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VICE, SYPHILIS, GONORRHOEA, MAKE FOR RACE DESTRUCTION. MONTHLY BULLETIN Indiana State BoardofHealth [Entered as second-class matter at the Indianapolis Post office VOLUME XVIII. INDIANAPOLIS, MARCH, 1915.
VICE, SYPHILIS, GONORRHOEA, MAKE FOR RACE DESTRUCTION. MONTHLY BULLETIN Indiana State BoardofHealth [Entered as second-class matter at the Indianapolis Post office VOLUME XVIII. INDIANAPOLIS, MARCH, NUMBER 8 25 Cents a Year T HENRY DAVIS. M. D., PRESIDENT..... Richmond. JAMES S. BOYERS. M D.., VICE- PRESIDENT..,....,,.,.. Decatur. J. L. FREELAND, M. P... - Indianapolis H. H.SUTTON. M. D... Aurora. J, N. HURTY, M.. D. PHAR. D. SECRETARY,...,.,...,.,.,.,... Indianapolis WM. F. KING, M.D. ASST. SECRETARY AND EPIDEMIOLOGIST. J. L. ANDERSON CHIEF CLERK, CHAS. A- CARTER M. D....STATISTICIAN. WM. SHIMER, A B.. M. P... SUPT, BACTERIOLOGICAL LABORATORY. ADA E. SCHWEITZER, M. D... ASSISTANT BACTERIOLOGIST. W. V. BOYLE, M. D.. ASST. PATHOLOGIST. S. E. BARNARD, B. s....state FOOD AND DRUG COMISSIONER AND CHEMIST. B. E. BISHOP, B. S.....ASSISTANT CHEMIST. JOHN C DRUGS ENGINEER AND WATER CHEMIST. WILL H. McABEE.. DRUG CHEMIST. R, L. SACKETT, C. E SANITARY ENGINEER. The MONTHLY BULLETIN will be sent to all health officers and dep* iities in the State. Health officers and deputies should carefully read and file each copy for future reference. This Is very important, for we expect to print instructions, rules and general information, which It will be necessary for officers to preserve. CONTENTS, Page Births for March Abstract of Mortality Statistics for March Cleanup Day in Indiana Summary of Morbidity and Mortality for March Health Officers. Attention 26 Six Hundred Loads of Trash 26 Report, of Bacteriological Laboratory Patients Who Have Finished Pasteur Treatment 27 Clara Helmuth 21 Report of the Department of Food and Drugs Inspectors' Reports for Month of March An Ordinance Concerning Sanitary Sewers, Privy Vaults, Cess Pools and Sewerage Connections, to Promote the Public Health and Providing a Penalty for the Violation Notice to Venders of Lemonade. Orangeade and Other Beverages Circular Letter No Circular Letter No A Sanitary City Perhaps What God Gives a Boy» Commendatory Resolutions ,30 Mrs, Anna Slater 30 What We Need,. 30 It Is Very Difficult,..., The Disgusting Openness. 31 Borax Kills Fly Eggs The Inland Steel Company Health First Smallpox at Newcastle. 31 Further Progress Will Not How to Manage in This Instance A Liar and a Thief A Defective Health Officer 32 Ex-President William H. Taft Violators of Quarantine The Doctor is An Enemy Moses is Wanted ,32 Chart Showing Geographical Distribution of Deaths Table 1. Deaths in Indiana by Counties Table 2, Deaths in Indiana by Cities.. 35 Mortality in Indiana for March US. Weather Report for March. 36 BIRTHS FOR MARCH, 1915, Total births. 5,070 (stillbirths excluded) ; state rate Males, 2,585: females. 2,485. White males ; White females, Colored births. 94; males 42. females 52. Stillbirths. 109: white 164. colored 5. Northern Sanitary Section, population , reports 1.1)47 births; rate. 28,3. Central Sanitary Section, population 1,165,270, reports 1.S94 births: rate Southern Sanitary Section. population 676,74$, report? 1220 births: rate, Highest rate. Lake County Lowest rate. Scott County Total number of births to date for ,181. ABSTRACT OF MORTALITY STATISTICS FOR MARCH, Total deaths reported, 3,732; rate In the preceding month, 3,307 deaths; rate In the same month hist year, deaths; rate Deaths by important ages were: Under 1 year of age, 571 or 15.3 per cent of total; 1 to 4, 147; 5 to 9, 66: 10 to 14, 37; 15 to 19, 77; 05 and over, 1,379 or 37.1 per cent of total. SANITARY SECTIONS ; The Northern Sanitary Section, population 982,219, reports 1,257 deaths; rate In the preceding month. 1,088 deaths: rate, In the same month Inst year, 1,142 deaths; rate, THE CENTRAL SANITARY SECTION, population 1,105,270, reports 1,610 deaths; rate, 16.3, In the preceding month, 1,422 deaths; rate, In the same month last year, deaths; rate, THE SOUTHERN SANITARY SECTION, population reports 85G deaths; rate In the preceding month. 