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  RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre ) -1- 711 EVR Road, Opp. Anna Arch, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, CHENNAI-106. E-mail: Ph: 98404-00825, 98404-33955 GROUP-2 EXAM (INTERVIEW POSTS) NEW PATTERN Dec.1 st  2013 Prelims Marks will not be counted for Ranking. MAIN WRITTEN EXAMINATION (DEGREE STANDARD) General Studies and Essay : 300 MARKS / 3 HOURS PART-A (Objective Type) (125 items / 250 marks  / 2 hours) 1. Role and impact of Science and Technology in the Development of India and Tamil Nadu 2. Administration of Union and states with special reference to Tamil Nadu 3. Socio Economic problems of India and Tamil Nadu PART - B (Descriptive Type) (Essay ) (50 marks / 1 hour) Each answer should not exceed 350 words  (a) Current issues at National Level (One question has to be answered out of Two questions) (b) Current issues at State Level (One question has to be answered out of Two questions) Interview & Record - 40 Marks Total = 250 + 50 + 40 = 340 Marks COMBINED CIVIL SERVICES – II Group – II (CSSE -- I) Services Main Examination GENERAL STUDIES(Degree Standard) PART-A (OBJECTIVE TYPE) Unit - I Role and impact of science and Technology in the Development of India and Tamil Nadu. Nature of universe ‐ General scientific laws ‐ Scientific instruments ‐ Inventions and discoveries ‐  Science glossary ‐ Physical quantities, standards and units ‐ Mechanics and properties of matter  ‐  Force, motion and energy ‐ Heat, light and sound ‐ Magnetism, ‐ electricity and electronics ‐  Elements and ‐ compounds ‐  Acids, bases and salts ‐ Oxidation and reduction ‐ Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds ‐ Fertilizers ‐ pesticides, insecticides ‐ Main concepts of life science ‐ The cell ‐  basic unit of life ‐ Classification of living organism ‐ Nutrition ‐ and dietetics ‐ Respiration ‐ Blood and blood – circulation ‐ Endocrine system ‐ Reproductive system ‐  Animals, plants and human life ‐ Govt. policy ‐ organizations on Science and Technology ‐ Role, achievement & impact of Science and ‐ technology ‐ Energy ‐  self sufficiency ‐  oil exploration ‐ Genetics ‐  the science of heredity ‐  Environment, ecology, health and ‐ hygiene, Bio ‐  diversity and its conservation ‐ Human diseases, prevention and remedies ‐ Communicable diseases and non ‐  communicable diseases ‐  Alcoholism and Drug abuse ‐  Computer ‐ science and advancement Unit - II Administration of Union and States with special reference to Tamil Nadu State government organization ‐  structure, functions and control mechanism ‐ District administration ‐  role in people’s welfare oriented programmes ‐ Industrial map of Tamil Nadu ‐ role of state government ‐ Public Services ‐ role of recruitment agencies ‐ State