Ethical and Human Rights Risk Assessment for positive Business Impact Responsible Business Policies and Process to promote Responsibility Culture Developing policies defining procedures and delivering training related to

Ethical and Human Rights Risk Assessment for positive Business Impact Responsible Business Policies and Process to promote Responsibility Culture Developing policies defining procedures and delivering training related to
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    Ambreen Waheed,  Mob +923008407264, +92-301-846 1451; 66-1 Abid Majeed Road, Lahore 54810 - Pakistan CSR & ICT Enabler, Social Entrepreneur, Educator , Researcher and Analyst with over 30+ years’ experience in Global corporate, academic and non-governmental sectors.  Developing and Leading Initiatives, Governance Strategies, Business Innovation, Anti-Corruption policies, Gender Inequality, Child Rights, Women Rights, Social Auditing Processes, Sustainable Supply Chain, M&E, Risk Assessments &Impact Analysis Processes and Methodologies. Work Experience Current Research Focus: Anti-Corruption, Poverty Alleviation, Climate Change, Sustainable Supply Chains, Green Economy, Ethical Investment, Sustainable Production & Consumption, Human Rights, Disruptive Sustainable Technologies, Violence against Women and Children 01/2019- Adviser, Planning Commission of Pakistan/UNDP Designing National Responsibility Framework for SDG ’  s Implementation & Impact. 10/2018- Board Member, Millat Tractors Limited. 01/2017- Adjunct Faculty , LUMS -Lahore University of Management Science 03/2013  – 02/2017 Global Responsibility Director, BulleShah Packaging-Packages & StoraEnso, Finland/Sweden) JV  A challenging position  proactively identifying and managing Ethical & Environmental Risks  and Integrating Responsibility   into every department  function and process of the Company. Established Global Responsibility from concept to implementation - directly overseeing and integrating: Responsible Business Practices, Anti-Corruption, Responsible Supply Chains, Responsible Stakeholder Involvement and Environment Health & Safety Departments. Ethical and Human Rights Risk Assessment for positive Business Impact Responsible Business Policies and Process to promote Responsibility Culture Developing policies defining procedures and delivering training related to •   Company Code of Conduct - Anti-Corruption, Gift & Anti-Bribery, Whistle Blowing, Women Rights, Responsible Branding & Marketing, Fair play, Third-party due diligence •   Stakeholder management (Beyond Compliance)- Investor and Customer (Understanding & Compliance), Communities and Suppliers (Care & involvement), Competitors and Government (Collaborations and Partnerships) •   Responsible Supply Chain- Robust Internal auditing system for Awareness,  Assessment, Gap Analysis, Capacity Building, Hand Holding of suppliers at the farthest end of Company’s urban and agriculture value  chains   •   Environment, Social and Economic innovations with eco and resource efficiencies- in, Biomass Energy plant, Agri-Waste raw material for Paper& Board and Biomass plant, Solid Waste / Sludge Management, Agriculture Supply chain   •   Human Rights and Livelihood improvement initiatives for - Workers: (Safe & Healthy Work Place & Respect & Social Benefit Actions) Supply chain communities: incl (Concept for Sehat-Mobile- Pro-poor   Technology based Mobile Health & Knowledge Dissemination unit) (concept to implementation -6 Schools around Lahore to move  children from working in Waste Sorting to gain  Healthy Life, Respect and Education  + Skill training Centers for mothers to generate additional income) 08/1999  –   Present  Founder & Advisor, Responsible Business Initiative , Lahore, PAKISTAN Founder RBI , Pakistan’s first internationally recognized CSR Think Tank that engages government, business, academia, human right and environment protection organizations. Leading research, Curriculum and teaching Methodology for Improving Education quality, development and implementation of appropriate Responsible Business applications for   businesses in Asia Pacific focusing on Anti-Corruption , Improving Environmental Efficiencies , Enabling  Women Workers,  Creating Env-Soc-Eco impact,  Implementing Ethical Business Practices  integrated with ICT-based solutions.  