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NRC JUNE 28 BOD MEETING. (Times listed are tentative)

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NRC JUNE 28 BOD MEETING (Times listed are tentative) 1. Welcome/Introduction/Roll Call - Chair Barry (12:00 p.m.) Anthony, Rick Attridge, Susan Bantillo, Stephen Barry, Mick Butler, Nina Clarke, Maggie
NRC JUNE 28 BOD MEETING (Times listed are tentative) 1. Welcome/Introduction/Roll Call - Chair Barry (12:00 p.m.) Anthony, Rick Attridge, Susan Bantillo, Stephen Barry, Mick Butler, Nina Clarke, Maggie Collins, Susan Dreckmann, George Eckstrom, Barb Etienne, MaryEllen Fryer, Chantal Gjerde, Wayne Gordon, Susie Keeling, Dave Lukacs, Leslie McLellan, Mary McPoland, Fran O Brien, Kerrin Pitt, Charlotte Pierpont, Sarah Rios, Antonio Rubinstein, Lynn Name In attendance Roll Call Votes Stockdale, Justin Turley, Bill Wiener, Robin STAFF Sarah DeSouza, Executive Director GUESTS Amy Roth, Guest (ROC Chair) Bob Hollis, Guest Mark Lichtenstein, Lifetime Board Member (non-voting) Gary Liss, Lifetime Board Member (non-voting) No (self-muted) (late, on/off due to being on train and connection problems) No No No No No No No (self-muted) (late) Bob Gedert Jack DeBell Gary - 16 on call as of time of Roll Call, so Quorum is made. (Note: others joined after that). Dave asked Sarah to cancel all NRC Google appointments and redo to start fresh. 2. Approval of the Agenda [Motion] - Chair Barry (12:02 p.m.) Move- Keeling; 2 nd Gjerde Motion unanimous 3. Approval of Minutes - (12:03 p.m.) o May 17, 2019 Minutes [Motion] Bantillo correction will accept feedback by July 1 from ROC rather than seek vote should be 16 (if Leslie counted; 15 if didn t) Mick Leslie did count as Dave texted with her Move: accept changes to minutes as referenced, Susie Gordon 2 nd Gjerde Motion unanimous Motion to accept amended minutes: Bantillo/2 nd, Susie Gordon Motion unanimous 4. Treasurer's Update [Motion] - Treasurer Pitt (12:05 p.m.) o April/May Treasurer's Report/April/May Financial Review Report o NRC Approved Budget Dave Charlotte submitted report late. Not much activity in April and May for Revenue and expenses. Sarah DeSouza need to submit expenses for March, April, May and June in ABQ. Charlotte said we re stable. Reserves are dropping slowly. Need revenue. Don t have final report on ABQ workshop. Not successful in getting many sponsorships. Don t know what Sarah Pierpont got from her side of things. Did get $1000 membership from Glass Packaging Institute. $1000 sponsorship of Market development workshop in NM $500 sponsorship of Reception Strategic materials Pratt Industries - $2500 sponsorship of Reception (wanted to sponsor Market Development Workshop at RR but couldn t) Goughin Mick s friend in New Orleans trying to get to sponsor Reception as well. Biggest opportunity now is Reception. Lynn R looking at highlighted column D as of 5/31. No membership revenues this fiscal year? Dave believe we did receive some affiliate checks. Lynn don t see revenues for memberships, registrations, sponsorships. No expenses for regional workshops. Dave membership did receive Missing 13 affiliate payments. Sarah re-invoiced PA, Carolina and MN received. Additional 9 outstanding. Mary McClellan offered to outreach to ROs to nudge them. MaryEllen I could help with OH. Wayne if you need ammunition. Initial feedback from workshop very positive good re-start of workshop in Southwest. Dave financials 13 outstanding; received from 3; Sarah- others received in last fiscal year. Dave Thought invoices went out in January Sarah Believe in December Dave Lynn s point is this is not reflecting our position of where money is coming from. Susan C FY on 4/1. If invoices in Jan-March, wouldn t show in this fiscal year Lynn thought we were on accrual. Susan C can t be, Lynn should show outstanding invoices. Dave great points Mick Lynn, Susan, Charlotte and Sarah D discuss. Susan queued up to help. Dave assets on hand, $46K. Is that correct? Sarah D yes. Dave - $33K in cash; $13K receivables (ROs); outstanding invoices from Sarah so about $26K in cash. Should have some revenue in June, and sponsorships and memberships above. Still need everyone to solicit sponsorships for Reception and Workshop at STAR Conference in T. Mick recommend this Treasurer s Report moved to July meeting after reviewed by Subcommittee. Any other questions for Treasurer? None indicated. Dave During call yesterday, on issue of fundraising, there was a request to receive a copy of the Approved Budget. I asked Sarah to post it. Move: was there motion to approve treasurers report? 5. Executive Director's Report - Executive Director DeSouza (12:10 p.m.) Sarah Submitted Report. 