finance ‐  resources, budget and financial administration ‐ Use of IT in administration ‐‐  e ‐ governance in the State ‐ Natural calamities – Disaster Management Union and State ‐ Social welfare ‐  Government sponsored schemes with reference to Tamil Nadu ‐ Relationship between State and Union ‐ Industrial map of India ‐ Public Services ‐  role of recruitment agencies in Union Government ‐  Social welfare ‐  government sponsored schemes by Government of India Unit - III Socio - Economic Issues in India / Tamil Nadu Population Explosion ‐  Unemployment issues in India & Tamil Nadu ‐  Child Labour  ‐  Economic Issues (a) Poverty (b) Sanitation ‐  Rural and Urban (c) Corruption in public life ‐  Anti ‐ Corruption ‐ measures ‐  CVC, Lok ‐ adalats, Ombudsman, CAG. ‐ Illiteracy ‐  Women Empowerment Role of the Govt. in Women Empowerment ‐  Social injustice to womenfolk ‐  Domestic violence, dowry menace, sexual assault ‐ Impact of violence on the growth of the nation – Religious violence, ‐‐ Terrorism and Communal violence. ‐  Human Rights issues ‐ Right to information ‐  Central and State Commission. ‐  Education – Linkage between Education and Economic Growth ‐ Community Development Programme ‐ Employment Guarantee Scheme ‐ Self Employment and Entrepreneurship Development ‐ Role of N.G.O’s in Social Welfare – Govt. Policy on Health.  RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre ) -2- 711 EVR Road, Opp. Anna Arch, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, CHENNAI-106. E-mail: Ph: 98404-00825, 98404-33955 Group – II Services Examination (Main) Syllabus – General Studies பத –அ கற வக (Part A, Objective Type)   அல -1  இதய, தமந வளசய அறவய, தழ பத ப (Role and impact of Science and Technology   in the Development of India and Tamil Nadu)      பரபசத தமக, பவன அறவய வதக/ கபக.    அறவய,உபகரணக/கவக, கபக, அறவய கல சக.    இயபய அளவக, அலக, எதரவய ம பபள தமக, அளவக, தர அலக    வச, இயக, வப ஆற ம எதர ஆற, வப,ஒள ம ஓல கதவய, மசரவய ம மனவய    தனமக ம சமக – அமலக, கரக ம உக, ஆஸஜனற ம ஒக, கப, நரஜ ம அத சமக    வத உரக, சகலக    உய அறவயல அபட கபக, ச – உய அபட கபக, உய வகபக, ஊடசக ம சம வகத உண, வச, இரத ம இரத றட.    நளமல ரப மடல, இனபக மடல    வலக, தவரக ம மனதகள உயவக    அறவய தழ ப வளச அரச ககக, அறவய தழ ப சதனக.    அறவய தழ ப ம தகக    ஆற தனற, எண கப    மரபய – மர ப றத அறவய     ழ, ழலய, பய பக ம அத பககதர, மனத நக, த ம இத பக, மனதன த நக, பரவ நக,ணப, த வழறக.    ம அமயத, பத ம அமயத    கணபற அறவய ம அத னறக   அல  –II  மதய ம மநல அரகள நவக, தமந றத சற றகட, (Administration   of Union and states with special reference to Tamil Nadu)      மநல அரசகத அம,பணக ம கப றக, மவட நவக,மக நல சத தடகள ப      தம ந தழ வரபட(தழசல பரவ, மநல அரச பப பணக-பணயள தவணயகள ப.      மநல நத- ஆதரக, பஜ ம நத நவக, நவகத தகவ தழபத பயப – ம ஆம      இயக சறக- பட மலம- மதய, மநல அளவ யசக      சக நல – தம ந அரச பவ சக நலதடக, மதய மநல உறக      இதயவ தழ வரபட.(தழசல பரவ)      பபணக- மதய தவணயத ப, பணக.      