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  Technology-Integrated Lesson Plan Template Teacher’s Name: Law Nge Siang Time Frame: 60 Minutes Class: 3 YLL! Subject : Science School: S#$%&' &hung (ua ng)ilili Topic: The *ternal +eatures o, nimalsLearner Le.el/&haracteristics 30 of the year three students in a class. They are active learner li!e activities. # of them are fast learner 0are medium learner and $ are slo% learners. &o%ever they are %ea! in the 'n(lish subject. They encounter  bi( problem as readin( 'n(lish te)t %here they unable to understand %ell about the content. *ne of thecapabilities that most of the children in this class already have for readin( te)t is encodin(. They have learntthe consonant sounds in their previous lesson and this leads them to have the ability to read out the %ords properly. Learning ! !utcomes2 +t the end of this lesson students %ill be able to: .,dentify the e)ternal features of the animals.-.State $ e)ternal features of an animal verbally.3.atch animals %ith their common e)ternal features. $./ist do%n similarities and differences of the animals that have been discussed. ducational(omepage2 http:!ids.national(eo(!idsanimals*ne of famous educational institutions in the %orld. ,ts interests include (eo(raphy archaeolo(y and natural science and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.This site offers information about various type of animals not only picture and te)t but different animals’ video available too. http:%%%.!sites1eduanimals.htm The site content list includes 2uality content (ood presentation values and most importantly subject matter that is safe and suitable for children to vie%.  Printed Materials and Supplies orld of Science and Technolo(y 4Te)t boo!5 # Snails stra% hat costum of farmer computer /C6 7rojector Te)t of animals C6 of animals sound  pictures of animals manila card %or!sheet 30 pcs plain paper  Pre.ious )nowledge2 Students already learned types of animals and parts of animal in year .  *ternalInstructional .ent Content Planned  Instructional  cti.itiesnticipated  Learners 4 cti.ities .8ain attention Snail show2 Teacher’s 2uestions: . hat animal is this9-. ,s it different from other animals9hy does it so special93. hat do you thin! theshell %ill feel li!e9$. hy the shell is important to snail9 .Teacher brin(s the real model  # snails to the class.-.Teacher divides students into # (roups. There are ; pupils in each (roup. 3.Teacher (ives each (roup a snail.$.Teacher re2uires pupils to observe the snails %ithouttouchin( and disturb them.;.Teacher as!s students 2uestion re(ardin( to the snailafter the observation.#.Teacher leads students to the e)planation of e)ternalfeatures of animal durin( the discussion.oral <alue:   Protect animals Students learn to not hurt any animals %hich do not harm to us.Students sho% their care to the animals.')pected responses: . This is a snail.-. =es it has a shell on its body.3. ,t is hard and stron(.$. ,t protect the snail. S)ills2 ã *bservin( ã +naly>in( The functions of this level is to obtain the students’ attention so that they will watch and listen, while theteacher presents the learning content.  Real animals-snail is prepared by the teacher during the lesson in order to give a clearer picture about thetopic and connect students to the real world. “Learning is a function of experience and the best education isone that is sensory-rich, emotionally engaging, and lined to the real world.! #. Laverne $ %. &udith,'(()* Teacher scaffolds the pupils by providing them to experience in the activity. This may eep them to thelong term memory about what they have learnt. Teacher eeps asing +uestion to activate students using their previous bacground nowledge that contribute in the lesson. oral value    *ternalInstructional .ent Content Planned  Instructional  cti.itiesnticipated  Learners 4 cti.ities -.,nform learners of objective6ifferent animals havedifferent e)ternal features,dentify the e)ternal features of an animal . Teacher %ears a stra% hat and dressed as a farmer on the spot. +t the same time tell students that today %ill brin( students to visit his farm1 ?7a! +bu’s &appy Farm@.-.Teacher plays bac!(round music 4natural music %ith animals’ sound5 to create the sense of farm.3.Teacher %elcomin( students to ?7a!1+bu &appy Farm@ and sho% a 7o%er7oint presentation of different animals’  pictures.$.Teacher tells students that these are the animals that he feed in the farm and different animals have different e)ternal features. ;. Teacher (uides the students to (uess the objectives of today’s lesson. Teacher e)plains ho% today’s learnin(  benefit the students. Students e)cited full of curious and e)pectancy. This level is to mae students aware of what to expect so that they are aware and prepared to receive. owever, Learning /b0ectives are normally designed for teachers, rather than the students, thus they must be transformed into a more causal language. Thus, do not include ob0ectives as written in course design plan1 they’re very dry and boring that way. 2 prefer to state them as if 2 were face to face with the students. 2 would suggest 2f your course has characters, let them tell the students what they will learn and what toexpect. y activity in level ' is one of the example.
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