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  ANDC TROPHY 2019-20  – COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE   National Association of Students of Architecture Annual NASA Design Competition | 2019-20 EMBARK SDPS WOMEN’S COLLEGE UNREVEALING OF SOCIAL PRODUCTION PROCESSES IN RURAL HABITAT BACKGROUND One set of places and people in India that have missed out on the fruits of modernity on account of advancement in science, technology, economy and society are the rural settlements--- as many as 6.30 lakhs--- and the villagers -–some 900 million people. Not only has the rural economy stagnated, the character of the rural habitat has declined considerably, despite investment in infrastructure. Shelter making, which was essentially a people process, which reflected owner and community control on the resources and decision making, and therefore produced “people’s Habitat” has been changed. Even if over-simplification there is no denying that in majority of cases the rural landscape has declined, its social cohesion has suffered, and its built form has lost its charm, vitality and character. The modern day architects who are alienated from the rural reality know very little about the processes that created rural settlements, and in many cases are still doing so--a social process that brings capital, labour, skills and other resources together in a creative synthesis to produce a consensual product in form of live-able shelters and settlements, which by current standards are very sustainable as they are frugal in use of resources, in harmony with nature and people centric. This competition attempts to expose the students of architecture to the rural India from which they are alienated personally, professionally and socially, in a way that makes them see and interpret the informal community social processes that shape the Indian rural settlements and engage in a design process that imparts a new modernity while retaining its “people/community in the center” context. “EMBARKING THE JOURNEY OF A CONTEMPLATIVE FUTURE ON FOOTPRINTS OF BYGONES” OBJECTIVES 01. To introduce to the students of architecture to the rural reality, especially to the rural habitat, its status and multiple challenges of survival, character retention and development in the modern-day context of changes in the structure of the economy and urbanization trends. 02. Engaging them in identifying, understanding, analysing, documenting and presenting the various elements of the social production process through which over generations the rural habitat has been crated and using them creatively in a design process to give the rural settlements a modern idiom and form while retaining its people/community context.  ANDC TROPHY 2019-20  – COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE   National Association of Students of Architecture Annual NASA Design Competition | 2019-20 EMBARK SDPS WOMEN’S COLLEGE THE PROGRAMME 01. Study and documentation: Identification, analysis, documentation and presentation of minimum 5 elements of the social production of the habitat process in a selected village. 02. Design: Design of a section of the village that includes an integrated community/ neighbourhood and at least one community element, using the identified elements of social production processes to give it a contemporary idiom and a modern look. THE SITE The selection of the village, its location, condition and character are all left to the discretion of the competing student. The selected village, however, should have a population of more than 100 families. Also, it should be an ‘srcinal’ village, not a rehabilitated or resettled village following a disaster or resettlement. REQUIREMENTS 01. Maximum four A1 sheets wherein minimum one sheet is for documentation. 02. A video documentary which presents analysis, learning most accurately and creatively (Minimum 2 minutes -- Maximum 3 minutes duration) GENERAL GUIDELINES ã Choice of sheets, scale is left to the discretion of the participant(s) to the condition that the scale should be in metric system and all the drawings should be clear and legible. (Qty A 1 size). ã The format of the sheet should contain a square box of 25mm*25mm at the bottom right hand corner, next to the NASA INDIA logo which should have the unique registration number allotted to the participants after registrations. ã No 3D projection or relief projection is allowed on the sheets. ã The sheets format shall clearly mention ANDC 2019 ã Manually rendered entry should be scanned at 300*300dpi resolution. ã The soft copy (non - editable format) of the sheets and video link should be uploaded on the website failing which the submission will be considered incomplete and the entry shall be disqualified. If the soft copy file of the sheets is damaged or in low resolution, the entry shall be disqualified. ã Any of the submitted material i.e., sheets or the video not following the submission guidelines including incorrect NASA INDIA logo or the general brief guidelines shall not be considered and submitted to the jury for judging purpose. ã Note - Maximum Five (05) Number of Entries Will Be Accepted Per College. ã Any misconduct such as exposing identity through college name/ stamp participant(s) name or college code on the sheets or the video will be disqualified.  