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Grade 7 Solo Answer Key

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Grade 7 Solo Answer Key Unit A: Red Scarf Girl & Narrative Sub-Unit 3: Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution by Ji-li Jiang Lesson 1: The World of Red Scarf Girl Lesson 2: Ji-li s Troubles
Grade 7 Solo Answer Key Unit A: Red Scarf Girl & Narrative Sub-Unit 3: Red Scarf Girl: A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution by Ji-li Jiang Lesson 1: The World of Red Scarf Girl Lesson 2: Ji-li s Troubles Begin 1. In this passage, Principal Long interrupted Ji li s music class. Why did she stop in? 2. Why did Ji-li smile at Wang Qi? 3. Why did Principal Long ask the four students questions? 4. How did Ji-li react when the principal told her that she d been selected to audition? 5. Which sentence best summarizes what this passage is about? 1. Ji-li writes that she didn t want to see An Yi s face when she saw Teacher Gu and An Yi outside the main building. Why didn t she? 2. Which idea about Ji-li s family is suggested by the passage? 3. How did Ji-li feel about her housekeeper? 4. What was the reason Ji-li s mom gave for having Ji-li, Ji-yong, and Ji-yun all within the span of three years? 5. On some Saturday evenings, Ji-li s father s colleagues used to visit. Why did Ji-li enjoy these parties? 6. Which statement is true? 1 Lesson #: 3: Destroy [Lesson the Name] Four Olds! Lesson #: 4: The [Lesson Pull of Name] Compassion 1. In this passage, the high school students cut up a man s shoes. Which sentence best explains why they did it? 2. When Ji-li saw the high school students coming toward her, what did she feel? 3. How did the students measure the man s trouser leg opening? 4. Which one of these ideas about the crowd in this scene does this passage suggest? 5. This passage suggests that the man 1. Students wrote da-zi-bao to 2. Why did Ji-li and An Yi leave the classroom and go into the school yard? 3. Why did someone write the principal s name upside down? 4. What complaint did Yin Lan-lan have about her education? 5. One student at Ji-li s school wrote a da-zibao accusing a teacher of 2 Lesson #: 5: Revolution [Lesson Name] in the Classroom Lesson #: 6: Revising [Lesson to Name] Go Deeper 1. Why didn t some of Ji-li s classmates like Aunt Xi-wen? 1. Why were other students staying home from school when Ji-li first got sick? 2. Why didn t Ji-li ask to switch from the student group confronting her Aunt Xi-wen to the student group confronting Old Qian? 3. What did the students force Aunt Xi-wen to do? 4. What did the da-zi-bao about Ji-li accuse her of? 5. That night, when An Yi was talking to Ji-li in the school yard, she began to cry. Why did An Yi begin to cry? 2. Which of these things was not done to help Ji-li feel better? 3. What did An Yi tell Ji-li the students were doing in school while Ji-li was out sick? 4. What was Ji-li wondering while she was home with a fever for 10 days? 5. How did An Yi comfort Ji-li? 6. Why did many of Ji-li s schoolmates want to become Red Guards? 3 Lesson #: 7: The [Lesson Election Name] of the Red Successors Lesson #: 8: Reading [Lesson Ji-li s Name] Thoughts 1. What does this passage suggest about Ji-li s family background? 2. How did Ji-li s father help her feel better? 3. Click on a claim you can make about Yin Lan-lan from the passage. 4. Click on a detail from this passage that supports the claim you made in the previous question. 1. Ji-li, her siblings, and her grandmother started to go to the park during the day. What does the passage suggest was the reason they went? 2. How did Ji-li s father decide which photos to burn? 3. In this passage, Ji-li wondered what she d be doing if she were born into a Red family. What did she wonder? 4. Why didn t Ji-li want her brother to get his cap back? 4 Lesson #: 9: The [Lesson Revolution Name] Hits Home Lesson #: 11: What s [Lesson In Name] a Name? 1. What was An Yi s mother, Teacher Wei, forced to do? 2. Why didn t Ji-li s cousin, Shan-shan, help his own mother, Xi-wen, up after she fell? He didn t help her up because 1. How did Chairman Jin react to Ji-li s presentation about the horrors of the old China? 2. How did Ji-li impress Chairman Jin and the visitors to her booth? 3. Why was Ji-li s sister crying? 4. What is the best explanation for why Ji-li writes that she felt cold even after she went inside? 5. What did An Yi and Ji-li do that they knew was fourolds? 3. How did Ji-li react when Thin-Face insisted she speak out against her father? 4. What did Thin-Face want from Ji-li? 5. Which sentence best summarizes what this passage is about? Lesson 10: The Moves a Writer Makes 1. Ji-li learned that she and Lin-lin had which two of these things in common? & D 2. What did Teacher Zhang convince Ji-li to do? 3. Why didn t Ji-li want to work on the exhibit? 4. What amazed Ji-li about herself? 5. Why did Ji-li envy Chang Hong? 5 Unit A: Red Scarf Girl & Narrative Sub-Unit 4: Write an Essay Lesson 4: Smoothing Out Rough Spots: The Editor s Checklist 1. An Yi s mother told Ji-li that she didn t hate Mao during the Cultural Revolution. The excerpt suggests that the reason for this was that An Yi s mother 2. Why were students from the cities sent to the countryside during the Cultural Revolution? 3. Why did Ji-li feel sad when her father began working in the theater again after the Cultural Revolution? 4. How did the Jiang family s political background hold Ji-li back? 5. Which idea could you infer from the passage? 6
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