797 deaths; rate, In the same month last year, 832 deaths: rate, REVIEW OF SECTIONS: The Central Sanitary Section presents the highest death rate,, which is 18 higher than the rate for the whole State. The Northern Sanitary Section presents the highest death rate for whooping cough, diarrhea and enteritis, poliomyelitis, influenza, and smallpox. The Central Sanitary Section presents the highest death rate for diphtheria, pneumonia, cerebrospinal fever, puerperal septicemia, cancer and external causes. The Southern Sanitary Section presents the highest death rate for pulmonary tuberculosis, typhoid fever, scarlet fever and measles, RURAL: Population 1,552,080. reports 1? 945 deaths; rate, In the preceding month, 1,077 deaths; rate, In the same month last year, 1,800 deaths; rate, 13,0. URBAN: Population 1, reports deaths: rate, 10,5* In the preceding month, deaths; rate In the same month last year, 1,796 deaths; rate, 15,9. The cities named present the following death rates: Indianapolis, 18.1; Evansville, 14.3: Ft. Wayne, 14.1: Terre Haute, 17.4: South Bend, 14.6; Gary, 12.S: Miracle, 12.5; Hammond, 15.9; Richmond. 20.1; Anderson, 14,5; East Chicago. 18.7; Elkhart, 16.3; Lafayette 31.5: Michigan City, 15.3: New Albany, 19.4; Logansport. 17.4: Marion, CLEAN-UP DAY in Indiana is very popular this year. A study of newspaper clippings supports the estimate that 75 per cent, of the cities and towns of Indiana have had or will haveclean-up Bays, In most towns the women and school children have been the important factors In the Clean-Up movement. In only a few towns have the business men been prominent to this good work of promoting the business interests of their towns. 26 MONTHLY BULLETIN. INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. SUMMARY OF MORBIDITY AND MORTALITY FOR MARCH, Scarlet fever was reported as tint* must prevalent disease. The order of prevalence was as follows; Scarlet fever, tonsillitis, influenza, acute bronchitis, lobar pneumonia, acute rheumatism, bronchial pneumonia, smallpox, measles. diphtheria and croup, pulmonary tuberculosis, chickenpox, typhoid fever, whooping cough, erysipelas, diarrhea and enteritis, other forms of tuberculosis, intermittent and remittent fever, malaria fever, dysentery, cerebrospinal fever, cholera morbus, puerperal fever, rabies in human, poliomyelitis, rabies in animals. SMALLPOX : 524 cases in 42 counties with 1 death. The following counties reported smallpox present: Allen 2. Benton 1, Blackford 23 cases and 1 death, Delaware 82. Dubois 3. Elkhart 4, Floyd 5, Fountain 5, Gibson T, Hamilton 3, Hancock 3, Henry 0. Howard 1. Huntington 20..Tackson 1. Jay 13, Jefferson 2, Knox 41. Lake 4. Lawrence 2, Madison 4, Marion 10, Miami 4, Newton 11. Orange 8, Parke 7, Pike 32. Posey 1 ». Putnam *l, Randolph 3. Ripley S, Scott 7, Switzerland i*. Tippecanoe 3, Vanderburgh 53, Vi?i 0, Warrick 4. Washington 2, White 5, TUBERCULOSIS: 411 deaths, ot which 304 were of the pulmonary form and 47 other forms, Male tuberculosisdeaths numbered 2.14; females 107. Of the male tuberculosis deaths, 43 were married in the age period 18 to 44) and left Si J orphans under 12 years of age. Of the females 00 were married In the same aire period as above and left 120 orphans under 12 years of age, Total orphans under 12 years of age made in one month by this preventable disease 200. Number of homes invaded PNEUMONIA: 528 deaths; rate, per 100,000. In the preceding month, 548 deaths; rate In the same month last year 482 deaths; rate, Of the pneumonia deaths 221 were under 5 years of age. TYPHOID FEVER: 101 rases in 25 counties with 3.1 deaths. In the preceding month 71 cases in 20 counties with 23 deaths. In the same mouth last year 132 cases in 37 counties with 45 deaths. DIPHTHERIA : 187 eases in 40 counties with 20 deaths. In the preceding month 251 cases in 41 counties with 30 deaths. In the same month last year 180 eases in 4.1 counties with 33 deaths. SCARLET FEVER: 381 cases in 01 counties with 18 deaths. In the preceding Mouth 524 