Cathlab Verification

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  Systern Rei Section 5 erence M anua1 1. INTRoo can The inforrnau . UCTION rnical user start using th on in this sect· that the c I e syst ion is r ã d nsure F ern Without pr 1~ 1 ited to a Quick System check. It shoUI e or a detailed d o erns. For FRU escript· related te . 10 n of the u sting (e 9 aft ser functions see the Instructions for Use. 1 · · er replacernent) see applicable product manua · NOTE no service ~~ ~ure that at the end o the system verification onitors. ,cations flags, messages, etc.) are visible on e m 2 VERIFICATION ITEMS 2.1. GENERAL Make sure that th e System Confi . . h sed licenses. guration and Customization is in line with the pure 8 2.2. POWER ON/OFF Switch off entire system Check that the Wi d . S ·t h n ows shut d ã on system. - own dialogs come up on the data monitor. Verify normal power on Check that an 'Emerge~c p . Y atrent comes up on the Patient Data Monitor after start-up. 2.3. S FETY DEVICES Check correct functioning of: ã Door contacts. ã Warning lights. ;he;~~~eunscy st0 P button(s). (A cold restart is required after using the stop button )_ . er messages for door contact and stop button are displayed on the Patient Data Monitor. 2.4. W RM RESTART Perform a warm restart. Check if Fast Restart Fluoroscopy (if configured) is working. 2.5. CUSTOMIZATION Select each application procedure on the Patient Data Monitor and check that these are valid. Look at symbol in the lower-left corner of the monitor: green open circle= valid, red cross= invalid. If many physicians have been customized: check a number of representing procedures. CSIP Level 1 1 2005-07-15 This document and the informat i on contained in it is proprietary and cdonfidd e ntial _ d . ( Ph . lips ) and may not be repro uce , cop e information_ f Philips Medical ~te ~isclo~ed to others , or disseminated wi thout the In whole or n part, adapted , m .1 8 ' f the Philips Legal Department. pnor wntten pe r m1ss1on o . . . N V Co ri ht © 2006 Kon i nkli j ke Ph l ps Electronics . . PY g ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 2 2006-02-24 4522 981 3 46 I 56 -2 I A4 / j u  System R f S . e erence Manual ectron 5 2 6 SCHEDULE PATIENT ã ã ã 2 7 Schedule a patient. Check if WLM (Work List Management) via RIS is possible . Drag the scheduled patient to Acquisition . FLUOROSCOPY Check if the available fluoroscopy flavors operate correctly. Pay attention to : System Verification ã X-ray on indicator. ã Control loop (mini mum maximum kV/mA values) during Normal and High level fluoroscopy. ã Patient Entrance Exposure rate (PEE) and SID correction (if applicable). ã High level fluo buzzer high level fluo control fluo buzzer (if applicable). ã Collimator shutters wedge filter (shutters and wedges on last image hold). ã Patient orientation. ã FD field size. ã LIH (if programmed). For biplane systems: ã Check the mentioned items for the Frontal channel and for the Lateral channel. ã Check biplane fluoroscopy. ã Check the channel indication. 2 8 XPOSUR Check if exposure operates correctly. Try different procedures, with short and long runs. Try a subtraction run. Pay attention to: ã X-ray on indicator. ã Collimator shutters wedge filter (during long run). ã Control loop (minimum maximum kV/mA values) during exposure. ã T estshot in vascular procedures For biplane systems: ã Check the mentioned items for the Frontal channel and for the Lateral channel. ã Check biplane exposure CSIP Level 1 This document and the information contained in it is proprietary and confidential _information _ f Philips Medical Systems _ Philips') and m y not be reproduced , copied n whole or m part adapted , modified , disclosed to others or dissem i nated without the prior written permission of the Philips Legal Department. Copyright© 2006 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 4522 98 3046 5 560 -3 1 2005-07-15 2 2006-02-24 I A4  I Systern Refere Section 5 nee Manual 2 9 IVlove - ENr Check stand and Par Pay attention to: rent support movem ent. ã Patient safety (bod ã Ernergency sto b YQuard sensor, current limllation), ã Range, P utton (see 2.2, Power-on/off), ã Srnooth movement. { l ~ ;tt/J ., . For biplane systems· d ã Check th ·. Lateral i tan ã Check the ~entioned it~ms for the Frontal stand and for th e ã -rtf{ ll (The e 0110 w mode function. ã sp ,  r~  . frontal a nd lateral stand rotate simultaneously at the sa m wnd r~_ . fl red, . . . n (cc rt1Pl e A) i s u/J CYJ JW ip  The Field Service Framewor1< has procedures to program an ;J;s > /nteg r o/Bd procedures can be found in : Diagnostics > Geometry> Functlona 2 10 VI WING OPTIONS mcnlfDfll  . . . , is ibf e on th e heck if all viewing options that are included in the license are v . Check if the viewing option icons can be activated: th Viewing monll? · ã Control room: Use the mouse to click on the option l<:<>nã , on n the UVe monitm', ã Examination room: Use the viewpad to select the option icons 2 11 ARCHIVING Check if patient data can be archived. fl , h d the verification ) (Don t forget to remove this patient when you have mrs e 2 12 XP R MODULES , dules are working, heck if the touch screens on the Xper mo 2 l SIP Level _ 1.. -ãã '~ 4522 981 3 046 i -ã . ' be ' ' · . : the informa ti on conPhifi¢) and may:; al 5Wliooted ,, lit1lovf me This document _n Medical Syste~k:fosed to othef\ 0eparlme nt · ot ,,.,. ed ,,,,,..., , ,,.,.,, _ <s NV. 5 4 j / informallOnin part . ad~pt , r111lsS ion of ~e Ph ilips E ectTon , L 25 _j J ~------ ---------   4 ....J ll whale or prior W1 1ll26o6 KoninkhJke ESERVED Copyright © ALL RIGHTS R  System R f S e erence Manual ac tions System Verification 2 13  OPTIONS Check if the . . ã M 1 ã requested options are present and working , such as : u lv1s1on ã Physio display ã Paper printer ã Film printer ã Intercom ã Video Cassette Recorder or DVD Recorder ã Xres ã MultiSwitch ã Pedestal ã XtraVision (3D-RA , 3D-CA , Stentboost , etc . ã R O (Real Time Output) ã lnJector ã HaemoSphere ã EP Med ã NOTE For mor detailed verification procedures for options  s th applicable Product Manuals. CSIP Level 1 Th is document and the i nf ormation conta in ed in it is proprietary and confidential I nformation of Ph il ips Medical Systems ( Phillps') and may nol be reproduced , copied In whol or In part , adapt ed , modified , d is closed to others , or disseminated withou t the prior wrillen perm issi on of the Ph ilips Legal D epartme nt Copyright© 2006 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 5 I 1 2005-07-15 2 2006-02 - 24 4522 981 3 46 560 -5 I A4 I I I


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