documents returned for resubmission. As an added benefit, fees are calculated and generated with a detailed breakdown allowing for accurate preparation of the amount to be submitted. You also have the convenience of receiving an as soon as your document(s) have been recorded This Guide takes you through the steps to create a Cover Page. Accessing our County Portal: Via the Internet, please go to Please print your completed Cover Pages and place with your documents before mailing them or bringing them into our office. We hope you find our County Portal helpful as we want to continue to find ways to serve you better. Ann M. Hess Recorder of Deeds Accessing the County Portal To create Cover Pages, please make sure that you have created an account by selecting Create New Account. Enter the user name & password that you would like to use. Click to Create Account Enter User Name & Password Starting a New Transaction Select START A NEW TRANSACTION from the Main Menu At anywhere in the system, you can click on How Do I? for more information. TIPS: When using this site, set your Internet Explorer Window to Full Screen to show as much information as possible. (Within Internet Explorer, Go To View Full Screen. Or, Hit F11) Higher resolutions on screen display are also recommended. Entering a New Transaction 1. Enter Delivery Method and Reference Info. Fields in RED are required. 2. Select the type of Document that you would like to add by clicking the icon. Entering Transaction Info Transaction #: This is auto-populated. No entry required. Order Status: The document status will be shown here. No entry required. Delivery Method: The method in which you will be delivering your documents to the county. Return Method: Reference Info: Information to label your transaction. Shows up on Cover Page and can access transactions by this. Submitters usually use File # or client name. Submitted By: Contact information for the person who is submitting the recordings. Return To: Contact information for where the document will be returned after processing. If it is the same as the submitter, Click Copy Presenter to Return To NOTE: Once you have Created your account, your contact information will be auto-filled. is required. Without this, you will not be receive your Recorded Cover Page, Receipts, or Rejection Letters. Entering Document Information 1. Complete all of the Required Fields to be able to record your document with the Lancaster County Recorder of Deeds. 2. After you have completed the Required Fields in each section, click the Unrecorded document number which will change the status from incomplete to document being completed. DEFINITION OF FIELDS: Document Info Basic Fields Instrument Type: Select the Document Type to be recorded from the dropdown menu. Instrument Number: This number is automatically generated by the system. NOTE: THIS IS A TEMPORARY DOC NUMBER. WHEN THE DOC IS RECORDED, A PERMANENT DOC NUMBER IS GENERATED. Reference Info: This field is used to help you identify a particular document. Number of Pages: Enter the total number of pages of the official document DO NOT INCLUDE COVERPAGE IN PAGE COUNT DEFINITION OF ICONS: View/Edit Transaction Information Generate a Cover Page Clone Document Show Previous Document Show Next Document Show Fees for Current Transaction Add a New Document Remove Current Document Display of Fee Breakdown 1. After you have added all of the documents you wanted to you transaction, view the FEES associated with for your TRANSACTION by clicking the icon. Submit Transaction 2. Once you have checked that all of the documents have been added correctly and fees verified, you are now ready to submit the transaction to the county. 3. Click to electronically transmit your transaction information to the county. 4. If you have successfully completed all of the required information pertaining to your transaction, you will see the following pop-up message: 5. If there is required information that was not completed, upon clicking Submit Transaction, you will see the following pop-up message: Generating and Printing your Cover Page After submitting the transaction to the county, you are now ready print your Cover Page for each document of the transaction. NOTE: Do not print your cover pages until you are done adding all documents to your package. To generate your COVER PAGE click on the icon Click VIEW next to the document for which you would like to generate a cover page. Your COVER PAGE is generated in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This COVER PAGE should be printed and placed on top of the associated document when presented for recording. If recording multiple documents that are being returned to the same party and on the check, after you have printed your COVER PAGE, close your COVER PAGE window and click VIEW on the next document in the list so that you generate and print a COVER PAGE for that document. You will repeat this process until you have all of your COVER PAGES printed for the specific transaction and are ready for delivery to the county. Click to PRINT a copy of the COVER PAGE Transaction Packaging Tips In an effort to insure proper recording of your documents, here are a few tips to adhere by when creating transactions with multiple documents: 1. If you send a document with a separate transaction number, it MUST have its own check. 2. If multiple documents that go together are sent in, they MUST have the same transaction number. 3. If documents are submitted under the same transaction number, they MUST be sent together in the same envelope, not separately. 