ANDC TROPHY 2019-20  – COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE   National Association of Students of Architecture Annual NASA Design Competition | 2019-20 EMBARK SDPS WOMEN’S COLLEGE ã Submission of blank sheets will directly lead to the disqualification of that entry. NASA Logo Guidelines ã NASA Logo shall always be placed on the right-hand bottom corner of the sheet with a margin of 10mm from right and bottom of the page. ã NASA logo should not be merged, overlapped etc. with any sort of text, graphic, image, etc. ã NASA logo should be true black with a perfectly white background. ã FOR A1 SHEET NASA INDIA LOGO SIZE SHOULD BE 30MM X 52.50MM WITH 10MM CLEAR BORDER ON ALL 4 SIDES. ã All videos being submitted should be preceded by the 62nd Year Animation Video (NASA Logo and EMBARK Logo Animation), available at, followed by the Unique Registration code and then the contents of the video. If this exact format is not followed for the video, the entry shall be disqualified. The duration of the animation is not considered in the minimum and maximum limit of the video. CHECKLIST FOR SUBMISSION 1. Hard copy of the sheets. 2. Soft copy of the sheet along with the video link to be uploaded on NASA India website - 3. Registration form. 4. Authenticating letter from college H.O.D. for each entry with the name of participant(s) and stating the unit shall abide by whatever may be the final results and also agree that this entry is a property of both the institute and NASA India. 5. Declaration by the participant(s) stating the work submitted is genuine and they have endorsed copy- rights for the same and to adhere by all the rules and regulations, Jury process and the results. 6. Editable format of the sheets has to be submitted during the Annual NASA Convention (Applicable only for shortlisted entries). 7. The editable formats of the shortlisted entries should be submitted to the Council at ANC, failing which, the submission requirements would be deemed incomplete leading to the prize money and Unit Secretary Certificate being withheld. IMPORTANT DATES The release of brief: Wednesday, 15 th  May 2019 Registration opens from: Monday, 10 th  June 2019 Registration closes on: Monday, 17 th  June 2019 Queries till: Monday, 15 th  July 2019 Submission deadline: Friday, 9 th  August 2019  ANDC TROPHY 2019-20  – COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE   National Association of Students of Architecture Annual NASA Design Competition | 2019-20 EMBARK SDPS WOMEN’S COLLEGE OTHER INFORMATION For queries, submit at Multiple entries from one institute/college are permitted. But all the entries should be uploaded separately during the time of online submission. Registration should be done by the Unit secretary in NASA India website before the deadline. Kindly print the form on the college letterhead along with the attestation by the college H.O.D. Principal/Director respectively and upload the scanned copy of the same during registration. Late Registration and submission will not be entertained and henceforth the defaulters will be disqualified. The host college will not be responsible for any damage caused to the sheets/video. The Unit Secretary of the participating unit is responsible for submitting the hard copy of the sheets to the Host College as well as soft copy of sheets and video in the online submission. The courier details including the Tracking number and the contact information of the participants should be mentioned at the time of online submission. ADDRESS TO BE MAILED/POSTED/COURIERED AT: THE ANDC 2019 CO-ORDINATOR, COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE, SDPS (SMT. DHAIRYA PRABHADEVI SOJATIA) WOMEN’S COLLEGE Khandwa Road, Beside New Ranibagh, Opp. Bilawali Tank, Indore - 452001 (M.P.) CONTACT NO. :- 7909666292, 9669892811 IMPORTANT CONTACTS ANDC Coordinator: Shivani Ahuja E-mail ID: Unit Secretary: Sheetal Bhandari Unit Designee: Vidushi Goyal


Sep 22, 2019
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