cases in 53 counties with 7 deaths. In the same month last year 002 cases in 57 counties with 10 deaths. MEASLES: 1)02 eases in 41 counties with 7 deaths. In the preceding month 831 cases in 37 counties with 5 deaths. In the same month last year 1,955 cases in 0*5 counties with 21 deaths. POLIOMYELITIS: 3 cases in 3 counties with 2 deaths. The deaths occurred in Cass County, female 3 years; Dekalb County, male 0 mouths, RABIES IX HUMAN: 20 persons bitten by rabid animals find treated by the State Board of Health during the month of March. There were no deaths. EXTERNAL CAUSES; Total deaths 101; males 201. females 40. suicides total, 42; males 35, females 7. Means of suicide, poison 12, asphyxia 2. hanging or strangulation 3. drowning 1. firearms 18, cutting or piercing instruments 4. jumping from high place 1. crushing 1. or undefined total, 138; males 101), females 20. Poisoning by food % other acute poisonings 3, conflagration 14 (of which 13 occurred in the burning of the Delaware County Infirmary i. absorption of deleterious gases (conflagration excepted J 2. accidental drowning 2. traumatism by fireams 2, traumatism by cutting or piercing: instruments 0. traumatism by talis 32. traumatism hi mines UK traumatism by machine 4, railroad accidents and injuries 21. street car accidents ami injuries 5, automobile accidents and, Injuries 3, injuries by other vehicles 10. other crushing* 3. injuries by animals 1. fractures (cause not si e«'iiiedl 1, other external violence 3. llt$mividv total. 11: males 7, females 4. By firearms o. other means 5, HEALTH OFFICERS, ATTENTION. Delayed Birth and Death Certificates* Each month the statistical department receives certificates for births and deaths that have occurred during preceding months, which are not sent to this department in time to be tabulated with the report for the current month. Wth the report for March the following counties named below were delinquent in the matter: BIRTHS. Adams 2. Allen 12 (Ft. Wayne 2, New Haven 1, Harlan 1), Bartholomew 1 (Clifford), Blackford 2. Boone 2 ( Zions ville li. Carroll I. Cass 3 (Walton), Clark 3 Henryville IE Clay l, Clinton 1 (Frankfort). Daviess 3 Elnora . Decatur 3 (Greensburg 1 ). Dekalb 1 (Garrett). Delaware 0 (Muncie 3), Dubois 1 (lluntiugburg), Elkhart 1. Floyd 2 (New Albany), Gibson 2 (Haubstadt 1). Grant II (Marion 1). Hamilton 2 (Noblesville 1), Harrison 1, Hendricks L Henry 5 (Newcastle 4. Middletown l). Jackson 1 (Brownstown). Jasper 3 ( Wheatfield . Jay 1 (Portland 1 for October. 1014). Jennings 1 for December, 1014, Johnson 1, Knox 5 (Sandborn 1). Lake 0 (Hammond 3. Whiting 1. Gary 2, for December anil one for August, 1012). Madison 2 (Orestes J). Marion 3 (Indianapolis 2). Marshall 3. Miami 2, Montgomery 1 (Crawfordsville), Morgan 3 (Paragon 1). Newton 5 (Morocco 1). Noble 2. Parke 1. Randolph 1, Rush 1. Steuben 2. St. Joseph 13 (South Bend 10. Mishawaka 1). Sullivan 1 (city). Tippecanoe 7 (Lafayette 3 (West Lafayette 2), Tipton 3, Vanderburgh 5 (Evansville). Wabash 3. Wayne 1 (Centerville Wells 4 (Bluffton 1), Whitley 5 (Columbia City 2). Total, 153. DEATHS. Allen 2 (New Haven). Boone 4, Carroll 3 (Delphi IK Clay 3, Clinton 1, Crawford 1. Dearborn 2 (Aurora 1). Delaware 1. Elkhart 1, Grant 0. Harrison 4 (one for June, 1014), Jefferson 1 (Madison). Knox 1 (Deckers, Kosciusko 1 ( Pierceton Lake 1. Laporte 2 (Michigan City 1), Madison 2 (Orestes 1), Martin 1 (Shoals), Monroe 2, Montgomery 3. Morgan 1. Parke 3. Perry 1 (Tell City). Pulaski (Francisville 1), Randolph 3 (Union City 1 for December. 1914), Spencer 1, Starke 2 (Hamlet 1). Steuben 3. 2 (Columbia City 1). Total. 64. SIX HUNDRED LOADS OF TRASH were gathered up and hauled out at the annual cleaning up in Washington, Daviess County, Indiana. This statement is made upon authority of the Washington Herald. By actual count said paper says that 277 wagon loads were removed in one day. After this cleaning it will be much to the honor of Washington to keep clean ami it is much easier and much less.accidental expensive and more profitable than it is to get dirty and then clean up again. Washington is to be congratulated on account of the excellent cleaning up accomplished by her citizens. MONTHLY BULLETIN, INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. 