சக நல – இதய அரச பவ சக நலதடக.     அல –  III  இதய/ தம ந சக, பளதர பரசனக   (Socio-Economic Issuses in India /Tamilnadu)    மக தக பக, இதய ம தமழகத வலயம பரசனக,ழத தழலளக    பளதர பரசனக: (a)  வம, (b) ஊரக ம நகறகள கதர (c)  பவவ ஊழ, ஊ எதரன நடவகக: மதய ககண ஆணய (CVC)  ,ல அதல (lok adalats)  மக ற தபள (Ombudsman) இதய தலம கண தணகய (CAG)      எதறவம    மகள அதகரமளத – மள அதகரமளதல அரச ப    பக எதரன சக அநதக – ப வற, வரதசன பரசன, பலய தலக/ததக தலயன.    ந வளசய வறய பதக – மத வற, சத வற ம பயகரவத    மனத உம பரசனக, தகவ அற உம- மதய, மநல ஆணயக    கவ – கவ பளதர வளச இடயயன தட.    சதய மப தட, வல உதயளதட, ய வலவ ம தழ னவ மப. சக நல பணகள அரசர நவனகள (எ.ஜ.ஓவ) ப    அரச கதர கக.   பத – (ஆ) வவக வடயளத வக (Part-B Descriptive Type)     அல -  IV  கர (Essay)   (அ) தசய அளவலன நட நகக றத கர. (Any ONE out of TWO) (ஆ) மநல அளவலன நட நகக றத கர. (Any ONE out of TWO)  மகட இர கர கவக தல   25 மதபக  ஒவ கர 500 வதக அளவ எதவ.  RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre ) -3- 711 EVR Road, Opp. Anna Arch, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, CHENNAI-106. E-mail: Ph: 98404-00825, 98404-33955 ¦À¡Ð «È¢× ¦À¡Ð «È¢× ¦À¡Ð «È¢× ¦À¡Ð «È¢× GENERAL STUDIES ¾¡û¾¡û¾¡û¾¡û----IIII  PAPER-I   (¾Á¢ú ÁüÚõ ¬í¸¢Ä(¾Á¢ú ÁüÚõ ¬í¸¢Ä(¾Á¢ú ÁüÚõ ¬í¸¢Ä(¾Á¢ú ÁüÚõ ¬í¸¢Ä ÅÊÅõ)ÅÊÅõ)ÅÊÅõ)ÅÊÅõ)  (Tamil & English Versions) §¿Ãõ: 3 Á½¢§¿Ãõ: 3 Á½¢§¿Ãõ: 3 Á½¢§¿Ãõ: 3 Á½¢ ¦Á¡ò¾ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û: 300¦Á¡ò¾ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û: 300¦Á¡ò¾ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û: 300¦Á¡ò¾ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û: 300 Duration: 3 Hours   Max.Marks: 300 Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷¸Ùì¸¡É ¦À¡Ð ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û:Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷¸Ùì¸¡É ¦À¡Ð ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û:Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷¸Ùì¸¡É ¦À¡Ð ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û:Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷¸Ùì¸¡É ¦À¡Ð ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸û: General Instructions to the Candidates:   iiii))))   Ţɡì¸û Àð¼ôÀÊôÒ ¾Ãò¾¢Öõ, Å¢¡¢Å¡¸ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ũ¸Â¢Öõ ûÇÐ. This Question Paper is descriptive type in Degree Standard.  iiiiiiii))))   Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷ «ÅÕ¨¼Â À¾¢× ±ñ¨½ À¢Ã¾¡É Å¢¨¼ò¾¡Ç¢ø «¾ü¦¸É ´Ðì¸ôÀð¼ þ¼ò¾¢ø ÁðΧÁ ±Ø¾ §ÅñÎõ. À¢Ã¾¡É Å¢¨¼ò¾¡Ç¢ý §ÅÚ Àì¸í¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¢Ã¾¡É Å¢¨¼ò¾¡Ç¢ý §ÅÚ Àì¸í¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¢Ã¾¡É Å¢¨¼ò¾¡Ç¢ý §ÅÚ Àì¸í¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¢Ã¾¡É Å¢¨¼ò¾¡Ç¢ý §ÅÚ Àì¸í¸Ç¢§Ä¡ «øÄÐ Üξø Å¢¨¼ò¾¡û¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¾¢× ±ñ¨½ «øÄÐ Üξø Å¢¨¼ò¾¡û¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¾¢× ±ñ¨½ «øÄÐ Üξø Å¢¨¼ò¾¡û¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¾¢× ±ñ¨½ «øÄÐ Üξø Å¢¨¼ò¾¡û¸Ç¢§Ä¡ À¾¢× ±ñ¨½ ¸ñÊôÀ¡¸ ±Ø¾ìܼ¡Ð.