Demon the Fallen, LARP Conversion Defiler Strengths: Gain a permanent appearance related trait and a bonus trait of Empathy, Intuition, Subterfuge or Survival. Starting Torment: 3 House Lores: Lore of Longing, Lore of Storms, Lore of Transfiguration Weakness: Can get caught up in cons or deception, taking it well past necessity or even reason, a Willpower check is required to call an end to one or stop trying to recover one that has been exposed. Devil Strengths: Gain a permanent manipulation related trait and a bonus trait of Subterfuge or Followers. Starting Torment: 4 House Lores: Lore of the Celestials, Lore of Flames, Lore of Radiance Weakness: Prone to foolish acts of bravery and quixotic courage, a Willpower check is required to resist such an act of chivalry. Devourer Strengths: Gain a permanent physical trait and a bonus trait of Alertness, Animal Ken, Brawl, Dodge, Intimidation, Survival or Stealth Starting Torment: 4 House Lores: Lore of the Beast, Lore of the Flesh, Lore of the Wild Weakness: Gain two permanent Tactless or Gullible traits, or one of each. Fiend Strengths: Gain a permanent Knowledgeable Mental trait or Manipulative Social trait and a bonus trait of Investigation, Academics, Linguistics, Occult or Research. Starting Torment: 3 House Lores: Lore of Light, Lore of Patterns, Lore of Portals Weakness: Equivalent of the Curiosity Flaw Malefactor Strengths: Gain a permanent Wits related Mental trait and a bonus trait of Crafts or Subterfuge. Starting Torment: 3 House Lores: Lore of the Earth, Lore of the Forge, Lore of Paths Weakness: Sickened by and even fearful of humanity you are down three traits on all social interactions with them. Scourge Strengths: Gain a permanent Stamina or Wits related trait and a bonus trait of Dodge, Medicine, Lore or Resources. Starting Torment: 3 House of Lores: Lore of the Winds, Lore of Awakening, Lore of Firmament Weakness: Either gain the Life Saver Flaw or two of the following (Callous, Condescending) Slayer Strengths: Gain a permanent Attribute trait and a bonus trait of Awareness, Intuition, Stealth, Intimidation or Investigation. Starting Torment: 4 House Lores: Lore of Death, Lore of the Realms, Lore of the Spirit Weakness: Despite sharp mind they find humanity alien and any attempt to understand human customs or motivations is never automatic and down 3 traits. Step One Choose a concept, House, Faction, Nature and Demeanor Step Two Prioritize Attributes (7/5/3) Step Three Choose 5 Abilities (No Ability can be above three at this point) Step Four Select Advantages Five Background Three Lores Rate Virtues, divide three points (each starts with one) Step Five Finishing Touches Starting Faith of Three
Torment based on House Willpower is the sum of the two highest Virtues Trait Maximums Physical- 9 plus Torment Social and Mental- 9 plus Faith Backgrounds Allies, Contacts, Followers, Mentor, Resources Eminence: Adds to Social challenges among Demons Fame: Adds to Social challenges with Humans Followers: Like Retainers Legacy: Acts like Garou Ancestors, drawing knowledge from your demonic/angelic life. Pacts: A number of Faith you can draw replenish each game Paragon: Provides a number of retests when using Primary Lore. Virtues Conscience, Conviction, Courage Faith Reaping: The demon must make a target truly believe they are interacting with a demon or angel, once this is truly inspired the demon must choose how to reap the Faith, then make a Willpower challenge against them. Success gains the demon a point (or at the STs discretion 2 for truly inspired interaction). Offered: Comes from pacts, where a mortal is groomed to truly believe in the demon/angel. The mortal gains something from the demon (power, gifts, evocations) and they offer Faith back to the demon. Thralls offer 1-5 Faith at the STs discretion and only half can be gained by the demon per day (rounded up) and the rest goes to empowering the Thrall. This faith is generated each time dawn comes to the mortal. Some Thralls can be deemed as unsuitable sources of Faith and so may only be used to be empowered.
Ravaging: More Faith can be taken from Thralls in times of crisis, but this is not without danger. Up to the demon’s Faith in
 traits can be added to an evocation, but the same number will be lost in Willpower from Thralls, should all be drawn from them in this way they get a permanent
Derangement, each trait past the Thrall’s Willpower drawn deals a level of Lethal to the Thrall. This can reduce or even get
rid of the Faith the demon can normally draw from this Thrall in the future. Nonbelievers: Their presence can make use of Faith harder, each one with Willpower of five or more can increase Faith costs and difficulty of
using celestial powers per the ST’s discretion.
 Revelations: When a demon uses their Faith, mortals who see it may make a Mental test against 13 traits minus the number of Faith spent and retested with Awareness. Each additional use of power removes an additional point of difficulty to this during a scene and at 0 all mortals
automatically perceive the demon’s t
rue nature, this is also automatic if the demon chooses to reveil themselves or they take on their
apocalyptic form. At this time test the mortal’s Willpower against the demon’s Faith score, failure has the mortal in great a
we or horror so they are unable to act (if threatened by the demon they will flee and likely explain away what they saw later if not forget about it), those that succeed may still be in awe or horror but may still act rationally (which often involves running away) and they remember some or all of what happened Empowering a Thrall The Faith they have that the demon does not expect to get out of the deal (up to half rounded down) determines how much the demon can empower the Thrall. A point can repair chronic injuries or impairments. A point can convert into 10 freebies to improve Attributes, Abilities and Willpower.