27 REPORT' OF BACTERIOLOGICAL LABORATORY, INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH, FOR MARCH Sputum for tubercle bacilli Urine for tubercle bacilli Feces for tubercle bacilli Spinal fluid for tubercle bacilli... Pus for tubercle bacilli- Widal tests for typhoid fever Paratyphoid tests for typhoid fever Throat cultures for diphtheria bacilli Suspicious...:... Unsatisfactory Epidemic Diphtherias Suspicious... Brains for rabies Dogs: Cats: Cows: Hogs: Horses: Feces miscellaneous Blood for counts.. Blood for malaria Plasmodia Pathological tissues- Carcinoma of uterus... Carcinoma of cervix... Carcinoma of breast Carcinoma of rectum... Carcinoma of prostate gland... Carcinoma of larynx Carcinoma of lip Carcinoma of axillary gland Carcinoma location not given.... Sarcoma, maxillary sinus... Miscellaneous tissues Urine for chemical analysis... Pus for gonococci Females; Males: Sex not given:... Spinal fluid for meningococci... Thoracic fluid Throat smears for meningococci Stomach contents.... Secretion from cow for gonococci Total examinations made... Examinations of diphtheria cultures on potassium tellurate media ; Grand total examinations made... Doses of antityphoid vaccine prepared and sent out OUTFITS PREPARED AND SENT OUT DURING MARCH, Tuberculosis Diphtheria Diphtheria epidemics Widals Gonococci Blood counts Malaria Bile Media Total number outfits. PATIENTS WHO HAVE FINISHED 'PASTEUR TREATMENT THIS MONTH. NAME. Town. County, Age. Sex Fay Gullion Willis Barfield... Mrs. L. Duncan... Lena Blaco...'... Floyd Clark Manie Wise... Milestone... Helen Rademacher., Velma Ballinger Elizabeth Miller... Dorothy Morgan... Mr. Wm. Shotts Mr. Hairy Porter... Miss E. Johnson.... Ralph Hunter... Mrs. Charles Ruble.. Ellen Ruble Mrs. Minnie Levi Mr. Charles Habig.. Mr. Bert Wolfe... Miss Kitty Clyde... W. Lebanon. New Albany, Frankfort... Frankfort... Indianapolis, Indianapolis Logansport.. Greensburg - - Greensburg. Warren.. Floyd... Marion.,. Clinton., Clinton,.. Marion... Marion,.. Cass- Decatur.. Decatur,. Marion.,, Marion.. Marion.. Treatment Began. Treatment Finished. CLARA HELMUTH is the twentieth child born to Mrs. Henry Helmuth of Marshall County, Indiana. Twelve of the twenty arc living. Mrs. Helmuth was born and reared in Indiana and is now forty-six years old. Both of her parents were German and her husband also Is German. The certificate of birth of Clara, born March 17, 1015, is signed by the father, no physician or midwife being present. 28 MONTHLY BULLETIN. INDIANA STATU BOARD OF HEALTH REPORT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF FOOD AND DRUGS, INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH, FOR MARCH, H. E, BARNARD, STATE FOOD AND DRUG COMMISSIONER. During the month of March 57 samples of food were analyzed, of which 4 were found to be legal and 11 illegal. The two.samples -of flour submitted for analysis were found, upon examination, to be bleached. This fact was not stated on the label and the samples were classed as illegal. Twenty-live samples of milk were.sent in for analysis. Three of the samples were found to be below standard and were classed as illegal. The two temperance beers submitted for analysis contained more than the legal amount of alcohol and were classed as Illegal. Twenty-nine drug samples were analyzed during the month, including eight samples of Fowler's Solution. Three of these samples were classed as illegal. Two of the illegal solution* were slightly below the V. H, P. standard in that they contained 9C.4% of the required amount of arsenic while the third contained but 86.4 per cent. RESULTS OF ANALYSIS OF FOODS AND DRUGS DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH, 1913, CLASSIFICATION. Beverages Temperance Been... Flour... Jelly... Maple syrup... Meat. Milk... Milk Products Butter... Cream Ice cream... Sausage Vinegar Total... DRUGS. Alcohol Brandy. Fowler's solution Linseed oil