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Ocean QA Software for Piranha. Ocean 2014 User's Manual - English - Version 3.0A. RTI article number:

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Ocean 2014 QA Software for Piranha - English - Version 3.0A RTI article number: Welcome to Ocean 2014 Ocean 2014 is a is a powerful tool for everybody working with Quality Assurance of X-ray
Ocean 2014 QA Software for Piranha - English - Version 3.0A RTI article number: Welcome to Ocean 2014 Ocean 2014 is a is a powerful tool for everybody working with Quality Assurance of X-ray systems. Ocean 2014 can be used with the X-ray meters Pirahna from RTI Electronics. NOTICE RTI Electronics AB reserves all rights to make changes in the Ocean 2014 software, and the information in this document without prior notice. RTI Electronics AB assumes no responsibility for any errors or consequential damages that may result from the use or misinterpretation of any information contained in this document. Copyright by RTI Electronics AB. All rights reserved. Content of this document may not be reproduced for any other purpose than supporting the use of the product without prior permission from RTI Electronics AB. Microsoft, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Windows, Win32, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. OpenOffice.org and OpenOffice.org Calc are registred trademarks of OpenOffice.org. BLUETOOTH is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. Contact Information World-Wide Contact Information United States RTI Electronics AB Flöjelbergsgatan 8 C SE MÖLNDAL Sweden RTI Electronics Inc. 33 Jacksonville Road, Building 1 Towaco, NJ USA Phone: Int Phone: (Toll free) Int Fax: Int Sales: Support: Service: Web site: Sales: Support: Service: Web site: Intended Use of the Ocean 2014 Software Together with instruments from RTI Electronics AB it is to be used for independent service and quality control, as well as measurements of kerma, kerma rate, kvp, tube current, exposure time, luminance, and illuminance within limitations stated below. If installed according to accompanying documents, the product is intended to be used together with all diagnostic X-ray equipment except for: - therapeutical X-ray sources. - X-ray equipment with tube potential below 20 kv. - X-ray equipment on which the instrument cannot be mounted properly, e.g. equipment where the beam field size is narrower than the active part of the detector. - specific types of X-ray equipment listed in the instructions for use or in additional information from the manufacturer. With the X-ray installation in stand-by conditions without patients present, the product is intended to be used: - to provide the operator with information on radiation beam parameters that might influence further steps in an examination but not an ongoing exposure. - for assessing the performance of the X-ray equipment. - for evaluation of examination techniques and procedures. - for service and maintenance measurements. - for quality control measurements. - for educational purposes, authority supervision etc. The product is intended to be used by hospital physicists, X-ray engineers, manufacturer's service teams, and other professionals with similar tasks and competencies. The operator needs a short training to be able to use the product as intended. This training can be achieved either by careful study of the manual, studies of the built-in help function in measurement software or, on request, in a short course ordered from the manufacturer. The product is intended to be used inside X-ray rooms ready for clinical use and can safely be left switched on and in any measuring mode in the vicinity of patients. The product is NOT intended to be used: - for direct control of diagnostic X-ray equipment performance during irradiation of a patient. - so that patients or other unqualified persons can change settings of operating parameters during and immediately before and after measurements. 7 Contents Table of Contents 1 2 Welcome... to Ocean Ocean and Ocean General information Important definitions Installation Connecting your meter the first time Quick... Check First measurement with Quick Check Run Quick Check on a Tablet Change Meter Settings Applications with analysis Save... a measurement Open... an old measurement Print Send... data to Excel Import/export Options Close... Quick Check 39 3 Ocean Main screen Ribbon Status... bars Database browser Connect - license Professional - license Application menu New Save Save as Print Export Import Close... 