A point can impart one of the demon’s inherent powers (they activate them by a Willpower test against 7 traits).
 A limited evocation can be given to the mortal at one point per level of the evocation (to activate it the mortal must make a Willpower test against 8 traits, spending appropriate traits where needed).
A point in bestow an enhancement of the demon’s apocalyptic form (activated for a scene with a Willpower test against
 6 traits). (The Thrall can only get more if their Faith potential increases, which is at the STs discretion based on the situation. A new Faustian deal must also be made to reshape the soul.) Torment Chose to take a point of Torment and use the high-Torment effect of a Lore If your Torment is higher than your Willpower you automatically use the high-Torment effects of a Lore If Torment is equal or less than your Willpower your apocalyptic form is glorious and if it is greater than it is terrifying. Willpower In addition to normal uses you can spend a Willpower to regain Faith spent on a successful use of Lores. Finding a new Host When the current host dies the apocalyptic demon emerges from the body inbetween worlds, unable to affect them and seeing things only by their spirit and soul. Each turn in this state requires a Willpower test against 5 traits or the demon is sucked back to hell. A new body must be found whose mind or soul is so diminished that it is barely human/alive. To possess the body requires a Willpower check against 8 traits (6 if it is a Thrall of the demon), if a Thrall is willing then no test is required it is automatic, should a suitable body not be located the demon can enter
an object and become an Earthbound, these objects must have some resonance with humanity (ST has discretion over what is suitable), for this
a Willpower test is needed against 9 traits (6 if the object has a close affinity with the demon’s personality or House, when
ever a new Host must be found the demon loses a level of Faith and gains one of Torment (permanent), the demon must come to terms in merging with the new mind whish may require movement of points (with ST approval). Final Destruction When inbetween Hosts another Demon who can get close enough can attempt to consume them by inhaling their energies, that demon
challenges their Faith against the target’s Faith or Torment (their choice), if the demon knows the target’s true name add a
number of traits
equal to the target’s Faith score to the test, if the ta
rget wins they take a number of Faith from the aggressor equal to half their Willpower
rounded up, if the aggressor wins then the demon consumes the target’s energies and destroys them, upon destruction the aggre
ssor gains their Faith in points to spend the following ways: 1 point for 5 freebies to spend on attributes, abilities and Willpower (these cannot be usaed to raise something higher than the consumed demon had and must be traits possessed by them) 1 point to gain a major point of knowledge from the consumed demon (STs discretion based on what the demon is looking for) 2 points each to raise Faith or level of a Lore known by the consumed demon (MUST be a House Lore of that demon) Freebies Attribute 1 Ability 1 Lores (In House) 3 Basic (Out of House) 4 Basic Background 1 Virtue 1 Willpower 1 Faith 2 Experience Attribute 1 Ability 1 Lores (In House) 4 Basic 7 Intermediate 10 Advanced (Out of House) 5 Basic 8 Intermediate 11 Advanced Background 1 Virtue 2 Willpower 3 Faith 3 Torment (reduction) 4
Innate Powers (A Demon always has these abilities so long as they have at least one point of Faith in their pool.) Immune to Mind Control (and supernaturally induced fear) Immunity to Possession (if done while devoid of Faith this expels the Demon from the dead body) Resistance to Illusions (Mental challenge against 7 traits, retest Awareness to see through all illusions) Resist to Lethal Damage (In an apocalyptic form Lethal damage is treated like Bashing and Aggravated damage can be soaked like with Werewolves) Healing Physical Damage (1 Faith heals all bashing damage and 1 per Lethal healed) Invocations (You name has power that calls to you, if a mortal uses your Celestial or true name you can gain information about them. Make a Faith test against 6 traits for Celestial name and 4 traits for true name. Success gives a mental picture of the person who spoke it. Spending an extra Mental traits shows their immediate surroundings as well. Two traits includes what the speaker is saying for the turn and the ability to continue listening with a Willpower check against 7 traits each turn you wish to listen *hearing only the invoker's voice*. This has no distance limitation, even between the realms. This also allows communication between demons and demons and their thralls. For this make a Faith check against 6 traits allowing you to be heard by the one invoked and they may make a reply so long as they also have at least one point of Faith. This lasts for a turn unless successive Willpower tests are made against 6 traits. This can also be used among groups without any adjustment to the tests required. A Demon can automatically communicate with their thralls without test, and a Demon can speak to as many thralls as he has levels of Faith at any one time. A thrall cannot initiate this invocation unless specifically gifted.) Supernatural Awareness (Mental challenge varying difficulty, can sense supernatural resonance of an area or use of powers within their Faith score in miles. For just emotional imprints to past
consistent use of magic’s or rituals in an area difficulty can range from
4-6 and retest with Awareness. For active detection of the use of supernatural powers it is 7 for those using reality distorting powers *True Magic, Garou Gifts, Vampire Disciplines, etc.* and 8 for more subtle powers *Hedge Magic, Gypsy Affinities, Psychic Powers, etc.* and retest with Alertness. Success of active detecting let the Demon know something has happened, spending another Mental trait they can gain a direction, two gains you know the exact direction and a rough distance, and three you know the exact direction