¸ñÊôÀ¡¸ ±Ø¾ìܼ¡Ð.¸ñÊôÀ¡¸ ±Ø¾ìܼ¡Ð.¸ñÊôÀ¡¸ ±Ø¾ìܼ¡Ð. Candidates should write their Register Numbers in the space provided for in the main answer-book only and should not write anywhere else and also in the additional answer-books.  iiiiiiiiiiii))))   Ţɡò¾¡Ç¡ÉÐ ¾Á¢ú ÁüÚõ ¬í¸¢Ä ÅÊÅí¸Ç¢ø ûÇÐ. ²§¾Ûõ ºó§¾¸õ þÕôÀ¢ý, ¬í¸¢Ä ÅÊÅ¢ø ¾ÃôÀðÎûÇ ÌÈ¢ôÒ¸§Ç ÓÊÅ¡ÉÐ. The Question paper is printed in Tamil and English Versions. In all matters and in cases of doubt English version is final.  iviviviv))))   Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷ Ţɡì¸ÙìÌ ¾Á¢Æ¢§Ä¡ «øÄÐ ¬í¸¢Äò¾¢§Ä¡ «øÄÐ À̾¢ ¾Á¢Æ¢§Ä¡ ÁüÚõ À̾¢ ¬í¸¢Äò¾¢§Ä¡ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ì¸Ä¡õ. The candidate may answer in Tamil or English or partly in Tamil and English.  vvvv))))   Å¢ñ½ôÀ¾¡Ã÷¸û Ţɡì¸û ÁüÚõ Ш½ Ţɡì¸Ç¢ý ±ñ¸¨Ç ¸ñÊôÀ¡¸ ±Ø¾ §ÅñÎõ. «ùÅ¡Ú ±Ø¾ò ¾ÅȢɡø, «ó¾ Å¢¨¼¸ÙìÌ ±ó¾Å¢¾ Á¾¢ô¦ÀñÏõ ÅÆí¸ôÀ¼Á¡ð¼¡Ð. Candidates must write the correct number of the question and sub-question. Failure to do so will entail loss of credit for the answer.  vivivivi))))   þò§¾÷¨Å ¦À¡Úò¾Å¨Ã, «Æ¸¡¸ ±ØОü§¸¡ ÁüÚõ À¢¨Æ¢øÄ¡Áø ±Ø¾¢Â¾ü¸¡¸§Å¡ ¾É¢Â¡¸ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û ´Ðì¸ôÀ¼Å¢ø¨Ä. There is no reservation of marks for neatness of execution and correctness of spelling in respect of this paper. À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×----««««  SECTION-A (Á¢¸îº¢È¢Â «ÇÅ¢ø Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ţɡ Ũ¸) (Very Short Answer Type) ÌÈ¢ôÒ: i)  ´ù¦Å¡ýÈ¢üÌõ 30 ¦º¡ü¸ÙìÌ Á¢¸¡Áø Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ì¸×õ. Note:  Answer not exceeding 30 words  each. ii) ´ù¦Å¡Õ ŢɡŢüÌõ ãýÚ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û Each question carries three marks.  iii) ¦¸¡Îì¸ôÀðÎûÇ ÓôÀò¨¾óРŢɡì¸Ç¢ø ±¨Å§ÂÛõ ÓôÀРŢɡì¸ÙìÌ Ì¨Èó¾Àðºõ ´Õ Ţɡ¨Å ´ù¦Å¡Õ À̾¢Â¢Ä¢ÕóÐ §¾÷ó¦¾ÎòРި¼ÂÇ¢ì¸×õ.  Answer any thirty  questions out of thirty five questions attending atleast One question from each Unit. (30×3=90) UNIT–I(MODERN HISTORY OF INDIA & CULTURE)   1.   What were the Principles advocated by Khudai Khidmatgar Movement? டகமக இயகதன பரபபட றகக யவ? 2.   Who was called as the ‘Patriot Saint of India? Why? ‘ தசபமன சநயச’ எறழகபடவ ய? ஏ? 3.   What are the important provision of the Indian Press act of 1910? 1910 ஆ ஆ இதய பதக சடத கய க யவ? 4.   Why the 1980 General election to the parliament was not held in Assam except in two constituencies? இர ததக தவர மற அச மநல பரமற ததகள 1980 – ஆ பரமற தத ஏ நடபறவல? 5.   Write on the contributions of the Sangeet Natak Academy to Indian culture. இதய பப சகத நடக அகடமய பகளபன பற எக. 6.   Illustrate the significance of the National Literacy Mission தசய எதற பண தடத கயவத வளக. 7.   