9 ROs looking to obtain memberships. Paypal invoices went out. CO, AL, NY, WI, CTRA, GA, IA, MO, Puerto Rico are the ROs outstanding. Have some connections with a few of them. Would appreciate Board help on that. Dave met with CTRA folks on Wednesday. They thought they paid last year in June. Talked with Rachel about this. Sarah follow-up offline on those. Newsletter out 3 rd Wed. of month. Comm. Committee working on that. Nicely automated uploading system. Still perfecting that system. Minor glitch one article didn t make it into June. Monthly newsletter goes along with News Brief, and strong social media presence, 3x/day. Have stats on how many viewing and passing on. Also do supplemental posts. All these feed into newsfeed. If you want something to post on social media, send to me. Promoting our internal events. Pushing now for Reception and RR Conference. Welcome Reception can purchase tickets through NRC website. $60/ticket, with 2 drink tickets. Will also contact anyone who registered already Can t charge for workshop in New Orleans. Board Retreat info on website. Let us know if you can t attend. Will try to arrange for GoToWebinar. Dave reached out for hotel room. Rick when is Retreat? Sarah Wed. afternoon through Thursday noon When I booked for Conference last week, was able to book through Thursday. Members Only area of website people have had problems accessing. Membership database includes member info from ROs. Collect that info around elections. We need to make sure our member data is correct at this time of year. Brought in via Excel spreadsheet. If your name is not included on RO list, or when you became direct member of NRC, address when registered account is identifier. If Admin person of organization is one who registered for membership, the identifier is the one of the Admin person. When send to members, like newsletter. If not getting it, there are ways to add. Every Board member should become a Direct Member. Dave room nights we re trying to get comped meeting room, based on number of hotel nights booked for retreat. Sarah shared list of Board members who are not listed as members. Charlotte Pitt her agency is a member, her address wasn t used to sign up for membership her assistant is. Need to rectify that situation. 7-8 of Board in that situation. Planning to send to each of you to find work-through. Everything tied to your address. Requirement for Direct membership. 6. President's Report - President Keeling (12:15 p.m.) Dave posted report. Thanks to number of people who have gone above and beyond. Markets Council, Conference Committee, Communications, Fundraising Committees. 2 months before RR Conference. Sarah mentioned activities. Elections. Membership meeting. Lot can be accomplished in 60 days getting sponsors, helping with financial resources, getting members. Thanks to Bob Hollis and Sarah D on newsletter and getting systems in place. Seeing some improvements behind the scenes. NY State changes in their laws regarding nonprofits. Was very frustrating for a while. State had 5-6 revisions in the last 2 years. Main 2: 1) we can now vote by . 2) Notice for Annual meeting can be sent electronically. Went thru Bylaws, 2014 last revision. Based on my reading of the bylaws, we can change these sections of the Bylaws. Some of them are changes in date and year. Others to send out Annual Meeting notice by , which will save us a few thousand dollars. Could also vote by , but they have to be unanimous for vote to take place under State law. Lynn in PDF, there are several places where yellow comment boxes, but can t read them. Dave- those comments were for ExCom. No need for all to read now. Lynn several things NOT in here that I m required to include in our bylaws. Has anyone looked through to make sure comply with NY state law? Dave I have. Conflict of interest added. Please provide list of requirements you re thinking of so that we can compare ours to that list. Lynn will do. Dave don t have to have majority to have quorum one-third. Stephen what s in bylaws. Section What constitutes notice? Within 24, 48 or 72 hours of meeting? Dave that s question I had for ExCom what do we want? With electronic communications, things have changed. Difference between conference call meeting vs. in-person meeting. Stephen because it was included on Board agenda as a live link, technically meets Notice requirement. Should probably add amount of time expected for Notice of meeting. Really good job in going through Bylaws! Will help us and save us money. Would be happy to make Motion to approve. Dave did address, but didn t highlight it in yellow. 48 hours before meetings, 14 days for in-person meeting is addressed now in Section Posting things another great point. Whole vote is important; notice by for Annual Meeting is gamechanger for NRC. Most of our member records is links from affiliates. Has been major hassle and cost for NRC to develop post cards. Will be much more effective. Bill Turley very uncomfortable with 1/3 of Board to have quorum. Could see evil cabal taking over with that. Our CDRA bylaws require ½ plus 1. Dave that s not a change I m proposing making. That s already in there. Lynn Suggest we form a Bylaws Review Committee. May be additional things we d like to change. I d be happy to volunteer and be lead. Mick Committee is established already, just haven t done anything. Stephen would be happy to have Lynn be lead on this. Gary- needs to be appointed by President