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  W   ARGAMES  , S OLDIERS  & S TRATEGY   91 1      T     H     E     M     E FOOL ME THREE TIMES! ROME FALLS FOR ANOTHER CARTHAGINIAN AMBUSH By David Davies  The saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” But what about three times? After the battles of the Trebia (218 BC) and Lake Trasimene (217 BC), the Roman military had time and again walked into am-bushes set up by Hannibal, and had paid the price dearly. Trebia had cost at least half of the Roman forces involved and Trasimene was a near-total victory. A s a response to the Carthaginian threat, Rome appointed Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus as dictator for one year. In his adopted strategy (called the ‘Fabian strat-egy’), the Roman army would shadow the enemy and harass them, cutting off supply lines, and win by a war of attrition. Rome would only engage the Carthaginians when the terms were favourable.At Ager Falernus, Fabius successfully surrounded Han-nibal’s army and fortified all the passes and bridges out of the area. Cut off from their supply lines, it would only be a matter of time before the Carthaginians’ provisions would run out and they would starve. However, Fabius hadn’t allowed for the ingenuity of the Carthaginian general. Hannibal attacked one of the outposts guarding a pass at night, using stampeding oxen with firebrands lashed to their tails. These, supported by the Carthagin-ian infantry, broke the Roman guards and took the pass. Fearing further ambushes at night, Fabius waited until dawn before following after the Carthaginians.Fabius’ strategy, however, became unpopular in Rome, and he was recalled to defend his actions, leaving his sec-ond-in-command Marcus Minucius Rufus in command. Meanwhile, Hannibal had taken the city of Geronium, intending to spend the winter there. Disobeying orders, Minucius moved his camp closer to the city and sought to actively engage the enemy. When some of the Carthagin-ians left the city to forage, he saw an opportunity to harass and harry them. At this point Hannibal’s greatest asset, his numerically superior cavalry, were being rested and thus they were mostly absent from the coming battles. THE FIRST SKIRMISHES Initially, Hannibal built a camp overlooking the Roman position, guarded by 2000 Numidian spearmen, but this was stormed by the Romans. A second Carthaginian camp was built outside the town to defend and support the foraging effort, giving safe refuge from Roman attack.The Romans intensified their attacks on the foraging parties. As his aggressive tactics seemed to be paying off, Minucius decided to risk storming the newly built fort with the all the forces he had available.Hannibal found himself with only a fraction of his forces (some out foraging and some in Geronium) and facing the Roman army. Some historians say he sallied forth to meet the attackers, but Polybius states he de-fended the fort (the most likely option).Despite the Roman losses (approximately 5000 dead to 6000 enemies), Minucius’ attack was seen as a great vic-tory. Hannibal abandoned the fort and retreated to Gero-nium. The Senate of Rome elevated Minucius to the equal rank of dictator (much to Fabius’ probable annoyance).Fabius offered Minucius a choice: either control the army on alternate days (as was the Roman custom) or take control of half the Roman army. Minucius chose the latter and camped his half of the army separately from Fabius, closer to Geronium. Watching these devel-opments closely and learning from prisoners of the rift in the Roman command structure and of Minucius’ am-bition, Hannibal saw an opportunity. If he could trick Minucius into attacking, he could surround his army and defeat it. But it would take skill to entice the Ro-man general into attacking… THE BATTLE OF GERONIUM Initially, the Carthaginians had been facing a Roman force that outnumbered them. With the rift in the Ro-man camp, the force facing them had been halved.Hannibal’s plan was simple: lure the Romans into a skir-mish battle and then slowly increase the forces involved, forcing the Romans to commit even more forces and eventually the Legions to try and win the fight. When the legions were in the heat of battle, Hannibal would unleash his hidden flanking force and surround them.  W   ARGAMES  , S OLDIERS  & S TRATEGY   91 2 The game This is a standard pitched battle scenario with the fol-lowing exceptions: Start by placing only the skirmishing forces on the board, some 12” apart. This represents the initial skirmish. The Romans have the first turn as the at-tackers. From turn 2 onwards, either side can commit their cavalry, arriving from their respective board edge. Once the cavalry are engaged in combat, in the follow-ing turn, line infantry reinforcements can be brought on (again from the board edge). In any turn after the Roman line infantry have been committed, the Carthaginians can call in their flank attack forces from one or either flanks.The Roman general can call upon Fabius’ forces at any time after the flank attack is launched; they will arrive in the next one to two turns. However, then Minucius will have lost face, and at best the game will be a draw. The following forces are a suggestion of the size of forces for a standard game; feel free to adjust them to fit the size of your armies. Suggested forces – Roman ã General Minucius (Standard quality) ã Three units of velites (shield) ã Two units of Roman cavalry ã Three units of principes (armour and shield) ã Six units of hastati (shield) ã Three units of triarii (armour and shield)The Roman commander has the option of calling in more forces by asking Fabius for help, but that will mean that the Roman general can at best claim a draw (as Fabius will take all the credit for any victory). Fabius' force should be the same size as the one shown above. Suggested forces – Carthaginian ã General Hannibal Barca (Exceptional General) ã Three units of skirmishers ã Three units of allied cavalry (Carthaginian and allies) ã Three units of Carthaginian veteran spearmen (ar-mour and shield) ã Three units of Numidian spearmen (shield) ã Four units of allied Gallic and Italian infantry (shield) ã Three units of concealed light infantry (the hid-den flanking force) ã One unit of concealed light cavalry (the hidden flanking force) HISTORICAL CONCLUSION As predicted, the skirmishers clashed, but as they risked being overwhelmed, Minucius committed his cavalry. When that too was in danger of being over-whelmed, he pushed his legions forward, unaware of the trap that was about to be sprung upon him. When Minucius’ legions were in danger of being overwhelmed, he called for the help of Fabius. See-ing Fabius’ troops arrive, Hannibal is alleged to have exclaimed, “That cloud on the mountains has broken in storm at last!” The Carthaginians wisely retreated from the combined armies. Yet again, Hannibal had outwitted the Romans and Mi-nucius had only been saved from disaster by the timely intervention of Fabius. The more sceptical amongst you might think that Fabius foresaw the trap and moved his forces closer so he could rescue Minucius at just the right time to take the credit… THE AFTERMATH After the battle, Minucius declared Fabius his ‘father’, effectively swearing loyalty to him and giving up his dictatorship title. Both the Romans and Carthaginians settled down in winter quarters. When Fabius’ term as dictator expired, it was not renewed by the Senate, and the ever-impatient Roman people wanted Hannibal dealt with. Thus Gaius Terentius Varro and Lucius Ae-milius Paullus were elected consuls for the year, and then marched to meet Hannibal’s army and their fate at Cannae in 216 BC, which was to prove Hannibal’s greatest victory. Fool me four times? WS&S The Roman vanguard advances towards the enemy.


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