Forensic Science Bell-Ringer

Forensic Science Bell-Ringer Why should CSI always photograph the crime scene? What should you do with evidence that is removed from the crime scene? Criminal Profiling Profiling is an art, not a science,
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Forensic Science Bell-Ringer Why should CSI always photograph the crime scene? What should you do with evidence that is removed from the crime scene? Criminal Profiling Profiling is an art, not a science, often not accepted into a court Victimology Knowledge of victims life and lifestyle Hx of vic can help define crime We all have personality quirks Vics characteristics often give insight to personality of attacker- why were they attacked and not someone else Was lifestyle a contributing factor? These details help explain, why this victim, why this place, why this time, why this manner Trophy or Souvenir What was taken- valuable, or minimal Non valuable items fall into the realm of offenders psychosexual motivation Not for financial gain Closely identified with the vic or the commission of the crime An accomplishment or a fond remembrance and used for masturbatory fantasy Fantasy- powerful forces in shaping violent acts Greatest impact in sexually motivated crimes Fantasies- used to organize a collection of deviant thinking into a criminal thought pattern- PREMEDITATION Fantasy=Daydreams Do not create criminality- but does reinforce and deepen criminal thought Sometimes fantasy gives an evidence free crime- they thought it through so well, they rehearsed mentally- repeatedly Requirements for Offender Profiling Behavior reflects personality Behavior left at crime scene can be discerned How person behaves at crime scene may reflect his personality Typologies- categories of characteristics that generally describe offenders Forensic Science Bell-Ringer. Anna Nicole Smith s son died in a overseas hospital over the weekend. The victim suffered from profuse vomiting and lethargy, prior to death. Crime Analysis Why, how and what type of person did the act Offenders motivation, sophistication and possible relationship with the vic So why try to reconstruct the crime? Here s why. Provides an understanding of how the vic was approached and controlled as well as the interactions between offender and vic Sort out the various elements of the crimehow did it unfold-what was the motivation for victim selection at this time, at this place How did the offender perceive himself- clues to personality, character and identity All of this leads to: What occurred How it occurred Why it occurred Why this victim Why this time Why this place Why did it occur at all Once we know this, it is easier to approach a suspect and obtain a genuine confession Case Linkage Usual MO- but this behavior is learned and changes over time Aspects to crime go beyond the usual MO Psychosexual drives Fantasy unchanging For example: Rapist/ Murderer Same MO- black prostitutes- approx age the same Dressed the same Worked the same stroll All manually strangled He removed their jeans Okay-really not to weird- yet Could be anyone But: He ripped the crotch area the same way and the same length-no copycat Death Analysis Factors consistent with homicide Factors inconsistent with homicide Factors consistent with suicide Factors inconsistent with suicide Factors consistent with accidental Factors inconsistent with accidental Factors consistent with natural Factors inconsistent with natural Sexual Assault Everday lifestyle choices Victim risk is either High, Moderate or Low Low Risk: How do they handle stress, security measures, sexual advances, relationships Medium Risk: Intimate details with sexual practice Illicit activities Attitude to drugs, alcohol Why confronted High Risk- Individual features Occupation Sex/dating history Friends Life style Some offenders care, some don t Victim Selection Some level of association between victim and offender Some wrong place- wrong time Some offenders idealize their victim type and act when they see it Some killers have rules - they throw challenges at the victim and see how they respond to them- IF they measure up- they are the chosen Ted Bundy said his victim need to be worthy of his selection One rapist said if potential victim was wary of her surroundings- he would avoid them- BUT if they were confused or oblivious- he would chose them
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