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In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Nueces Mosque Charter and Operational Procedures

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Nueces Mosque Charter and Operational Procedures THE FUNDAMENTAL STATUTE: The Nueces Mosque operates under the auspices of the Islamic Center
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In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful Nueces Mosque Charter and Operational Procedures THE FUNDAMENTAL STATUTE: The Nueces Mosque operates under the auspices of the Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA). The loyalty of Nueces Mosque is to Allah, the Almighty, and its objective is to please Him. In all its activities, the mosque is guided by the Quran, the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the Sunnah of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs (Ahl-e-Sunnah-wal-Jama'at). The sources and stipulations of its operational procedures shall not disagree with the stipulations of the Holy Quran, the established Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the constitution and bylaws of ICGA. ARTICLE 1: NAME AND AFFILIATION The name of this mosque is Nueces Mosque. The principal office of the mosque shall be located in the city of Austin, county of Travis, and state of Texas. Nueces Mosque is a subsidiary of Islamic Center of Greater Austin (ICGA), and hence is bound by its constitution and bylaws. ARTICLE 2: PURPOSE OF THE MOSQUE The primary purpose of Nueces Mosque is to provide religious accommodations and relevant services for the University of Texas (UT) students as well as the greater Austin Muslim community. Objectives of the Mosque 2.1 To provide a suitable place and atmosphere for Muslims to perform the five daily prayers and the Friday (Jum'ah) prayer. 2.2 To promote the right understanding of Islam as a faith, a basis of spiritual understanding, a source of legislation, and a comprehensive mode of life among Muslims. 2.3 To strengthen the communal ties among all Muslims. 2.4 To raise awareness amongst non-muslims about Islam, treat them amicably, and promote viable Da wah programs. 2.5 To perform the religious rites necessary for Muslims in the central Austin and downtown area. 2.6 To meet the needs of Muslim college students in Austin within the capability of the Mosque. 2.7 To cooperate with other institutions having similar aims and objectives. 2.8 To actively participate in relevant social causes with regards to local Austin communities. 2.9 Any Shariah decisions, within the confines of Nueces Mosque, shall be made by the Imam. If there is a contention among the GA, the EC, or the Imam, the Imam will be consulted first. In the case it does not get resolved, it will be directed to the ICGA Director or the Board of Trustees (BT) for final decision. ARTICLE 3: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (EC) Section 3.1: The Structure of the EC The Executive Committee consists of: 1. President 2. Vice President/Admin 3. Finance Director 4. Education Director 5. Outreach Director 6. Public Relations Director 7. Publicity Director 8. Hospitality Director 9. Resident Assistant and Property Manager Section 3.2: Objectives and Responsibilities of the EC: The ICGA BT makes the final decision and approval in matters concerning major financial transactions such as buying/selling of properties, construction/remodeling of buildings and investments The ICGA Director and BT, in consultation with the EC, will appoint an Imam to lead all the religious activities at the Mosque The EC will strive to find solutions to problems arising between members of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee or between Executive Committee members. In any dispute that involves two or more EC members, the EC President intervenes to resolve the issue. The dispute should be resolved within a 14 day period. The President s decision is considered final. In the event of an escalation to the ICGA BT, it remains at their discretion whether or not to give any further consideration to the case. In the event the ICGA BT considers the dispute, their decision shall be considered final The EC is responsible for the organization and coordination of mosque activities and has the right to appoint specialized committees to assist them in these endeavors The ICGA BT is responsible for the signing of all deeds, legal documents, and major financial agreements Every month, the EC will prepare a report concerning the activities and budget of Nueces Mosque. This report will be posted on the Nueces Mosque bulletin boards as well as sent to the ICGA BT The EC will meet at least once a week. The EC has the right to call an emergency meeting if necessary. When both male and female EC members are present, proper Islamic rulings and requirements shall be observed and strictly followed to maintain a proper Islamic environment and etiquettes The EC decisions will be taken by simple majority vote of the present members. In the event of a tie vote, members will deliberate and recast the vote until there is a