Patent medicines... v,. Preparations of the extract of cod liver oil.. Miscellaneous...,,.,, Total... Number Legal Number Illegal. Total. Of the 0 slaughterhouses visited one was good, 3 fair. 4 poor, arid one bad. One hundred and seventeen prescription weights and balances were tested. Of this number 74 were good, 31 fair and 12 bad. One hundred and twenty-five condemnation 'notices were issued during the month. In 108 eases unsanitary conditions existed and iu 104 instances the places were improperly built. INSPECTORS REPORT MADE DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH, Dairies.,,...,... Grocery stores Meat markets Drug stores... Bakeries and confectioneries. Hotels and restaurants,.. Slaughter houses., Cream station Creameries - fish markets Ice cream parlors.. Bottling works Poultry houses Flour mills.,,, Canningfactories., ' 1 No. ' No. No. No.! No. I No. Inspected. ; Excellent., Good. Fair. ' Poor. Bad. NOTICES OF CONDEMNATION DURING THE MONTH OF MARCH CLASSIFICATION, Bakeries Bottling works... Canning factories... Confectioneries... Dairies,,... Drug stores... Fish markets Groceries.. Grocery and meat markets.. Hotels and restaurants... Meat markets. Restaurants. Slaughterhouses Wholesale store room... Total... Reasons for Condemnation. Unsanitary Conditions. Improper Construction. Total. INSPECTORS* REPORTS FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH, One thousand and eighteen inspections were made during the month of March. Nine places were found to be in excellent condition, 482 were in good condition, fair, 58 poor and 8 bad. Of the 82 dairies inspected 17 were rated good, 37 fair, 25 poor and 3 bad. Of the 346 grocery stores visited 5 were in excellent condition, 170 good, 181 fair. 2 poor and 2 bad. One hundred and thirty-six meal markets were inspected during the month. Of this number 54 were rated good, 78 fair, 3 poor and one bad. Of the 100 drug stores inspected one was classed as excellent, 129 good, 20 fair and one poor. One hundred and seventeen bakeries and confectioneries were visited; '2 were rated excellent, 54 good, 57 fair and 4 i oor. One hundred and seventeen hotels and restaurants were inspected. Of this number one was rated excellent, 37 good. 74 fair, 4 poor and one bad. Thirty-two canning factories were visited this month. Of this number 8 were classed as good, 10 fair and 14 poor. AX ORDINANCE CONCERNING SANITARY SEWERS. PRIVY VAULTS, CESSPOOLS AND SEWERAGE CONNECTIONS, TO PROMOTE THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION. Section 1. Be it ordained by the Common Council of the City of Logansport, Ind., that privy vaults, cesspools and all other receptacles for the accumulation of filth or sewerage on any. premises within the corporate limits of The City of Logansport. except as hereinafter provided, shall he. and the same are hereby declared a nuisance. Sec 2. That every owner or owners of real estate within the corporate limits of the city of Logansport, in districts in which a sanitary sewer has been, or shall have been constructed, and as soon as constructed and accepted by the city, is hereby required and ordered to thoroughly clean out, disinfect and abandon all privy vaults, cesspools and other receptacles for the collection of sewerage that are or may be located on their said premises; and within one year from the passage of this ordinance, such owners of real estate in districts where any such sewer is completed, and owners of real estate in districts wherein sanitary sewers may he hereafter extended and constructed. upon the completion and acceptance of such sewer by the MONTHLY BULLETIN, INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. 29 city, shall install sanitary water closets so arranged as to be adequately Hushed with water, and thereafter maintained in a sanitary condition. And such water closets shall he connected to the sewerage system of said district. under such regulations as the city may from time to time adopt, and under permit to he granted by the city authorities. Provided,
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