and distance and a sense of what type of power was used *proper Lores can give more detailed information with tests*.  Apocolyptic Form Demons may take on this form with a Faith test against 6 traits or by spending a Faith. This form and the powers that come with it are based on that Demon's primary Lore and are described below each Lore as follows... Lores Common Lores Lore of Fundament Basic Manipulate Gravity- Static Physical Challenge (6), leap/climb/drop 20 yds. (+20 for each additional Physical spent), lasts one turn. (Torment: A destructive wake of gravity disturbance is left up to Torment in yards away, ST discretion for the chaotic effects on people and things) Manipulate Adhesion- Physical challenge against a number of traits depending on the surface and retesting with Athletics (6 for a steep slope, 7 vertical, 8 inverted), move three yards per turn plus another three for each Physical spent on this Lore. This lasts one round. (Torment: The surface becomes warped, heating and leaving marks of their movement; those that come into contact with that surface in the same turn take a level of Lethal damage) Intermediate Manipulate Inertia- Physical challenge against a variable number of traits retesting with Athletics. Against 6 traits to throw an object up to 30 yards regardless of strength. Against the traits of the thrower to catch a thrown object. The demon must be able to see the projectile to catch it, so only in certain circumstances might a bullet be caught. (Torment: Objects affected by this become unstable,
for a number of turns equal to the demon’s Torment any user of such an item automatically fails on ties.)
 Manipulate Acceleration- Physical challenge retesting with Athletics against 6 traits, walk 10 yards per turn, jog 20 yards or run 40 yards stacking this for each Physical spent into this power. If used in combat this becomes additional levels of damage (1 to start and 1 for each Physical after) done per turn (this can be slip among targets). This lasts a single turn. (Torment: A blast of blistering heat emanates from the demon during this out to a number of yards equal to their Torment score and anything living caught in this blast takes a level of bashing damage.  Advanced Manipulate Cohesion- This requires physical contact with the material and spending a Faith make a Physical challenge retesting with Science. Changing matter by one reasonable state has a difficulty of 6 +1 for each after, holding a liquid or gas to support your weight in some way is 7, vaporizing a low density material like wood or cloth is 8, doing so to a high density material like metal or stone is 9. This can alter one cubic foot of matter, plus one for each Mental invested into this Lore, the change lasts one turn and then reverts to normal (they can sometimes remain in this state if it would be natural for the material to be so) and living beings affected by this take a level of Lethal plus one for each additional Faith spent. (Torment: The material remains inherently unstable for a number of turns equal to Torment, changing states randomly.) Lore of Humanity Basic Translate- Social challenge against 5 traits (+1 for each individual after the first included in the evocation) retest with Empathy, the demon can understand and be understood by an individual or group no matter what language they are speaking, this does not allow others in the group to understand each other however. (Torment: The words heard are filtered by your Torment, you must test Willpower against your Torment and failure means you will heard things skewed as the ST pleases turning greetings into threats and honesty sounds evasive. At the STs discretion they can make a secret Willpower test for the character and not let them know if they succeeded.) Insinuate- Social test against the highest Willpower of all mortals to be affected by this plus one for each after the first retest with Empathy, creatures that are still mortal but may be aware of the Demon's intent (especially those like Kinfolk and Sorcerers) can spend a Willpower to ignore this evocation, those affected will talk openly and freely with the demon giving him a free retest on all Social challenges for the scene. (Torment: Mortals test their Willpower against the demon's Torment, failure drives them to anger or revulsion, treating the demon with apprehension and fear. All attempts by the Demon to intimidate them automatically succeed. Those mortals that are aware may still spend Willpower to ignore the effect.) Intermediate Fade- Social test against variable traits depending on the ease of going unnoticed (from 4 for a heavy crowd to 9 or more for a prison yard with spot-lights looking for an escapee), mortals will choose not to seen the demon unless they succeed at a Willpower test against 8 traits unless the demon purposefully calls attention to themself, this lasts the scene or until willed to cease. Mortals who can resist illusions can see through this. (Torment: These demons still fade from view but stand out like beacons to those consumed by anger or a lust for violence.) Confess- Spend a Faith and make a Social Challenge retested with Subterfuge, success allows you to ask a number of questions equal to your Faith score and get truthful answers however they must be asked quickly or the effect will fade, the subject will not remember their confessions, this can be resisted only by those with a resistance to mind control like other demons.(Torment: These demons can only reveal a person's dark nature, learning of secret animosities, lusts and ambitions.)  Advanced  Alter Memory- Spend one Faith point (if the target is not mortal you must succeed in a Social challenge against their Mental,
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