CSR/Responsible Business-related work •   Accountability, UK-  Partner for promoting Responsible Competitiveness: A framework for Assessing Country wide Competitiveness on Governance, Environment, Social, Human Rights, Business drivers , AccountAbilty 1   •   AIT, Bangkok  –   Course Advisor & Mentor Teaching Case-Bank for building capacity on teaching case-writing on micro  – finance 1   Published Report- State of Responsible Competitiveness 2007   Ambreen Waheed 2   •   Alert, UK-   “Business Perception mapping on Peace and Conflict” Lead Researcher & National Advisor   •   Asia-Pacific CSR Centre- CSR Benchmarking analysis and comparison in Asia Pacific. •   Cambridge University -  CSR Research: bridging the gap between and best practices on solving Child   labor and H & S issues •   CARE- Bangladesh- Understanding CSR and   Consumer Acceptance as Driver of Competitiveness,  GRI & RBF trainings •   CSR Centre-Bangladesh-  Technical Support on Responsible Business to Women  Entrepreneurs in the Supply Chain, Global •   CIDA, Canada  – Learning Information System: Innovative process-led Economic & Social Impact Analysis with built in M&E 2   •   CPBEP, CIDA & Semiotics Pakistan- E nhance Capacity of Education Department in Planning & Management  incl. HRM, EMIS, M& E, Interaction with Community and Gender Analytical Skills •   CIPE, USA - Lead   series of multi-stakeholder focus groups & roundtables toward CSR Policy and RB Guidelines 3   •   ENGRO Chemical Pakistan-  Sustainability   Reporting and CSR Strategy, SH Engagement (gaps identification and feedback for improvement in Social investment and community Interventions) •   European Union-  Led assessment process evaluating organizationa l effectiveness and M&E mechanisms developing  verifiable process controls for  improving organizational efficiency for leading development organizations •   EFMD-UN Global Compact, Belgium & USA- Founding Partner   “Globally Responsible Leaders Initiative”, Designing curriculum, Social Investment projects •   European Union/IA- National Advisor and lead researcher on “Business Partnership   for Peace”. •   FLO, Germany & Sweden- Market research for product feasibility and guidelines/criteria for sports-ball sourcing and auditing- designing and implementing enterprise development & capacity building programmes for SMEs and introducing fair trade standards to Pakistan in collaboration with Rattvisemarkt (Swedish Fair Trade). •   Fair Labor Association, USA-  Independent re-assessment of FLA Audits  by third party verifiers •   GEPA, Germany- Independent Assessment of sports-ball supply chain integrity (governance, environment, child labor, economic impact, human & labor rights and gender equity) in  Sialkot •   Global Compact Pakistan-  Steering Board member   for GC in Pakistan (tech support for training & implementation) 4   •   GC Learning Forum, USA- Founding member “ Globally   Responsible Leaders Foundation”: Business and Business School partnership for promoting Social & Environmental Responsibility •   Global Reporting Initiative, the Netherlands-  Management Committee & Chair, Emerging Markets Group, Team member developing Civil Society sector supplement for GRI (focusing on indicators on governance and Social impact of CS programs) •   GTZ & AVE-   Technical advisor for Multi stakeholder Roundtables on “Business Social Standards” •   ILO, Geneva-  outlining experience of developing and implementing organization-wide participatory internal monitoring syst ems in a multi-cultural organization. 5   •   Nike, Inc.-  Third Party  Social Auditor 6  for Nike inc. Supply Chain Management Audits, USA   •   Pakistan Compliance Initiative-  Initiator & Working Group member - designed and implemented unique multi-stakeholder Public Private Partnership developing institutional interventions for improving workplace standards •   Pakistan State Oil- CSR Strategy an d Case Study fo r Wharton Business School, USA   •   RSPN, Bhutan- Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility and regional experience sharing and capacity building   •   Saga Sports- Developed and implemented Social and Environment improvement processes and initiatives, including  state of the art Soccer Ball Stitching Centres for Women Workers •   Social Accountability International, USA-  Counterpart and co-trainer for SA8000 trainings in Pakistan •   South Asian Association for Responsible Business- Founding member and   national counterpart •   South Asian Forum for Responsible Business- Founding member and Chair- Building Civil Society regional organizations capacity •   Securities & Exchange Commission/UNDP- First multi sector CSR research leading to National CSR Strategy •   SME Development Authority-  Partner in CSR trainings & GRI Reporting  for SMEs in industrial clusters 2   Presented and recognized as innovative and best practical Model for “New Dimensions in M&E” by UNDP at INTAN Malaysia 1996.   