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Product guide for low voltage AC drives
3AFE 68401771 REV A EN 29.11.2004
 Applications where drives are used vary widely in terms of control requirements and environmental conditions.To meet the different demands ABB has designed an extensive portfolio of products that is made availablethrough ABB sales offices and channel partners. This product guide gives an overview of ABB’s portfolio of drives.
 ABB drives
 ABB component drives
 ABB component drives meet the requirements of OEMs, installation companies and panel builders. It is acomponent that is bought, together with other compo-nents, from a logistical distributor. The drive is stocked,and the number of options and variants is optimizedfor logistical distribution.
 ABB general machinery drives
 ABB general machinery drives meet the requirementsof serial OEMs by supporting a wide range of machin-ery applications that demand high repeatability. Thedrives have features that make them easy to install andintegrate
The drive construction has been made in a way that the logistical costs for the customer are keptminimal.
 ABB decentralized drives
 ABB decentralized drives are designed so that they canbe mounted close to the process; i.e. either attached tothe motor to create so called integral motor drives ormounted against the wall. Because of this, they mustmeet the requirements of harsh environments. Decen-tralized drives are characterized by the high IP 65protection class and fieldbus options for decentralizedcontrol. These types of drives are perhaps best suitedto the automotive industry and conveyor machinery.
 ABB standard drives
 ABB standard drives are simple to buy, install, config-ure and use, saving considerable time. They are widely available through ABB's distributors, hence the use of the term standard. The drives have common user andprocess interface with fieldbus, common software toolsfor sizing, commissioning, maintenance and commonspare parts.
 ABB industrial drives
 ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial appli-cations, and especially for applications in processindustries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining,cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas industries. ABBindustrial drives are highly flexible AC drives that canbe configured to meet the precise needs of industrialapplications, and hence order-based configuration is anintegral part of the offering. These drives cover a widerange of powers and voltages, including industrial voltages up to 690 V. ABB industrial drives come witha wide range of inbuilt options. A key feature of thesedrives is programmability, which makes adaptation todifferent applications easy.
 ABB drives for specific industries orapplications
In addition to the products described in this productguide, ABB offers drives that are designed to meet therequirements of specific industries or applications. Thisoffering includes e.g. drives for marine applicationsthat have been type approved by ABS, DNV andLloyd’s, drives for HVAC, drives for crane applications,drives for extruder applications, and more. Pleasecontact ABB or one of ABB’s channel partners for moreinformation.
3AFE 68401771 REV A EN 29.11.2004
 The figure shows how each class of drives is positioned with regard toflexibility and functionality. ABB's portfolio of drives.
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3AFE 68401771 REV A EN 29.11.2004
 Voltage & powerSupply optionsEnclosure classMechanical constructionMotor controlSoftware functionality/ featuresProgrammabilityI/OFieldbusesCooling methodEMC compliance(EN 61800-3)Harmonic filter / chokeDynamic braking (resistor)HW optionsSwitching frequencySafety optionsPC tools ApprovalsIndustry specific products
12 pulse diodeRegenerative 6-/12-pulseLow harmonic regenerativeIP 00IP 20IP 21IP 22IP 42IP 54/ IP 54R/ IP 55IP 65ModuleWall-mountedFree-standingCabinet-builtDTC (open/closed)Sensorless vectorScalarBasicMedium AdvancedParameter programmingBlock programmingControl solutions for specific applications Analogue input/outputDigital input / outputSpeed feedbackMotor thermal protection relayModbusPROFIBUSModbus PlusDeviceNetL
EthernetControlNetCANopenInterBus-S TCP/IP connectionDirect air coolingWater coolingNo EMC filter2
unrestrictedChokeSwinging chokedu/dt filtersSine filtersCoated boardsCommon mode filterCabinet optionsPrevention of unexpected start-upEmergency stopDriveWindow Light in PCDriveWindowDriveOPCDriveSizeDriveAPCEULcULCSAC-TickGOST RHVACMarine drive
 ABB component drives
1-ph 100 - 120 V: 0.18 - 0.37 kW1-ph 200 - 240 V: 0.18 - 2.2 kW1-ph 200 - 240 V: 0.12 - 2.2 kW3-ph 200 - 240 V: 0.37 - 2.2 kW
1 / 03 / 1
up to 16kHz
 ABB general machinery drives
1-ph 200 - 240 V: 0.18 - 2.2 kW3-ph 200 - 240 V: 0.37 - 2.2 kW3-ph 380 - 480 V: 0.37 - 2.2 kW
2 / 15 / 2
up to 16kHz
The table below lists some important features of ABB drives. Its main purpose is to highlight the differencesbetween the different product categories. For each category of products it is indicated whether a feature is available.
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