Gender Related Work-life Balance and Well-being in Scottish Food Retail Businesses

Gender Related Work-life Balance and Well-being in Scottish Food Retail Businesses
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  Gender Related Work-life Balance and Well-being in Scottish Food Retail Businesses Funding Body - European Social Fund Grant Amount - £160,878 Duration -  February 2004 to December 2006 Research Team Members - Profeor !inda "c#ie, $la%o& 'aledonian (ni)erityProfeor #at*ryn +acett-"ilburn, (ni)erity of Edinbur%* Profeor $illian .o%%, .eriot /att (ni)erityDr !aura irey, $la%o& 'aledonian (ni)erity"ember of t*e team are alo ociate eearc*er at t*e 'entre for eearc* on Familie and elation*ip Profeor #at*yrn +acett-"ilburn i a 'o-Director and Profeor !inda "c#ie an ociate Director /or-life balance i a ey iue on t*e current policy a%enda +uinee need to enure t*at t*eir employment practice comply &it* de)elopment in (# and E( la& 3*i reearc* proect in)eti%ated &or-life balance iue in nine Scotti* food retail  buinee 3*e reearc* *ad t*ree aim53o eplore &omen eperience of combinin% paid &or &it* carin% for family member and ot*er dependant3o eamine employer )ie& on &or-life balance policie and t*e lin  bet&een t*ee police and economic competiti)ene3o de)elop bet practice %uideline in collaboration &it* buineen t*e firt ta%e of t*e proect, 902 &omen &orer from t*e : buinee *ared t*eir eperience of &orin% and carin% 3*e findin% from emi-tructured inter)ie& and ur)ey include5"ot &omen *a)e *ad to ne%otiate time off &or at *ort notice to loo after a dependant n t*e firt intance muc* of t*i i or%anied informally amon% &omen &orerpproimately a ;uarter reported t*at t*ey *a)e ill &*ic* t*ey are unable to ue in t*eir current ob <et mot do not en)ia%e ob or career pro%reion in t*e ector Super)ior eperience muc* %reater preure at &or 3*ey *a)e to mana%e c*an%e to *ift, many &or unpaid o)ertime to enure *op are ade;uately taffed and a a reult t*ey reported more tre and &or-life imbalance t*an ot*er n ummary t*ere eem to be a &ide ran%e of aociated recruitment and retention iue t*at are factor in t*e economic and competiti)e *ealt* of companien t*e final mont* of t*e proect &e in)eti%ated employer perpecti)e on t*ee iue and alo taled to profeional aociation and buine %roup t t*e end of  t*e pro4ect &e offered feedbac to partner buinee and t*e &omen &*o participated 3*e reultant information leaflet can be acceed on t*e &ebite lited belo& ut!uts "nclude -#eaflets$ 21  st   Century Retail: Work-life balance and your business 3*i output updated on *o& and &*y buinee *ould focu on &or-life balance /or-life balance opportunitie and c*allen%e a eperienced by tore o&ner, mana%er and &omen &orer &ere t*u *i%*li%*ted &it* implication for employer and buinee **** web link ***  Working and Caring  3*i leaflet focued on outlinin% t*e eperience of &orin% &omen combinin% paid &or and care reponibilitie of c*ildren and=or ot*er family member 8mplication for &orer and buinee a to *o& t*ey can impro)e &or-life balance &it*in t*i contet &ere preented **** web link ***  %e&sletter Article Work-life balance in Scottish Food Retail Buisnesses 3*e briefin% paper outlined ey findin% of t*e firt ta%e of t*e pro4ect 3*i in)ol)ed %at*erin% e)idence t*rou%* inter)ie& and a ;uetionnaire Eperience of &omen &orin% &it*in t*e food retail ector of &or and care and employment and trainin% &ere %at*ered *** web link or PDF file – CRFR newsletter ****  'ournal (ublicationsAcce!ted irey, !, "c#ie, !, and +acett-"ilburn, # >2007? /omen@ eperience of combinin% eldercare and paid &or in t*e Scotti* food retail ector,  Health Sociology Review , 16, 9, fort*comin% )nder Re*ie& +acett-"ilburn, #, irey, !, "c#ie, !, anine, ! and .o%%, $ >2007? Family come firt or open all *ourA5 3*e e)eryday mana%ement of &eb of obli%ation at *ome and &or by &omen &orin% in food retailin% Submitted to  Sociological  Review , pril "c#ie, !, .o%%, $, irey, !, e&, B and +acett-"ilburn, # >2007? !o& paid &omen combinin% carin% and &orin% in t*e Scotti* food retail ector Submitted to Work, E!loyent an" Society , "ay Furt*er information on European &or and bid can be obtained from Profeor !inda "c#ie5 lmcieC%calacu   
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