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   JourneyQuest  Season 2  ROUGH DRAFTDecember 26, 2011byMatt Vancil  EPISODE I EXT. QUAINT VILLAGE - DAY11CAPTION: A year ago ...A burly, dim-witted DRUNK dances and carouses.PULL BACK. The drunk is actually a GIANT, some 18 feet tall. He drains his cup and CHEERS.GIANT That warms real good! Hands on his knees, he leans down over WREN. GIANT Song-girl got more? WRENPlease, I’m not here.He bellows a drunken LAUGH and points at her.GIANT HA HA! You right there! Boo! Wren forces a LAUGH. Across the grounds, the impatient MAYOR of the village and a bored KNIGHT sends her a look that says “Are we gonna do this?!”MAYORCould we get on with it?GIANT(to Wren) You’re good-nice! WRENThank you. Thanks. But don’t you  want to-?GIANT No more cow bash! WRENAh... good? But surely, isn’t it about time you got on with the  whole-? GIANT Cow bash done! Me go home.  Angry MUTTERS from the assembled TOWNSFOLK. They send angry looks Wren’s way. The Knight turns to the Mayor.KNIGHTIs it gonna be much longer? I’ve got maidens to deflower.MAYORWhat seems to be the hold up?WRENWorking on it! And I’m not here!GIANT Me go home, have big sleep. The Giant YAWNS, wipes the sweat from his brow.GIANT Hot too big. He brightens with an idea, leans over Wren again.GIANT Wanna see me take off shirt? WRENI’m not here! You can’t talk to  me!The Giant, LAUGHING, struggles to take off his sweaty smock. He trips and falls, CRUSHING the Knight under his posterior. GIANT HA HA! Butt go crush. For a moment, the Mayor and Townsfolk gape in shock. Then:MAYORGet her!The Townsfolk ROAR and charge Wren. She skedaddles with a YELP. The Giant waves bye-bye as they chase her out of town. EXT. OUTSIDE QUAINT VILLAGE - DAY - INTRO BIT22Townsfolk chase Wren with torches and pitchforks.GRAPHIC: JourneyQuest CAPTION:   Episode I: “An Epic?”2.  INT. HEADMISTRESS’S STUDY - DAY33The HEADMISTRESS - 50s, a silver-haired beauty - glares down from her desk at Wren, who sits perched on a tiny stool.HEADMISTRESS WREN  - ! WRENI can explain! I merely suggested that he might feel a bit more brave if he took the edge off. I didn’t know he’d get plastered. HEADMISTRESSSo you interfered.WRENNo! Hardly! I mean, if you want to be technical, maybe. A little.HEADMISTRESSWhat is the Grand Tenet of the Bard’s Guild?WRENThe knight was gonna kill him! Is it his fault their cows kept pooping in his river?HEADMISTRESSThe Grand Tenet, Wren. What is it?Wren somehow sinks deeper onto her stool.WRENDo not interfere.HEADMISTRESSDo not interfere.The Headmistress rises, slips into in lecture mode, circles Wren on her stool. Wren mouths her words along with her.HEADMISTRESSA bard’s duty is to observe and record, to preserve history in song for the enlightenment of future generations. We allow events to unfold naturally, and do nothing to influence their outcome.3.
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