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Appreciated among its clients across the nation for trading, importing and distributing the best quality of Medical Equipment, Aarna Systems were established in the year 2009 at Udaipur district of Rajasthan. The product range offered by us consists of Ultrasound Bone Densitometers, Bone Densitometry and Bone Density Scan. These medical equipment and accessories are sourced from trusted vendors, to ensure high standards of quality. Owing to their optimum functionality, low maintenance, high performance and longer serving life, these medical equipment and accessories are highly demanded. The offered range of medical equipment and allied products are highly appreciated in various research laboratories, health centers and hospitals.
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  • 1. -d""’- Body Composition Ana| yser_ Jawon Medical Co. , Ltd has earned CE (Europe), FDA (USA) and KFDA (Korea). Its Quality and achievement have been approved by these certificate.
  • 2. . The technology of our company makes the professional body composition analyzer N ' light weight and performs the whole function. 3 5 3 REL1m: :ImY CONVENIENCE VISUAL COMMUNICATFING2 FQR HEALTH
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  • 6. FOR YO R HEALTHY 8: BEAUTIFUL LIFE mi 353 can analyze correctly human body} mystery that (annot see externally. C C ' O I 3 aonv comrosmon ANALYSIS jaAvv¥o9r!1N , . ,1 'F; _L_al! '. #90 H Date 2008-06-08 15.25.11 Bod! TYPO W W Height 155.4 cm Age 49 yrs «[ - 3 W959“! 69.0 ks: Gender Fema Ie 11*, “ any“ _| Body Composition W I _‘___ ‘ Weight I Ovet Std. wt. Lmmgm ' V5” 69.0 53.1 ~ 147.3-53.41 L. B.M. lover Body Fat 43.8 252 Lona: Lula Mu [37.2~4z5l Lowweim muunr S. L.M. I Over Minus} BOGJFII 403 B. M.l. (34.2-39.31 T. B.W. / Over Protein / Over s°9""°“'°' A‘3°5°""°'“ 31.5 8.8 MI]: ml floor FII 2 SM! lain Mn! - t2s.7~3o. sl (754151 Slum stanaauwevu La» Leanuoavumss Sl ‘ Lt . Rt. $4: I Learn Mass I E w Vans 3 may Walt. -t M mus! is consewm v-2 u: .mn-are KM asseaamuny ot unacv Optima! and (Nov vs uncut. -<1 by smnaavu Wt! fl’l5 unfiomr (‘. owonsmontu me Assessment ot Weight Control 6 Weight no K Lt, Fll. B. M.| . " ”" . ;.. . P. B.F. ‘° ’" ‘ S. L.M. " ’° M mmw PM nun Lmm Rt. Nm rm um Rt. Lao ”' “’’'"‘‘°‘ “‘“”"'‘’°‘’'‘“ mar, 1.83 1.59 13.75 4.10 3.32 AbdomlnalAnalysIs S. LM _ 2.53 l 2.80 20.20} 7.45 7.47 Type Lave‘ ‘3 | Blood Pressure (6 on V~F'A~c, ,, 110 Systolic 137 Diastolic 86 mmuo mmng 920 (Lass man aacm) w run. | O.90(o.7o -0.85) Pulse 36 ' born You need to control 550 Item from T. E.E. I922 kcal. B U et Diet Dlescnotuon I702kcm Weight Tagettooontrol +11_9 M s F 25.2 +11.9 1Contro! /week 0.5 S. L.M. 40.3 [ +3.6 0uva**°n°'<= °nv 24 week B. M.Ft. 1248 kcal 1.2.2. | E1 922 kcab B°d"°°"'°°°"'°" °"°"°° §§.67> 25.5 A M 5 5 3 yrs Impedance ---W ' ' ' Mm 69.0 l 25.2 40.3 -. « H ~. ~- » rt .1,’ 1' 9 I: a A»; Volau-sc u. r,. , ‘L r muumrwl-xw-«mm A v e N: -rm-tw-1 0‘ way Mr: Matched ol flow .3 la'm: n(. n valms font-cl audit we r. .m<u uoncupmn In: .-mg. -.s: «»a wI‘m: my you‘ may and M A W W W W J ioi3S3 A4 RESULT SHEET
  • 7. Environmental parameters -tar It-unit-In Contents llltb? -Lela It is selected whether ID is used for subjects or not. -Yr-It---iiitqv Compensating measured value of weight scale It-Ilitav Compensating the weight of clothes worn '4ilIlI_I1¢l-‘lllltlli Adjusting print position to fit to the pre-formatted result sheet in the direction of up/ down and left/ right Imtzultut-— Setting current date and time It-; :t- Printing hospital name, address, contact information, and logo Specification M ' ioi 353 Ilia-. i= aiit-: - BIA via tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes Era‘-tliuutgu-lint: 5, S0, 250 Ill: . v.r-. ».t«. -m. mi-. witoebooyandsegmmralniemenemmglnamfiginlesenamerxiegmdumlo : m-Imtau Protein, Mineral, Total Body water, Mass of Body Fat, Soft Lean Mass. Lean Body Mass, weight. standard weight, 8.M. l., Percent Body Fat. Age Matched of Body. Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Energy Expenditure, Body type, 5 body pans (right arm, right leg, left arm, left leg. and trunk) Soft Lean Mass/ Mass of Body Fat and assessment. Body Composition Change. Control guide (weight/ Mass of Body Fat/ Soft Lean Mass Control, Goal to control, Controvweek, Duration of control, Diet prescription calorie, Exercise prescription calorie), Visceral Fat Area, Visceral Fat Level. Abdominal Circumference. W. H.R. , Easy to measure regardless of Impedance, Blood pressure (when connected with blood pressure monitor of heigh‘ 35 ¢°""eC‘5°" “able om wmpany) on the measuring handle I| IrNIl' Within 280ml '4-mu-mm-inr-Ill-to 60VA :1-I-motlizl, -ll‘ Input: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output: DC I2 V, SA adapter Ills-thy 7 inch wide color LCD lII_'l'll-it-t'il('— Key pad, PC remote control lFlIHlIl'liilIL! IIl4'IT(‘— USB port. RS-232 port (Wireless) '«IiI: IilrL-I-tam-. USB port. Thermal Printerloptionl lllrrluwllilb 400x735x890mm(WxDx H, j: lO. w.-) '. 'l-.11-Iii About 10kg (main unit) t'Il‘«’-K1'IflIl: Ifi| Il: l‘- lO0~9SOQ °9°"'”‘ . 'll= r.>1nr1rL-Iilui: Within 1 minute lIl'lIlIil= iL~ll| ‘ l00~200cm . 'Il: m1vuilrt: I't'i=1I: IiI» l0~200kg S~89 years old OI-'-mitt-nr. InIiIt-m Temperature l0~40'C , Humidity 30-75% (non-condensing) ~10: -ummriitsm Temperature -20-60'C. Humidity Less than 95% (non—condensing) or For purposes of improvement. specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Comlicalron d Jawon (Em JAWDN MEDICAL www jawoncom JAWON MEDICAL C0s. LTD(TM Mold Oilicol rncronv I vpoeviy sum =1 I/ “.‘rV| "a7Ed0 it, my ><m: :;. x.; 5g»: :.l #2 gar go-was 'E_ E2*53*35t3-0993 >-1X E2*5]'856-D995 E‘l"£ll Iqwcnii awoflcom FACTORY ll 1 W86 ti Ivn; .1'o - Cur compw mm: w I be changed : Kru”'i'~1" Ctr Kru‘t7:fl: J L3,»: -7 / ‘I2 S33 KORLA JA 1 VE'. )lCA_
  • 8. Established in 2008, we Aama Systems are renowned Importer, Trader, Supplier and Distributor (in India) of Ultrasound Bone Densitometer, Body Composition Analyzer and Portable BMD Machine. We are importer & distributor (in India) of Ultrasound Bone Dcnsitometer CM-200 of Furuno Electric Company Limited, Japan and Professional Body Composition Analyzer I01 353 of Jawon Medical, Korea. . B_o. ,t! :;_£inuJps§im_AJb&I§. lodrl .0. 353 — Make: Jawon Medical, Korea - Portable Body Composition Analyzer. - 1 Machine = 32 Results - Sensational Design, Reliability & Convenience. - The Product uses 5 Factors. viz. Weight, Height, Gender, Age and impedance to analyze the whole body. - Best products for Brand Centers of MLM companies, Hospitals, Clinics, Gyms, Slimming Centers, Spas, Hotels, Resorts, BIO Medical Departments of hospitals etc. - Best product for personal use, Doctors, Professionals, Trainers, Sports & Athletes, Patients, etc. Body Composition Analyzer [OI 353 is certified by CE, FDA, EN ISO 13485 & the reports are accredited with WHO and NIH standards. For more details about us, you can visit us at www. aamasystems. in, www. indiamart. com/ aamasystems www. bonedensitometer. in, www. aartech. co. in, and www. aamasystems. tradeindiacom | _IIu1i_ttf_tg: _§_»h I ' AARNA SYSTEMS Hiran Magri. Sec. - 4. Udaipur-313 002 (Raj. ) India Phone : +91 -294-24641 36 Fax 2 +91-294-2464136 Cell : +9194603 28176, 097837 41286 Website : www. aarnasystems. in | wvvw. indiamart. com/ aamasystems www. bonedensitometer. in | wvvw. aamasystems. tradeindia. com E-mail : dkanthaIiya@gmail. com | info@aamasystems. in
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