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  Bernas Primer Notes Available for: Reading online, printing, downloading as PDF or TXT Contribute to Scribd to access this document. Thanks for uploading to Scribd in the past! To make Scribd an active and valuable community, we ask users to upload one quality document for every one they download. 1987 - 2006 Political Law Bar   Exam Question   With ... - Scribd Political  - Law  - Bar  -Exam- Question -With-Sug...  Sep 10, 2010 - People ( 2003 ) 18 Doctrine of Incorporation;. Constitutional Law ... Investigation; Extrajudicial Confession; Police Line- Up  (1994) 26 Custodial. Investigation; Police ... BAR  Q&A (as arranged by Topics) - POLITICAL LAW   (1987-2006). Freedom of ..... State to provide compensatiqruGGESTED  ANSWER :. Hello. We would need more information so that we can properly assist you. Please text back and let us know what this number is from and how we may assist you with that number. ou can call All Taxi Management Inc., the taxi garage for medallion number 5H97, at 718-361-0055 to see if your wallet was turned in there, or you can call the Police Lost and Found in the borough you were traveling by taxi in to see if it's been turned in there. Text back with borough information and we will get that number for you. For more information you can visit: Contribute to Scribd to access this document. Thanks for uploading to Scribd in the past! To make Scribd an active and valuable community, we ask users to upload one quality document for every one they download. Collection of Sum of Money  . - Free Legal Advice Philippines collection-of-sum-of-mo  ... Translate this page     -    -   6 authors I will make a complaint   while a partner will answer   it and vice versa. ... Now, i've been trying to research cases of collection of sum of money  for ...   GAMING CPU FOR SALE: Core2Quad 2.4ghz QuadCore  INTEL Q6600 processor 8mb Cache, copperbased cpu fan   ABIT Quad GT Copper Heatpipe Motherboard   85OOGT 128 BIT DEDICATED GRAPHIC CARD 4gig RAM DDR2 8GIG max   No HArddrive free 20gbHDD windows XPSP3 installed OFFICE 2010   ADOBE ACROBAT for testing purposes..   600watts True Logic Power Supply   INTEGRA Cool and Durable Casing   Side Fan with Blower JUDGE MEDEL ARNALDO B. BELEN,   REGIONAL TRIAL COURT, BRANCH 36, CALAMBA CITY, Thus, the Court found that the respondent failed to exercise the required   diligence in handling complainant’s  cause since he: (1) failed to represent   her competently and diligently by acting and proffering professional advice   beyond the proper bounds of law; and, (2) abandoned his client’s  cause   while the grave coercion case against them was pending. WHEREFORE, the Court FINDS and PRONOUNCES Atty. EDGARDO O. ERA guilty of violating Rule 15.03 of Canon 15, and Canon 17 of the Code of Professional Responsibility; and SUSPENDS him from the practice of law for two years effective upon his receipt of the decision, with a warning that his commission of a similar offense will be dealt with more severely.   Issue: Whether respondent should be suspended from practice of law for using intemperate language in his pleadings Held: NO. There is no doubt that Atty. Flores failed to obey the trial court's order to submit proof of his MCLE compliance notwithstanding the several opportunities given him.  Atty. Flores also employed intemperate language in his pleadings. As an officer of the court, Atty. Flores is expected to be circumspect in his language. However, the court found the recommended penalty too harsh and not commensurate with the infractions committed by the respondent. It appears that this is the first infraction committed by respondent. Also, the court is not prepared to impose on the respondent the penalty of one-year suspension for humanitarian reasons. Respondent manifested before this Court that he has been in the practice of law for half a  century. Thus, he is already in his twilight years. Considering the foregoing, the court deem it proper to fine respondent and to remind him to be more circumspect in his acts and to obey and respect court processes. CAYETANO V MONSOD 201 SCRA 210, 1991 FACTS Monsod was nominated by President Aquino to the position of Chairman of the COMELEC on April 25, 1991. Cayetano opposed the nomination because allegedly Monsod does not possess the required qualification of having been engaged in the practice of law for at least ten years. Challenging the validity of th e confirmation by the Commission on Appointments of Monsod’s nomination, petitioner filed a petition for Certiorari and Prohibition praying that said confirmation and the consequent appointment of Monsod as Chairman of the Commission on Elections be declared null and void because Monsod did not meet the requirement of having practiced law for the last ten years. ISSUE: Whether or not Monsod satisfies the requirement of the position of Chairman of the COMELEC. HELD: The practice of law is not limited to the conduct of cases in court. A person is also considered to be in the practice of law when he: “. . . for valuable consideration engages in the business of advising person, firms, associations or corporations as to their rights under the law, or appears in a representative capacity as an advocate in proceedings pending or prospective, before any court, commissioner, referee, board, body, committee, or commission constituted by law or authorized to settle controversies. Otherwise stated, one who, in a representative capacity, engages in the business of advising clients as to their rights under the law, or while so engaged performs any act or acts either in court or outside of court for that purpose, is engaged in the practice of law.”  Atty. Christian Monsod is a member of the Philippine Bar, having passed the bar examinations of 1960 with a grade of 86.55%. He has been a dues paying member of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines since its inception in 1972-73. He has also been paying his professional license fees as lawyer for more than ten years. Atty. Monsod’s past work experiences as a lawyer -economist, a lawyer-manager, a lawyer-entrepreneur of industry, a lawyer-negotiator of contracts, and a lawyer-legislator of both the rich and the poor —  verily more than satisfy the constitutional requirement —  that he has been engaged in the practice of law for at least ten years.

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