Dave Lynn appointed by me now. I ll volunteer for that Committee too. Stephen will also help on Bylaws Committee. Retreat 8/28 3 pm to noon 8/29 For those who haven t let me know about hotel situation, please let me know. There are a few folks missing. Want to know if you have a room, need a room, or not coming. Had great conversation yesterday about Retreat and will send around suggestions. Would love to get Facilitator. Recs? SWOT analysis last year will do short recap. Membership, Fundraising, Calendar of Events for Pretty good size group attending. Open to any member. Amy Roth was there for most of Retreat last year. Welcome Reception need more sponsors. Real close 2 blocks from hotel. Slate Committee Nina Butler Chairing. Let Nina know if you re up for re-elction, or have a candidate, let her know. Motion move to approve amended bylaws Stephen; 2 nd Susie Motion unanimous. 7. Committee Reports o Policy Committee McPoland/Bantillo/Dreckman) (12:25 p.m.) Committee Report - Update on Container Deposit Policy Fran submitted written report. Not on list because late. Reviewed number of issues that have come up. Expect more coming up federally. Gary forwarded new version of ZW bill. Rep Omar, 5 th Congressional District. Not identical to what NRC supported in Policy Committee agreed to review. Some significant changes. There is in EPA appropriations report House passes bill, then issues Report, list things for agency to do or not do. EPA/Interior Dept. Report passed by House directs EPA to do a number of things, including consider national system of standard recycling labelling. My understanding is that won t be in Senate passed version. Policy Committee will continue to monitor this. Recover Bill Infrastructure Bill - $500 million authorization to support number of activities, including municipal issues. Not introduced yet. Seems to be languishing. Policy Committee will continue to monitor this. Save Our Seas Bill SOS introduced on Wednesday before July 4 th recess. Considered to be work in progress. Wanted to introduce to set some markers. Understand this bill to be carved up into different parts so multiple committees can deal with just those parts. So no crossreferrals. This bill seems to be designed for marine debris a big issue politically. Very comprehensive. Genius prize. Biodegradable plastics. Does include waste to energy and other management options. Best practices for waste management and recycling. Microplastics. Staff expects to approve bill before taken up by Committee. Not aware of companion House bill yet. May have legs. To get copies, send me after meeting. Should have put links in my report. Wayne met with Chair of Appropriations Chair. She said what do you want to do. Talked about market development. Would be good for NRC to send note to her saying issues we believe in and what we would like to happen. Fran Good idea. I ll do that. Gary- ZW bill endorsed by Zero Waste USA and ZWIA already. NRC wasn t asked to endorse yet, but still would be good for NRC to do so. Fran Rep. Omar not on any relevant committees. Big flag whether this would move. She d have to make a lot of friends. Wayne she s been fairly controversial. 6/25 passed Appropriations Bill Fran passed by House. Not by Senate. Reports can be massaged before goes to final. If wind up with continuing resolution, report language passed by House or Senate in that. Writing to Chair is very valuable. Gary consider encouraging Omar bill to add language to the Recover bill. Fran- lot of moving parts. This is the first time in a long time Congress is talking about Recycling. Met yesterday with Administrator Wheeler. All he wanted to talk about was America Recycles Day. They re doing big project. They asked for help. Dave representing NRC on that Committee Dave and numerous working groups. Fran EPA asked for ARD activities that organizations are sponsoring. If people have something going on, they d love to know about it. Send info to Dave or me to get included on the list. Wayne if they want to support this, it would be good for Wheeler to move along faster on MOU with NRC. Dave I haven t heard further from Ron Vance on that. Will follow-up. This is all fascinating. Would make a good webinar to talk about what s happening on federal level. Fran- sure. People would appreciate it. Would like State organizations to let us know at state level. There are a lot of things that will fit into policies NRC has. Would be good to know. Last year, major event in Michigan that has significant importance. Would be good to know about those projects. Dave monthly webinar on topic would enhance back and forth. Not sure if that s a Policy Committee or Communications Committee project. Mick and topic for Retreat Stephen friendly amendment discussion last month, discussed doing that with ROs to provide more support for ROs Bob Library Committee and Communications Committee have developed forms to submit info. Container Deposit Update Stephen Commend Susan Collins to working right away on announcement after the Board meeting. Lots of s and phone calls. Did