Exploring Applied Ethics for Radiography Education

Exploring Applied Ethics for Radiography Education
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  Running head: CROSS-DISCIPLINARY CONCLUSIONS ABOUT APPLIED ETHICS AS IT RELATES TO RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY Cross-Disi!"inar# on"usions a$ou% a!!"ied e%his as i% re"a%es %o Radio"ogi Tehno"og#B# Ann T& 'ershuuren( )&Ed&( R&T&*R+*)+Uni,ersi%# O Sain% Augus%ineSain% Augus%ine( ."oridaPhi"oso!h# o Edua%ionED. /012Dr& C& Red3ing  4 ABSTRACT In an# aade5i !ursui% o A!!"ied E%his( #ou 3i"" o5e aross %he 3or6 o I55anue" 7an% and 8ohn S%uar% )i""& In a%( %heir !ers!e%i,es on 5ora"i%# are so do5inan% %ha% %he# ha,e es%a$"ished %he5se",es as o!!osi%iona"( $u% none%he"ess 9us% as 3ide"# ae!%ed as P"a%o and Aris%o%"e& Thereore( 7an% and )i"" ha,e $een e%ensi,e"# e!"ored $# o%her !hi"oso!hers( suh as Dr& Ta5ar S;a$o Gend"er( Proessor Ian Sha!iro( Dr& Nige" <ar$ur%on( Dr& Rosa"ind Hurs%house( Dr& Ro$er% 8ohnson and o ourse se"-!ro"ai5ed in%e""e%ua" )r& Brandon Cro!!er& I 3i"" $e o5!aring %he 7an% and )i"" !hi"oso!hies using 5# ne3"# a=uired edua%ion a$ou% e%his in on%e5!orar# 6no3"edge o55uni%ies& I ha,e ea5ined %he 5e%hodo"ogies and !re%ensions o 7an% and )i"" so %ha% I an de%er5ine %he ou%o5es o aade5i e%his no% on"# or !hi"oso!h#( $u% %o %he hea"%h are !roession *6no3"edge o55uni%#+ 6no3n as Radio"ogi Tehno"og#& I see6 %o a%%ain an insigh% in%o ho3 a Radio"ogi Tehno"ogis% *RT+ 5a6es sense o %heir 5ora" o$"iga%ions as %he# arr# ou% %he du%ies o %heir !roession *Deon%o"og#+ aording %o %he A5erian Soie%# o Radio"ogi Tehno"ogis%s Code o E%his and Pra%ie S%andards&  > INTRODUCTION: <ishing %o a!!"# %he 5eaning o 5ora"i%# %o 5odern da# "ie 5us% s%ar% 3i%h %he s%ud# o %hose 5en 3ho did e%ensi,e 5e%a!h#sia" 3or6 on %he su$9e% o 5ora"i%#( I55anue"7an% *0/41 -0?21+ and 8ohn S%uar% )i"" *0?2@-0?/>+& )an# 3ho ha,e s%udied !hi"oso!h# s%rugg"e 3i%h reoni"ing %hese %3o a5!s o %hough%& )# searh or a uni,ersa" 5ora"i%# $egan 3i%h %he 3ri%ings o Dr& Ta5ar S;a$o-Gend"er and 8ohn S%uar% )i""& 7an%s 3or6 3as in%rodued %o 5e %hrough %he 5inds o Drs& Ro$er% 8ohnson and Nige" <ar$ur%on( 3hi"e I 3as a$"e %o ea5ine %he 3or6 o )i"" irs% hand& So5eho3 ge%%ing %o 6no3 7an% %hrough %he e#es o so5eone e"se e"% a"se& Thereore( I deide %ogo dire%"# %o %he 3or6s o 7an%( s!eiia""# The Ground3or6 o )e%a!h#sis o )ora"s&*7an%( 0/?+ The ideas %ha% 7an% and )i"" had a$ou% 5ora"i%# see5 %o ha,e so5e si5i"ari%ies and #e% are a"so ,er# dieren%& Hu5an $eings don% hoose %heir 5ora" o5!ass  !aren%s( shoo"( re"igion and o55uni%# a"" !"a# a signiian% ro"e o ho3 our 5ora" !ers!e%i,e is or5ed& Thereore( 3e re=uire e!eriene 3i%h 5e%a!h#sia" s6i""s %o on%inue diso,ering our sense o 5ora"i%# as 3e a!!roah %he age 3here 3e $egin our 3or6ing areers& .or 5e( %ha% areer is Radio"ogi Tehno"og#& Bu% 5# e!eriene 3i%h an# 5e%a!h#sia" a%i,i%# on"# $egan a%er going %o o""ege or 5# degree in Radio"ogi Tehno"og#& Beore 5# undergradua%e 3or6( ho3e,er( I 3as oniden% %ha% I had a hand"e on dis%inguishing righ%ro5 3rong& Bu% 5# edua%iona" e!eriene sho3ed 5e o%her3ise& The re"a%ionshi! $e%3een !a%ien% and Radio"ogi Tehno"ogis% *RT+ is a o5!"e one %ha% a""s under 3ha% is 6no3n as( soia" on%ra% %heor#&*.riend( n&d&+ Bo%h e!e% %he o%her %o $e %rus%3or%h#& <hi"e I 3as sure I 3ou"d $e a$"e %o o""o3 %he ideas desri$ed in  1our !roessiona" ode o e%his( I 3as no% read# or %he o5!"e issues %ha% aring or ano%her hu5an $eing en%ai"ed& O,er %he #ears( a%er %a6ing se,era" !hi"oso!h# ourses( I rea"i;ed %ha% a !roessiona" ou"d no% re"# on %he sense o 5ora" du%# %he# had a% 0/-#ears-o"d& As I enoun%ered o%hers ou%side 5# hi"dhood "ie( I had =ues%ions a$ou% so5e o %he $e"ies I he"d sared& Disussions 3i%h "ass5a%es( as 3e"" as ourse3or6( a""o3ed 5e %o re"e% on a $roader $ase o 5ora" !rini!"e& Tha% is $eore a Radio"ogi Tehno"ogis% an adhere %o a !roessiona" ode o e%his( %he# need %o de,e"o! and e5$od# %heir guide"ines or dis%inguishing righ% ro5 3rong& )# "a%es% =ues% in %his dire%ion "eads 5e %o onse=uen%ia"is5 and non-onse=uen%ia"is5 %hrough %he e#es o 7an% and )i""& <hi"e )i"" ouses on %he ou%o5es o an a%ion %o de%er5ine %he 5ora"i%# o %he deision %o a%( 7an% $e"ie,ed %ha% dee! inside us %here 3as a 3i"" %ha% 3as !ure and 3hose in%en% 3as 3ho""# 5ora"( or 3ha% he a""ed %he good 3i""&*7an%( 0/?+ This on"i% o ounda%iona" %hin6ing( ho3e,er( "ead %o a di,ergene o 5e%a!h#sis& PRETENSIONS CONCERNING THE ETHICS OF KANT AND MILL:  Bo%h 7an% and )i"" a!!roahed %he =uandar# o 5ora"i%# $# narro3ing %heir ideas do3n %o one sing"e !rini!"e and %he idea %ha% %his !rini!"e shou"d $e uni,ersa"& 7an%s a%egoria" i5!era%i,e in"uded res%ri%ing ru"es or our a%ions %o %hose %ha% one an di%a%e %o $e a uni,ersa" "a3 o na%ure&*8ohnson( 420/+ )i""s u%i"i%# !rini!"e a"so onsidered %he onse=uenes o an a%ion or a""&*Brin6( 420@+ <hih $rings 5e %o %he on"usion %ha% $o%h $e"ie,ed in onse=uen%ia"is5 in %ha% 7an% onsidered %he onse=uenes o a 5ai5 $eo5ing a uni,ersa" "a3 o na%ure 3hi"e )i"" onsidered %he  onse=uenes o a er%ain 6ind o a%ion( suh as "#ing&*Brin6 420@F 8ohnson( 420/+ The 5ora" !rini!"es %ha% $o%h $e"ie,ed 3ere essen%ia" %o %heir no%ions o 5ora"i%# in"uded %ru%h and $eneiene& The# a"so agreed %ha% i% 3as i55ora" %o s%ea" or de!ri,eo%hers o %heir "i$er%#&*Brin6 420@F 8ohnson( 420/+ The ons%ru% o %hese ideas a"so had s%e!s( or s%ages( %o %he5& B# %ha% I 5ean %ha% a !erson irs% needed %o ho"d u! %heir %hin6ing agains% %he irs% !rini!"e %o de%er5ine i i% is 5ora"( %hen 5a6e %he deision %o a% $ased on re"e,an% 5ora" ru"es& 7an%s %heor# had %3o s%ages( %he irs% 3as %he Con%radi%ion in Cone!%ion Tes% and %he seond 3as %he on%radi%ion in %he <i"" Tes%&*7an%( 0/?+ <hi"e )i"" said( on"# in %hese ases o on"i% $e%3een seondar# !rini!"es i% is re=uisi%e %ha% irs% !rini!"es shou"d $e a!!ea"ed %o&*)i""( 0?@>+ These !hi"oso!hers a"so s!o6e o eah !ersons res!onsi$i"i%# %o on%ri$u%e %o %he ha!!iness o %he 3ho"e& )i"" !oin%ed %o %his dire%"# in his !rini!"e o u%i"i%# and 7an% inerred %his %hrough his desire %o %rea% !eo!"e 3i%h res!e%( and no% a 5eans %o an end&*Brin6 420@F 8ohnson( 420/+ I did onsider ano%her au%hor ou%side o 7an% and )i"" $eause she s%udied !hi"oso!h# e%ensi,e"# and %hereore 3as oniden% %o !resen% o!!osi%ion& Dr& Ta5ar S;a$o-Gend"ers Phi"oso!h# and %he Siene o Hu5an Na%ure: U%i"i%arianis5 and i%s ri%i=ues( a""o3ed 5e %o ee" oniden% in %ha% I did no% ha,e %o ae!% %he %eahings o %hese grea% !hi"oso!hers $"ind"#& She raised %he =ues%ion o 5ora" 5o%i,a%ion( $# sa#ing a !erson 5a# ha,e a %heor# o 5ora"i%# 3hih sa#s( %he reason %o$eha,e 5ora""# is %ha% o se"-in%eres%( or $eause o a"%ruis5( or so5e sor% o o5$ina%ion %heor#& She a"so as6ed i a"" $eha,iors are 5ora""# 5anda%or#*Gend"er( 4200+ This o!enness o a!!roah a"ong 3i%h her %a6ing ,o%es ro5 %he audiene( a""o3ed 5e %o see ho3 %here 5a# no% $e a righ% ans3er( $u% ra%her %he !oin% 3as %o go
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