3  Published Guidelines- RBG: A toolkit for winning Companies 2010 (FW integrates CG Transparency, values& principles, SH engagement, Environmental Compliance, Consumer and Product ethics into a Management Model)) 4  GC Principles focus on Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment Stewardship and Bribery & Corruption 5   Paper for ILO’s Executive Round Table,   6  Nike code of conduct include  Child labor , Workers Rights , Gender Equity,   Governance, community interventions, health & safety, education etc…     Ambreen Waheed 3   •   Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce- “GRI Enabling CSR ” trainings for private and public organizations •   UNIDO- National expert  for pioneering Triple Bottom Line (TBL) demonstration program in Asia 7   •   UNEP-  Organizing Executive member and panelist for Global Forum on Sports & Environment GforSE •   UN Global Compact-  Regional trainer for embedding Global Compact & Sustainability •   Un Global Compact  – PRME  –  Expert Group member developing Curriculum and teaching methodologies on Anti-Corruption  for 21 st  Century Business and Management Schools for 01/2001- 11/2002 National Expert for Pakistan, Triple Bottom-Line Project in South Asia UNITED NATIONS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, VIENNA, AUSTRIA Led UNIDO’s  pioneering triple-bottom-line (TBL) demonstration project that seeks to establish effective methodologies for enhancing enterprise profitability through tracking and improving financial, social and environmental performance, including: 01/1995  –  12/1998 Head of Learning Information System (LIS) CANADIAN SMALL PROJECTS OFFICE (SPO), ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN Member of organizational change- management team. Led SPO’s nation - wide network through transition into “learning organization ”. Completed from-scratch design and installation of community-centered IT-based system to track social development indicators in response to community interventions. Online system involved: •   Developing social monitoring and impact analysis indicators for community development interventions •   Choosing appropriate IT processes and procedures for Learning Information System (LIS) •   Prototyping, testing, installation & nation-wide user training for M&E social impact analysis and on-line LIS •   Generating real-time customized reports for management and program-level decision-makers 08/1992  –  09/1994 Software Engineer/Senior Analyst SYSTEMS LIMITED, LAHORE, PAKISTAN Core professional team member of Pakistan’s first international IT consulting firm, tasked with identifying and channeling or ganizational resources and development of scientific and client business applications packages in IBM/UNIX and AS/400 environments: •   Strategic assessment of client IT needs and technical inputs for solution development/implementation •   Coordination of team responsibilities and task management 03/1987 - 09/1990 Systems Engineer - Special Projects Group/Training Coordinator/Customer Services Engineer DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION, ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN Part of 4-member elite unit set up to develop cutting-edge solutions for large-scale applications in the corporate and governmental sectors, and coordinating specialized user training, backup support and troubleshooting. Most challenging projects included: •   Graphic and image compression software for the National ID Card project, Ministry of the Interior •   Computer literacy development at the National Assembly of Pakistan, Army General Headquarters, EME college Academic & Adjunct Appointments 06/1986  –  present Visiting/Adjunct Faculty Institut des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, ESSEC Business School, Paris-France, University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton School, Philadelphia-USA, University of Michigan, Business School, Ann Arbor-USA, Asian Institute for Technology (AIT), Bangkok-Thailand , Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), National University, FAST Institute of Computer Science (NU-FAST), Lahore-Pakistan, LEAD Pakistan  , Islamabad-Pakistan Education 09/1997  –  09/1998 Masters in Management (MPhil), 09/1997  –  07/1999 Britannia-Chevening Scholar, Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar JUDGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, UK Research: “Brand Image and Business Reality: Ethical Practices Standards Along Supply Chain s”  first srcinal CSR study of   ethical behavior incl.  