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Neil September 21, 2019 Ros 2 Spiral Castle Text decrypted, Voynich Manuscript By following an anagram approach, according to the Morse Code Cipher substitution method to Italian; I was able to produce a short narrative which grammatically is somewhat inconsistent to Italian. However my premise is that Wilfrid Voynich, who developed the cipher, was using an Italian dictionary from the aspect of English grammar. Voynich knew 18 languages albeit not that well. The narrative is very clear to the point conveying a battle and a possible ruse involved with medieval tactics regarding the swallow tail merlons.
Have a look at my forum for some other work I have done with this cipher on the Voynich Manuscript.
MIT has run an analysis applying it to the Voynich Manuscript and lists Italian as one of the possible candidates in an anagram format.
MIT believes the Voynich Corpus to be in an Anagram format, lists Italian a possible candidate!
We then present an approach to decoding anagrammed substitution ciphers, in which the letters within words have been arbitrarily transposed. It obtains the average decryption word accuracy of 93% on a set of 50 ciphertexts in 5 languages. The properties and the dating of the manuscript imply Latin and Italian as potential candidates. 
I just want to say to all those people out there that think I'm drinking the koolaid regarding a nutty approach for the text to be in anagrams, they should contact MIT. If they are on to Italian they should check in with my cipher as it leans more towards a Polyalphabetic over substitution. 
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