53 8 Contents Program... options Locate data during import and export Exit Ocean Main... functions Measure Meter adjust Different... measuring modes Normal Free... run 85 Timed Design Data link Appearance Reporting Central Database Help Setup Import... site information Import... from Excel 104 Import... from ortigo Frequently asked questions General Measuring Data... export to Excel or Calc Design Reporting Index Chapter 1 Welcome to Ocean 2014 10 1 Welcome to Ocean 2014 Welcome to Ocean 2014 Ocean is a p o w e rfu l so ft w are fo r X-ray Q u alit y A ssu ran c e w o rk. U se O c e an w it h t h e P iran h a sig n ific an t ly in c re ase t h e q u alit y an d e ffic ie n c y o f yo u r X-ray Q A p ro c e ss. Y o u c an se t u p t e m p lat e s t o au t o m at e X-ray e q u ip m e n t t e st in g, an alyse t h e t e st d at a an d st o re t h e d at a, w ave fo rm s an d an alysis re su lt s fo r fu t u re re fe re n c e o r re -u se. There are two different levels for Ocean 2014: Connect and Professional. Connect With Connect you can design you own measuring templates that includes displays for easy read-out. You can save your templates and measurements. You can connect your templates with Excel and easily transfer your measured data for further analysis. You can design your own spreadsheet and Ocean 2014, in this mode, automatically fills out your spreadsheet with the measured values from the meter. Professional This mode offers everything that Connect does, plus the possibility to set up templates that perform a complete job for you, including measuring data with the meter, checklists and analyze the data according to the pass/fail criteria you have set up. The data is stored and a report is generated. Quick Check Quick Check is available for both Connect and Professional. Quick Check is optimized for ease of use and suitable when you just need to do some quick measurements. Quick Check is suitable when using a touch screen (tablet). It simply adapts to the meter you use and the detectors you connect (plug-andplay). Data can be stored and printed from Quick Check. Quick Check offers pre-defined setup and is easier to use instead of Real-time display as soon as you don't need to build specific templates. If you have purchased a Piranha before December 2013 and have the Display license level License level Display will not exist for Ocean 2014, this means a Piranha that has been delivered before December 2013 and has Display; will be automatically updated free of charge to Connect when it is used with Ocean 2014 the first time. 11 Welcome to Ocean Ocean and Ocean 2014 Ocean is now available in two different versions, Ocean 2014 and Ocean. Ocean 2014 is the new version that is used with the new Black Piranha and red Piranhas that are upgraded with new firmware. Ocean 2014 Black Piranha product version 5.5 or higher, firmware 4.0A or higher Red Piranha that has been converted to Black Piranha, product version 5.5 or higher, firmware 4.0A or higher Red Piranha with firmware 4.0A or higher All red Piranha can be upgraded with the latest firmware and used with Ocean You must have both Ocean versions if you are using a mix of Barracuda and Piranha with firmware 4.0A and higher. You can import data from Ocean into Ocean 2014 but not in the opposite direction. This means that you can have all your data from all meters you have in Ocean Ocean Barracuda all versions Red Piranha with firmware version 3.3B If you use Ocean Central, you must have at least v2.0 to use it with Ocean General information Your Ocean 2014 license key is stored in your meter. When you connect your meter to Ocean 2014 the license key is validated and Ocean 2014 will show the license level on the main caption bar. There are two license levels available to you: Connect or Professional. Please contact you local distributor if your meter is missing a license. If you purchase the Professional license after you purchased the meter, you will receive an installer along with the license information. The license will be installed into your meter when you connect Ocean and the meter together the first time. If you purchase Professional at the same time as you purchase your meter, the meter will come with the license information permanently installed and no license key is required or supplied. All meters sold before December 2013 that have the Display license level will be automatically upgraded to Connect when Ocean 2014 is started the first time with the meter connected. We have added a 'keyboard mode feature to Ocean that allows you to use the software (except for Quick Check) without the meter connected to it. It's a great way to create templates right at your desk, or if you need to do some quick testing and don't want to set up the meter, you can just make your measurements and enter the data by hand. Since almost every functionality your license level offers is available in this mode (except items you can only do while connected to a meter), you can experience the power and versatility of this software even if you don't own a Piranha presently. We are confident that once you tried Ocean, you will not only want to use the software but harness it's true potential by 12 Welcome to Ocean 2014 purchasing a Piranha as well. If you have a tablet or laptop with Ocean 2014 pre-installed and want to get started right away, go to the Getting started topic now. This User's Manual does not contain everything about Ocean. If you need a more detailed knowledge of Ocean's features, please read the Ocean Reference Manual. You can find the Reference Manual on your Product CD under the file name Ocean2014ReferenceManual.pdf . The same information as in the Reference Manual is also available in Ocean 2014's built-in Help text. NOTE: Barracuda is not compatible with Ocean Barracuda can only be used with Ocean, not the Ocean 2014 version. When you update to Ocean 2014, your current installation of Ocean is left unchanged but takes your user data including your database from your current Ocean installation. You must keep your old Ocean installation if you are using Barracuda or if you have Piranha meters that aren't updated with new firmware. 