Introduction to E-commerce

Introduction to E-commerce
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  1 COMP344 Introductionto E-commerce Week 1 Yan WangE6A 2 Outline  E-commerce  E-business  Examples of e-commerce  Types of e-commerce 3 What is e-commerce?  The marketing, buying, and selling of products and services on the Internet. [Awad]  The process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, and information via computer networks. [Turban et al, p3] 4 What is e-commerce?  From a communication perspective, e-commerce is the ability to deliver products, services, information, or payments via networks such as the Internet and World Wide Web.  From an interface perspective, e-commerce involves various information and transaction exchanges: business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, etc.  5 What is e-commerce?  From a business process perspective, e-commerce includes activities that directly support commerce electronically by means of networked connections. Within business (manufacturing, inventorying, operation) and business-to-business processes (supply-chain management) are managed by the same networks as business-to-consumer.  From an online perspective, e-commerce is an electronic environment that makes it possible to buy and sell products, services, and information on the Internet. 6 What is e-commerce?  From a structural perspective, e-commerce involves various media: data, text and web pages.   As a market, e-commerce is a worldwide network.  A local store can open a Web storefront and find the world at its doorstep. 7 Why is e-commerce? [Awad] Some drivers promote e-commerce  Digital convergence . Digital devices can now communicate with one another. The Internet made it all possible.   Anytime, anywhere, anyone . This means that anyone can communicate with the e-merchant or e-shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.  Changes in organizations . Knowledge workers at the lower level in the organization can now take on responsibilities that once were relegated to lower or junior managers. A trend also is developing toward owners and managers across departments to develop a chain of relationships that adds value to the enterprise. It also helps downsize large organizations. 8 Why is e-commerce? [Awad]  Increasing pressure on operating costs and profit margins . Global competition and the proliferation of products and services worldwide have added unusual pressure to keep a close watch on operating costs and maximize profit margins.  Demand for customized products and services . Today’s customers are expecting higher quality and better performance regarding products and services.  9 What is e-business? (Turban et al, p3)   A broader  definition of EC, which includes not  just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within an organization. 10 What is e-business? (Awad, p4)  In contrast to e-commerce, e-business is more encompassing.  It connects critical business systems directly to customers, vendors, and suppliers—via the Internet.  It means to use electronic information to boost performance and create value by forming new relationships between and among businesses and customers.  So, it goes beyond an e-commerce Web site to affect all aspects of business, from strategy and process to trading partners and the ultimate consumers. 11 What is e-business? (Awad, p4)  In contrast, e-commerce means the commerce with anyone, anytime and anywhere.  It emphasizes new business opportunities that result in greater efficiency and more effective transactions.  EC is relatively “narrow”, but more technical. 12  Advantages of E-commerce [Awad, p12]  Lower Cost, economical  Higher Margins  Better and Quicker Customer Service  Quick Comparison Shopping  Teamwork   Information Sharing, Convenience, and Control   Allows High Product Customization  13 Limitations of E-commerce  Security and Trust  System and Data Integrity  System Scalability  E-Commerce Is Not Free  Product Search is not efficient  Products People Won’t Buy Online  etc. 14  A Framework for E-commerce [Turban et al, p6]  Lee, p. 6, figure   infrastructure15 Examples of E-commerce  Internet Advertisement  Internet Shop  Internet Bank   Internet Auction  Internet Gambling 16 Examples of E-commerce Internet ServerClient The Overview of the Client/Server  DatabaseClientClient ClientClientClient


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