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Operating and Installation Manual. EASYLAB controller TCU3

Operating and Installation Manual EASYLAB controller TCU3 for fume cupboards and air management systems Contents 1 General information 3 Other applicable documentation 3 Symbols used in this manual 3 2
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Operating and Installation Manual EASYLAB controller TCU3 for fume cupboards and air management systems Contents 1 General information 3 Other applicable documentation 3 Symbols used in this manual 3 2 Safety and correct use 4 General information regarding safety 4 General safety measures 4 Correct use 4 Incorrect use 4 Residual risks 4 3 Product description 5 Dimensions 5 3 Product description 7 6 Installation 14 Factory-set installation position of the diaphragm pressure transducer 15 Alternative installation position of the diaphragm pressure transducer 15 6 Installation 16 7 Electrical connection 17 Example 18 8 Commissioning 19 8 Commissioning 20 9 Maintenance Decommissioning 21 TROX GmbH Heinrich-Trox-Platz Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany Phone +49(0) Fax +49(0) Part no. M375EV0 Subject to change / All rights reserved TROX GmbH 2 1 General information This manual describes the EASYLAB controller TCU3. It can be used in combination with TROX air terminal units in the TVLK TVR TVRK TVA TVZ TVJ TVT series for controlling variable air flow rates. The various equipment functions (software) enable the controller to be used in different fields of application: Fume cupboard control Supply air control Extract air control Differential pressure control (room or duct pressure) To ensure complete functioning of the controller, it is essential to read the provided installation manual before starting any work, and to comply with them. The manual must be given to the facilities manager when handing over the system. The facilities manager must include the manual with the system documentation. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for any malfunction or damage resulting from noncompliance with this manual or non-compliance with relevant statutory regulations. Other applicable documentation In addition to this installation manual, the following documents apply: Operating manual EasyConnect configuration software (M375DV1) Air terminal unit installation manual (E016MA6) Installation manual of the EASYLAB components EM-AUTOZERO expansion module (M375DV2) EM-LIGHT expansion module (M375DV3) EM-LON expansion module (M375DV4) EM-TRF/EM-TRF-USV expansion module (M375DV5) Battery pack (M375DV6) BE-SEG control panel (M375DV7) BE-LCD control panel (M375DV8) VS-TRD face velocity transducer (M375DW0) DS-TRD sash distance sensor (M375DW1) EM-BAC-MOD expansion module (M375DW4) General wiring documents Project-specific wiring documents Symbols used in this manual Danger! Designates danger to life and limb due to electrical voltage. Note! Designates important notes or information. 3 2 Safety and correct use General information regarding safety Only skilled qualified personnel are allowed to perform the described work on the TCU3 controller. Only skilled qualified electricians are allowed to work on the electrical system. It is essential to comply with the applicable regulations and generally recognised engineering practices when working on EASYLAB components and expansion modules: Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG)) Industrial Health and Safety Regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV)) and accident prevention regulations General regulations (VGB 1) Accident prevention regulations for electrical installations and operating means (BGV A2) General safety measures Large temperature differences Take care in case of large temperature differences. Do not take the controller into operation immediately if it has been transported from an unheated room to a warm one. Condensation can damage the electronics beyond repair. It takes about 2 hours for room temperature to be reached. Take care when handling and installing expansion modules Possible damage to electrical circuits due to electrostatic charge. Avoid touching components and vias on the main PCB TCU3 or the expansion boards EM-LON or EM-TRF if they are fitted. Take care when installing Risk of injury if the cover plate is folded open. Protect the cover plate using the safety catch and wear gloves if necessary to protect your hands. Foreign matter and liquids Take care if objects or liquids get inside the casing or you notice smells or smoke develops. Have the controller checked by the manufacturer. Correct use The electronic controller TCU3 supplements TROX air terminal units for high-speed, variable control of volume flows in supply air, extract air and fume cupboard applications. Typically, it is used in a group of several controllers for achieving complete room control systems, although it is also possible to operate it as an individual controller. The controller is only allowed to be used for the applications listed in the product brochure. The installation