1.3 Important definitions There are a some important definitions that are good to understand before you start to use Ocean 2014 and read this manual. Quick Check A separate function in Ocean 2014 that allows you to do quick measurements without any deeper knowledge Ocean 2014 or the meter you are using. The interface is designed for a tablet (touch screen). Full plug-and-play makes it very simple to use. You can save, export to Excel and print data. Template A template is document without any measurements. It may hold information about how the measurement is going to be performed, calculations and pass/fail criteria. Real-time display (RTD) The real-time display is a document that allows you to setup your own measurements more trhan you can do with Quick Check. Here can you select what to measure and fully design your own templates. Site A site is the place where a testing procedure (session) is performed. A site is a facility, department and a room with its equipment. Test A test is a document that defines a certain test that is going to be performed. It can for example be kvp accuracy , Reproducibility , HVL and so on. Tests cannot be used on their own, they can only be used when the are part of a session. Checklist A checklist is a document that containing a list of questions or tasks that is part of the x-ray equipment quality assurance process. Acceptable questions and answers are pre-determined and set up by the user. Checklists cannot be used on their own, they can only be used when the are part of a session. Session A session is a document that defines a complete task, for example a QA session for an X-ray room. It normally consists of a number of tests and checklists. Acceptance limits The pass and fail criteria set up in a test by the user. Analysis A calculation done on a selected number of exposures to evaluate the performance of an x-ray generator or other equipment. Equipment The equipment in a room that is to be tested. 13 Welcome to Ocean 2014 General settings Set values that are common for the entire test. Grid The grid is where all measured data and set values are stored. It consists of a number of columns and rows. Meter settings Settings for the Piranha that control meter functions. 1.4 Installation You may skip this section if you have got Ocean 2014 pre-installed on a tablet or laptop delivered with your meter. In this case go directly to the topic Quick Check. You must have Windows XP, Window Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 to run Ocean. Your computer must also have USB port or Bluetooth. Display resolution should be 1024X768 but higher is recommended. The Ocean installer is located on the Product CD or a USB stick you received with your meter. It can be used to do a new installation or an update of an existing Ocean or Ocean 2014 installation. Note! You must have administrator level access to the computer you are installing Ocean on. To install please follow the steps below: 1. Insert the product CD into the CD drive or connect the USB stick. The CD menu starts automatically (if not, locate and run Start.exe). If you are not installing Ocean from a Product CD, run the file Setup Ocean 2014.exe. 2. When the Ocean 2014 installer starts you are presented to a number of choices. Read through the text carefully and select what is applicable to you. The installer will then install the required programs on your computer. Two utility applications, Detector Manager and RTI Updater, will also be installed on your computer. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process. 4. When the installation is completed finish the installer. You will find Ocean 2014 on the desktop and it is identified with this icon: When you run Ocean for the first time a Start up wizard will guide you through a series of steps to choose the default settings according to your preference. During this process is also a number of examples (both templates and measurements) made available to you. Ocean 2014 can start in two different ways depending on meter status: Meter connected (via USB or Bluetooth) Ocean 2014 starts and Quick Check is launched directly. Meter is not available Ocean 2014 starts and the main screen is shown. You can turn off automatic start of Quick Check if you don't want this. Read more in the topic Program options. If you are doing an update and your meter require a firmware update; just connect it and start Ocean Ocean 2014 will check if