Adopted by theConseil pour la réduction des accidents industriels majeurs (CRAIM)2002 Edition - PDF Version
New EditionReviewed and Enhanced
Risk Management Guide for Major Industrial Accidents
Certain substances or situations other than those identified and described in this guide may bethe source of significant risks.It is the responsibility of each facility to guard against accidents and to report to its municipalityall risks that could have consequences off-site, even if these risks are not covered by the presentguide.
Legal Deposit – Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, 2002Legal Deposit – National Library of Canada, 2002ISBN 2-922820-04-1
Risk Management Guide for Major Industrial Accidents
his risk analysis and management guide for major industrial accidents intended for munic-ipalities and industry was developed by CRAIM (Council for Reducing Major Industrial Accidents/ Conseil pour la réduction des accidents industriels majeurs).With a mission to foster the reduction of the frequency and severity of major industrial accidentsinvolving hazardous materials, CRAIM aims to improve the joint preparedness and response sta-tus of municipalities and industry.The primary objective of CRAIM is to promote the implementation of prevention, preparednessand response (PPR) programs related to industrial risks in the province of Quebec, according torecognized standards and norms.A secondary objective is to plan and organize training activities corresponding to the needs andthe particular development dynamics of municipalities and industry.This new edition of the CRAIM Guide has received the unconditional support of the Associationindustrielle de l’est de Montréal (AIEM), the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association (CCPA),Gilles La Madeleine, president of the Association des chefs de services d’incendie du Québec,and the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (CPPI).CRAIM wishes to acknowledge the following individuals, who, thanks to their knowledge andexperience, have enabled the publication of the risk analysis and management guide for majorindustrial accidents intended for municipalities and industry.
Jean-Paul Lacoursière
Engineer and risk management specialist
Robert Reiss
Emergency responderEnvironment Canada
Isabelle Beaudoin
Consultant for CRAIM
Madeleine Gaudreau
Director, Communication ServicesCity of Montréal-Est
Thérèse Drapeau
(Chapter 7)Environment Canada
Marcel Ricard
(Chapter 7)D’Aragon, Desbiens, Halde Associés
Ginette Joly
(review)Treasurer of CRAIM
Maria Schaffer
(reviewed the English translation)Joint Coordinating Committee of Montréal-Est(Le comité mixte municipal-industriel de l’est de Montréal)Translation by David MitchellGraphic design and computer graphics: Philippe Routier - infographyl@yahoo.caWe would also like to thank several members of CRAIM for their support and comments.
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