orientation specified on the installation orientation sticker must be complied with, otherwise the volume flow measurement will not be able to operate correctly. The controller is only allowed to be operated within the limits specified in the technical data. Incorrect use It is not permitted for the electronic controller to be operated other than in the prescribed installation orientation or in applications that are not stated in the product brochure. The controller is not allowed to be used outdoors, in wet areas, or in potentially explosive atmospheres. Residual risks A failure of the electrical power supply will only be bridged if the EM-TRF-USV expansion module is used with the battery pack connected and charged up. In this case, the maximum operating times in UPS mode apply as stated in the technical data. Otherwise, the controller will remain in its final position and restarts when the electrical power supply is restored. 4 3 Product description Dimensions ~ ~ ¹ In combination with TAM, TVRK, TVR, TVA, TVZ, TVJ and TVT. Cannot be combined with TVLK. Keep clear to provide access 3 Product description Connections / signalling systems on the outside Left outside Right outside Designation Description LED switched on Intermittent: max. 3 s device in switch-on sequence Continuous: error in switch-on sequence Red display General error conditions (error LED) LED flashing LED flashing slowly General error display; more precise diagnosis using the EasyConnect software Device function undefined; more precise diagnosis using the EasyConnect software LED off Correct operation; except item 5 is also off device is not ready Yellow display LED switched on Termination activated Termination Communication line LED switched off Termination switched off Green display Spare; not used at present LED switched on Data reception several nodes Yellow display data reception communication line Green display controller operation (heartbeat) Connection for sash contact Connection for control panel 1, 2 Connection for the actuator of the damper blade LED on with brief interruptions LED off LED flashing slowly LED flickering LED off Data reception few nodes No data reception from other devices Normal controller operation Controller operation and communication to the PC with EasyConnect configuration/ diagnosis software Device not ready Connection of a volt-free switch contact for monitoring the maximum operational sash opening of the sash according to EN (only for fume cupboard controllers) For EASYLAB control panels, e.g. type BE-SEG-xx, BE-LCD-01 Actuator is plugged on at the factory, it is not included with TAM 6 3 Product description Connections / signalling systems on the outside Connection for analog input AI5 Connection for communication line Connection for fume cupboard lighting (only with EM-LIGHT expansion module) On fume cupboard controller equipment function FH-VS face velocity transducer; otherwise can be used for connecting variable extract air/supply air volume flow rates by 0-10 VDC signals. ( characteristic can be configured) For use of network patch cable type SF-UTP Connection socket with 230 VAC assignment, switched by control panel; switch rating of the TCU3 relays 250 VAC 12 A; switch-on current max. 25 A 7 3 Product description Connections / signalling systems on the inside Designation Description Connection valve Connection for the EM-AUTOZERO expansion module Connection analog input 1 (AI1) Expansion slot 1 (ESP-KOM) Connection for the diaphragm pressure transducer fitted on the inside Connection for expansion modules such as LonWorks EM-LON or BACnet expansion or Modbus EM-BAC-MOD-01 expansion and future expansions Expansion slot 2 (ESP-I/O) Connection for expansion modules Visual status displays of the LED switched on Digital input DI wired up digital inputs DI1 DI6) LED switched off Digital input DI not wired up Power 24 V LED switched on LED switched off 24 V supply voltage OK 24 V supply voltage failed / undervoltage Connection surface mains Connection for EM-TRF and EM-TRF-USV expansion modules supply Visual status displays of the LED switched on Digital output DO switched digital outputs DO1 DO6 LED switched off Digital output DO not switched Terminal block DO1 DO6 Digital outputs 1..6 Changeover relays max. 250 VAC 12 A, switch-on current max. 25 A Terminal block power 24 V Supply voltage 24 VAC / DC Terminal block AO1... AO3 Analog outputs 1..3 can be configured for analog voltages 0-10 VDC Terminal block DI2 DI6 Digital inputs 2..6 for volt-free switch contacts 8 3 Product description Connections / signalling systems on the inside Connection COMM-1 Connection COMM-2 Terminals for communication line KL network line type SF-UTP Clip / connection surface Wire clamping bracket / shield connection surface communication line KL Connection for PE PE earthing screw Terminal block AI1 AI4 Analog inputs 1..4 can be configured for analog voltages 0-10 VDC Switch ON Communication line KL termination switched on COMM terminator Switch OFF Communication line KL termination switched off 9 3 Product description TVR