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F-2018-01467MichaelBekesha,Esq.JudicialWatch,Inc.425ThirdStreet,S.W.,Suite800Washington,D.C.20024DearMr.Bekesha:IreferyoutoourletterdatedJune12,2019,regardingthereviewofcertainDepartmentofStatematerialundertheFreedomofInformationAct the FOIA ),5U.S.C.§552.Thereviewofpotentiallyresponsiverecordsisongoing,andhasresultedintheretrievalof69additionaldocumentsresponsivetoyourrequest.Afterreviewingthesedocuments,wehavedeterminedthat1maybereleasedtoyouinfulland68maybereleasedinpart.Thereleasedmaterialisenclosed.Allnon-exemptmaterialthatisreasonablysegregablefromtheexemptmaterialhasbeenreleased.Wherewehavemadeexcisions,theapplicableexemptionsaremarkedonthedocument.AnenclosureprovidesinformationonFOIAexemptionsandothergroundsforwithholdingmaterial.Wewillkeepyouadvisedasyourcaseprogresses.Ifyouhaveanyquestions,youmaycontactTrialAttorneyChristopherHairat 202)252-2541orChristopher.Hair@usdoj.gov.Pleaserefertothecasenumberscitedaboveandthecivilactionnumber,18-cv-968,inallcorrespondenceregardingthiscase.
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The Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552) FOIA Exemptions
(b)(1) Information specifically authorized by an executive order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign policy. Executive Order 13526 includes the following classification categories: 1.4(a) Military plans, systems, or operations 1.4(b) Foreign government information 1.4(c) Intelligence activities, sources or methods, or cryptology 1.4(d) Foreign relations or foreign activities of the US, including confidential sources 1.4(e) Scientific, technological, or economic matters relating to national security, including defense against transnational terrorism 1.4(f) U.S. Government programs for safeguarding nuclear materials or facilities 1.4(g) Vulnerabilities or capabilities of systems, installations, infrastructures, projects,  plans, or protection services relating to US national security, including defense against transnational terrorism 1.4(h) Weapons of mass destruction (b)(2) Related solely to the internal personnel rules and practices of an agency (b)(3) Specifically exempted from disclosure by statute (other than 5 USC 552), for example: ARMSEXP Arms Export Control Act, 50a USC 2411(c) CIA PERS/ORG Central Intelligence Agency Act of 1949, 50 USC 403(g) EXPORT CONTROL Export Administration Act of 1979, 50 USC App. Sec. 2411(c) FS ACT Foreign Service Act of 1980, 22 USC 4004 INA Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 USC 1202(f), Sec. 222(f) IRAN Iran Claims Settlement Act, Public Law 99-99, Sec. 505 (b)(4) Trade secrets and confidential commercial or financial information (b)(5) Interagency or intra-agency communications forming part of the deliberative process, attorney-client privilege, or attorney work product (b)(6) Personal privacy information (b)(7) Law enforcement information whose disclosure would: (A) interfere with enforcement proceedings (B) deprive a person of a fair trial (C) constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy (D) disclose confidential sources (E) disclose investigation techniques (F) endanger life or physical safety of an individual (b)(8) Prepared by or for a government agency regulating or supervising financial institutions (b)(9) Geological and geophysical information and data, including maps, concerning wells
Other Grounds for Withholding
 NR Material not responsive to a FOIA request excised with the agreement of the requester
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