Governance, Environment, Child labor and Human Rights gaps  in the Pakistani Sporting Goods Industry 09/1990  –  05/1991 Graduate coursework in Computer Communications 7  Developed TBL Methodology/ Assessment & Resource Efficiency Process (Return on Social & Environment Investment) then used by UNIDO National experts in other countries   Ambreen Waheed 4   SPEED SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL, UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE , USA  4.0 GPA in Distributed System Design and Computer Communications 04/1983  –  09/1986 Masters in Computer Science (MSc) UNIVERSITY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (LAHORE), PAKISTAN Honors and university-wide second position. Professional Training and Development 2017 “ Enhancing Board Effectiveness - Directors Training Program ”,   Certified to serve on Public and Private Companies Board , LUMS, Pakistan 2012   “Plural Business Partnership for Peace” in Pakistan National Advisor. International Alert, UK 2011 “Building Competitive Advantage through Leadership for Sustainability” National Australian Bank , Melbourne, Australia 2011   “Developing Responsible Leaders to address Environmental Issues”   La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia  2010 “ Shifting Gear: Globally Responsible Leadership & Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership”, GRLI , Boston, US 2008   “Inclusive and Sustainable Business: Creating Markets with Poor”, World Bank Institute , Washington DC, USA 2007   “Business & the Environ ment Program- Senior Executives Seminar”, Cambridge Programme on Industry , Cambridge, UK  2006 “ Sustainable Competitiveness - CEO Forum”, - TCS,  Confederation of Indian Industry , India 2005   “Business Role in Achieving MGDS ”, Global Compact & International Business Leaders’ Forum , New York, USA 2004   “Advance Social Auditing SA800” - Social Accountability International , USA 2003   “Labor Standards for Supply Chain”    –  M-Audit Training, Nike Inc. , Colombo Sri Lanka, 2003   “LUMS - McGill Training of Trainers”, Lahore University of Management Sciences , Lahore Pakistan 2002   “ Social Enterprise Development ” -ToT Programme, Lahore University of Management Sciences,  Lahore, Pakistan 2002   “Poverty Monitoring and Analysis” World Bank / Pakistan Institute of Development Economics , Islamabad, Pakistan 1999   “Building Stakeholder Relations”, Accountability / Copenhagen Business School , Copenhagen, Denmark 1998   "Social Auditing Tools and Techniques”, Institute of Social & Ethical Accountability , Vancouver BC, Canada 1998   “ Training Design & Participatory Training Techniques", Cambridge University , Cambridge, UK 1997   “Information Systems for Top Executives”, Lahore University of Management Sciences , Lahore, Pakistan 1996 “Monitoring and Evaluation”, INTAN-Malaysian Institute of Public Administration , KL, Malaysia 1996   “Assessing Organizational Capacity” ,  The Asia Foundation , Islamabad, Pakistan 1996 “NGDO Management”, Asian Institute of Technology & Chiang Mai University , Chiang Mai, Thailand Relevant Professional Output 2019 •   “Innovation Management Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: Regional Innovations”, Chair University of Economics, Prague •   “National Responsibility Framework: SDG Implementation policies & process”, Planning Commission of Pakistan.   2018 •   ” Responsible Entrepreneurship: Creating Responsible Markets , Workshop Trainer , Social Entrepreneurship Summit   , Lebanon   •   “ Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Rise of Renewables Revealing the Future of Energy ”   Moderator, Disruptive Sustainable Technologies ”, US   •   “ KAN -SCP & Global Responsibility Initiative”:  From knowledge to action on sustainable supply chains ”, Speaker,   German Future Earth Summit, Berlin   2017 •   “  Enabling Innovation: Responsible Business Framework: Business Link to Conservation ”   , UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya. •   “ Conservation Future: a New initiative aimed at bringing innovation to the challenge of conserving natural resources and ecosystem services  