majority. At least five (5) EC members must attend a meeting to establish its quorum All meeting decisions of the EC will be recorded in writing. The records of the EC meetings are to be accessible to any of the General Assembly members, upon written request All proposals and requests concerning general affairs are to be submitted in writing to the EC. The person(s) who submit(s) the proposal should be invited to the EC meeting to discuss the proposal. Each proposal must be discussed and addressed within one month from the date of its submission. The person(s) who submit(s) the proposal or request must be informed of the result after the decision is made The EC shall have the authority to remove any of its fellow members due to incompetence or other serious issues affecting the EC s ability to meet its goals and responsibilities. A 2/3 majority vote of all other EC members shall be required to remove an EC member with approval from the ICGA BT. A due, fair, and transparent process must be followed that clearly documents reasons and justification for any termination action. Section 3.3: Duties of Executive Committee Members 1. President Responsible for ensuring the effective running of Nueces Mosque. Representative and spokesperson of Nueces Mosque with ICGA & other organizations. Facilitating communication between the General Assembly and Executive Committee. Dealing with disputes and emergency situations that arise among the Executive Committee and General Assembly. Responsible for reporting current activities to the ICGA BT, and to create a smooth communication channel between the BT and EC. 2. Vice President/Administrative Director Acting as the director of administrative and operational affairs of the mosque. Assisting in the general coordination and function of the Executive Committee. Making accessible Executive Committee meeting minutes within a reasonable period of time. Updating the list of members names, addresses, telephone numbers and addresses every semester. Serves as the acting president if needed, and provides any needed or requested assistance by the President. Keeping the Association registered with the University of Texas and the state of Texas. 3. Finance Director Maintaining records of all the financial transactions of Nueces Mosque. Responsible for the systematic upkeep of books, writing disbursements, and receipts. Collecting and depositing all funds received on behalf of Nueces Mosque. Presenting, before the Executive Committee, a report of the status of the mosque s financial affairs, including all donations received. Abiding by all local, state, and federal financial record keeping requirements and keeping all financial records in an audit ready status. Reporting monthly financial reports to the EC and ICGA BT. Preparing an annual budget for EC approval, then presenting it to the ICGA BT for review and approval. 4. Education Director Responsible for the Friday Khutbah schedules in coordination with the Imam. Responsible for anything related to education including, but not limited to: o Organizing Islamic classes. o Maintaining the library. Collecting feedback from the suggestion box on a monthly basis and presenting the concerns to the Executive Committee. 5. Outreach Director Responsible for connecting with non-muslim religious communities and connecting the Imam to the local community. Keeping the Imam informed of, and seeking his advice on, interfaith activities. Providing Mosque tours and hosting open houses. Providing Da wah materials in consultation with the Imam. Coordinate tabling on campus to provide Da wah materials to students. Keeping in mind community service activities. 6. Public Relations Director Responsible for creating relations with high school and college Muslim students. Organizing activities for the Muslim community. Keeping in mind community service activities. Coordinating and maintaining communication with the UT Muslim Student Association (MSA) and other Muslim organizations. Increasing awareness of the mosque among Muslims in the surrounding community. 7. Publicity Director Creating flyers and publicizing events to the General Assembly and the greater Austin community. Communicating the regular activities of Nueces Mosque to the General Assembly through the listserv. Updating the Nueces Mosque website and uploading all related content pertaining to the mosque. Maintaining and updating the Nueces Mosque listserv. 8. Hospitality Director Creating a welcoming environment and setting a friendly tone for the mosque. Establishes and coordinates events at the mosque. Accommodating congregants with disabilities, and facilitating their needs within the capacity of the mosque. Responsible for dealing with mosque social services (i.e. homeless, the needy, battered women) and providing Humanitarian Assistance Packets. Organizing and coordinating the Ramadan Iftaars. 