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Jamaat -e- Islami Pakistan’s Proposals for free, fair and transparent electoral system, submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan has always been struggling for a fair, free and transparent elections, and, in this connection, it has been engaged in communication, written proposals and with personal presence in the Elections Commission of Pakistan. Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Ref
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  Jamaat -e- Islami Pakistan’s Proposalsfor free, fair and transparent electoral system, submitted to theParliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms Jamaat-e Islami Pakistan has always been struggling for a fair, free and transparentelections, and, in this connection, it has been engaged in communication, written proposals and with personal presence in the Elections Commission of Pakistan.Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms has asked for proposals from all thePolitical Parties and general public as well, so that the electoral process be made moretransparent and acceptable to all political parties. 1. Empowerment of Election commission of Pakistan efore submitting proposals, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan belie!es that without independent,autonomous and financial independence of ECP, a transparent electoral system and dream of fair representation of people cannot come true. ECP should not be dependant to any other organi ation for its finances. It is the duty of ECP to take steps for easy understanding, unify andsimplify all the election laws.ECP is responsible and should check the matters day by day inwhole electoral process from announcement of schedule till announcement of results. it is theduty of ECP to implement the election laws including code of conduct in letter and spirit.#onorable $upreme Court of Pakistan in constitution petition %&'()** in detailed +udgment ha!eobser!ed, declared and directed the election commission as under In pursuance of the abo!e, we hold and direct as under - a /ll the election laws be strictly implemented by the Election Commission in the dischargeof its constitutional mandate under /rticle (*%0 of the Constitution, Representation of thePeople /ct and other laws'rules1 b2he Election Commission is empowered to check not +ust illegal actions relating to theelection !iolating the limits set for campaign finance, etc. or corrupt practices bribery,etc., but is also empowered to re!iew all election acti!ities33.. 2he Election Commission is also empowered to take pre-empti!e measures to ensure thatthe spirit of democracy and 4fairness, +ustness and honesty5 of elections is fully obser!ed.2he Election Commission is, therefore, directed to take all necessary steps to ensure thesame1 1  It was obser!ed by the honorable $upreme court that 2he Representation of the People /ct,*6&7 !ests the Election Commission with the responsibilities and powers to, inter alia,regulate election e8penses, pro!ide for 9ffences, penalties and procedures in case of breachof Conditions relating thereto, resol!e all election disputes, declare the election !oid, etc.2he constitutional re:uirement to hold elections fairly, freely, honestly, +ustly and inaccordance with law obligates the Election Commission to e8ercise all powers !ested in itto the best of standards and norms const. petition %&'()**.In the end of +udgment the honorable $upreme Court has directedn 2he Election Commission is empowered to frame rules to ensure that the elections areconducted +ustly, fairly, honestly and in accordance with law and that corrupt practices areguarded against. 2here is unanimity of !iews on !arious suggested courses of action.2herefore, we direct the Election Commission to frame rules and issue instructions to pro!ide legal sanction to these measures and implement the same to achie!e the ultimateob+ecti!e of fair, free, +ust and honest election.Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan demands ECP to implement the supreme court of Pakistan +udgment of )% June ()*( in letter and spirit. 2 Proposed !teps for Error-free Electoral Rolls Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan demands that a comprehensi!e fair and error free list of all eligible!oters be prepared before ne8t election ()*%.In line of achie!ing abo!e goal following stepsmust be taken by the ECP.*.last census was held in *66% and during past years many changes ha!e come into e8istenceand it is duty of the go!ernment to held census after *) years.ECP should makearrangements immediately for house census and population census to make re!ision of electoral rolls annually to fulfill the constitutional re:uirement of the annual !erification of electoral rolls and this be done strictly without any delay and must be complete beforecoming elections. RECs should be make responsible for their areas regarding update of electoral rolls. (./ll who ha!e ;/<R/ C;IC should automatically be registered as !oter and simply beregistered in the =ER at the present address which appears on their C;IC issued by ;/<R/ unless and until permanent address is demanded by the !oter himself.0.9fficials in!ol!ed in !oter registration '!erification should be compensated well and their honoraria needs to be increased further more they should be responsible of an act done 2  dishonestly during the process of registration'!erification and in case of any irregularity,negligence and malpractice, the official must be punished. >. %0)) $?