Thematic Apperception Test(TAT)
Children’s Apperception Test
Methods of Assessment
There are three categories for measuring one’s
 The last one is both in nature and has also an advantage over the other two methods in the sense that it can assess and diagnose deeper
layers of an individual’s personality and as such
its clinical value is also very high.
Importance of TAT
TAT was the fourth most frequently usedpsychological test and CAT is ninth in clinicalpractices.If however, one looks only for a test forchildren exclusively, then CAT comes first(Piotrowski & Keller, 1985)
What is TAT ?
 TAT is a technique for the investigation of thedynamics of personality as it manifests itself ininterpersonal relations and in the apperceptionor meaningful interpretation of theenvironment.
 Consist 31 pictures (originally described byMorgan and Murray in 1935) including one blank card.
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