9. Resident Assistant and Property Manager Taking care of various apartment related issues including, but not limited to, maintenance and resident conflicts. Ensuring the presence of security and safety of the congregants. Documenting incidents that occur at the mosque. Upholding the security protocol and the property management manual. Coordinating with the ICGA Property Manager on all facility related repair, maintenance, and improvements tasks. ARTICLE 4: IMAM 4.1 In the event of a dispute concerning a matter of religious purpose, the congregation shall acquire a ruling over matters falling under the definition of Religious Activity from the appointed Imam at Nueces Mosque. 4.2 The Imam reports to the ICGA Director and/or ICGA Board of Trustees appointed representative for Nueces Mosque (BT Nueces Representative). 4.3 The Imam is expected to fully cooperate with the EC and establish close working relations with them. 4.4 The expected duties of the Imam are outlined in the Imam s contract with ICGA. ARTICLE 5: FINANCING Section 5.1: Resources of the mosque will include the following sources: Donations Sadaqah Funds Any income gained from Nueces Mosque activities, and Islamic investments, in compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and statutes Any conditional donations approved by the Executive Committee. Section 5.2: Regulations of the mosque's Finances: The mosque s funds are to be deposited in an account under the name of Islamic Center of Greater Austin . This account shall be a separate sub-account used exclusively for Nueces Mosque operations and shall be separate from all other ICGA sub-accounts. If possible, the account should be in an Islamic Bank, or with an Islamic institution No part of the income or property of Nueces Mosque shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, directors, officers, or other private persons except as charity to needy people or organizations approved by the EC. ARTICLE 6: EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SELECTIONS Members of the Nueces Mosque EC shall serve as officers of ICGA. These officers will be appointed in compliance with the ICGA Constitution and Bylaws, specifically Article 8, Sections 1 and 2, as stated below: Article 8, Section 1 Election and Term of Office The Officers of the Corporation shall be appointed for a one year term by the Board of Trustees at an annual meeting of the Board of Trustees. If the election of officers shall not be held at such meeting, such election shall be held as soon thereafter as conveniently may be. Vacancies may be filled or new offices created and filled at any meeting of the Board of Trustees. Each officer shall hold office until his successor shall have been duly elected. The board of trustees may elect any of the Board members to serve as officers of the Corporation. Article 8, Section 2 Officers Officers of the Corporation are outlined in Section 3.1 above and such other officers as may be elected in accordance with the provisions of this article. The Board of Trustees may elect to appoint such other officers, Including one or more assistant treasurers, an administrator of the center and an Imam, as it shall deem desirable. Such officers shall have the authority to perform the duties prescribed, from time to time, by the Board of Trustees. Any two or more offices may be held by the same person The Nueces Mosque EC nomination committee shall submit their recommendations to the ICGA BT for their consideration and confirmation (approval). While the ICGA BT is not bound by these recommendations, the BT will consider them with due diligence. Details of the nomination procedure are outlined below: For All Positions All nominees must read and agree to implement the principles in this charter if they are selected to the office. The Nomination Committee must make clear to all candidates: o The seriousness of the position, what each position exactly entails, and the responsibility to Allah (SWT) that each candidate will have after accepting a position. The Prophet (saw) invited us and we took the oath of allegiance, the oath to obey him in willingness as well as unwillingness, in difficulty as well as in easiness, and (to be) above our selfishness and that we would not challenge the authority of its rightful holders unless we saw clear kufr for which you have proof from Allah (swt). Narrated by Ubadah bin as-samit as an authentic tradition. No nominee may actively campaign for a position or in favor or against any candidate at any time prior to the final nomination vote. If they do so, the Nomination Committee shall immediately disqualify him/her from the nomination. However, nominations must be submitted in writing with two reasons as to why they feel a particular candidate is qualified for the position. O Abdur Rahman bin Samarah, never ask for leadership, for if you were given it on asking, you are lost to it. If you are given it without asking you are helped with it. Narrated by Abdur Rahman bin Samarah as an authentic tradition. I and two of my cousins came to the Prophet (SAW), one of them said, O Prophet of Allah appoint to us some office entrusted to you by Allah. The other one also said something similar to this. The Prophet(saw) replied, By God, we will never entrust this job to one who asks for it or aspires to it. Narrated by Musa al-ashari an