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English Year3 Writing Body Parts of Sea Creatures LP

English Year3 Writing Body Parts of Sea Creatures LP
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  Lesson PlanWriting: Body Parts of Sea Creatures Day/Date: Thursday / 3 rd  March 2011 Time/Duration: 9.45 a.m. – 10.45 a.m. Year 3 Cerdik  Enrolment:  /11 Units/Themes/Topics: Unit 3 – Sea Wr!dWr!d  #n$!ed%eSea Creatures – &dy 'arts Skills: 3.(.2 )ead and !a*e! +arts4.2.2 ,a*e!!in% +arts4.4.3 Cnstruct sim+!e sentences inde+endent!y Objectives &y the end  the !essn- +u+i!s shu!d *e a*!e t1.)ec%nise the names  the *dy +arts  sea creatures2.Match the crrect *dy +arts t di erent sea creatures Learning Outcomes: &y the end  the !essn- +u+i!s shu!d *e a*!e t1.ra!!y +rnunce and s+e!! the names  *dy +arts  sea creatures2.C+y d$n the crrect s+e!!in%  a!! the names  the *dy +arts  secreatures in $ritten rm3.,a*e! +arts  sea creatures crrect!y4.Write at !east 4 sim+!e %rammatica! sentences $ith %uidance. TS: 1.Makin% assciatins2.denti yin% characteristics usin% a %ra+hic r%aniser !oral alues: 'ayin% attentin Teaching #esources/$i%s: 1.ide c!i+2.'$er'int S!idesh$3.Wrksheet 14.Wrksheet 25.'ster (.ame *6.Tack7it &rior 'no(le%ge/Skills 1.'u+i!s ha8e $atched the 8ide The Ske!etn Sn%:2.'u+i!s ha8e !earned the names  a num*er  sea creatures StepsTeaching StrategyLanguage ontent)otesSet *n%uction  5 minutes1.'u+i!s $atch and sin% a!n% t a 8ide c!i+ tit!ed the Ske!etn ;ance.2.Teacher asks the c!ass $hat theske!etn has.; yu sti!! remem*er this sn%< $ant yu a!! t stand u+ and sin% t this sn%. =$- te!! me- $hat des the ske!etn ha8e<+ut u+ hands t indicate the ans$er T+ !aterials: 1.ide c!i+Ske!etn  Lesson PlanWriting: Body Parts of Sea Creatures 3.Teacher e+!ains that the hands- head- knees etc. are a!! human *dy +arts.What e!se des the ske!etn ha8e<'int t knees- neck- head>8erythin% that is n yur *dy7 yur knees- yur hands- yur head and thers are a!! ca!!ed *dy  +arts. &re,(riting  20 minutes1.Teacher sh$s +ictures  sea creatures and asks i +u+i!s sti!!remem*er their names.2.Teacher asks i sea creatures ha8e *dy +arts- !ike human  *ein%s.3.Teacher sh$s a +icture  a ish.4.Teacher asks +u+i!s ?uestins a*ut the ish.5.Teacher e+!ains that +u+i!s $i!! !earn a*ut *dy +arts  sea creatures.(.Teacher reminds +u+i!s t +ay  =$ !k at the +ictures.; yu sti!! remem*er the names  the sea creatures<Can yu te!! me sme  their names<'ut u+ yur hand i yu $ant t ans$er.; sea creatures ha8e *dy +arts t<@r eam+!e- !k at this +icture.Te!! me- $hat can yu see n the ish<;es the ish !k !ike us<s there any +art  the ish that is the same t ur *dy +arts<  Example of answer: Yes, the fish has eyes. Aust !ike us- anima!s and sea creatures ha8e *dy +arts t.Tday- $e are %in% t !earn a*utthe *dy +arts  sea creatures.)emem*er- +ay attentin $hen  T+ !aterials: 1. '$er'intS!idesh$2. Wrksheet TS: Makin% assc !oral alue:  Lesson PlanWriting: Body Parts of Sea Creatures attentin.6.Teacher sh$s +u+i!s the di erent ty+es  *dy +arts that sea creatures ha8e.Teacher +rnunces the $rds.'u+i!s s+e!! and +rnunce the $rds 3 three times r each $rdB.'u+i!s are %i8en Wrksheet 1.Teacher starts sh$in% the  +ictures and names  each  *dy +art a%ain- and +u+i!s c+y the $rds d$n nt the $ s+eakin%.@irst- !ets !k at the di erent  *dy +arts that sea creatures ha8e.i ins 8i she!!ii teeth 8ii tai!iii %i!!s 8iii eyei8 sca!es i tentac!es8 c!a$s  !e%s =$- $e $i!! !k at each *dy  +art a%ain.This time-  $ant yu t c+y d$n the names  each *dy +art.'ayin% attenti TS: denti yin% characteristics LO -LO.hile,(riting  15 minutes1.'u+i!s are %i8en Wrksheet 2.'u+i!s ha8e t !a*e! the *dy  +arts  the sea creatures in the +icture.Then- they must $rite t$ sentences r each +icture.2.Teacher te!!s +u+i!s t !k at the eam+!e %i8en.3.Teacher ans$ers ?uestin num*er ne $ith +u+i!s.4.Teacher asks sme +u+i!s t read the sentences they ha8e $ritten. =$- $e $i!! ans$er Wrksheet 2.Can ne +ersn read the instructins<@irst- !ets !k at the eam+!e %i8en. =$- $e $i!! d ?uestin num*er ne t%ether.D ter this- yu $i!! d the ther ?uestins *y yurse! . T+ !aterials: Wrksheet 2 TS: denti yin% characteristics LO 0 1 LO 2&ost,(riting 1.Teacher +astes a +ster $ith T+ !aterials:  Lesson PlanWriting: Body Parts of Sea Creatures  15 minutes+ictures  sme sea creatures.2.Teacher e+!ains that the c!ass $i!! +!ay a %ame ca!!ed Wheres My &dy 'art<:3.Teacher de!i8ers instructinsC!ass- n$ $e $i!! +!ay a %ame.This %ame is ca!!ed Wheres My &dy 'art<:i @irst- !k at this *.ii nside this *- there are  +ictures  *dy +arts.iii >ach  yu $i!! take turns t  +ick ut a *dy +art rm this *.i8 Eu must +ut yur hand in the * and take ut a card.;nt !k int the *.Then- !k at the *dy +art yu %t.'aste the *dy +art n an anima! that has the *dy +art. yu %et the ans$er crrect- yu $i!! %et ne +int.1. ame &2. Tack7it LO 0losure  minutes1.Teacher te!!s the c!ass that they$i!! reca!! $hat they ha8e !earned r the day *y +!ayin% $rd %uess. =$- $e $i!! +!ay a %ame t see i  yu remem*er $hat $e !earned tday.>am+!eThe $rd starts $ith t and has ur !etters.T FFFFFF FFFFFFF FFFFFFFF   Answer: Tail  #e3lection


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Jul 26, 2017
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