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2019 Updated CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam dumps in September

SY0-501 exam is a required test of CompTIA Security+ certification. New updated CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam dumps are available, which are valuable for you to pass the test.
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    CompTIA SY0-501 exam dumps have been updated. Full Version of SY0-501 Exam Dumps   Share SY0-501 Exam Dumps Below.  1.   A company is implementing a system to transfer direct deposit information to a financial institution. One of the requirements is that the financial institution must be certain that the deposit amounts within the file have not been changed. Which of the following should be used to meet the requirement? A. Key escrow B. Perfect forward secrecy C. Transport encryption D. Digital signatures E. File encryption Answer:  D 2.An organization uses a Kerberos-based LDAP service for network authentication. The service is also utilized for internal web applications. Finally access to terminal applications is achieved using the same authentication method by joining the legacy system to the Kerberos realm. This company is using Kerberos to achieve which of the following?    A. Trusted Operating System B. Rule-based access control C. Single sign on D. Mandatory access control Answer:  C 3.A recent audit has revealed that all employees in the bookkeeping department have access to confidential payroll information, while only two members of the bookkeeping department have job duties that require access to the confidential information. Which of the following can be implemented to reduce the risk of this information becoming compromised in this scenario? (Select TWO) A. Rule-based access control B. Role-based access control C. Data loss prevention D. Separation of duties E. Group-based permissions Answer:  BE 4.A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is steering company towards cloud computing. The CEO is requesting a federated sign-on method to have users sign into the sales application. Which of the following methods will be effective for this purpose? A. SAML B. RADIUS C. Kerberos D. LDAP Answer:  A 5.An administrator is configuring a new Linux web server where each user account is confined to a cheroot jail. Which of the following describes this type of control?    A. SysV B. Sandbox C. Zone D. Segmentation Answer:  B 6.Recently clients are stating they can no longer access a secure banking site's webpage. In reviewing the clients' web browser settings, the certificate chain is showing the following: Certificate Chain: X Digi Cert Digi Cert High assurance C3 * Certificate Store: Digi Cert - Others Certificate Store Digi Cert High assurance C3 - Others Certificate Store Based on the information provided, which of the following is the problem when connecting to the website? A. The certificate signature request was invalid B. Key escrow is failing for the certificate authority C. The certificate authority has revoked the certificate D. The clients do not trust the certificate authority Answer:  C 7.A company often processes sensitive data for the government. The company also processes a large amount of commercial work and as such is often providing tours to potential customers that take them into various workspaces. Which of the following security methods can provide protection against tour participants viewing sensitive information at minimal cost?    A. Strong passwords B. Screen protectors C. Clean-desk policy D. Mantraps Answer:  C 8.Joe is a helpdesk specialist. During a routine audit, a company discovered that his credentials were used while he was on vacation. The investigation further confirmed that Joe still has his badge and it was last used to exit the facility. Which of the following access control methods is MOST appropriate for preventing such occurrences in the future? A. Access control where the credentials cannot be used except when the associated badge is in the facility B. Access control where system administrators may limit which users can access their systems C. Access control where employee's access permissions is based on the job title D. Access control system where badges are only issued to cleared personnel Answer:  A 9.A security architect is designing an enterprise solution for the sales force of a corporation which handles sensitive customer data. The solution must allow users to work from remote offices and support traveling users. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate control for the architect to focus onto ensure confidentiality of data stored on laptops? A. Full-disk encryption B. Digital sign C. Federated identity management D. Cable locks    Answer:  A 10.A security administrator needs a method to ensure that only employees can get onto the internal network when plugging into a network switch. Which of the following BEST meets that requirement? A. NAC B. UTM C. DMZ D. VPN Answer:  A
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