authentic tradition. All nominees must be from the General Assembly of Nueces Mosque. No individual shall be denied the right to a position based on gender, race or ethnicity. All nominees should have been active members of Nueces Mosque. Nominations will be taken from the General Assembly and nominators must state the reasons for nominating the individual on the nomination form. In the case that only one sister is elected to the Executive Committee, the EC must do everything in its power to appoint another sister to come to the meeting. If this is not possible, then other accommodations must be made. Newly selected officer remains in office for a full year term. Upon early resignation, an officer should be appointed. This appointed officer shall serve the remainder of said resignee's term. A new full term officer should then be selected during the appropriate selections time for the position as indicated below. Appointment occurs when a position is vacant mid term. An officer shall be appointed by an appointment committee formed by the EC. Candidates can be ex-ec members, current EC members, or members of the General Assembly. Nominations can only come from EC members and this will remain an internal process. Candidates will be interviewed by the committee adequately prior to appointment. EC positions will be selected during the following timetable: Winter Selections: President, Finance, PR, Outreach, Hospitality Summer Selections: VP, RA, Education, Publicity The Nomination Procedure It will be the job of the current Vice President/Admin and at least one brother and one sister nominated by the EC to oversee the selection process and establish the EC Nomination Committee. The nomination committee must have a minimum of two General Assembly members. These individuals along with the current EC, Committee Chairs, and any ex-officer approved by 2/3 of the entire EC will constitute the Nomination Committee. In the first meeting concerning nomination (preferably the first meeting in April), nominations will be taken from any General Assembly member by the Nomination Committee. All nominees and nominators for the EC must be from the General Assembly. Nominations may be taken no later than the beginning of the third meeting or an equivalent two weeks following the initial nomination announcement. The GA will be notified about the nomination deadlines by at least one week before the deadline. In the third meeting or equivalent of two weeks, nominees will be announced after the Nomination Committee has confirmed their eligibility and the candidates have accepted. The reasons submitted to the Nomination Committee by the nominators will be read off by the Nomination Committee at this meeting. A list of these final nominees will be posted for the GA before the Nomination Meeting. If a nominee is also selected to be in the nomination committee, the individual will not participate in his/her position s selection. The last meeting in the nomination process will consist of the Vote of Nomination. All members of the Nomination Committee shall be notified with the time and location of this meeting at least 24 hours in advance. The number of members present at the meeting may vote. The ballot will be a list of candidates for each position. Members vote Yes for approval and No for rejection for each position. Nomination results shall be sent to the ICGA BT via for final approval. The BT will review the nomination, ensure that the Nomination Committee followed its nomination process faithfully, interview the nominees if deemed necessary, and make its final decision in an expeditious manner. If any officer on the New Officers List is rejected by the ICGA BT, the BT may ask the Nomination Committee to meet once more to select another nominee from the final nominees list for that position. Another Vote of Approval will take place at the next meeting for the position which was rejected. All of the officers shall have a right to the final vote as members. The ICGA BT approved list of new EC officers will be posted on the Nueces listserv and should be announced by the following meeting. All EC members must hand over their files for the year and train the new successor for the position as soon as possible following the selection. In case of an emergency, the EC can override these rules by a 2/3 majority and set a temporary selection process. These changes shall be sent to the ICGA BT for approval, and will come into effect once approved by the ICGA BT in writing. After Selections All newly selected officers must read and sign their own copy of the Charter. ARTICLE 7: DISSOLUTION If due to some extreme circumstance the Organization (Nueces Mosque) is forced to dissolve, then the EC is to turn over all responsibility to the ICGA BT. ARTICLE 8: RULES OF PROCEDURE Nueces Mosque will be governed by an operational procedure and by the rules and procedures, the latter of which will be formulated by the EC and approved by the ICGA BT. ARTICLE 9: AMENDMENTS TO THE OPERATIONAL PROCEDURE 9.1 With the exception of the Fundamental


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