Volume flow control with TCU3 For the control of variable supply or extract air flow rates, the electronic controller TCU3 is used in combination with an air terminal unit in the TVR TVRK TVLK TVJ TVT TVZ TVA series. TVRK TVLK TVJ TVT TVZ TVA 10 4 Transport, storage and packaging Delivery check Check the supply package immediately after delivery for transport damage and completeness. In case of any damage or an incomplete shipment, inform the shipping company and your TROX contact person immediately. A complete shipment includes: Electronic controller, installed in the closed two-part plastic housing with: Safety catch for the cover 2 plastic cable penetrations (black) 2 reversible cable ties for wire clamping brackets Volume flow rate transducer with tube connection 2-pin plug connector for connection X1 3-pin plug connector for connection X5 (sensor AI) Approx. 5 m network patch cable, type S-FTP green (only for fume cupboard controller, equipment function FH-xxx) Expansion modules according to the scope of order documented on the delivery note Operating and installation manual Note Typically, the EASYLAB controller TCU3 is completely mounted on an air terminal unit in the TVLK TVR TVRK TVA TVZ TVJ TVT series. According to the project-specific scope of order, the controller is equipped with expansion modules at the factory and delivered complete. Storage Store the controller temporarily only under the following conditions: Leave the unit in its packaging and do not expose it to the effects of weather Store the unit in a dry place and away from direct sunlight Temperature C, humidity maximum 90% (non-condensing) Packaging Dispose of packaging material properly. Transport on site If possible, take the electronic controller in the transport packaging up to the installation location. Do not remove the protective wrapping until just before installation. 11 5 Technical data Technical data Supply voltage 24 VAC / DC ±15%, 50/60 Hz Optional: 230 VAC mains supply, only when using the EM-TRF expansion module Optional: 230 VAC mains supply with UPS function, only when using the EM TRF USV expansion module Connecting cable Terminals with double configuration for lines with connection cross-section up to 2.5 mm² Note: The 24 V supply voltage is only allowed to be connected through to a maximum of 5 EASYLAB TCU3 controllers. The maximum power requirement is mainly determined by the specific configuration of the controller. The typical equipment leads to the following values: Power rating Fume cupboard controller with control panel: 35 VA Room controller: 29 VA Room controller with room control panel: 33 VA With all expansion modules: max. 40 VA Micro fuse 5 x 20 mm Measurement of the volume flow rates Actuator Flow rate correction time Time for return of controller readiness after supply voltage failure Plug & play communication system Temperature range Humidity Area of application Protection level IEC protection class 2 A slow blow, 250 V Diaphragm pressure transducer with room air induction to protect the measurement point Optional: automatic zero point correction only with EM-AUTOZERO expansion module Fast-running high-precision actuator, running time for 90 : 3 s 2 s, depending on duct pressure 500 ms With automatic recognition of the connected devices and their functions: Length of the communication line: max. 300 m Number of devices: max. 24 per segment Operation: C Storage: C 90% non-condensing Within enclosed rooms IP20 III Protective extra-low voltage 12 5 Technical data Connections EASYLAB controller communications interface: Digital switching inputs and outputs: Analog inputs and outputs EASYLAB control panel communications interface: Service interface for configuration and diagnosis Building management system communications interfaces Communication line type S-FTP; (double-shielded) as plug-in network patch cables as network roll media Connection KL via 2 external RJ45 sockets; alternatively interior screw terminals for roll media terminal resistor can be activated by miniswitches for terminating the communication line Activation is visualised by external LED for optical monitoring 6 switching outputs as relay changeover contact loading capacity 250 V, 12 A 6 switching inputs for connecting volt-free switch contacts for VDC signals with configurable characteristics 5 analog inputs; input resistance 100 kω 4 analog outputs; max. output current 10 ma up to 2 control panels can be operated at the same time Connecting cable type S-FTP, max. 40 m possible Control panels of type BE-SEG and BE-LCD are possible on the fume cupboard controller Only type BE-LCD is possible on the room controller with activated room management function Access on the controller or on the control panel EasyConnect configuration software with accessories (adapter and configuration cable or BlueCON Bluetooth adapter) required, TROX M-number: B588NF4 or B588NF5 LonWorks interface FT10A, optionally only with EM-LON expansion module BACnet MS/TP interface, optionally only with EM-BAC-MOD-01 expansion module (available since mid-2011) Modbus RTU