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  Red: <avg minisellout Yellow: ~avg ITEM CHEATSHEET Green: >avg  Abilities not included in DPS NEW DOC (Health color avg calculated individually for each cost, armor and MR calculated overall) Champion Cost Health Armor MR DPS (AD*AS) Range League Ability Origin Class Synergy # Class Synergy Bonus Darius16502520251QImperialKnight3/6AssassinAssassins leap to the furthest enemy and deal additional 150%/350% critical strike damageFiora14002520281WNobleBlademaster3/6Blademaster35% Chance to strike 1/2 additional times each attackGaren16003520301ENobleKnight2/4BrawlerReceive bonus 300/700 maximum healthGraves15002020281PassivePirateGunslinger3ElementalistElementals get double mana from attacks. At the start of combat, summon an ElementalKassadin15502520291W(mana steal + shield)VoidSorcerer2GuardianAt the start of combat, all Guardians and adjacent allies receive 30 armor Kha'Zix15002020301QVoidAssassin2/4GunslingerAfter attacking, 50% chance to fire additional attacks at one/all nearby enemiesLissandra2*4502020243RGlacialElementalist2/ 4/ 6KnightBlock 20/40/80 damage from basic attacksMordekaiser15003520251QPhantomKnight2/4Ranger25%/65% chance to double their attack speedNidalee15002020333EWildShapeshifter3ShapeshifterGain 100% bonus maximum health when they transformTristana15002020334EYordleGunslinger3/6SorcererAllies have 35/100 increased spell damageVayne15502520273WNobleRanger Warwick16003020301RWildBrawler   Origin Synergy Bonus  Aatrox3*6002520361QDemonBlademaster2/ 4/ 6Demon30%/50%/70%Chance to burn all of an enemy's mana and deal that much true damage Ahri24502020283QWildSorcerer2DragonDragons are immune to magic damageBlitzcrank26003520251QRobotBrawler1ExileIf an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain a shield equal to 100% of hpBraum27502520241EGlacialGuardian2/ 4/ 6GlacialAttacks have a 25%/35%/45% chance to stunElise25002520242EDemonShapeshifter2/4Imperial1/All Imperials deal double damageLucian26002520363ENobleGunslinger1 OR 4NinjaNinjas gain 40%/60% attack damageLulu25002520302RYordleSorcerer3/6Noble100 Armor and 35 health per attack for 1/all unitsPyke26002520331EPirateAssassin2Phantom Curse a random enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100 Rek'Sai26502020261WVoidBrawler3PirateEarn up to 4 additional goldShen26503020331WNinjaBlademaster1RobotStart combat at full manaVarus25002520354QDemonRanger3VoidAll basic attacks ignore 50% of enemy's armor Volibear3*6503520381RGlacialBrawler2/4WildWild/All attacks generate stacks of Fury (up to 5). Each stack gives 8 attack speed.Zed25002520331QNinjaAssassin3/6YordleAttacks against ally Yordles have a 20%/50% chance to miss Ashe35502020425RGlacialRanger Evelynn35502020301RDemonAssassinGangplank36002020331E (explode on cast)PirateBlademaster/Gunslinger Katarina34502020301RImperialAssassinKennen35502020362RNinja/YordleElementalistMorgana36002020302RDemonSorcerer Poppy37503020251RYordleKnightRengar35502020301Q+jumpWildAssassinShyvana35502020331RDragonShapeshifter Veigar34502020253R (execute lower *)YordleSorcerer  Akali46002020491QNinjaAssassin Aurelion Sol46002020243RDragonSorcerer Brand47002520363RDemonElementalistCho'Gath411002020391QVoidBrawler Draven47002520493Q (as passive)ImperialBlademaster Gnar48503520312E+RWild/YordleShapeshifter Kindred46002020393RPhantomRanger Leona47505520251RNobleGuardianSejuani48503525251RGlacialKnight Anivia56502020244RGlacialElementalistKarthus58502520423RPhantomSorcerer Kayle58003520663RNobleKnightMiss Fortune56502020562RPirateGunslinger Swain58502520422RImperial/DemonShapeshifter Yasuo56503520651QExileBlademaster 
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