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Discuss the themes of deception , revenge and ironies in life of R K Naraya
n’s astrologer’s day
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 R.K. Narayan
R.K. Narayan
, in full
Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan
, srcinal name
Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayanswami
, (born October 10, 1906, Madras [Chennai], India
died May 13, 2001, Madras), one of the finest Indian authors of his generation writing in English.
Reared by his grandmother, Narayan completed his education in 1930 and briefly worked as a teacher before deciding to devote himself to writing. His first novel,
Swami and Friends
 (1935), is an episodic narrative recounting the adventures of a group of
schoolboys. That book and much of Narayan’s later
works are set in the fictitious South Indian town of Malgudi. Narayan typically portrays the peculiarities of human relationships and the ironies of Indian daily life, in which modern urban existence clashes with ancient tradition. His style is graceful, marked by genial humour, elegance, and simplicity.  Among the best-
received of Narayan’s 34 novels
The English Teacher 
Waiting for the Mahatma
The Guide
The Man-Eater of Malgudi
The Vendor of Sweets
(1967), and
 A Tiger for Malgudi
 (1983). Narayan also wrote
a number of short stories; collections include
Lawley Road
 A Horse and Two Goats and Other Stories
Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories
 (1985), and
 (1993). In addition to works of nonfiction (chiefly memoirs), he also published shortened modern prose versions of two Indian epics,
The Ramayana
 (1972) and
The Mahabharata
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