4. If single documents are submitted, you MAY NOT reuse the same cover page for similar documents. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at Thank you for your cooperation! Retrieve a Transaction Transaction and document information can be entered, saved and completed at another time by Retrieving the Transaction. Transaction and document information for recorded documents can also be viewed this way. Please note, information for documents that have been recorded cannot be edited. 1. Click Home to get to the Main Menu 2. Click Retrieve an Existing Transaction 3. Enter in the Transaction # If you have not submitted your document for Recording, the Cover Page can be changed by going through the fields and editing desired fields. IF CHANGES ARE MADE, PLEASE DISCARD ORIGINAL COVER PAGE AND PRINT NEW ONE. Search My Transactions Transaction and document information can be entered, saved and completed at another time by Retrieving the Transaction as stated on the previous page or by clicking Search My Transactions from the Home page. Transaction and document information for recorded documents can also be viewed this way. Please note, information for documents that have been recorded cannot be edited. You can search all of your Unrecorded Transactions. You can also search by specific Transaction criteria. Transaction number assigned by system. Click the number to finish where you left off to Submit the transaction to the county. Transaction Reference Info. Clicking this will take you to the transaction information page. Click on any of the column titles to sort in ascending or descending order. Created Date is date and time when you started the transaction. Click arrow to go to next page of transactions. Displays the status of the transaction all the way to Recorded and Verified. Editing Submitter Information The information pre-populated in the Submitted By section when Creating a New Transaction is based off of your User Information. It can be changed by editing your Preferences. Click on Preferences in the Menu Toolbar. Click Cancel to abort changes or Save to keep changes. SEARCH PREFERENCES ARE VERY HELPFUL WHEN SEARCHING RECORDS AS WELL: - Set display of records to up to 250 per page - Set sort order of documents to display oldest to newest or newest to oldest. - Set system to SAVE or CLEAR criteria between searches and / or logins. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How is a 'Transaction' defined? We recommend that a 'transaction' should include related documents that should be recorded together (e.g. Deed, Mortgage), or documents that you would like to use one check for such as a package of Satisfactions. It is important to remember that if one document in the transaction/package is rejected, the entire package will come back. If you want to make sure documents get recorded in a particular order, then they should be in a transaction together as well. 2. Is there a maximum number of documents per transaction? There is a 10 document limit for submission. Since we will be returning documents via , consider the size of the package as well if you have limitations. 3. Can I have multiple addresses on the return to sender page? Yes. In the 'Return To:' information that is completed when beginning the transactions, you can add multiple addresses by separating them with a comma, i.e. 4. What is the Reference Info? There is a Reference Info field when you start the transaction that can be used to help you find your transaction. This will soon be printing on the cover page as well. There is also a Reference Info at the document level that you can enter information to help identify a particular document. This will print on the Cover Page. 5. What do I do when a person leaves my company and has a password? Do I need to call the County? If you require them to give you their password, you can change it through 'Preferences' so the departed employee would not be able to use the account any longer. If the departed employee does not give you their password, then the County can be contacted to reset the password for you. 6. Where can I find instructions online? On the Home Page of the site (after you are logged in) there is a section called 'How Do I?'. You will find instructions for Creating a Cover Page and for Searching Public Records. 7. What is the best method for returning rejected documents? It is best to return the entire fixed document(s) to ensure accurate processing. What should I expect with the new process? 8. What happens when my hard copy is returned? Expect to get it in the same state that it was delivered to the office (minus the check of course). There will be no recording information on it. If the document needs to be resubmitted for any reason, then you will receive it back with a copy of the Rejection Notice that was ed to you as well as the document and check. 9. What happens when my document is rejected? Expect to immediately receive an letting you know the document needs to be resubmitted and the reason(s) why. Plan to get the document and money back and resubmit it with the new amount as well as the full document (including the Cover Page) and copy of the rejection notice. You must start a new transaction. 10. What happens when my document is recorded? Expect to immediately receive an that tells you the document has been recorder with a PDF attachment that contains the receipt of recording as well as the FINAL Cover Page that becomes permanently part of the document.
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