$ ser!ice launched by the ECP should be continued and not be stopped. 2hisser!ice helped the !oters a lot.It is proposed that online !oter registration system beintroduced and it be linked with ;/<R/ database where applicant identity can beascertained by asking some secret :uestions about the family tree. If this system is adopted,!oter will be able to get add'change'delete his'her details on the !oter list. Especiallywomen, senior citi ens and persons with disabilities will able to get registered as !oter inthe list. @.RECs should arrange trainings regularly to educate the !oters in different areas of theregion. 2his is done by the EC only before the election days but that is not enough. if wewant participation of public in the electoral process than it needs continuous electoraleducation acti!ities for the !oters. -Pollin# !cheme *. 2he location, identification and selection of polling stations should be a continuous processthat must be done by <ECs. 2his assignment be done thrice a year after the detailedconsultation with the political parties and other stakeholders, so that public can be well prepared and known to the place where they will be going to poll their !ote. Polling stations are announced for the public awareness and, if needed, laws be madeaccording to abo!e mechanism. In this way polling scheme will be finali ed well in timeand before the elections.(.In rural and urban areas, a ma8imum distance of polling station should not be more than *kilometer from the residence of !oter.0.Electoral schedule one announced should not be changed. If there is necessary for anyreason to change the schedule and election is delayed than it is proposed that ECP shouldannounce that nomination papers of candidates already accepted will not be asked to fileagain. 2his will reduce the urdon especially for the woman candidates.>. <R9s and R9s should be responsible for identifying polling stations, appointing pollingstaff, supplying electoral rolls to the polling staff, scrutini ing nomination papers,consolidating election results from each polling station and declaring the successfulcandidate. It is proposed that at least there should encouragement for those who take ithonestly and it is upon the ECP to suggest the fine and punishment step for those who shownegligence at such stage of national importance.@.ECP should be !ery careful while selecting the polling staff and keeping in !iew thedatabase of trained polling staff who worked during the ()*0 Aeneral Elections. 2hey may 3   be selected on permanent basis according to their track record during the pre!iouselections. =ederal and Pro!incial departments should be asked to gi!e the list of employeeswho are competent, honest, hard-worker, a!ailable on polling day and those who ha!e paste8perience they should be preferred and new entries should be trained. Employees whoha!e any type of political affiliation should be ignored at this stage for this nationalimportance duty.7.Bomen should be pro!ided safe and secure en!ironment for casting their !ote and Personsin!ol!ed in restraining the woman from !oting must be punished.&. Polling stations of women should be established at nearest place and with ade:uateconditions1 facilities and female staff should be deployed.%.ECP should ensure the security of women staff, women !oters and woman polling agentsand should make laws and strict punishment for any !iolation for the safety of womenduring the election process.6.Election commission should place the booth wise result of e!ery polling station on websiteof ECP. 10 .Presiding officer should be bound to announce each polling booth result to the public present there and should deli!er result to polling agent after duly signed by him and pollingagent should also sign the result.**.Political parties and candidates should be barred from pro!iding transport, making payments or arranging free meals.*(. ECP should make codes of conduct for political parties and contesting candidates, electionobser!ers, polling staff, security personnel and others, based on the e8periences learnt fromthe Aeneral Elections ()*0. /ll abo!e steps be made part of election laws with strict anddefined penalties.*0.Postal balloting system be e8amined and impro!ements should be made to a!oid the past bad e8periences in counting of !otes, there were some e8amples of opening of postal ballots after the unofficial announcement of results. *>.ECP should take steps to introduce geographical information system AI$ and de!elopcapacity to conduct ne8t delimitation of constituencies using AI$ technology beforeconducting national census as per the constitutional re:uirements.*@.$eparate Returning 9fficer should be appointed for each constituency for better obser!ation, super!ision, scrutiny and in-time announcement of the elections results.*7.Persons in!ol!ed in the selling and purchasing of !otes should be duly punished. 4

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Jul 22, 2017


Jul 22, 2017
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