interface, optionally only with EM-BAC-MOD-01 expansion module (available since mid-2011) Switched socket for 230 VAC fume cupboard lighting optionally only with EM-LIGHT and EM-TRF expansion modules (max. 500 W) 13 6 Installation Assembly For installation, wiring, and commissioning observe the recognised technical regulations, especially safety and accident prevention regulations. For any wiring work follow the national and local regulations and guidelines for electrical installation. Danger! Danger of electric shock! Do not touch any live components! Electrical equipment carries a dangerous electrical voltage during operation Only skilled qualified electricians are allowed to work on the electrical system. Before you perform installation work, switch off the supply voltage to the controller and secure it to prevent reactivation. Only after that is the EASYLAB controller allowed to be installed. The electronic controller TCU3 is attached to the air terminal unit at the factory (see page 8) and thus forms a functional unit. Refer to the corresponding installation manual for information about installing the expansion modules. Danger! Before installing the air terminal unit, check that the electronic controller is firmly seated on the controller. For installation and fastening of the air terminal unit, refer to the installation manual of the corresponding unit type. Select the installation location with regard to the conditions stated there so that: the TCU3 electronic controller is installed in one of the permitted installation orientations, see illustration on the installation sticker the controller housing remains accessible and the cover can be opened widely enough. To do this, provide at least 300 mm clear space in the opening direction of the cover. the actuator remains accessible for commissioning and diagnosis. IMPORTANT: Note the installation orientation The air terminal unit is not allowed to be installed in combination with the EASYLAB TCU3 controller above or below horizontal ducts. All installation orientations are permitted in vertical ducts. Horizontale Luftleitung Horizontal duct Zugelassene Einbaulagen! Approved installation orientation! Figure: Installation sticker Vertikale Luftleitung Vertical duct Note The illustrated installation orientations refer to the factory-set delivery condition of the controller, in particular the installation orientation of the diaphragm pressure transducer integrated in the controller for registering the differential pressure in the duct. Different permitted installation situations are described on the next page. With the introduction of the modified holder (TROX no. M488BA7) for the diaphragm pressure transducer, it can be installed in two different installation orientations within the controller housing. 14 6 Installation Factory-set installation position of the diaphragm pressure transducer In the factory setting, the holder is installed with the transducer in the controller housing in such a way that the installation orientation for the EASYLAB TCU3 controller is as specified on the sticker. Note In this transducer installation orientation, installation is not permitted above and below horizontal ducts. Installation situation of diaphragm pressure transducer Factory-set delivery Alternative installation position of the diaphragm pressure transducer Alternatively, the holder and the transducer can be installed in the controller housing rotated through 90, thereby permitting installation of the EASYLAB TCU3 controller above and below horizontal ducts. To do this, carefully pull the holder out of the mounting, turn through 90 and push back in. When doing this, make sure that the pneumatic measuring tubes are not kinked, and that the electrical connecting cable is not disconnected either. Installation situation of diaphragm pressure transducer Rotated installation situation specifically for controller installation above and below ducts. Note In this transducer installation orientation, neither lateral installation on horizontal air ducts, nor installation on vertical ducts are permitted. 15 6 Installation Tubing Replace the tubing after the new holder has been installed. When doing this, avoid kinking as otherwise the volume flow rate measurement may not work properly. Alternative installation If space is limited, the EASYLAB TCU3 controller can be mounted on a wall using a bracket (TROX no. E346GL3). In this case, the same restrictions apply with regard to the installation orientation as described previously. In this type of installation, pay attention to the factory-set connection lengths of the actuator and the sensor. Extending the electrical connecting cable or measuring tubes is not permitted. 4 mm Click Click 16 7 Electrical wiring Danger! Danger of electric shock! Do not touch any live components! Electrical equipment carries a dangerous electrical voltage during operation Only skilled qualified electricians are allowed to work on the electrical system. Before you perform wiring work, switch off the supply volt
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