Dave send out yesterday? Dave not posted on Agenda. Sent a few minutes ago. Stephen need to approve announcement. In Friendly Amendment, Board agreed to give until 7/1 to ROC to provide additional comments. Waiting to receive new and substantive comments. Extending deadline for ROC input to 7/15. Will decrease time for Policy Committee review. In doing so, Board would approve policy. Any comments for amendments is responsibility for Policy Committee. Looking forward to comments from ROC. Announcement provides background on process. Got the impression that people didn t have lot of info to understand the process. Lynn don t understand what this document is. Dave communication to affiliates. Lynn in advance of concluding conversation with ROC? Dave ROC has been updated by Bob Bylone, co-chair of ROC. Not sure how much info they got. This document will be sent to affiliates. Just sent to Amy Roth, ROC Chair. She can share with ROC members. There will be a framework document. Gary, please look at 2 nd page to get OK on quote. Gary- I responded to your yesterday and OK d that. Dave need motion to change date to response deadline to 7/15. Need motion to approve doc. Susie we re past our time. I have to leave. It was my friendly amendment. I m OK with extending it. Sounds like right way to help folks get to this. If want vote, need promptly. Dave there was a delay. Then needed consents for quotes. Was going to ask ExCom to OK. Mick Motion to change date to 7/15 for responses Susie Move; Rick 2 nd. Motion unanimous Mick Motion to approve to send out to Affiliates and members that explains Container Deposit Policy Susan Collins Motion. Add to it, permission to clean up typos and formatting. Susie 2 nd. Gary clarification does members refer to ROC members, all NRC members? Dave Affiliate Organizations (staff or officers), NRC members and nonaffiliated ROC members. Want to work through affiliates first. Lynn ROC already had that call. Dave not all ROC members are Affiliates Lynn ROC had call to discuss this. Rick They did. Some on ROC wanted to go back to their Boards to get opinions. Some of them said they don t have to. Dave they didn t have background info and framework info. Rick I told my Board and they praised me for bringing it to them. Lynn I was on that ROC call and didn t get this info until now. I will oppose the motion don t think this says why they re getting this. Needs to begin with explanation that need more input from ROs and ROC. Kept reading it, but didn t understand until Rick just explained. Susan it was designed to be an announcement appropriate for both audiences. When it was sent to Affiliates, was meant to be sent with cover letter saying what you just said. There s a draft of a cover letter. Mick do we want to rephrase Affiliated Members, their members. And to Unaffiliated ROs And to members in general. In timeline fashion Susan allow Dave to send out to draft couple sentences to explain what the document is. Mick would read that Dave will add cover letter and design timeline for releases to other parties. Susan works for me. Rick I ll second revised motion. Lynn would request that Dave very explicitly say that we re sending this to you and asking for them to get back to us Mick make clear of deadline. Call the Question: Motion to approve to send out to Affiliates and members that explains Container Deposit Policy and authorizes NRC President to clean up typos and formatting. NRC President will add cover letter and design timeline for release to other parties, including Affiliated Members, their members. Unaffiliated ROs and to members in general. O Brien abstains. Opposed: Lynn Motion carries. Wayne American Beverage Association raised comments about this. Will follow-up with them. NRC/RMC Webinar Topics Update Dave comments about topics on NRC/RMC topics one on pyrolysis; one about SWEEP intro by speaker talked about EcoHub mixed waste processing company. Some concerns expressed of perceived endorsement by NRC of these webinars. Since out of time, discuss next month. Look at archive of both of these webinars. Initial concern on pyrolysis brought to Bob Bylone s attention. Waiting for SWEEP webinar to be archived to look at it myself. Please provide input. Membership Committee (Turley) (12:40 p.m.) - Membership Committee Report Bill not had full Committee report. Lynn and I chatted. Need value proposition to approach potential members with. I know Dave attempted one. We re not the people to write that. I know I m not will need help. All Board members should be Direct Member of NRC. Very important that Dave raised. Basic. Axiomatic. Need to provide SROs more benefit for memberships. Should not get votes through ROs should be through direct members. What can we offer to entice ROs to come in. Need to organize into value proposition. Lynn yesterday had call of Fundraising, Membership and Sponsorship Committees. 3 different committees working on raising money. Want combined value proposition for all the things we re raising money for. Want on
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