the meter's firmware is compatible, if not Ocean 2014 will offer a firmware update. Welcome to Ocean 2014 Connecting your meter the first time You can start Ocean 2014 with or without a meter connected. You can connect to your meter with USB or Bluetooth. If you start without a meter, Ocean 2014 starts in Keyboard mode. The very first time you start, a Setup wizard will be shown. Here you specify the license level you are using, your name and default units of measure. Provide the information required by the wizard. Read more in topic Setup. If you start Ocean 2014 with a Piranha powered on and connected with USB; Ocean automatically finds the Piranha. With USB this is instant. If you instead start with Bluetooth Ocean 2014 will not see the Piranha the first time, you must manually connect. Click on the Connect or New Quick Check button. A dialogue will be shown: Click on Try to connect again . Ocean 2014 will now search for Bluetooth devices to find the Piranha. This can take up to a minute or more the first time for Ocean 2014 to find the Piranha and do the required Bluetooth pairing. While this is in progress a dialogue is shown: The Quick Check is launched, depending on your meter type and connected external detector, a menu may be shown. Make your choices and start to measure. Chapter 2 Quick Check 16 2 Quick Check Quick Check Use Quick Check when you just need to make a quick measurement. Quick Check automatically adapts to the meter you use and the detector you have connected. It is fully plug-and-play and any change you do is automatically detected and Quick Chick adapts to the new situation. Quick Check is designed for a tablet (touch screen) but works of course also on a standard laptop. You can do the following with Quick Check. Quick measurements Save Print Export to Excel Applications with analysis 2.1 First measurement with Quick Check When you connect to the meter Quick Check is launched automatically. Use Quick Check when you just want a meter to do a quick measurement. Quick Check is extremely simple to use since it automatically recognizes what type of meter you have and which detectors you use. It is full plug-andplay, directly when you unplug or plug in a detector; Quick Check sets up the measurement for you. You can save data you measure with Quick Check but you must save manually - Quick Check will never ask you if you want to save. It is also possible to print and export measured data to Excel. Quick check also has built-in applications for accuracy, linearity, reproducibility, half-value layer and more. Quick check is designed for use with a tablet and easy to operate directly on a touch screen. Let us start with a simple measurement to illustrate how to use Quick Check. This example assumes a Piranha 657. If you have another model follow this example and apply it on what you see on your screen when you use your Piranha. Make sure your meter is powered on and within distance for Bluetooth communication or connected via USB. Disconnect any external probe that might be connected (unless you have a Piranha model that only works with external detector). Assume that we are using a Piranha Start Ocean 2014 or start the Quick Check from the Measure tab on the ribbon bar if you are in Ocean 2014 main view: (Note: If you use Windows 8; you start Ocean 2014 from the desktop) 2. Quick Check starts and a menu will be shown. The list is depending on your meter type, it might not appear at all. Quick Check Select Radiography. 4. The measurement loads and you are ready to start to measure. 18 Quick Check 5. Make some exposures. 6. You can operate Quick Check with mouse and keyboard or with your fingers if you have a tablet with touch screen. Quick Check is designed to be simple to use on a tablet (touch screen) but you can of course also use a mouse. Below are the most important operations described. Toggle between displays and logged data: Click on the button in the lower left corner of the display panel or sweep left or right on the displays if you use a tablet. Enlarge waveform: Click on the button in the lower left corner of the waveform graph or double-click on the waveform. Same to minimize it. Enlarge a display/single display: Double-click on a display. Change unit of measure: Right-click on a unit and choose a new unit from the list shown. To right-click one tablet; hold your finger on the unit, remove it when a small square appear. Change kv range: Click on the kv range indication in the lower part of the screen. You have now seen the basic function of the Quick Check. You can now try to connect an external detector (if you have one) and see that Quick Check will directly recognize the probe and ask you what to do. Read also the full description of Quick Check in the topic Run Quick Check on a Tablet to further see how you operate Quick Check. This section is followed by more about how to store, print and how to export your measured data to Excel. 2.2 Run Quick Check on a Tablet Quick Check is simple to operate and u
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