Invited Expert,  the Luc Hoffmann Institute and the  Oxford Martin School,  Nairobi, Kenya  •   Corporate Responsibility in achieving SDG’s: Further Development of a  Future Earth  Knowledge Action Network   on Systems of    Sustainable Consumption and Production” Presenter,   National Socio-environmental Synthesis Center  (SESYNC) Annapolis, US   •   “Value   through Value Chains” Research Group Chair, Knowledge Action Network Group on Global Value Chains, Future Earth, US   •   “Management Education for Responsibility and Ethics: An International Perspective” Speaker, PWD AOM, Atlanta, US •   “ Global Cleantech Innovation Program for SME & Startup Awards 2016” Mentor & Judge Business Ideas  –  Innovation & Commercialization, UNIDO   Ambreen Waheed 5   2016 •   “The dark side of corruption –   illicit activities and the social cost” Speaker, Asia Pacific Ethics & Compliance Summit, Ethix, Singapore   •   “Investment  in Supply Chain Management: From Managing Risk to Leveraging Human Capita in   Global Operations” Speaker, Bard College, NY .   •   “ Enhancing the role of reporting in attaining the Sustainable Development Goals: Integration of the environmental, social and governance information into companies reporting”, Speaker UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland •   “Review of good practices on enhancing the role of corporate reporting in attaining sustainable development goals” Member Con sultative Group, UNCTAD , Geneva, Switzerland   2015  –  2011   •   “  Challenges and Perspectives on Inclusive Business  & SDG, Speaker Responsible Management Education (RME) Research Conference on Inclusive Business, Egypt.  •   “Integrating  Responsibility into Corporate Culture : Integrated Reporting” The  Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), Pakistan •   “ Integrating ESG into Corporate Practices  Sustainability awareness conference Speaker Tundra, Pakistan  •   “ Integrating Ethics and Anti-Corruption: Alleviating Poverty along the Supply Chain   “ Speaker , Research Conference, Switzerland.  •   “Poverty  eradication as a responsibility of business and its implications for business curriculum and strategy.  “ Speaker Leveraging innovative and cross-country learning for poverty reduction:  Climbing the economic ladder Conference, Nicaragua   •   “Enhancing Transparency & Fighting Corruption” Responsible Business & Islam, Speaker Egyptian  Institute of Directors - Ministry of Investment, Egypt  •   “Peace through Responsible Practices: Mitigating Risks in Conflict Zones” UN  Global Compact London, UK   •   “Business Perception mapping on Peace and Conflict” Lead Researcher   •   “Responsible  Business Framework promoting Peace: Best CSR practices” Rio  + 20, Brazil •   “ Promoting UNGC: experiences from Pakistan” , Dominique Republic.   •   “  Towards a Business Integrity Toolkit : Weaving Anti-Corruption into Company Processes   with the Responsible Business Framework”, concept note for  WEF/ Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI), Davos, Switzerland •   “Towards Demonstrable Corporate Integrity : Piloti ng the Responsible Business Framework”,  Exploratory review of testing modalities for RBF”, Engro, Pakistan,   •   “ Climate Sustainability Governance: Ensuring greener economies, Social Wellbeing and Ecological Equity in a Post Rio+20 , Speaker Bonn Germany. •   “  Implementing SCP & CSR”   Speaker   10  th  APRSCP, Indonesia   •   “ I ntegrating Sustainability: RBI’s  Responsible Business Framework for Transparency, Accountability & Good Governance “, Speaker Global Convention Institute of Directors, London   2010-2006   •   “Responsible Business Guide: A toolkit for Winning Companies (RBI -CIPE 2010)   “ , Author •   “AA100 Stakeholder Engagement Standard”, Review AA100SES as specialist Technical Committee,  AccountAbility, UK •   “Deal or No Deal: Copenhagen Communique ”, The Prince of Wales's Leaders' Group  & Cambridge PSL, U •   “UN   Global Compact Leaders Forum”, United Nations, Invited representative for GCLN strategic  planning, USA •   “ The Blueprint of the Business School for Globally Responsible Leadership ”,  GRLI General Assembly, Initiating Partner, USA •   “The Business Case for Climate Responsibility”, Rio+20 Platform Consultation Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka •   “Corporate Climate Sustainability: Towards a Responsibl e Business Framework in a Green Economy ”,  Sri Lanka  
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