Explain the call of Rajiv Gandhi on “build India Movement”. ‘ இதயவ உவவ’ இயகத ரஜ கதய அழபன வளக. 8.   Narrate the organisational structure of Bharatiya Jana Sangh. பரதய ஜனசக கசய நவன அம ற எக. 9.   When was the symbol two yoked bullocks of the Indian National Congress frozen? இதய தசய ககரஸ இரட கள ம சன எப டகபட? 10.   Mention the importance of Avadi Congress of 1955. 1955-  ஆ ஆவ ககர மந கயவத றபக. 11.   Give an account of the various committees of Lok Sabha. ல சபவ பவ க ற த எக? 12.   What led to the nationalisation of Private Insurance Companies and the creation of LIC? தனய கப நவனக தசயமயமகப LICஉவனதகன கரண ய? UNIT –II (GENERAL APTITUDE MENTAL ABILITY AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) 13.   The traffic signal lights at three different road crossings change after every 36, 48, 64 seconds respectively. If they all change simultaneously at 7:30 hours then at what time will they again change simultaneously?  வபட த னகள உள பவர சன வளக றய 36, 48, 64 வனகள சன மகறன. இ  7 மண 30 நமடத ஒ பல ம என மற எத மண நரத  ஒ பல ம என கணகக. 14.   If the volume of a right circular cone of base radius 4cm is 16 π   cm 3 , then find the slant height of the cone. அபக வடத ஆர 4 சம கட ஒ வட நப கன அள 16 π   க.சம. என அத சயர கக 15.   Three fair dice are rolled once. Find the probability to get the sum of the face values as 17. ஒகக அமய பற  பகடக ஒ ற உடபகற. பகடகள கமதப த 17 ஆக இக நகதக ய? 16.   The Interest on a certain principal amount at 10% per annum compounded half yearly for 6 months is Rs.2100. Find the amount invested. ஆ 10% வத அரய  வ கணகட ல றபட தக 6 மதக பறபட   ORIGINAL GROUP-I MAINS Oct.2013 GENERAL STUDIES PAPER - 1 2 & 3  RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre ) -4- 711 EVR Road, Opp. Anna Arch, NSK Nagar, Arumbakkam, CHENNAI-106. E-mail: Ph: 98404-00825, 98404-33955 வ தக .2100 என த சயபடதகய கக. 17.   From the following table draw a histogram. Wages in Rs. No.of.Workers 0 – 10 5 10 – 20 8 20 – 30 10 30 – 40 14 40 – 50 11 50 – 60 6 60 - 70 3 கக வவரக ஒ பரவ சவக வரபட தயக. ஊதய பய வலயகள எணக 0 – 10 5 10 – 20 8 20 – 30 10 30 – 40 14 40 – 50 11 50 – 60 6 60 - 70 3 18.   State the utilities of ‘Ogives’. ‘ ஒக’கள பயபகள க. 19.   What is meant by secondary data? இரட நல வவரக எற என எபத வவ 20.   Distinguish between diagrams and graphs. வளகபடக வரபடக இடய உள வதயசக யவ? 21.   What is cyber space? How does the World Wide Web differ from cyber space? சப வள எற என? இ உலகளவய வல பனலல எவ வபகற? 22.   What is meant by “ Recursion”? “ தனழ” எபத ப ய? UNIT III (ROLE AND IMPACT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF TAMILNADU) 23.   How do ‘touch screens’ work? ‘ த தரக’ எவ சயபகறன? 24.   Why do people sweat more before a heavy rain? கன மழ  மக அதக வயவ ஏபவ ஏ? 25.   If you are given a thin wire and a metre scale, how will you estimate the diameter of the wire? உனட ஒ மலய கப, அளக ககபள என, எவ கபய வடத அளவவ? 26.   What are the three major constituents of LPG gas? LPG வள  தம பத பக யவ? 27.   How is soap differs from detergent from chemical compound point of view? வத சம கணத சபன சயக அ நகயல எவ வபகற? 28.   Why does dry cell become dead when it has not been used for a long time? உபயகபதபடம வ நகளக இ உல மகல சயலழ வகற? ஏ? 29.   What is a dolipore septum? டலப வ எற என? 30.   What is Lathyrism? லதச எற என? 31.   If the base sequence in a polynucleotide chain is G – C – A – A – T – G – C –A What will be the sequence of bases on the complementary chain and why? கழ ககபள பலநகலயட சகலய உள கர தட G – C – A – A – T – G – C –A எதர த ச தட உள கரக யவ? ஏ? 32.   What is Eutriphication? “ ரபகஷ” எற என? 33.   Define Eugenics and who coined this term ஜன வரய. இசல கபதவ ய? 34.   What are Baro receptors? பர உணவகக எற என? 35.   Write the use of smart cards. Smart – Card – கள பயகள எக. À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×À¢¡¢×----¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ SECTION-B  (ÍÕì¸Á¡¸ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ţɡ Ũ¸)(ÍÕì¸Á¡¸ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ţɡ Ũ¸)(ÍÕì¸Á¡¸ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ţɡ Ũ¸)(ÍÕì¸Á¡¸ Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ìÌõ Ţɡ Ũ¸) (Brief Answer Type) ÌÈ¢ôÒ: i)  ´ù¦Å¡Õ ŢɡŢüÌõ 120 ¦º¡ü¸ÙìÌ Á¢¸¡Áø Å¢¨¼ÂÇ¢ì¸×õ. Note:  Answer not exceeding 120 words  ii) ´ù¦Å¡Õ ŢɡŢüÌõ ±ðÎ Á¾¢ô¦Àñ¸û Each question carries eight marks.  iii) ¦¸¡Îì¸ôÀðÎûÇ À¾¢¦ÉðΠŢɡì¸Ç¢ø ±¨Å§ÂÛõ À¾¢¨ÉóРŢɡì¸ÙìÌ Ì¨Èó¾Àðºõ ´Õ Ţɡ¨Å ´ù¦Å¡Õ À̾¢Â¢Ä¢ÕóÐ §¾÷ó¦¾ÎòРި¼ÂÇ¢ì¸×õ.    Answer any fifteen  questions out of eighteen questions attending atleast One question from each Unit. (15×8 = 120) UNIT –I 36.   Evaluate the role of Press in fostering National Consciousness during 19 th  century. 19- ஆ ற தசய உணவ ஊவபத பதககள பகன மதபக? 37.   What was the political set up aimed by the British Government for India after the World War II? இரட உலகப பற எபபட அர இதயவ அமய வமன ஆகலய அர வபய? 38.   Write on Rammanohar Lohia’s view on socialism. சஸயலஸ பறய ர மனக லஹயவ கதன எக 39.   Bring out the significance of Mountbatten Plan. மபட தடத சறபன வளகணக 40.   Write on the causes and consequences of the Akali Dal  Agitation. அகலதள பரடத கரணக ம வளக ற எக. 41.    Analyse the services of the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) கலசர வள ம பயச மயத சவகள பப சக. UNIT - II 42.    A milk can contains 10 litres of Milk. 3 litres of milk is taken out of it and 3 litres of water is poured into it. Again 3 litres of mixture is taken out of the milk can and 3 litre of water is poured into it. Find the percentage of milk and water in the milk can. ஒ பதர10 லட அள ப உள. அதல ஒவ 3 லட பல எ வ 3 லட தணர ஊகற. மறவ அகலவயல 3 லட எ வ 3 லட தண ஊகற. இப அபதரத எதன வக ப ம தண உள?
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